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Mayim Bialik’s Breakdown is a quirky, informative, and interactive podcast breaking down the myths and misunderstandings about mental health and emotional well-being. Neuroscientist Mayim Bialik combines her academic background with vast personal experience to provide listeners with valuable practical advice focusing on removing the stigma surrounding mental health and encouraging an understanding of the mind-body connection. Nothing is off limits as Mayim breaks it down with an amazing collection of guests.
211 Episodes
Could Cheryl Hines become America's next FIRST LADY?   On this BRAND NEW episode of MBB, we break down her journey from Comedian to possible political royalty.  Cheryl Hines (Curb Your Enthusiasm) joins us in the MBB studio this week to say goodbye to her long-running character in the final season of CURB, and to discuss how she still manages to find the comedy and fun in the midst of her husband Robert F. Kennedy Jr’s campaign for president!   They chat about Mayim’s guest role on CURB and her out-of-the-box audition process, whether Cheryl ever wishes her own character had the opportunity to evolve, and the huge loss of Cheryl’s close friend and longtime co-star Richard Lewis.  Cheryl also opens up about:- The hilarious way Larry David introduced her to her now husband, Robert F. Kennedy Jr.- Why Larry didn’t think her relationship with Robert would last- What it was like marrying into the Kennedy dynasty, especially as someone who didn’t grow up with politics- How Robert Kennedy’s bid for the presidency has changed their relationship + how Cheryl is fitting into the world of politics now- What it feels like to know there’s a chance she could be the First Lady?!- The struggle to reel in her comedy instincts while she’s on the campaign trails- Navigating security threats & ways she manages the stress of her new life in the political realm  PLUS Cheryl reflects on the ways her improv background translates to other areas of her life, her humble beginnings growing up in Florida, and she and Mayim share their O.J. Simpson bar stories! Check out Cheryl Hines' body care line, Hines+Young, and use code "Breakdown20" at checkout for 20% off your order:
Will you take the red pill with us? Join Mayim and Jonathan as they reflect on our widely popular episode, "She Met God & Saw the Future", where Elizabeth G. Krohn details her near-death experience after being struck by lightning, her 2-week experience in heaven, and the newfound knowledge and abilities she returned with. Mayim and Jonathan discuss transformative experiences that challenge our scientific understanding and open doors to new realms of consciousness, from aura reading and near-death experiences, to the non-linear nature of time and the curious phenomenon of déjà vu. Discover powerful reflections on interconnectivity and expanded consciousness on this special Thursday Edition of MBB! Check out our fascinating full episode with Elizebeth G. Krohn & Jeffrey J. Kripal: Check out our full episode with Corey Taylor:
EXCLUSIVE REACTIONS: Mayim, Jenna von Oy, and Christy Carlson Romano dive deep into the explosive QUIET ON SET documentary, from the heartbreaking abuse exposed by some of their peers, to their own firsthand accounts of the pressures they faced as child actors. Mayim, Christy, and Jenna reflect on how the model for kids’ tv made child actors particularly vulnerable, the dangers of children working in the high pressure entertainment industry, the trauma-bonding nature watching the doc has had for their peer community, whether the system can truly be reformed, and ways to effectively pivot the conversation from sensationalistic gossip to promoting real change in the industry. Christy reveals why she has currently chosen NOT to watch the documentary, breaks down her reservations about the exploitative nature of "trauma tourists," and explains more about the important advocacy work organizations like the Looking Ahead program (@alifeinthearts) are doing to connect child actors and their families with essential resources. THEY ALSO DISCUSS: - The dangers of dangling fame in front of child actors- The role parents have to play, even if a studio tries to remove them- The importance of teaching children to use their voices- The crucial need for female representation and trauma-informed care in the entertainment industry This episode is a must-listen, from revealing the dark side of how the entertainment millions love was actually made, to the exploration of what we can all do to ensure the safety of children everywhere.  Learn more about the Looking Ahead program: more about the Coogan Law:
What are the effects of love on the brain?Can ADHD worsen as we age?Why do we crave certain foods at certain times?How do I know when I've outgrown my relationship with my therapist? Mayim answers these questions and MORE on another episode of Ask Mayim Anything! SHE BREAKS DOWN:- "Stuck Song" Syndrome, AKA "Earworms"- The correlation between head injuries and mental illness (including treatments to help!)- Sensory Processing Disorder and when to seek support for it- The differences between hyper- and hyposensitivity- Why oxytocin can lead to attachment- The effects of low levels of serotonin PLUS we have a SPECIAL GUEST this episode..... Nurture Neuroscientist, Infant Sleep Educator, & Doula Dr. Greer Kirshenbaum joins us to explain how breastfeeding promotes the bond between parent and child, and her TOP 5 REASONS your baby isn’t sleeping! Mayim also tackles your ADHD questions, from why more women are being diagnosed with ADHD to the causes of exacerbated ADHD symptoms. She also reflects on her animated voiceover roles and the risks of being friends with your therapist. TUNE IN to see if your question was answered this episode!!! Dr. Greer Kirshenbaum's book, The Nurture Revolution: Grow Your Baby’s Brain and Transform Their Mental Health through the Art of Nurtured Parenting:
Dive deep into the world of Somatic Experiencing with Dr. Peter A. Levine, the revolutionary developer of this transformative approach designed to help us access the body's stored memories in order to heal trauma. Dr. Levine explains why release trauma is so IMPORTANT to our overall health, wealth, and ability to connect with others. He shares how traditional doctors initially didn't understand somatic experiencing and how the alarming prevalence of sexual trauma in our society impacts the way we communicate with one another. DR. LEVINE ALSO BREAKS DOWN: - How the brain compartmentalizes trauma as a survival mechanism- The use of hallucinogens to process death- The dangers of exposure therapy- How the mechanism of dissociation can protect our mind-body from overwhlem- What sexual trauma looks like emotionally & spiritually- The role of creative imagination in determining our true selves- Collective consciousness and his posthumous conversations with Albert Einstein- How the mind-body holds memory of preverbal trauma, such as abandonment- Dissipative & Catastrophe Theories and Premature Cognition- What prevents us from returning to equilibrium after a traumatic event- How play opens creativity- Why we should have compassion for the child within us This episode will change how you view your body's memories and the hidden power they hold in healing. From exploring the brain's survival mechanisms to unlocking the secrets of sexual trauma healing, don't miss this chance to discover the key to healing trauma!*CONTENT WARNING*: This episode contains descriptions of sexual abuse.Dr. Peter A. Levine's newest book, An Autobiography of Trauma:
This week we're sitting down with the fearless, hilarious, and thoughtful Brett Gelman (Stranger Things, Fleabag) as he opens up about the challenges that have shaped him, from his early battles with OCD and questioning his identity, to intense enmeshment with his mother and overcoming those tendencies as he navigates adult relationships. Brett opens up about:- The ways he felt different growing up- His early experiences with drug use- His OCD around numbers and fear of the future- Why questioning his sexuality as a kid led him to have a breakdown He also shares insights on method acting, the importance of creating space for men to challenge toxic masculinity, and the importance of infusing all of your endeavors with a little bit of yourself. PLUS Mayim explains why self-centeredness may actually be at the root of our attempts at caring for others! This conversation is a must-watch for anyone seeking to understand the intricate dance between our past experiences and our present selves. TUNE IN to find out how facing your past can dramatically reshape your future! Brett Gelman's new book, The Terrifying Realm of the Possible: Nearly True Stories:
Vagus Nerve Secrets REVEALED: Discover how to feel safe with the groundbreaking creator of the Polyvagal Theory, Dr. Stephen Porges! Dr. Porges helps us answer all of the important questions, like:- Why are we attracted to "BAD" people?- How can trauma prevent us from accessing the body’s healing resources, AND what is the link between TRAUMA & OBESITY?- Why do certain sounds instantly calm us down?- Why might neurodivergent individuals have a hard time connecting with others?- How can vagus findings be used to improve institutions like prisons, hospitals, and schools? PLUS find out what signals you're sending without even realizing it and how to create a safer, more connected world around us. WE ALSO BREAK DOWN:- Dr. Porges' journey of discovering the vagus nerve and polyvagal theory- Scientific evidence for why the dating process should be slowed- Good vs Bad stress- Why dissociation is an adaptation- How speech patterns can affect our anxiety levels- How Heart Rate Variability (HRV) is connected to our mindset and well-being- "Freezing" as an alternative to "Fight" & "Flight"- The importance of creating a safe space for others- The traits of a well-attuned therapist- Why hypersensitivity (especially auditory) affects everything- The dangers of labels without accounting for individual history Whether you're a neuroscience enthusiast, seeking self-improvement tips, or just curious about the hidden powers within us, this episode is packed with intriguing insights and practical advice. Don't miss out on this deep dive into the wonders of the human body and mind. TUNE IN to discover the SECRET to EMOTIONAL SAFETY! Dr. Stephen Porges' book, Our Polyvagal World: How Safety and Trauma Change Us:
Psychedelics, Making a Deal with God, the Unity of Music, Wilderness Therapy, Untying Identity from Physical Appearance....this episode has it all! Dive deep into the soul-stirring journey of renowned musician Matisyahu, where music and mysticism collide in an unforgettable revelation. We explore Matisyahu's self-diagnosed learning disabilities, his life as "the last hippie", and the spiritual awakening that led him from dropping out of high school to become a Dead Head and follow Phish on tour, to a stint in rehab and an empowering experience in a wilderness therapeutic program. This is a RAW & REVEALING account of how psychedelic experiences, spirituality, and music have intertwined to shape his path from a troubled youth to a reggae music sensation! Matisyahu also opens up about his move toward becoming very religious in his Jewish faith - including growing an extremely recognizable beard and studying at the yeshiva - the intersectionality between reggae and Judaism, the underground healer who saved his life, and the ebbs and flows of his relationship with religion....PLUS where he’s currently at with it now. From pairing psychedelic drugs with spirituality and music at an early age - leading to a deep calling to dedicate his life to God and his music career - to the pressures of fame driving him to shave his iconic beard, this episode is a very personal examination of the ties between loneliness and spirituality. Don't miss this powerful episode that challenges us to question: Does God feel pestered by humanity?  Matisyahu’s new EP, Hold The Fire: 
An adrenaline-fueled war reporter, self-medicated with cocaine. The panic attack on live TV that brought him to meditation. This is a RAW & REVEALING look into how Dan Harris (10% Happier author & podcaster) struggled behind his polished on-screen persona. What's a better way to celebrate MBB's 200TH EPISODE?!!! Dan reveals how his reporting from the frontlines of Iraq led to self-medicating his depression with recreational drugs, and how meditation was the ultimate game-changer. THIS IS A CALL TO ACTION FOR ANYONE WHO THINKS THEY CAN'T MEDITATE! Learn the practical skills to happiness, how to detach from your narrative through metacognition, and create a buffer between stimulus and reaction. Mayim shares her personal struggles with meditation and gets practical tips from Dan that could change your perception of meditation forever. Plus, dive into different forms of meditation that enhance concentration, gratitude, and how a lovingkindness meditation practice can reshape your day-to-day life. Dan also explains how meditation caused him to shift his perception of himself and in relation to others, what our goals with meditation should be, and what his lovingkindness meditation practice looks like today. Curious about MDMA's therapeutic potential for emotional awareness, adrenaline addiction, or what a coke-fueled panic looks like from the inside? This episode is your front-row seat to a MIND-BLOWING conversation that could very well be the nudge you need to start your own meditation journey. TUNE IN to help us celebrate 200 episodes of MBB with Dan Harris!  The 10th anniversary edition of  Dan Harris' book, 10% HAPPIER: Harris' Podcast, TEN PERCENT HAPPIER: Harris' TEN PERCENT HAPPIER App: guests on Dan Harris' Podcast, TEN PERCENT HAPPIER:
Rediscover the band that CHANGED MUSIC FOREVER. RUN D.M.C. were the Beatles of Hip-Hop. Darryl "DMC" McDaniels was a comic book nerd who pretended his way into hip-hop stardom and changed the world forever. We dive into Darryl’s journey from a shy Catholic school boy, being bullied to becoming an icon in the music industry. Darryl shares his struggles with the dark side of stardom, which lead to alcohol abuse and drinking a case of 40-oz bottles per day. Darryl opens up about confronting the realities of adoption trauma after discovering he was adopted at the age of 35, the pressures that lead him to suicidal ideation, and his diagnoses of suppressed emotions & OCD. He also REVEALS the origins of Run D.M.C.'s famous remake of Aerosmith's "Walk This Way," their signature fashion style ("Adidas with no laces!"), their close relationship with the Beastie Boys, his rock 'n' roll inspirations, what it was like to be the first rap group on MTV, and grief over losing Jam Master Jay to homicide. PLUS Darryl discusses practicing meditation through his creativity, his exciting upcoming music with Travis Barker, what music he’s listening to these days and what he thinks of hip hop and rap today, and the surprising story of how Sarah McLachlan saved his life! Whether you're a long-time Run D.M.C. fan or new to the hip hop scene, you'll discover something new and inspiring. This episode will leave you feeling like a fly on the wall as you witness MUSIC HISTORY - TUNE IN to MBB!  Peacock’s docuseries Kings From Queens: The Run DMC Story: "DMC" McDaniels' memoir, Ten Ways Not to Commit Suicide: "DMC" McDaniels' Children's Book, Darryl's Dream: "DMC" McDaniels' foster care nonprofit, The Felix Organization: Makes Cookies: Makes Comics:
The Ultimate Guide to Living Longer and Happier – with World Famous Longevity MD, Peter Attia! Dr. Peter Attia’s MOST personal interview yet. Best-selling author of Outlive & host of The Drive podcast Dr. Peter Attia reveals why the current medical model is failing us and how a focus on combating the erosion of healthspan could be the secret to a fuller, richer life. We can PREVENT chronic diseases - Dr. Attia's insights will change the way you think about your health forever! He helps us break down everything from the real reasons we should avoid certain foods and the impact of mental health on our physical well-being, to the role of spirituality as a healing component to terminal illness and trauma. We also cover: - Why most people today are dying from chronic diseases- Impediments our doctors are currently facing- Certain foods to avoid- How to best make use of the time we have to dedicate to our health each week- The benefits of young people spending time with the elderly population- How to prioritize and implement new health information in the ever-changing medical landscape- What is parasuicide and how do we tackle it?- How to detach your behaviors from your urges Dr. Attia GETS PERSONAL in a way you've never seen him before. He opens up about:- Being addicted to workaholism, perfectionism, anger, and even oxycontin- The physiological ramifications he experienced from going cold turkey off of oxytocin- His psychedelic experiences- What numbing the pain looks like for him now- Why the underlying emotion under his anger is helplessness Are you ready to challenge everything you thought you knew about health and longevity? TUNE IN to MBB for this life-altering perspective on making the most out of our time on this earth! Dr. Peter Attia's book, Outlive: The Science and Art of Longevity: Dr. Peter Attia's Podcast, The Drive: Learn more about Early Medical: 
Comedian Jeff Foxworthy Wants You to Know....Laughter Can Heal the Conflict! Jeff Foxworthy (Blue Collar Comedy Tour, Are You Smarter Than a 5th Grader?) REVEALS the origins of his famous \"You might be a redneck if...\" jokes, the shame he felt from his parents being the first divorced couple he knew, and his decision to stay away from political and religious humor where the divide is already great. He opens up about his reservations about being asked to guest on MBB, his tech beginnings working for IBM, and why it’s more difficult to be a clean comic than dirty. Jeff highlights the importance of living a balanced life, realizing that everyone is dealing with their own personal struggles, and why we could all stand to laugh at ourselves a little bit more. PLUS Jeff shows off his impressive illustrating skills that most of the world doesn’t know him for. TUNE IN to MBB to hear the full hilarious, heartfelt conversation! Check out Jeff Foxworthy's games including Relative Insanity, Relative Insanity 2, and See What I Mean!
I Felt Pressure to Be Sexy: Boy Meets World Star on Growing & Sexploitation in Hollywood. Danielle Fishel aka "Topanga Lawrence" REVEALS the real reason she nearly quit BOY MEETS WORLD! She opens up in the MBB studio about facing body image issues and the pressures of objectification while she was underage, what it was like to have global pop star Lance Bass from NSYNC as her first serious boyfriend, and how chasing validation led her to perfectionism. Danielle discusses why BOY MEETS WORLD holds such a nostalgic feeling for all of us (& did you know she didn’t originally get the role of "Topanga"?!?!), how fame affected her friendships in school, her divorce, and getting into therapy after her first marriage ended. She also shares how her background in psychology led her to realize the importance of being established in who you are before you begin a healthy adult relationship. TUNE IN to MBB today to hear the full convo! Danielle Fishel's podcast, Pod Meets World:
She Met God & Saw the Future

She Met God & Saw the Future


Killed by LIGHTNING, meeting GOD, the afterlife, psychic-visions, and becoming a medical medium - Elizebeth G. Krohn's journey back from the afterlife is a TRUE STORY too unbelievable to make up. In this jaw-dropping new interview, Elizabeth G. Krohn (author, Changed in a Flash and Eyewitness to the Afterlife) details her near-death experience after being struck by lightning, her 2-week experience in heaven, and the newfound knowledge and abilities she returned with. A prior spiritual skeptic, Elizabeth provides visceral descriptions of the sights and sounds of the afterlife and its nonlinear nature, and discusses making the difficult decision to leave her “home” in heaven and return to the cloudiness and uncertainty of earth. She explains why she thinks everyone’s experience of heaven is different, what changed about how she saw the world after her experience, how she revealed the unexplainable occurrence to her friends and family, and even how it changed the way she parented her children. We learn about the pre-cognitive nightmares she experienced predicting natural and manmade disasters, the synesthesia and aura-reading abilities she acquired, why she is hesitant to utilize her psychic abilities with others, and how she handles responsibility of knowing what’s going to happen. Jeffrey J. Kripal (Philosophy and Religious Thought at Rice University, co-author of Changed in a Flash) helps us make sense of near-death experiences as he considers the patterns he sees throughout people’s experiences and attempts to apply scientific models to explain them. Elizabeth answers ALL of our burning questions - why did this near-death experience happened to her? Is reincarnation real? Do we pick our parents before we are born? See how Elizabeth's near-death experience can empower us all!Changed in a Flash, by Elizabeth G. Krohn & Jeffrey J. Kripal: G. Krohn's latest book, Eyewitness to the Afterlife: My Two Weeks in Heaven: out more about Elizabeth G. Krohn: out more about Jeffrey J. Kripal:
Tom Papa (stand-up comedian, author of We’re All In This Together…..So Make Some Room) is in the MBB studio to chat about channeling his artist sensitivity into comedy and hilarious emotional processing with his wife before bed that leaves him unable to sleep! He opens up about what it’s like being known as “the nice guy” in comedy, how to parent kids who struggle with something you’ve never struggled with, and why he’s never gone to therapy. Tom considers genetic makeup vs modeled affirmations in coping with life’s struggles, the empathy he feels for those struggling with genetic predispositions, and why it became easier to take care of himself after he had kids. He explains how psychedelics gave him new perspective but got in the way of his humor, the effect the “cathartic experience” of comedy can have on loneliness, and how allowing yourself to feel emotions can remove fear associated with the situation. Mayim and Jonathan discuss how mantras can rewire your brain and how they’ve evolved personally and together in the 3rd year of the podcast!See Tom Papa live on tour: Papa's latest book, We’re All In This Together.....So Make Some Room:
Dr. David Spiegel (Stanford University School of Medicine, Center on Stress and Health and the Center for Integrative Medicine, Co-founder of Reveri self-hypnosis app) breaks down how hypnosis can ease your chronic pain, addictions, and help manage stress! He explains hypnotizability - who has it, who doesn’t, and can we increase it? - and clarifies whether or not the practice can actually be dangerous, PLUS he hypnotizes Jonathan who shares what it feels like in the body and mind! Dr. Spiegel reveals how stage hypnotism works and why it can be harmful, why dissociation is more valuable than we realize, and the benefits of seeing our stressors from another point of view through hypnosis. He also explains guilt as a trauma response, when he does and doesn’t turn to hypnosis as a healing modality, how we can surprise ourselves with our capacities for change, why social support is necessary to combat chronic illness, and the physiological description of acceptance. Dr. Spiegel demonstrates a breathwork session and explains why it works and Mayim considers the link between maternal stress and a child’s asthma.For 2 weeks of Reveri for free, just tap this link from your mobile:
Rob Thomas (lead singer of Matchbox 20) makes a rare podcast appearance to discuss how he went from stealing cars to being one of the most notable voices in alternative rock! He opens up about his tumultuous childhood growing up with an absent father and his mom’s Hodgkins diagnosis, the life lessons he learned from his liquor-bootlegging grandma, and his skepticism of genuine connections after dealing with “transactional” relationships for so long. Rob shares fascinating insights into the deep meanings behind so many of Matchbox 20’s hits, from which of their most famous songs is actually about mental health to his feelings on their hit song “Push’s” role in the new Barbie movie. He reveals the surprising origins of his famous collab with Carlos Santana and his love-hate relationship with “Smooth” now, how songwriting can be a form of therapy for him, how each member of Matchbox 20 being in therapy affects their collaboration, and what he credits his longtime marriage to in the midst of a rock-and-roll lifestyle. Rob also reflects on the value of social media, why he almost stopped therapy after a bad experience, his complicated relationship with alcohol today, his couples therapy goals, his struggles with panic attacks and what he does to manage them.Rob Thomas’ charity, Sidewalk Angels Foundation: Twenty’s new album, Where the Light Goes: Matchbox 20 on tour:
Best of MBB 2023!

Best of MBB 2023!


Mayim and Jonathan are bringing you their favorite podcast moments of 2023! Join us as we revisit ADHD and the benefits of reparenting yourself with Jodie Sweetin, Corey Feldman’s thoughts on forgiveness and life after child stardom, Dr. Susan David’s advice for “unsticking” from emotions, Melissa Rauch and Mayim’s favorite Big Bang Theory memories, and Marc Maron’s reflections on grief. We also reflect back on Dr. Neil Theise’s explanation for why we’re all more connected than we think, Ben Stiller tells us how he rekindled his marriage during the pandemic, Gabriel Iglesias gives us his take on aliens, Whitney Cummings roasts Jonathan’s beard….plus so much more!
John Stamos (actor, producer, author of If You Would Have Told Me) breaks down all things Full House, from his extremely close relationship with the late, great Bob Saget, to his struggle to come to terms with his iconic role as “Uncle Jesse.” He opens up about his very public D.U.I. incident and why he finally decided to seek help for his addictions, his issues with not feeling smart enough, his thoughts on his teen idol status, and how he moved through his resentment toward his ex-wife, Rebecca Romijn. John discusses how his parents kept him grounded and motivated, ways he has found his ego has stood in his way, beginning his therapy journey after his dad died, what he loves most about being a father, and his meditation practice. Mayim and John reflect on parenting styles and he details his musical career and performances with the Beach Boys. John Stamos' new memoir, If You Would Have Told Me:
Identify your inner expectations, zodiac personalities, and narcissistic personalities with Mayim and Jonathan! They go in-depth about the neuroscientific implications of Jonathan’s chipped tooth before having some fun with a variety of quizzes from labeling your inner expectations to zodiac sign-associated personality scales. Plus we break down the different facets of narcissism and find out where Mayim and Jonathan each rank on the Narcissistic Personality Inventory (NPI) scale!Play along with Mayim & Jonathan here! Gretchen Rubin's "The Four Tendencies" Quiz: Associated Personality Scales: Personality Inventory:
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