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Mayim Bialik’s Breakdown is a quirky, informative, and interactive podcast breaking down the myths and misunderstandings about mental health and emotional well-being. Neuroscientist Mayim Bialik combines her academic background with vast personal experience to provide listeners with valuable practical advice focusing on removing the stigma surrounding mental health and encouraging an understanding of the mind-body connection. Nothing is off limits as Mayim breaks it down with an amazing collection of guests.
152 Episodes
David Lascher (Blossom, Hey Dude) & Christine Taylor (Zoolander, Hey Dude) discuss David’s experience playing Mayim’s boyfriend on Blossom, how the pandemic brought Christine and husband Ben Stiller back together, and they help us break down the deeper psychological layers of nostalgia. They reflect on the cult following of their show Hey Dude on the early days of Nickelodeon, Christine’s comedy trajectory and her legendary role as Marcia Brady in the Brady Bunch movies, and what David thinks landed him the Blossom role. Mayim, Christine, and David explain why people are so nostalgic for the 90’s and why content from that era resonates with so many today, why the pandemic forced us to reexamine our interpersonal relationships, and why their kids are better prepared for the world than they were.David Lascher & Christine Taylor's podcast, Hey Dude... The 90's Called:
Revisiting one of our most popular episodes from the early days of the podcast - an oldie but a goodie with Kunal Nayyar! Kunal and Mayim had a little Big Bang Theory reunion. Kunal shares the dangers of overidentifying with anxiety, including his own experiences with debilitating panic attacks while driving on the highway and eventually riding in elevators, and how that led him to therapy and a modern day path of self-discovery. He also explains the importance of spirituality as it ties to mindfulness, encourages us to rethink the power we give our minds, and gives us practical ways to turn inward and stay present. Enjoy the best moments of Kunal Nayyar, and tune in on Tuesday for a brand new full episode of MAYIM BIALIK’S BREAKDOWN.Check out our full episode with Kunal Nayyar:
Dr. Theresa Larson (movement health & inclusive wellness expert, Movement RX founder) joins us to discuss her work with adaptive athletes, what it was like to join the U.S. military after 9/11 and as a woman, and what you need to take full ownership over your pain. Mayim discusses first learning breathwork through Dr. T and they break down movement healing, downregulating the nervous system to improve mental wellness, why social support is so crucial to recovering from physical and emotional wounds, and practical ways to improve your daily ergonomics. Dr. T recalls growing up in a physically competitive household, her shift in self-esteem after her mom passed at an early age, and her job searching for land mines in Iraq. She explains her struggle to advocate for herself when her disordered eating impacted her military service, why disordered eating can feel extremely lonely, its prevalence amongst military personnel, how she was finally able to ask for help, and how her recovery led her to living with more intention & becoming less of a people-pleaser.Dr. T's Movement Rx Programs:
A collection of the best moments from our conversation with writer, director, actor, and singer Jennette McCurdy! Join us as we revisit all of Jennette's empowering nuggets of wisdom, from disordered eating and her enmeshed relationship with her mother to the profound revelations she experienced following her mother’s death. Jennette also helps us break down harmful coping mechanisms, the pressures and anxieties she faced as a child actress and the source of financial support for her family, why we tolerate emotional discomfort for so long, and the power struggles surrounding love. Enjoy the best moments of Jennette McCurdy, and tune in on Tuesday for a brand new full episode of MAYIM BIALIK’S BREAKDOWN.Check out our full episode with Jennette McCurdy:
Rosie O’Donnell (The Rosie O’Donnell Show, A League of Their Own, Onward podcast) discusses the ripple effects of her mom passing when Rosie was a child, the emergence of the first LGBTQ movement, and the emotional highs and lows of becoming an activist for gay parents. She explains how she got into stand-up comedy as a teenager, the prevalence of alcoholism and abuse on her father's side of the family, and how losing mother made her strive to please the adults in her life and putting on a tough persona as a cry for love. Rosie opens up about the differences between her coming out process and what it’s like to come out now, her intense quest for spirituality, and navigating her youngest daughter’s autism diagnosis & what her daughter has taught her about inclusivity. She describes the odd circumstances of her heart attack and how symptoms differ between men and women, what it was like to address her ex-wife’s suicide as a public person, and how alcoholism varies from drug addiction. Mayim and Rosie break down adoption trauma, nature vs nurture in adoption, why women’s rights affect everything, and Rosie’s opinion on The View after all these years.Rosie O'Donnell's new podcast, Onward:
Are you ignoring your true desires, and is your body paying the price? Mayim and Jonathan break down how stress can cause frequent infections, what our bodies are trying to tell us with physical pain & muscle aches, and the potential sinister origins of having low energy. They explain the importance of feeling excited in day-to-day life, how not living the life you want can lead to depression and anxiety, and the underlying psychological conditions that can lead to disordered eating. They also discuss the science behind the effects of sugar, why troubled work and personal relationships may indicate dissatisfaction with one’s quality of life, and the negative effects of not presenting your authentic self to the world. Psychology Today article, "8 Subtle Clues You Are Ignoring Your True Desires":
Kyla Pratt (The Proud Family, One on One) & Julian Gant (As They Made Us, Oddballs) join us in the studio to discuss working with Mayim on Call Me Kat, their shared grief journeys after losing their friend and co-star Leslie Jordan, and not conforming to society & the entertainment industry. Julian opens up about losing jobs in Hollywood because of his refusal to cut his hair and his alarming racially motivated police interactions. He compares his skills as a professional fighter with performing, shares the piece of acting advice Dustin Hoffman gave him, and strategies he uses to cope with anxiety tied to his dyslexia. Kyla reveals her struggles as an empath and picking up other people’s negative energies, her grounding techniques, and how her food sensitivities affect her mental and physical health. She gives us a show-and-tell about her crystals, explains the practice of learning when to ask for help, and ways she stays in tune with her body. Mayim, Kyla, and Julian consider how their real personas inform their Call Me Kat characters, the importance of sharing different opinions, and dealing with rejections during auditions.Catch Call Me Kat Thursdays at 9:30 PM (8:30c) on Fox!
Carla Naumburg, PhD, LICSW (clinical social worker & bestselling author) helps us break down "sh*tty parent syndrome", the evolution in parenting methods from generation to generation, and practical ways to practice self-care. Mayim and Carla discuss the unusual origin story of their friendship after Carla wrote an article criticizing Mayim’s parenting techniques. They explain the importance of honesty when sharing parenting struggles and not comparing yourself to other parents, how meditation impacts their parenting skills, and the dark side of "mommy blogging." Carla shares why she doesn’t believe there are bad parents, what self-compassion in parenting really means, and her tips for parenting with anxiety and mindfulness-based stress out Carla Naumburg's latest book, You Are Not A Sh*tty Parent:
The Dangers of Being Too Nice: Dr. Gabor Maté (renowned speaker and bestselling author) on another Thursday Bite-Sized Breakdown. Revisit the powerful nuggets of wisdom from our episode with Dr. Gabor that could literally change how you understand health and well-being. Many people have said this is their favorite episode of MBB! Dr. Maté explains who's most prone to chronic illness and practical ways our childhood trauma is impacting us now and might lead to disease. Dr. Gabor breaks down how attachment, autoimmune disease, loneliness, and emotional regulation are all connected. Enjoy the best moments of Dr. Gabor Maté, and tune in on Tuesday for a brand new full episode of MAYIM BIALIK’S BREAKDOWN.Check out our full episode with Dr. Gabor Maté:
Danny Trejo (actor, Machete, Breaking Bad, Boba Fett & author) joins us in-studio to discuss how the culture he was raised in contributed to his early drug and alcohol use, the evolution of his relationship with a higher power from one of fear to one of love, and his transition from convict to actor/author/restaurateur. He opens up about being conditioned as a child to use rage and violence to survive, what early sobriety taught him, and why he feels like he can reach troubled youth better than other adults. Danny explains what it was like to be incarcerated for the first time, his role as an "Inmate Social Catalyst" in prison, and why his parole board actually suggested he murder someone. Mayim and Danny consider the weaknesses of our prison system and the inhumanity of solitary confinement after Danny shares his heartbreaking experience being locked up "in the hole." Danny reveals how his drug counseling skills led him to land acting roles, his experiences training movie stars in the art of prison boxing, his love of good food and the fascinating story of how he got into the restaurant business. He also considers the negative effects of toxic masculinity, his complex relationships with women, why his children are his vulnerable spot, his favorites of his iconic acting roles, and his status as a Los Angeles icon.Danny Trejo's new cookbook, Trejo's Cantina:
Welcome to our very first Thursday Bite-Sized Breakdown with Jewel (multi-platinum recording artist & mental health advocate)! We wanted to make it easy to revisit the enlightening moments and inspiring words of wisdom from our episode with Jewel. From her lifelong spiritual relationship with nature to practical ways to get in touch with our inner observer, Jewel captivated us with powerful advice to anyone struggling with mental health. Enjoy the best moments of Jewel, and tune in on Tuesday for a brand new full episode of MAYIM BIALIK’S BREAKDOWN.Check out our full episode with Jewel:
It’s another episode of Ask Mayim Anything! This time, Mayim answers your questions about ADHD, hoarding, and what it really means to be triggered. She breaks down misophonia, Borderline Personality Disorder, and the importance of taking news breaks. Mayim shares tips for combating imposter syndrome and burnout, advice for new parents, and how to get the most out of therapy. She explains the effects of mold poisoning on mental and overall well-being, the differences between mood swings and bipolar disorder, why some of us cry when we’re angry, and sex & love addiction. Stay tuned to the end to hear Mayim’s insights on the truth behind midlife crises, trauma and repressed memories, and her recommendations for hippie content!
Mayim and Jonathan react to our recent episode with Marc Maron! They reflect on Maron’s vulnerability as he shared how his relationship with his parents set a daunting standard for what his future relationships would look like, how he turned to music and drugs to cope, and the origins of his anger. They also consider Maron’s introspection behind his podcast microphone and how he used it to recreate himself, what happens when we’re denied a fundamental sense of self, and the benefits of being raw and open about grief. Mayim and Jonathan discuss why anger can be so difficult to metabolize, attachment style theory and how it affects relationships, and how discussing difficult topics is a trainable skill. They break down the benefits of humor, including using comedy to transmute pain and as a form of belonging.Check out our full episode with Marc Maron here:
Mayim and Jonathan do therapy with Dr. Sarah Schewitz, licensed psychologist specializing in love & relationships! Dr. Schewitz leads a real time Imago workshop with Mayim and Jonathan to illustrate the benefits of Imago dialogue. She helps them get to the root of their podcast disagreements, from interrupting and correcting each other to cracking jokes at inappropriate moments, learning why they react the way they do. Dr. Schewitz also helps us break down healing attachment trauma, the impact of childhood wounds on relationships, and practical ways to transform communication methods. She explains why couples therapy can put an abused partner at risk and the benefits of individual therapy alongside couples therapy. Dr. Schewitz also gives us her top signs of a healthy relationship and practical tips for getting over a breakup.To learn more about yourself and your relationship, head over to you to BetterHelp for sponsoring the show and to Haesue Jo, Licensed Therapist and Head of Clinical Operations at BetterHelp.
DaRa Williams (meditation teacher, psychotherapist) helps us break down the importance of unpacking past personal and intergenerational trauma, misdiagnoses that come from cultural misunderstandings, and her integrative meditation practice. She opens up about why she chose a path that set her up to fight the dominant culture wave, how microaggressions gave her the opportunity to fortify the skills of her meditation practice, and the strength that comes from integrating perspectives when we celebrate diversity. DaRa discusses discovering meditation for herself, her funny silent retreat experiences, and how meditation creates clarity of the mind that makes healing possible. She explains energetic resonance and how affinity sits can help you feel seen, what enlightenment actually feels like, and what it looks like when your mind, body, heart, and soul are not integrated.Dharma Seed's talks and meditations:
Eric Kaplan (EP on The Big Bang Theory, Co-EP on Young Sheldon, M.A. in philosophy) joins us to break down the funniest moments from The Big Bang Theory, philosophy as it relates to mental health, and practical ways to avoid being consumed by fear. He shares the differences between spirituality and religion, his experience as a monk for a brief period of time, and his concerns about selling out when he became a tv writer. Eric opens up about the passing of his older brother and how it affected his family and Eric’s own relationship with his parents, his obsession with death and dying that led him to study philosophy, and his "meditation on emptiness" practice. He explains different types of philosophy, how the concept of a higher power fits into his philosophical belief systems, and helps us answer important questions like "Why do people believe in God?" and "Does everything happen for a reason?" Eric discusses the potential benefits of psilocybin and LSD, the potential origins of climate change denialism, and what he thinks is going right in the world. Mayim and Eric consider how transgenerational trauma can inform cultural traditions, how cultural traditions can provide solutions to that trauma and grief.Eric Kaplan's new podcast, "Terrifying Questions and How Not to Be Terrified By Them":
Marc Maron (stand-up comedian, host of WTF with Marc Maron podcast, actor, author) joins us to break down the arc of grief, the effects of growing up with detached parents, and his journey toward sobriety and defining himself. We discuss Marc’s foray into podcasting, how it enabled a generation of podcasters including MBB, and how his show has evolved over time. He reflects on his past struggles with alcohol and drugs including "cocaine psychosis", his experiences with rehab and therapy, and the positives and negatives of groups like AA. Maron explains how his mother influenced his disordered eating, his father’s narcissism and recent dementia diagnosis, and how his parents’ struggles denied him a fundamental sense of self. He reveals why he thinks he may have had undiagnosed borderline personality disorder, why he chooses to be so revealing in his creative pursuits, and the dangers of early exposure to adult content. Maron opens up about the sudden passing of his girlfriend Lynn Shelton, his inevitable attempt at using humor to relieve his pain, the interconnectedness of grief, the importance of showing up in his state of raw grief for his loyal audience, and the sense of comfort and control he has felt from sharing this experience. He considers his shortcomings as a romantic partner, what he got right with Lynn, and his take on separating the art from the artist.Marc Maron's new HBO special, FROM BLEAK TO DARK:
Bari Weiss (founder and editor of The Free Press, host of the Honestly podcast) opens up about her very public resignation from The New York Times, how the polarized mainstream media and negative newscycle can impact our wellness as a society, and the importance of being able to have conversations with people you may not always agree with. She explains how the digital revolution transformed the business model of news as an institution and considers the source of people’s paranoia with mainstream news, which has led to a rise in conspiracy theories. Bari reveals why her own grandma called her a right wing fascist, the values and historical perspective that guide her to stand up in the face of fear, and what the rise of gurus can tell us about our era. She discusses the importance of community and why sacrificing comfort is sometimes necessary to live a meaningful life.Bari Weiss' new media company, The Free Press: Weiss' podcast, Honestly:
Amber Tamblyn (actress, director, and writer) joins us to discuss all things intuition, from its biological importance and practical ways to be in touch with it, to how modern society has taught us to ignore our intuition and our mind-body connection. She explains why intuition often gets mistaken for anxiety, why feminism matters, the power of the MeToo Movement, and the real societal repercussions of women’s inequality. We also analyze Amber’s recurring wolf dreams, the significance of recurring dreams and consider what it means to redefine the term “psychic.”Amber Tamblyn's new essay collection, Listening In the Dark:
Max Greenfield (New Girl, The Neighborhood, Veronica Mars, Ugly Betty) stops by for a spontaneous chat with Mayim and Jonathan! He opens up about how feeling alone led to addiction, connecting with others brought him to recovery, and how getting a rescue dog changed his life. Max and Mayim discuss their wildly popular shofar performance on The Late Late Show with James Corden and their love of basketball, and Max reveals why he thinks Mayim doesn’t like to be spontaneous. They discuss the challenges that come with progressive parenting as individuals who were raised under an authoritarian parenting style, the importance of consistency in parenting, and how Max’s spirituality provided a good parenting foundation. Mayim and Jonathan explain the importance of checking in with yourself and being accountable to yourself and others, especially in recovery.Max Greenfield's new book, This Book is Not a Present:
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Joseph Dinas

this was an amazing podcast! but I'm confused, where do you ask the questions? on twitter?

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See, not so hard to put someone from academia on was it?, and we learned something! This episode is not a skip!

Feb 4th
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I wish you would talk to real academics and all these celebrities who do not speak to me and tune out, use that Degree Mayim! or did you not make any academic freinds?

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One of the best episodes… I love it when people talk about their thinking processes and perceptions of life and their personal experience Thank you ❤️

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myim this episode was amazing however please stop talking so much while the other person is talking

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Beth Martin

Love, love, love this interview! I am 53 and grew up with Elvira. Will have to get her book!

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no miss getting double d's I had a double mysectomy due to bc & implants not dd & the implants were the worse decision. I wish I had gone flat. in pain everyday. because there is this thought implants are easy pisy bounce back.

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Fluffy...Gabe, you're awesome!!

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#mahsaamini please be our voice

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Poked my head back in and sad to say its still the Hollywood Phonebook and not her Academia Phonebook, very disappointing :(

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Sahar Khalkhali


Sep 3rd


Mayim, you have helped me through so much! I love how you are genuine and so kind! Thanks so much for doing this podcast!

Aug 11th

Faranak Ghomi

hi, I've been listening to your amazing, fantastic show for a while now. I wanted to thank you for the knowlage you are bringing to us. And I wanted to ask if you are going to interview Johnny any time soon.😃🥰😍🙏💚💙🤎❤️

Jun 16th

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handful of doctors and the rest is just hollword tabloid stuff... i keep poking my head in to see if this show has turned into a real discussion about mental illnesses but nope... just the same old hollywood story, we get it your fame makes you nonless normal then the rest of us, i figured that out when i was 6 and the woes me story is getting old, lets tackle some facts about mental illnesses!

May 15th

LaDora Baisch

Is it bad that I'm crying? Thank you for all your open and honest talk. I feel much less ashamed and much more human.

May 7th

MariaElizabeth VestaMar Mendez

Mayim and Jonathan, this podcast is what I needed in my life. thank you. thank you. thank you.

Apr 29th


mayim was being super ignorant when it came to intermittent fasting/omad and the clear evidence of the many benefits of it - you can tell that david was getting pissed off as well the way she was going about it. the way she kept laughing in a mocking way and making snide comments when she spoke to him was disappointing tbh

Apr 2nd
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I keep poking my head in and it's still 99.7% Hollywood and .3% Academia

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