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Welcome to "Marshall Sylver Live," where millionaires are made! Join Marshall for two hours every day, five days a week.

In the first hour, Marshall shares valuable content and information covering various aspects of life – from improving relationships and increasing wealth to fostering emotional, mental, and spiritual well-being. Gain insights, strategies, and advice from Marshall and his esteemed multi-millionaire and billionaire friends.

The second hour is the highlight, giving listeners the chance to be part of the conversation. Call in, ask questions, and, for a shot at excitement, mention the Secret Word of the Day to potentially win $5,000 cash! The most intriguing call of the day might even secure 10 ounces of freshly minted Marshall Sylver .999 fine silver. Grand prizes, including a brand new Mercedes Benz sedan or SUV, and even Marshall's personal Rolls Royce Phantom, could be up for grabs.
Don't miss out on the knowledge to achieve everything you desire and more. Log in to "Marshall Sylver Live" and join Marshall Sylver, your personal millionaire maker, on this incredible journey. See you there!

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Rohan Sheth, an entrepreneur whose expertise in digital marketing has helped countless businesses skyrocket their online presence and sales. In this episode of "Marshall Sylver Live," Rohan shares the strategies and insights that have made him a sought-after expert in the digital field. From leveraging social media algorithms to mastering the art of online advertising, Rohan shares his comprehensive approach to the digital landscape.Whether you're an entrepreneur seeking to amplify your digital footprint, a business owner aiming to boost online sales, or simply interested in the latest digital marketing trends, Rohan's expertise offers a roadmap to online success.Rohan Sheth is an entrepreneur specializing in helping others build profitable 7-figure businesses. As the CEO of GrowRev, he manages over $5M in digital advertising annually, delivering exceptional results to high-profile clients worldwide. Rohan's commitment to excellence drives him to achieve remarkable outcomes for his clients.💥HIGHLIGHTS: Live Events: Learn about the demand for in-person events post-COVID and how offering a premium experience can attract higher investments. Personal touches can make a big difference!Marketing Trends: Understand the rise of niche sectors like crypto and real estate in information marketing. Aim for a two-to-one return on advertising spending for sustained growth. Find the balance between customer acquisition costs and profits.Regulatory Changes: Stay informed on advertising restrictions for products.Traditional methods like direct mail still hold value, especially for older demographics, alongside the digital shift.📱 SOCIAL MEDIA:Instagram | | | | | | to know more about Marshall? You may visit🔗 LINKS:Want to ask Marshall a question LIVE? | friends to watch & WIN | Unlimited Access to "The Vault" | to be the NEXT multimillionaire? |  a...
Tim Calise, a visionary who has spent the last 15 years at the forefront of hyper-growth companies across a spectrum of industries, from investment management to tech-enabled services and software development. With an array of experiences ranging from startups to established companies boasting 8-figure revenue run rates, Tim brings a wealth of knowledge and insight to the table.In this episode, Tim opens up about his entrepreneurial journey, sharing the wisdom he's experienced through various roles as a founder, operator, growth partner, and investor. Tim's primary goal is to empower other business owners and entrepreneurs to accelerate their path to success by learning from his triumphs and challenges.Whether you're an aspiring entrepreneur, a seasoned business owner looking for growth strategies, or simply intrigued by the stories behind successful companies, Tim's perspective is invaluable. He offers practical advice on navigating the complexities of business scaling, fostering innovation, and building resilient teams.Tim Calise, a seasoned entrepreneur, business coach, and investor with a remarkable track record. Tim advises more than 15 businesses generating revenues from $250,000 to $10,000,000+. With over 20 years of experience, Tim has served as the strong #2 behind multiple 7 and 8-figure CEOs, assisting technology and service businesses in building products, operational systems, and financial systems to increase sales and create lasting enterprise value for founders.💥HIGHLIGHTS: Embrace Your Inner "Business Firefighter":  Learn how to succeed in unpredictable business environments and the skill of quickly picking up creative concepts. Achieving success requires not only careful planning but also quick thinking in reaction to challenging circumstances.The Power of Tiered Pricing:  Discover the potential of your pricing strategies with insights on how tiered pricing can attract a clientele willing to pay premium prices, while simultaneously setting the bar for the value of your services in the marketplace.Unlocking Business Value:  Understand the ripple effect that providing exceptional value can have on your business. By focusing on the clients who appreciate and pay for premium experiences, you not only boost your revenue but also set a precedent for future referrals and positioning.📱 SOCIAL MEDIA:Instagram | | | | | | to know more about Marshall? You may visit🔗...
Aaron, celebrated for sculpting the physiques of Hollywood's finest and elite athletes, including Sylvester Stallone, The Rock, Jamie Fox…and more, has leveraged his success in the fitness industry to carve out a significant niche in the film and entertainment world. Beyond the gym, Aaron has embraced his calling, using his unique life experiences and passion for fitness to shape compelling acting roles that resonate with audiences worldwide.Aaron opens up about his journey of transformation and discovery, from personal trainer to sought-after actor, and how his dedication to fitness and inspiring others has defined his purpose.Beyond the spotlight, Aaron channels his passion for fitness and inspiration into his book, "Iron Build," a comprehensive guide that embodies his philosophy towards building physical and bulletproof mental strength.Aaron Williamson is a Marine veteran turned celebrity trainer known for his work with Hollywood A-listers like Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson and Sylvester Stallone. Today, Aaron's expertise is channeled into his 90-day training programs, where clients benefit from his decades of experience in fitness and nutrition. As someone who has overcome personal struggles, Aaron inspires others to achieve total transformation through mindset and fitness coaching.💥HIGHLIGHTS: Mental Resilience: The importance of strengthening your mind alongside your body. Whether it's withstanding the shock of a cold plunge or persevering through a challenging leg workout, mental toughness is a game-changer.Sustainable Health: Tips on starting your day right with a morning walk, staying hydrated, and making simple dietary changes that pack a punch. Aaron reminds us that healthy living isn't a one-size-fits-all scenario.Food as Medicine: Talk about the impact of diets on health, the need to pay close attention to what we eat, and how our medical system sometimes fails to see the possibility for healing that comes from a healthy diet.📱 SOCIAL MEDIA:Instagram | | | | | | to know more about Marshall? You may visit🔗 LINKS:Want to ask Marshall a question LIVE? | friends to watch & WIN | 
Angie Lyngso, the fitness guru who's transforming the lives of busy moms everywhere. With a heart as big as her passion for wellness, Angie knows exactly how challenging it can be to juggle motherhood with personal health and fitness goals. That's why she's dedicated to crafting realistic, fun, and empowering fitness solutions specifically for moms on the go. In this episode of "Marshall Sylver Live," Angie shares her personal journey into fitness, the joy of supporting moms to find their strength, and her top tips for weaving wellness into the fabric of busy family life.Whether you're a mom looking to kickstart your fitness journey, searching for inspiration to keep moving forward, or curious about how to balance it all, Angie's approach to fitness for busy moms is a breath of fresh air. She's all about making fitness accessible, enjoyable, and a source of empowerment for moms everywhere.Angie Lyngso is a dedicated fitness and nutrition professional committed to helping women achieve their body goals while maintaining a balanced lifestyle. As a mother of twin boys, she understands the demands of family life and emphasizes plans that seamlessly integrate with daily routines. Teaching women how to go after what they want and live fiercely fit, Angie inspires others to prioritize their health and wellness while pursuing their dreams.💥HIGHLIGHTS: Health Transformation:Focus less on BMI and blood markers, and more on food, movement, and mindset.Angie shares her mother's illness story, emphasizing the importance of building health resilience.Food Philosophy and Business:Keep food neutral and balanced, from simple meals to occasional treats.Learn how Angie's online business adapted during COVID, thriving with remote coaching.Empowerment in Fitness:Overcoming struggles with body image and finding a strategy tailored for real-life moms.Angie leads a strong coaching team, helping women overcome burnout and rewrite their health stories.📱 SOCIAL MEDIA:Instagram | | | | | | to know more about Marshall? You may visit🔗 LINKS:Want to ask Marshall a question LIVE? | friends to watch & WIN |  a...
Shannon Decker combines her incredible athleticism and keen business sense to stand out as a truly inspiring coach with a big heart. She's known for her real talk, optimism, and courage, all aimed at helping you achieve your biggest fitness dreams.Shannon takes us through her own journey from athlete to sought-after fitness instructor andsavvy entrepreneur. She'll spill the secrets that have fueled her ability to lift others up on their quest for health and happiness. Whether you're just starting out on your fitness path, looking for that extra push to break through barriers, or curious about blending athletic passion with business, Shannon's stories and free spirit are sure to light a fire within youShannon Decker is a respected fitness entrepreneur based in Los Angeles, making her mark within the city's lively group fitness scene. With more than a decade of experience, she uses her platform to motivate Hollywood's finest to achieve not only their mental and physical goals but also to embrace fitness, health, and body-positive diversity.💥HIGHLIGHTS: Custom Health Equals Real Wealth: Discover your health "happy place." Forget BMI metrics—it's about individual feeling and function.Value Speaks Volumes: Higher service rates aren't just numbers; they signify commitment to quality and results. Invest wisely.Success Starts in the Mind: Resilient mindset breeds winners, whether facing personal challenges or entrepreneurial dreams.📱 SOCIAL MEDIA:Instagram | | | | | | to know more about Marshall? You may visit🔗 LINKS:Want to ask Marshall a question LIVE? | friends to watch & WIN | Unlimited Access to "The Vault" | to be the NEXT multimillionaire? |  https://iamthenextmultimillionaire.comWant more info on Marshall's LIVE...
Jump into the world of mental toughness and leadership with William Branum, a Navy SEAL veteran with 26 years of exemplary service, on this episode of "Marshall Sylver Live." William's journey through the most demanding environments, from the intense pressure of being a sniper instructor to leading high-stakes operations in Iraq and Afghanistan, has equipped him with unparalleled insights into cultivating a mindset geared for success. Join us as William shares the invaluable lessons he's learned about resilience, team leadership, and overcoming adversity, offering listeners a roadmap to harnessing their inner strength and achieving their goals.Whether you're seeking to strengthen your mental resilience, elevate your leadership skills, or simply inspired by tales of courage and determination, William's story and insights provide a powerful blueprint for success.William Branum is an experienced Navy SEAL veteran with 26 years of service in the United States military. He served on both traditional SEAL Teams and SEAL Delivery Vehicle Teams, where he also served as a SEAL Sniper Instructor. William is the founder of Naked Warrior Recovery, an organization dedicated to supporting veterans' health and wellness. Since retiring from the military, he has leveraged his extensive experience to become a respected speaker, author, and business and leadership advisor.💥HIGHLIGHTS: Mental Toughness over Circumstance  - Learn to stay strong in tough situations. Discover how to bounce back, make important choices, and find good things in life's challenges.Nature's Healing Power - Explore the link between humans and hemp, a natural remedy that challenges big companies. Talking Well Matters - Understand the critical importance of not just speaking up but how to do it effectively, highlighting the need for strong voices that can withstand differing viewpoints.📱 SOCIAL MEDIA:Instagram | | | | | | to know more about Marshall? You may visit🔗 LINKS:Want to ask Marshall a question LIVE? | friends to watch & WIN | Unlimited Access to "The Vault"...
Steve Rozenberg, whose life took a dramatic turn from soaring the skies as an international airline pilot to navigating the highs and lows of real estate. When 9/11 shook the world and his career's stability, Steve decided not to let turbulence dictate his life's course. With a vision for the future, he pivoted towards real estate, aiming to secure his own destiny and build generational wealth.He built the fastest-growing property management company in Texas from the ground up, managing over a thousand properties and creating a name for himself in the industry. But he didn't stop there. Flipping houses, wholesaling properties, and sharing his knowledge on platforms like BiggerPockets, Steve has become a beacon for aspiring real estate moguls.Beyond the deals and properties, Steve is passionate about helping others find their "why." He believes in setting goals that aren't just profitable but sustainable and fulfilling. Whether through his books, speaking engagements, or one-on-one mentoring, Steve's guiding light is to make a positive impact, touching lives far beyond the realm of real estate.Steve Rozenberg, an accomplished international commercial airline pilot turned real estate mogul, is dedicated to educating self-managing landlords on successfully navigating the real estate business while avoiding common pitfalls. His training covers essential areas such as leadership, motivation, goal setting, marketing, communication, and emphasizes the importance of a checklist mindset, systemization, and methodology. As a real estate investor, podcast host, motivational speaker, and mindset coach, Steve shares his expertise globally.💥HIGHLIGHTS: Vision & Systems: Secure a clear company destination and champion consistent communication to inspire and guide your team.Culture & Leadership: Use cultural insights and clear expectations to build a strong work ethic and promote trust and efficiency.Strength & Delegation: Recognize your strengths and surround yourself with skilled individuals who can help manifest your vision, allowing you to concentrate on what you do best.📱 SOCIAL MEDIA:Instagram | | | | | | to know more about Marshall? You may visit🔗 LINKS:Want to ask Marshall a question LIVE? | friends to
Step into the spotlight with Adley, the social media sensation whose content captivates over a billion views every single month. On this episode of "Marshall Sylver Live," we’ll get into the world of viral success as Adley reveals the strategies, creativity, and insights behind her astonishing online presence. From crafting content that resonates with millions to mastering the algorithms of various platforms, Adley stands at the pinnacle of digital influence, shaping trends and engaging audiences worldwide. Join us for an exclusive look into the mind of a viral visionary and discover how Adley not only achieves but sustains unparalleled levels of social media engagement.Whether you're an aspiring content creator, a social media marketer, or simply intrigued by the phenomenon of viral success, Adley's story and strategies offer invaluable lessons on reaching and captivating a global audience in the digital age.Adley Kinsman is a pioneering force in digital media, boasting over 35 million followers and a track record of creating viral content. As CEO of Viralish and Viralish House, based in Nashville, TN, she leads a team of content creators. With expertise in integrating brands into social communities at scale, Adley has designed impactful campaigns for global corporations including Land Rover, TikTok, Charmin, and Frito-Lay, amassing over 1 billion organic monthly viewers.💥HIGHLIGHTS: Viral Content Framework: Viral videos aren't solely reliant on luck; they blend entertainment, education, and a strong call to action. Target emotions, not just demographics, for global virality.Suspense & Payoff: Create content with suspense and a satisfying payoff. Weave a story that captures attention, raises stakes, and keeps viewers hooked until the end.Revenue Over Recognition: Don't overlook short-term revenue while chasing viral fame. Leverage existing content for financial gain, starting with manageable projects before scaling up to bigger ventures like podcasts and online courses.📱 SOCIAL MEDIA:Instagram | | | | | | to know more about Marshall? You may visit🔗 LINKS:Want to ask Marshall a question LIVE? | friends to watch & WIN | 
Austin has made a name for himself by challenging the status quo and implementing innovative strategies that have reshaped how insurance services are provided and perceived. With a focus on customer-centric solutions, technological integration, and market adaptation, Austin has not only excelled in his field but also empowered clients to make informed and beneficial insurance decisions. Join us as Austin shares his journey, the breakthroughs that have marked his career, and his vision for the future of the insurance industry.Whether you're an industry professional, someone interested in the evolution of insurance, or simply looking for ways to better navigate the insurance landscape, Austin's expertise and innovative approach offer valuable lessons in achieving success and security in today's complex world.Austin Glazer simplifies insurance and secures your financial future. With expertise in auto, home, renters, and life insurance, he guides clients through coverage options and retirement planning. From Liberty Mutual to a trusted advisor, Austin's mission is clear: protect clients and empower their financial well-being.💥HIGHLIGHTS: Overcoming Adversity: Witness the spirit of resilience in the insurance industry, as one individual rises from adversity to become a top salesperson.Pursuing Independence:  Discover the entrepreneurial drive behind establishing an independent agency focused on innovation and customer satisfaction.Industry Challenges: Get insights into the current challenges facing the insurance sector, including inflation, natural disasters, and housing market shifts, and how companies are adapting to stay ahead.📱 SOCIAL MEDIA:Instagram | | | | | | to know more about Marshall? You may visit🔗 LINKS:Want to ask Marshall a question LIVE? | friends to watch & WIN | Unlimited Access to "The Vault" | to be the NEXT multimillionaire? |  a
Troy shares the secrets behind generating over $100 million for his clients since 2019 through his companies,,, & Known as the Email Paramedic, Troy and his leading Email List Management Agency have revolutionized email copy and deliverability, crafting campaigns that break through the noise and convert.Whether you're a business owner seeking to amplify your email marketing efforts, a copywriter looking to hone your craft, or simply fascinated by the potential of digital marketing to generate wealth, Troy's journey and insights offer invaluable lessons in achieving success in the digital age.Troy Ericson is the founder of Email Paramedic, a premier email list management agency renowned for generating over $100 million in revenue for clients since 2019. Troy began his entrepreneurial journey at 23, achieving millionaire status by 26. Recognized as the #20 copywriter globally by Traffic & Funnels, his expertise is widely acknowledged in the industry.💥HIGHLIGHTS: Ensure Congruency:  Align your email campaigns with what your audience expects when they sign up, boosting engagement and resonating with your audience.List Revival:  Win back dormant subscribers by focusing on the most active ones and tailoring your approach to re-engage those who have lost interest.Use AI Effectively:  Incorporate AI tools for research and technical processes, but maintain the unique, personal touch that only you can bring to your email content.📱 SOCIAL MEDIA:Instagram | | | | | | to know more about Marshall? You may visit🔗 LINKS:Want to ask Marshall a question LIVE? | friends to watch & WIN | Unlimited Access to "The Vault" | to be the NEXT multimillionaire? | 
Eli Wilhide, a master coach, mentor, and unparalleled sales expert. Once voted the quietest person in his high school, Eli's early years were marked by silence and introspection. This solitude, however, became his strength, as it allowed him to develop a keen sensory acuity and a deep understanding of human behavior beyond mere words. From navigating the complexities of his own experiences, both light and dark, Eli was led to become a leading figure in personal development and sales mastery.Under the mentorship of Tony Robbins, Eli transformed his insights into action, becoming a top sales representative and trainer renowned for his exceptional ability to influence and inspire change in others. Despite facing significant health challenges, Eli's dedication and unique approach to sales and coaching propelled him to the top of the industry, earning him recognition from Tony Robbins himself. Today, through Wilde Influence, Eli is committed to turning emotional dirt into diamonds, helping others achieve financial success, make a profound impact, and enjoy the journey.Eli Wilde is the no. 1 salesperson of Tony Robbins. This former actor has conducted coaching and sales training events with Tony Robbins in his honest bid to transform people’s lives.💥HIGHLIGHTS: Personal Development Journeys - Shared personal stories of overcoming challenges through self-improvement efforts like hypnosis, Tony Robbins programs, affirmations, and developing sales skills.Sales Techniques and Mindsets - There was an in-depth discussion about effective sales frameworks, questions, language patterns, and mindsets, emphasizing value over competing on price.Creating Profitable Events - Monetizing hypnosis skills through events. Marshall recommended he identify a target audience, create a tailored live event for them, and potentially license existing content through partnerships.📱 SOCIAL MEDIA:Instagram | | | | | | to know more about Marshall? You may visit🔗 LINKS:Want to ask Marshall a question LIVE? | friends to watch & WIN | Unlimited Access to "The Vault" |  a...
Enter the high-stakes world of phone sales with Jack Duval on this episode of "Marshall Sylver Live." Jack has cracked the code on what it takes to succeed in the competitive arena of sales. With a keen eye for talent and an understanding of sales psychology, Jack has built sales teams that consistently outperform and exceed targets. Jack shares his strategies for recruitment, training, and motivation, revealing how to craft the perfect sales team that converts calls into lucrative deals.Whether you're managing a sales team, working in sales yourself, or looking to understand the dynamics of successful telesales operations, Jack's insights provide valuable lessons on achieving peak performance and driving exceptional results.Jack Duval, Managing Partner at, specializes in selling offers across financial services and investment types. With expertise in coaching, consulting, and building sales teams, Jack helps businesses scale their operations and achieve 7-8 figure sales. With a proven track record of driving growth and forging strategic partnerships, he is a trusted advisor in sales and business development.💥HIGHLIGHTS: Purpose-Driven Sales: Uncover how aligning sales with your purpose and ethical beliefs boosts performance and fosters genuine connections with clients.Women in Sales: Learn the success secrets behind female sales professionals and how their unique approach can redefine the closing game.AI and the Human Touch: Understand the impact of AI on sales strategies while recognizing the enduring significance of personal interaction in the sales journey.📱 SOCIAL MEDIA:Instagram | | | | | | to know more about Marshall? You may visit🔗 LINKS:Want to ask Marshall a question LIVE? | friends to watch & WIN | Unlimited Access to "The Vault" | to be the NEXT multimillionaire? | 
Renowned for his unparalleled ability to close deals and drive business growth, Ambro, “The Closing King” has become the go-to expert for businesses looking to scale their operations and boost their revenue. With a proven track record of transforming sales strategies and team performances, Ambro shares his insights into the psychology of closing, effective sales techniques, and the strategies that have crowned him as a leader in sales optimization.Whether you’re a business owner seeking to scale, a sales professional looking to enhance your closing skills, or simply intrigued by the art of selling, Ambro’s proven strategies and insights offer invaluable guidance for achieving unparalleled success in the world of sales.Ambro Di Pilato is the CEO and founder of, a comprehensive recruitment and management firm specializing in supporting education businesses scale. Netrevenue offers full-service solutions tailored to enhance sales infrastructure and optimize operations. Ambro's expertise lies in guiding businesses to take control of their sales operations and expand their sales teams, ensuring sustainable growth and success.💥HIGHLIGHTS: Subconscious Power: Learn how to reprogram your mind for success. Proving that a rapid financial turnaround is possible with the right mindset. Sales Management: Discover the strategies used by a booming sales agency to achieve 340% growth. From hiring processes to training, Ambro reveals what fuels their explosive success. Entrepreneurship Essentials: Transitioning from employee to entrepreneur? Get clarity on how to transform your interests into income-generating ventures.📱 SOCIAL MEDIA:Instagram | | | | | | to know more about Marshall? You may visit🔗 LINKS:Want to ask Marshall a question LIVE? | friends to watch & WIN | Unlimited Access to "The Vault" | to be the NEXT multimillionaire? | 
Learn firsthand expertise in high-quality content creation, strategic planning, and influencer collaboration from Moncy Brambila, CEO of Exposure Digital Marketing, a top-tier content creation and social media marketing agency. Level up your digital game by scaling and optimizing your online presence straight from the source. Plus, Moncy shares killer tips on improving your online presence and collaborating effectively with influencers, alongside discussions on managing online negativity, safeguarding your brand, and how your next post could lead to viral success.Moncy Brambila, the CEO of Exposure DM, a leading content creation and social media marketing agency. With expertise in high-quality content creation, strategic planning, and influencer collaboration, Moncy has helped numerous entrepreneurs scale and optimize their digital presence. With over 1 billion client video views and a focus on driving engagement, Moncy is dedicated to delivering impactful results in the digital marketing landscape.💥HIGHLIGHTS: Prioritize Value: Strike a balance between frequent posting and providing genuine value. Be a source of positivity and impactful solutions.Embrace Originality: Infuse inspiration with authenticity to stand out. Perfect your craft and maintain a unique voice to outshine copycats.Focus on Engagement: Start posting, prioritizing engagement over perfection. Practice breeds improvement, and boldness breeds presence.📱 SOCIAL MEDIA:Instagram | | | | | | to know more about Marshall? You may visit🔗 LINKS:Want to ask Marshall a question LIVE? | friends to watch & WIN | Unlimited Access to "The Vault" | to be the NEXT multimillionaire? |  https://iamthenextmultimillionaire.comWant more info on Marshall's LIVE EVENTS? | a...
Marczell Klein, a renowned expert whose work at the intersection of hypnotherapy, psychology, and personal development has transformed lives. In this episode of "Marshall Sylver Live," Marczell shares his insights into how understanding and harnessing the capabilities of the human mind can lead to unparalleled personal growth and achievement. Whether you're looking to overcome obstacles, enhance your well-being, or unlock your full potential, Marczell's techniques offer a roadmap to success.Whether you're new to the concept of hypnotherapy and psychological techniques or seeking to deepen your understanding of personal development, Marczell's expertise and actionable advice promise to inspire and empower.Marczell Klein is the world's leading Success Coach & Motivational Speaker, dedicated to helping individuals achieve their peak potential. With over 100,000 clients served, Marczell specializes in overcoming fears, building extreme confidence, and driving transformative growth. His recent case study highlights his ability to propel businesses to unprecedented success, with one client's company soaring from a $30 million to over $1 billion valuation in less than a year under his guidance.💥HIGHLIGHTS: Spend Smart: Think of spending as investing in your future success, especially with your team.Track Progress: Use clear goals (KPIs) to see how well your team is doing, leading to better results.Mind Power: Use hypnosis to upgrade your thinking and achieve your goals faster.📱 SOCIAL MEDIA:Instagram | | | | | | to know more about Marshall? You may visit🔗 LINKS:Want to ask Marshall a question LIVE? | friends to watch & WIN | Unlimited Access to "The Vault" | to be the NEXT multimillionaire? | 
Let's take a look at real estate investing with Sam Primm, known for his strategic approach to building wealth through property. Learn how Sam transitioned from an aspiring investor to a real estate expert by revealing the key strategies, important tips, tricks, and mindset shifts that propelled his success. Whether you're new or experienced in investing, Sam's advice can help you build wealth and gain financial freedom through real estate.Prepare yourself with the knowledge and motivation to elevate your real estate investment efforts to the next level, and learn from one of the best in the business how to unlock your financial potential through property.Sam Primm is a distinguished real estate investor, mentor, and entrepreneur. With an MBA in General Marketing from Missouri State University, he co-founded Budget Painting before transitioning to a successful career at Fabick CAT. In 2018, he launched Faster House, flipping over 250 properties annually, and co-founded Greater STL Rentals, managing 300+ houses. Sam's portfolio exceeds $45 million, spanning single-family rentals, apartment complexes, and self-storage facilities. He's renowned for his mentorship through Faster Freedom and his influential presence on TikTok and YouTube, where he shares valuable insights with millions of followers.💥HIGHLIGHTS: Unlock Your Subconscious Potential: Discover the non-critical acceptance of the subconscious mind and use it to transform your habits and self-image around money.Real Estate Mastery: Learn from Sam Prim's approach to real estate that has enabled him to become the biggest home buyer in his region without using his own money, alongside insights into the value of building wealth through real estate and leveraging social media for business growth.Learning from Failure: Embrace the importance of being open to losing and use your failures as stepping stones for growth and development.📱 SOCIAL MEDIA:Instagram | | | | | | to know more about Marshall? You may visit🔗 LINKS:Want to ask Marshall a question LIVE? | friends to watch & WIN |
Learn how David, the visionary leader of the nation's top mortgage broker, has transformed client service in the finance industry. With unparalleled financial solutions and real estate resources, David elevated C2 Financial, driving growth and innovation. Whether you're in finance, real estate, or appreciate visionary leadership, David's journey demonstrates its profound impact on the industry.David Temko is the President of C2 Financial, leading a team dedicated to maximizing the value C2 offers loan officers. With a vision for industry innovation and growth, David oversees all company verticals, propelling C2 Financial to be the #1 mortgage broker in the nation. Prior to C2, David excelled in the Wells Fargo Commercial and Business Banking Group in southern California, demonstrating expertise in commercial lending, sales, and leasing. His leadership and industry insight continue to drive C2 Financial's success and influence in the mortgage executive sphere.💥HIGHLIGHTS: The upcoming C2 Financial event at the Hard Rock Hotel in San Diego offers insights into innovative reverse mortgage platforms through engaging games and expert speakers.Harness the subconscious: Explore how subconscious programming can steer your path to success and wealth during our in-depth conversation about the "turning point" seminar.Mortgage Mastery: David shares the entrepreneurial spirit driving C2 Financial, their approach to empowering loan officers, and why the personal touch in mortgage brokering is more essential than ever.📱 SOCIAL MEDIA:Instagram | | | | | | to know more about Marshall? You may visit🔗 LINKS:Want to ask Marshall a question LIVE? | friends to watch & WIN | Unlimited Access to "The Vault" | to be the NEXT multimillionaire? |  https://iamthenextmultimillionaire.comWant more info on...
Josh, known for his expertise in catapulting high ticket offer owners and service providers to high monthly revenues, shares his proven strategies for building and scaling sales teams to achieve $1 million per month AND MORE. We’ll get into the techniques, structures, and leadership skills required to transform your sales operation into a powerhouse of productivity and profitability.Whether you're struggling to scale your sales team, seeking to break through revenue plateaus, or aiming for the coveted $1 million monthly milestone, Josh's expertise offers a roadmap to success. Josh Lyons, Founder of Lyons Closing, specializes in assisting high-ticket offer owners in scaling their sales teams to $1 million per month and beyond. As a sales strategist, he is renowned for transforming teams into top performers. His innovative approach, "Self-Actualized Selling," challenges conventional methods by offering 47 core methodologies to drive revenue growth without increasing lead flow. His strategies have propelled clients like Gym Launch and Brand Builders Academy to significant success.💥HIGHLIGHTS: Mindset Matters: Whether it's overcoming appearance concerns or harnessing your authenticity, your mindset plays a crucial role in how you interact and succeed in both life and sales. Embrace your uniqueness, and let your confidence speak for itself.Empathy is Key: In both sales and parenting, empathy stands out as a crucial factor for genuine engagement. Understanding and aligning with the feelings and perspectives of others can create stronger connections and more effective communication.Leveraging Language: The power of language cannot be overstated. From keeping customers in a "yes state" with positive affirmations to strategic "reverse framing" in questioning, language patterns significantly impact the outcome of your sales interactions.📱 SOCIAL MEDIA:Instagram | | | | | | to know more about Marshall? You may visit🔗 LINKS:Want to ask Marshall a question LIVE? | friends to watch & WIN | Unlimited Access to "The Vault" |  a...
Uncover the secrets to going viral on social media with Ryan Magin. Learn proven strategies for creating engaging content, fostering audience connections, and building a magnetic online presence. Whether you're an aspiring influencer or a business owner, Ryan's insights will elevate your social media game and propel your content to new heights of visibility and influence. Don't miss out on this chance to level up your content creation skills!Ryan Magin is a seasoned entrepreneur and leading authority in social media growth strategies. Renowned for his expertise in content production, personal branding, and social media management, Ryan utilizes his platform to educate and empower his followers. With a global reach, he continues to inspire individuals to thrive in the ever-evolving digital landscape.💥HIGHLIGHTS: Balance is Key: Learn why juggling the creation of viral content and monetizing your brand can pay off big time—with insights into leveraging platforms like TikTok and Instagram for brand recognition and revenue.Viral Strategy Unveiled: Discover the HEM framework (Hobbies and Interests, Expertise, and Mastery) Ryan Majin uses to craft attention-grabbing videos that skyrocket in views and engagement, and why consistency is your ticket to viral stardom.Monetization Mastery: Monetization isn't just about views; it's about strategic partnerships and savvy business moves. From in-stream ads to direct selling on social platforms, we cover how to turn your content into cash without compromising authenticity.📱 SOCIAL MEDIA:Instagram | | | | | | to know more about Marshall? You may visit🔗 LINKS:Want to ask Marshall a question LIVE? | friends to watch & WIN | Unlimited Access to "The Vault" | to be the NEXT multimillionaire? | 
Renowned for his innovative coaching techniques, Vikram Deol has transformed the careers of countless real estate professionals, helping them achieve unprecedented sales results. Join us as Vikram shares his comprehensive approach to sales coaching, blending market knowledge, personal development, and strategic sales tactics to empower agents and brokers in the competitive real estate landscape.Vikram Deol, a former real estate mogul, retired in 2018 after selling over $250M+ in real estate. Today, he mentors real estate agents, helping them master modern sales techniques to achieve consistent results. As the founder of a leading coaching program, Vikram focuses on building trust, rapport, and human connections with clients to elevate sales performance.💥HIGHLIGHTS: Authentic Engagement Wins: Sales strategies rooted in truth and understanding the client's needs lead to more meaningful relationships and lasting success. We delve into why authenticity isn't just a nice-to-have but a must-have in today's market.Accountability as a Growth Catalyst: Learn from our own accountability coach about setting and achieving ambitious goals. Whether you're scaling your startup or aiming for personal milestones, accountability can be the secret to unlocking new levels of achievement.High-Level Persuasion Skills: Power up your persuasion game with insights from the "Turning Point" seminar. Sales isn't about manipulation; it's about communication, connection, and genuinely solving the problems of those you serve.📱 SOCIAL MEDIA:Instagram | | | | | | to know more about Marshall? You may visit🔗 LINKS:Want to ask Marshall a question LIVE? | friends to watch & WIN | Unlimited Access to "The Vault" | to be the NEXT multimillionaire? | 
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