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We’re live from Nashville!!! BUT We cannot pregame podcasts anymore because, when we do it’s rapid fire: morning wood, underwear, and mirrors in the bedroom. Then Alanna makes us get our shit together and we talk about solo dates, journaling and the rules for paying at birthday dinners. To wrap it up we dive into over stepping on marriage and dating advice. Support our Sponsors! Pink Whitney: Order Pink Whitney Shots at your local bar today. No Days Wasted: Get 20% off your order at and use code "MEANGIRL" at checkout Roman: Get 20% off your first order of swipes at Liv Pur: Go to and use code MEAN25 for 25% off your entire order
Alexa: play “I just had sex” by The Loney Island cause there’s three of us and we’re finally batting 100% in the bedroom!! Speaking of, do guys usually expect you to return the favor of going down on them? Like, can we ladies not just receive? (Serious question) Then, we dive into *how to disagree in relationships* vs. deal breakers. And, this weeks listener question is a subtweet at Adam Levine but hey, he won’t hear it. If he does.. hey look mom we made it! Oh and we’re still trying for the double orgasms. Support our Sponsors! Pink Whitney: Order Pink Whitney Shots at your local bar today. Everlywell: Get 20% off at home lab tests at Roman: Get 20% off your first order of swipes at Adam and Eve: Go to and use code MEAN GIRL for 50% off almost any item
This week we’re out of the office in our moms cute apartment. Real girl talk kicks off when Alanna has a listener question of “can you guys squirt?” Then we’re off to the races! The Drip vs. the squirt. Then we move onto ambiguous losses and ex’s. We discuss ways you can get through them and how they can vary from friends to relationships. Then we end on a *light* topic of “emotional cheating Vs. Physical cheating”. Ouch either way but is one a lesser evil? Maybe not the one you think. Oh and a tip to get to the single girls through the taken ones! You’re welcome. Support Our Sponsors! Liv Pur: Go to and use code MEAN25 for 25% off your entire order Pink Whitney: Order Pink Whitney Shots at your local bar today. Roman: Get 20% off your first order of swipes at
This week is a GOOD ONE. First we talk about the process of working toward a goals vs. actually achieving it. Is it the journey or the reward? And, have you ever thought about how real men wear pink and stack weights but will they go to therapy? #whoknows. In true mean girl fashion we discuss not needing the approval of others and perhaps our favorite, discussing the idea of someone vs. actually liking them. Lastly, It wouldn’t be a Mean Girl episode if we didnt dive into whiskey dick. Not coming. Pheromones. The usual. Support our sponsors! Betterhelp: Go to for 10% off your first month Pink Whitney: Order Pink Whitney at your local bar today. Roman: Get 20% off your first order of swipes at
Hi Mean Girls and Guys been shit faced lately? Same. Do we love it? Maybe not so much? This week we explore *drinking culture* and how it makes us feel the older we get. And what we want out of life. Then WE HAVE A ROLE PLAY REPORT. And, boob orgasms? And If Jordyn doesn’t have sex she will actually die. And then to wrap it up, the listener question is about birth control. We explore the pros and cons of being on and off it. Shoot your shot, well see you next week 😊
Do we… hate moms for messing up their sons? Doing everything for them? We’re kidding. (Kinda) but if you know a boy you know we AINT WRONG!! This week we talk about how we feel when something big ends, having purpose, and balancing relationship roles. Pulling even weight and what that feels like. Then, what exactly is role play? And why do we do it? And last but not least **would you let your man go to a strip club?** Support Our Sponsors! Pink Whitney: Order Pink Whitney at your local bar today. Betterhelp: Go to for 10% off your first month
Hi Fam we’re back. And by back we mean Alannas back so we actually have a structured episodes! AND Alex is officially the hottest Female Boxing Champion in the world. This week we discuss the pressing issue of d!ck vs. c0ck. Which term would you prefer used? Either, both, or neither? And, how to eat a girl out. Think Peach O’s the candy. In non sex news; we discuss how to stay independent in your relationships. **You are not your relationship** and last, why its ok to be lonely. There’s a silver lining, we promise. Go to our YouTube page to check out a vlog of Alex's fight at the end of the podcast episode ;)
Let’s talk about that awkward subject that effects all our lives: Masturbation. Do you do it? Does your partner do it? Is it ok if you’re in a relationship? Then we cover how to be better at sex, the pros of being divorces, and if you’re single in your 30’s is that a bad thing… we think not! If you’re in the hermit era know you’re not alone and it is the best moments ever. We’ve never regretted staying inside.
Are you tired? Probably. Too tired for sex? Listen and well tell you how we feel :-) Ok so OnlyFans. Is it ok to post a photo because you feel good about it? What is your intention behind it? Are we driven by money or feeling good about ourself? Then, boys be humble. It goes a long way. Keep your wallet in your back pocket. The listener question poses the question: is it ok for your significant other to “like” the opposite sex photos? Y/N???
Can you tape a boner? This week we catch up on our weekends, barstools most dangerous games, and Rough N Rowdy. Then, we dive into gossip with friends and how it’s a false a sense of bonding. It gives you the illusion, but you’re actually standing still. Then uhhh… can you tape a boner down? Does anyone ACTUALLY know? And dear darling girls, lose the bra.
26: Talk Dirty To Me

26: Talk Dirty To Me


Talk dirty to me! Or… don’t? This episode talks about loving what you do for YOU, people being supportive, and being proud of yourself. Then, of course, some girl talk. Do we like dirty talk? Should guys chime in, or even lead it? When you’re with someone for a long time does foreplay stick around? So much to discuss. Oh, and say hi to your ex’s. Don't forget your Pink Whitney shot!!
On this weeks episode we talk about evaluating your inner circle of friends, if you can’t out perform our inner circle, who would you want in it? The older we get, the more important it becomes. Then we have a vibrator review (kinda unpopular vibrator review that needs some work?) and finally, where is your sweet spot *and does your person know?* Also, if you’ve had a boob job please contact us we have a few questions, comments, and no concerns. (Kidding)
On this weeks episode we discuss our trip to the Jersey Shore featuring a DFMO, obviously, and then… we dive in. We’re talking lingerie, whips and clits, big noses and eating out, the *butt* and… one of these Mean Girls doesn’t use a vibrator. THAT’S about to change, and you’re all about to order a whip. Happy sex life! You’re clit is welcome! Support our sponsors! Sakara: For 20% off your first order go to or enter MEAN at checkout
23: I’m fucking hot

23: I’m fucking hot


Body image. There’s nothing more on the mind for girls and guys these days. This episode is raw, real, and honest. Can you say “I’m hot” out loud? Not easy. Woof. But we’re all hot, and it’s hot girl summer so come listen to this episode and feel more heard and less alone than ever. Were all in this together
Today we start with our good friend *the ego* then, there are SO MANY rules when it come to relationships, and do they even matter?! For example: “once a cheater always a cheater”, “when you know you know”, and “if he wanted to, he would” todays episode we talk about these rules and *who even made the rule book* let’s throw it out the window?! Support our sponsors! Credit Karma: Go to or the Credit Karma app to find the card for you
21: Is Sex A Chore?

21: Is Sex A Chore?


Is sex a chore or is it something we really enjoy? Do guys need to cum? (Lol but really) And when you stop having sex what do you do to *get it done*? This episode talks about how to break a dry spell, what to do if you’re get in the friend zone with your significant other, and … ugh that chat with friends about their significant other? To bite your tongue or not? Support our sponsors! Sakara: For 20% off your first order go to or enter MEAN at checkout
This week we cover Jordyns birthday party and give you all the details of the special day. Then, we talk about how it’s ok to be proud of yourself and instead of deflecting a compliment, receiving it! We dive into long distance friendship, Snapchat and what does it mean to *give yourself grace* and if you’re in NYC we better see you Wednesday!!!! Listen for more details Support our sponsors! Credit Karma: Go to or the Credit Karma app to find the card for you
19: The Summer Of 69

19: The Summer Of 69


Are blow jobs the new thing? You guys into 69ing or… is this awkward? And can we normalize talking about what we like and don’t like in the bedroom? This episode talks about plan b (twice in a week), who in mean girl pod is in the mile high club, and where is the craziest place they’ve have sex? And how many strikes till a boys out orrrrrrr is that up for debate? Also say “I” if you’re into swinging. ALSO BUY THE MERCH!!! BUY OUR MERCH <33 available at
18: Marriage Doesn't Suck

18: Marriage Doesn't Suck


This week Alex and her husband Graham talk about their marriage, and how marriage is what you make it despite the way your parents did it. They talk about feeling like friends vs. flirting, how to keep it spicy with sex life and going through tough patches. Is it true when you know you know? And what to do about traditional roles in the marriage like women cleaning. Lol. Support our sponsors! Sakara: Get 20% off your first order of Sakara at and use code MEAN at checkout
This weeks episode we discuss everything from confidence to giving a guy your panties. We don’t know much but we discuss if your confidence can be linked to your intention, and what that would look like. Learn Jordyn’s bar trick (??!!) and where is best for a guy to cum? And who grabs the towel? Then staying hot for your husband. Being a good friend and supporting each other and so much more. Enjoy! ...And take your panties off and give them away (just kidding (not really))
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That’s sad if you’re over 25 and getting drunk is your life.

Sep 10th

Christian Robards

We all have Narcisstic qualities. Every. Single. One of us. Psychology is a science and there is a stanardized book of stats and tests called the DSM. For a person to have NPD or " be a Narcissit" they have to meet certain criteria. love the Pod, but spreading ignorance in mental health is backwards af.

Jun 24th
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