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Author: Anthony William

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#1 NY Times Best Selling Author - Medical Medium Podcast - Originator of Global Celery Juice Movement - Helping People Heal and Overcome Illness

How many people do you know who struggle with their health? Chances are, whether they show it or not, most of the people in your life do. And chances are, you’re one of them — whether you’re dealing with anxiety, depression, endometriosis, pcos, acne, eczema, psoriasis, autoimmune, thyroid conditions, lyme disease, brain fog, or fatigue. You’re far from alone. Living with symptoms has become the new normal.

Much of the time, people coexist with their ailments, accepting them and never questioning why science and research hasn’t offered answers, as suffering has become the status quo. Sometimes though — an increasing amount of the time now — people’s symptoms start to impede their quality of life. They start to lose joys and privileges. They join the hidden army of those stuck at home or even in the hospital with mystery health issues. As they consult doctor after doctor and expert after expert and have trouble functioning on a day to day basis, their spark starts to go. They lose hope.

No one is safe from becoming ill. With what were up against in today’s world and what that’s doing to our bodies, nobody is guaranteed that one day down the road, they won’t develop their first set of symptoms when they least expect it. This knowledge is not about living in fear. It’s about not living in denial.

Join Anthony William, the Medical Medium, for this eye opening podcast, where he shares unique, original, advanced medical information decades ahead of science and research, that millions all around the world are already using to heal, and overcome chronic illness.

If you want to keep the wool over your eyes, this podcast isn’t for you.

Anthony William, the Medical Medium, the originator of the global celery juice movement and #1 New York Times best-selling author of the Medical Medium Book Series, including his newest book Medical Medium Cleanse to Heal, was born with the unique ability to converse with the Spirit of Compassion, who provides him with advanced medical information that’s ahead of research and science. Anthony has over 30 years of experience working with countless individuals, and helping doctors solve mysterious health cases.
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Ashleigh Foster is the number one person responsible for the plot to take down Medical Medium and all of the chronically ill people who have been harmed by it. Ashleigh Foster is the ringleader of an organized, anti-Medical Medium hateful group that she created on a mountain of lies. Ashleigh fed a false story to Vanity Fair, and another source admitted on recording that he and Ashleigh had to threaten a journalist to get him to publish it. Ashleigh’s hateful group has since been relentlessly attacking, harassing, bullying, body-shaming, and publicly humiliating people in the Medical Medium community, including mothers and children. This hateful group has even gone as far as to make videos of themselves burning Medical Medium books and to call for Anthony himself to be exterminated by fire. Why is Ashleigh really doing this? Many have asked. What are Ashleigh’s motives? What type of person is capable of harboring, spewing, and inciting so much hatred? What type of person escalates objectively indefensible behavior even after being publicly proven wrong? Why would someone go to such lengths, secretly plotting and scheming for years, to try to bring an entire movement of people healing from chronic illness down? In this episode, these questions are answered. Shocking new facts that are wildly inconsistent with Ashleigh’s proclamation that she’s doing this smear campaign “for Stephanie Tisone” are revealed. Ashleigh Foster’s true motives are exposed for the first time. The history that Ashleigh has been hiding from everyone is uncovered. And we begin exposing some of the many more outrageous lies that Ashleigh has peddled incessantly since the release of the first four plotter podcast episodes last year.
Supplement sensitivities are not always what they seem. Many times, the sensitivity is from the supplements someone has taken from the past, such as toxic ones that made the person's nerves sensitive through irritating the gut nerve linings or lowering the stomach's gastric juice production. All supplements are not the same, just like all people aren’t the same, all water is not the same and all food grown is not the same. The sensitivities that so many have towards supplements can also stem from PTSD from traumatizing and confusing experiences when taking a supplement or being prescribed a large amount of supplements and not getting better with their symptoms and conditions, and instead, feeling worse. Many people never truly find out why they are sick and that is difficult enough. Then, add a confusing array of supplementation that is hit or miss into it all and the challenge increases. In this episode, learn how sensitivities to supplements can develop and how to overcome… In this episode… • Learn about the true culprits behind supplement fears and sensitivities. • Discover why reactions some people can have while they’re taking supplements may not be caused by the supplements they’re taking in the moment. • Learn about the quickly forgotten history of supplementation within the alternative health world and why so many people have been damaged and left with PTSD as a result. • Find out about many of the most problematic supplement trends that have created a ripple effect of harm upon the chronically ill, often years after individuals have already moved on from the trends. • Uncover the real reason why supplement hypersensitivity develops. • Learn about supplement blunders that are still happening today in the alternative health space. • Uncover all of the different types of supplement PTSD that people can suffer from. • Discover techniques that can be used to finally overcome supplement sensitivities. All this and more, tune in and don’t miss out on this important episode. You can revisit this episode anytime you need it. For more information visit
Years ago, a group of people secretly teamed up and did everything they could to try to knock Medical Medium out of the health space. They formed a multi-step, long-term plot to create a “Post Medical Medium Era” by feeding false information to mainstream media companies anonymously, in hopes that it would lead to securing themselves a deal for an anti-Medical Medium documentary that would be sold to Netflix. But their plan was thwarted last year when this organized, hateful group, that we now refer to as “the plotters,” tried to recruit a woman in the Medical Medium community who ended up recording their attempts instead of joining them. She captured evidence of their plot, their identities, serious corruption that took place within a media company they sold a false story to, the many lies this group has been telling, and much more, and she came on the Medical Medium podcast last year to expose them. What we covered was appalling and shocked so many people to the core. And yet…there is so much more to the story. This is truly one of the biggest scandals that has ever happened in the health industry. As you’ll see, it’s also one of the biggest instances of capturing corruption within the mainstream media. This episode is the beginning of a full-blown extended exposé of the conspiracy to take Medical Medium and the community down. We are going to be releasing more recordings, dismantling their web of lies, fabricated stories, tactics, and their ulterior motives, revealing their names for the first time, exposing everything they are hiding, and much more. It’s time to fully set the record straight. Welcome to Season 2 of The Plotters Series.
So many people these days don’t know what they can eat. They struggle with food choices, and not because they are not educated on various foods to choose or try, but instead because they are afraid for a host of other reasons, one being PTSD towards foods due to a history of reactions and complications that are mostly unexplainable. It’s one thing if someone is seriously allergic to a food such as peanuts and a reaction is life-threatening, in which they have a better chance of avoiding those foods, but it’s another thing if they are reacting to foods and are constantly unsure of which foods and when and even why they are reacting. There are people out there that suffer because they have violent reactions to a strawberry and there are people that suffer when they eat any food because they are living in fear that they are going to feel worse or unwell at any given time. A lot of people have delayed reactions, where the food they are currently eating isn’t causing the bloating they are experiencing in the moment, but it’s the food they ate the other day that is now having a delayed effect, creating their symptoms that they are struggling with now. In this episode, learn how food sensitivities are far more complicated than people realize and how healing is possible, including getting past PTSD relating to eating and food fear. In this episode… • Discover why bloating issues may not be caused by the foods people think cause them. • Learn about the delay in the body’s reaction to certain foods and why you may notice symptoms from a food days after you’ve eaten it. • Learn about the landscape inside your gut, from the stuff that’s been in there for years to the pockets, hot spots, narrowing and expansions that all play a role in different symptoms and conditions. • Discover how people beat up their pancreases and use them like a credit card. • Learn about inflammation of the appendix, how the ileocecal valve can become impacted and stomach glands being burnt out with coffee. • Uncover the gut rot that people suffer from and how ammonia can spew through bones, muscles and organs, and can eventually come out of your mouth in the morning. • Discover why everything to do with the gut gets blamed on detox, microbiome issues and food sensitivities. • Learn what can push someone over the edge with food reactivity and make symptoms appear. • Discover what happens when food is moving around inside your intestinal tract. All this and more, tune in and don’t miss out on this important episode. You can revisit this episode anytime you need it. For more information visit
There are people who are chemically sensitive without knowing it. They are completely unaware that some of their symptoms are stemming from an overload of pathogens and toxins that are stationed in their liver, causing random spills at random times, while chemicals from a variety of places and other sources are triggering more and more symptoms and conditions. Oftentimes, people who are chemically sensitive have inflammation of the nerves, including the vagus nerves, which can torment people greatly because they are confused, lost and don’t have any ability to know what is causing their neurological symptoms. Doctors are more open to a patient suffering from chemical sensitivities compared to the olden days not so far in the past, when a patient was routinely criticized and ostracized for complaining about their symptoms worsening, when they felt they were exposed to a variety of toxic substances or what they felt were allergens. In this chemical sensitivities episode, you will learn the causes of chemical sensitivities and tips for putting these sensitivities behind you so you can move on... In this episode… • Discover the many different symptoms that people with chemical sensitivities can suffer from. • Learn the difference in how chemically sensitive persons were treated/understood back in the day versus present day. • Discover the two types of chemically sensitive people. • Learn how the tipping of the scales can make a huge impact on whether chemical sensitivities are felt or not, and what can tip those scales. • Uncover the reasons for a sluggish & overworked liver. • Discover where these chemicals that are produced by chemical companies end up inside the body. • Discover what happens when the liver holds on to metals, pathogens, neurotoxins and other garbage, and where it all goes. • Uncover why most chemical sensitivity issues and symptoms are central nervous system based. • Learn how people can develop mental conditions from their chemical sensitivities. • Discover how the dentist’s chair can impact chemically sensitive individuals. • Learn how the use of food as a suppressant to toxins and as a comfort mechanism can randomly stop working for a person one day. • Discover the dangers of “detox” sellers and why they target chemically sensitive individuals. • Learn how new exposures can halt someone’s progress. • Discover important tips for those who are chemically sensitive. All this and more, tune in and don’t miss out on this important episode. You can revisit this episode anytime you need it. For more information visit
There’s avoiding certain foods and then there’s avoiding certain foods because you know the true cause and reason as to why you need to avoid those certain foods—and knowing the true cause is critical. Foods don’t just magically cause inflammation. If that were the case, then everyone eating foods suspected as inflammatory would get inflamed when eating them. But everyone is different, and one of the reasons everyone is different is because the true cause that resides internally inside their body may be different in some way from the next person, and that is the true determiner of why they get inflamed, which leads to an autoimmune diagnosis or other illness or condition diagnoses. All you see and hear out there in the health space is DON’T EAT THIS! DON’T EAT THAT! It’s nothing but shock and awe all day long out there in order to lead people into the shock box of fear enough to make them click that link. The goal is to rope everyone in using food fear because let’s face it, everyone eats and needs to eat to stay alive and everyone has some reservation, gripe, issue, concern, worry or fear around some kind of food. An article saying “fear, fear, fear these foods always” reels the fish in and gets them to keep biting. In this episode, you will find out when to avoid a certain food and why to avoid a certain food, and how pathogens play a large role in determining which foods are in the way of the healing you are trying to accomplish. There is a reason to be concerned about Eggs, Milk, Cheese, Butter, Corn, Soy, and other foods when you’re chronically ill or facing some form of health challenge.   In this episode… · Hear about the shock and awe, clickbait and fear that is circulating in the world of health. · Learn about the “fly traps” everyone is creating with the intent of getting you to read their article or watch their video on inaccurate and unsubstantial food information, because everyone is a food expert these days. · Discover the wave of influencers who have recently discovered the difference that food makes. · Learn about the influx of people having the “aha” moment on how they can’t eat unlimited processed food and how the age of bliss is disappearing. · Uncover whether influencers really care about the chronically ill getting better. · Discover the key differences between the “not-so-sick” and the really sick. · Uncover the roles that inflammation and a weakened immune system play in someone’s illness. · Learn about pathogens, bugs, metals and toxins and what problems they may cause. · Discover why different people may have different tolerances for foods, and how bugs can have a past that impacts you.   All this and more, tune in and don’t miss out on this important episode. You can revisit this episode anytime you need it.   For more information visit
Today’s care for adrenals in the realm of alternative and conventional medicine is similar to being on a boat in the ocean, but there’s a hole in the bottom of the boat and all you have is a little bucket to scoop out the water that’s coming in, and in order to stay afloat you have no choice but to keep scooping the water out or you will drown. Any recommendations that are potentially helpful for someone’s adrenal fatigue or adrenal issues is quickly voided out by the lifestyle the person has. It’s the same lifestyle taught to them from earlier on in life, or even recent, trendy, selfcare lifestyle hacks that are also unhelpful to the adrenals and even threatening. What practices are you doing for your adrenals? Chances are some of those practices aren’t supportive to the adrenals and could even be doing the opposite, including harming the adrenals. We take for granted our adrenals. Our everyday existence hinges upon how strong our adrenals really are. Every move we make and every chore we do relies on adrenaline. Even the most basic, simple, everyday tasks and necessities depend on adrenaline. There is a large amount of adrenaline wastage occurring in this world and people are throwing away critical storage bins of adrenaline out the door and even worse¬—that very same adrenaline is corrosive and damaging to the brain and nervous system when deployed improperly. Most people have addictions they are unaware of that require large amounts of adrenaline to be released into their bloodstream so they can function on a high that they absolutely are oblivious to. It’s not their fault; it’s what we have been taught down here on Planet Earth. If you are someone who is interested in restoring the adrenal glands, those two little warriors that sit above your kidneys, or if you are someone who is suffering with any kind of adrenal issue, including adrenal fatigue, you may want to listen to this episode. In this episode… • Discover how we take our adrenals for granted every single day. • Learn what your adrenals do for you and how, in return, we don’t do a lot for them. • Uncover how we are taught to destroy our adrenals. • Learn which practices are beneficial or harmful to your adrenals. • Discover how, without adrenaline, we can’t do many of the things that we enjoy, or even do normal tasks or chores. • Learn what happens when you don’t have adrenaline reserves or have weak adrenals. • Discover why a non-muscular person might be able to lift heavier than somebody who appears muscular. • Uncover how adrenal reserves actually determine push strength for a woman during child birth, and how weak adrenals can influence the likelihood of a C-section. • Learn how high-fat diets affect our adrenaline. • Discover what low-carb and intermittent fasting diets can lead to. • Discover what three things our adrenals need in the body. • Learn how adrenaline impacts the brain and the nervous system and what issues it can create. • Discover how you can restore your adrenals, including recipes and supplements that provide adrenal support. All this and more, tune in and don’t miss out on this important episode. You can revisit this episode anytime you need it. For more information visit
Viruses go from one person to another. That’s the goal of the makers and creators of viruses; they are engineered and manufactured to go from one person to another. Shotgun Viruses are viruses such as Flu, Covid, and Ebola. These viruses, when entering the body, are designed to rapidly produce and blow up quickly inside the body. One person may only get infected by one to three viral cells, which means there may be a slower rate of infection because one viral cell will need some time to multiply. This could allow a few days to pass before the onset of symptoms occur, which also means if someone is around that infected person, they may not get infected themselves in that moment in time because the infection hasn’t exploded and multiplied in the original person’s body yet, but may get infected one or two more days later. By then, enough viral cells will be produced, creating a situation where just being near the infected person will almost guarantee exposure and sickness. Shotgun Viruses are fast-acting and create cytokine storms in the body, which is the body’s immune system reacting to the urgent, rapid growth of the Flu or Covid viruses. Other varieties of viruses have different reproductive timelines. The Herpes family is one of the largest stealth families of the viral world and although the Herpes family can be aggressive, it is mostly slow-growing and does not do what the engineered Shotgun viral family does like Flu and Covid. Stealth Herpes varieties tend to camp out in the body long-term and reproduce under the radar, creating chronic illness symptoms that can last a lifetime if not addressed properly. With the correct understanding to eradicate the viruses to control them properly, someone has every chance to heal. One critical aspect of killing long-term stealth viruses to heal yourself from symptoms and conditions is learning what viruses such as EBV, Shingles, HHV6, HHV7, HSV1, HSV2 and other strains and varieties actually eat. These viruses and all viruses need fuel to stay alive and need a specific fuel to rapidly grow. Some of those foods are egg and dairy products. Don’t miss this brand new episode of the Medical Medium podcast, How A Virus Spreads: Everyone Gets Viral. Listen to this advertisement-free podcast on Apple & Spotify. In this episode… • Learn how viruses spread and how everybody gets sick. • Uncover what they don’t want you to know: that viruses are purposefully engineered. • Learn about viral body crimes. • Discover how classified research and science have been manipulating viruses for a long time, and if there is any such thing as a naturally occurring virus anymore. • Learn about the differences between shotgun and stealth viruses. • Learn why a person’s immune system strength matters when it comes to viral symptoms and how that immune system strength can react when symptoms show up. • Discover the effect that the amount of viral cells a person contracts has on how quickly the viral cycle occurs. • Learn how viruses grow and how a person’s diet can impact this. • Uncover how stealth viruses act in a person’s body and the timeline in which symptoms can occur. • Discover what determines the speed of viral growth. • Learn about cytokine storms and why they happen. • Learn what two types of people virus manufacturers strive to create. • Uncover where people contract viruses. • Discover powerful tools to use for both shotgun and stealth viruses. All this and more, tune in and don’t miss out on this important episode. You can revisit this episode anytime you need it. For more information visit
There are two worlds in chronic illness. One world is the Not So Sick, and that world is defined by people who haven’t been totally exhausted from doctor shopping or trying everything interesting in the alternative health world while still keeping an optimistic approach. The Not So Sick still have a passion for managing their mild bloating, mild weight gain, mild acne, mild fatigue and so many other varieties of symptoms that don’t get completely in the way of their quality of life. It can be exciting trying another new trend to combat the mild intermittent complaints. And then there’s the sick, the chronically ill, the ones that have been to many conventional doctors and alternative doctors; they have been seasoned by experience and have seen so much in the health space. They’ve been in their darkest hour or are still in there now, struggling and feeling a loss of faith and hope. They’ve tried just about everything out there and know what keeps them going and what sends them backwards. The Not So Sick don’t know what it’s like to be on their hands and knees, praying to God because they don’t know if they are going to live or die today. It’s these two worlds that are so far apart, but at the same time collide with the new social media doctor that doesn’t want to work on people in the office anymore, or the influencer health gurus with very little experience who want quick glory for peddling bio hacks and shock and awe. In this intense, enlightening episode you will learn critical information on the new world around us that will help you navigate through the games, lies, manipulations, gaslighting and bullying of the chronically ill. In this episode… • Learn what the healing journey entails and what it takes to stay strong and keep the faith to heal. • Uncover the difference between new and old dietitians, and what new dietitians are doing differently that you need to know. • Discover what health coaches and nutritionists tell their clients and why that may not be the most sound advice for the chronically ill. • Learn how everyone out there seems to know what they’re talking about when it comes to health, how they all seem to be an expert and all have credentials, and how this overwhelm of dietitians, coaches, influencers and practitioners seems, at first glance, a great thing for all these newly sick individuals out there. • Discover how many years on the health scene some of these practitioners and coaches really have. • Learn what these health coaches are actually marketing to the chronically ill and how the coaches themselves may not be as healthy as they seem to be. • Learn how people who are sick can end up being “experiments” for these influencers. • Discover how dangerous it is to treat the health industry like other industries out there, such as fashion or design. • Learn how the chronically ill are becoming the funders of these health influencers who are living their best lives. All this and more, tune in and don’t miss out on this important episode. You can revisit this episode anytime you need it. For more information visit
Chronic mystery illness isn’t just about the ten cases a year of an unexplainable, random and confusing onset of symptoms after staying on a cruise ship somewhere near a remote island. Chronic mystery illness is everywhere, every day and rampant. There’s not a person on this planet that won’t eventually experience it at some point in their lifetime, even if it’s just in their last years here. Why is everyone getting sick? There are a lot of factors for each individual and a lot of variations and differences. The list is large: fragrances, Toxic Metals, dead drinking water, chemicals, chem trails, fungicides and stress, just to name a few. There is one group of exposures over the years in modern times that has pushed people’s health to the edge and its pathogens. Pathogen exposure is at the top of causes of mystery chronic illness and pathogens love to thrive when the body is weakened by metals, a variety of toxins and even unknowingly poor choices of foods. One of the leading top pathogens causing a considerably large amount of chronic illness is EBV—Epstein-Barr Virus. Medical Medium information brought to light that the Epstein-Barr Virus caused a host of different numerological symptoms, ones that can be even debilitating for so many. EBV is partly responsible for the suffering womenkind have endured throughout the past hundred years. Just scratching the surface, everything from Lupus, chronic fatigue, hot flashes, thyroid conditions, PCOS, Fibromyalgia, MS, tingles, numbness, Tinnitus, vertigo, anxiety, Lyme disease and so much more. EBV has dominated greatly in the health and wellness of not just millions but billions of people in the world at this point in time who are challenged with at least one symptom caused by the Epstein Barr Virus, not to mention the trillions of dollars over time it has and will cost in the health care industry. In this episode… • Learn about how EBV and EBV symptoms are skyrocketing right now, and how these symptoms are seemingly illogical to doctors. • Discover how people have been conditioned to view a symptom or condition as the problem itself, when really there is an underlying cause. • Discover that before Medical Medium information, everyone thought EBV only caused Mono, and not the other conditions it causes as well. • Uncover the initial “dormant” period that the EBV goes through as it floats around in the bloodstream. • Learn how the EBV actually has inhuman patience and waits for the opportune time to strike. • Learn about the different stages of EBV, such as stages 2, 3, and 4, and what occurs during each of these stages. • Uncover how betrayal can actually lower the immune system and how this can affect EBV. • Learn what stage of EBV is Mononucleosis. • Discover the power of the immune system. • Learn about the different foods that the EBV thrives off of. • Uncover the goal of EBV and how you can empower yourself and your body against viral and pathogen attacks. All this and more, tune in and don’t miss out on this important episode. You can revisit this episode anytime you need it. For more information visit
When we get sick and are not healing and others in our life are doubting us, a whisper down the lane can come and haunt us. It’s a whisper that sounds like this: “YOU HAVE A FEAR OF HEALING.” This is a phrase that has become popular over the years—popular because no one really knows truly why anyone is sick. Sure, there are lots of theories and ideas, but in the end, when someone is not healing, everyone gets confused and the blame can be placed on the sick person. That blame is, “you have a fear of healing,” “you are afraid to heal” and “you are scared to heal so you stay sick on purpose.” The problem with this understanding is that it’s not true—far from it. No one has a fear of healing and no one wants to be sick or stay sick. So many who become ill and stay sick for a long time lose the ability to believe they deserve to heal. They beat themselves up and don’t feel worthy enough to heal and this comes after a long-standing sickness or chronic illness and losing faith and going through a lot during the course of being sick. This is when PTSD can erupt, along with the feeling of not being deserving of healing. Everyone deserves to heal. Everyone has the God-given right to heal and no one is afraid of healing, they are instead fearful of getting sicker Our bodies want to heal and are working for us every day and loves us unconditionally. Your body is fighting for you and there is always a way to heal, there is always a path to heal. You can heal. In this episode… • Discover what so many people have lived through. • Learn what can happen when you think all is lost and there is no hope. • Discover the powerful words of “your body loves you unconditionally” and the strength that those words hold. • Learn about who people blame when they are sick, and whether that is the truth or not. • Uncover if you are sick because you are a bad person, did something wrong or are lazy. • Learn about the strong light that is inside of you that can never be taken away. • Discover what people have been told is the reason for their sickness. • Learn about if your body will ever turn against you. • Discover what happens when you access your healing powers. • Uncover what is always there and awaiting you. All this and more, tune in and don’t miss out on this important episode. You can revisit this episode anytime you need it. For more information visit
One of the biggest hills to climb when healing is getting past taste. What food tastes like can have a huge influence on a person taking the correct steps to reverse their symptoms and conditions. Even if the foods truly taste delicious, it doesn’t change the programming someone has adapted to for most or all of their life. This challenge is even far above that of comfort foods and soothing foods used to offset stress in someone’s life. The challenge can simply be just taste for many. Taste can get in the way of healing, period. People say they like apples, but after an apple or two a day, they give up on it. People say they love oranges, but after one or two oranges, they quit. People say they love salads, but as time goes on, the salad shape shifts into an entirely different meal that isn’t as healing as the one they started out with. Even something as universal as berries can be difficult for so many if the berries aren’t being drowned out with peanut butter and yogurt. One might think yogurt is healthy, but yogurt in most cases is dairy, and what if someone is sensitive to dairy products and it is in their best interest to avoid dairy in order to heal? Eating berries on their own or with other fruits can be challenging for most people, especially if they need to eat them every day to get the most out of the berries versus just once a week or once a month. Fruits, leafy greens, wild foods, herbs, vegetables, tubers, roots, shoots, rhizomes and sea vegetables aren’t the most fun or easiest foods to eat when someone is used to grilled cheese for lunch, pizza for dinner and coffee and bagels in the morning. The Taste Demon can get in the way and thwart someone’s chances of healing or even getting to the finish line. People often forget the present moment as well, and instead think back on a time they were healthier for a moment in their life, but in reality, they haven’t been that way in months or years. These flash backs shape our reality when the truth is we haven’t eaten that well for a longer period of time than we believe. How someone enjoys what they are eating also shapes how far they will go to eat to heal. Everyone has a different threshold and palate. In this episode… • Discover how a person’s taste for food has more control over them than they would ever think. • Learn about what people like to indulge in and what power these addictions have over a person’s health. • Uncover the emotional injuries people have around food and how that plays a role in their eating habits. • Learn the infamous phrase that can change people’s perception of food in a damaging way. • Discover how a person’s specific level of toxins, poisons and exposures can affect their brain and alter how that person sees and tastes food. • Learn how no two people taste food the same and what that has to do with their brains. • Learn about the electrical impulses and signals traveling between cranial nerves and how toxic heavy metals, MSG, pesticides, herbicides and more can block or alter the brain’s messaging, and how this all plays into food. • Uncover The Taste Demon and how it can be the ultimate controller of whether or not you heal. • Discover why you may not like the taste of different fruits or leafy greens. All this and more, tune in and don’t miss out on this important episode. You can revisit this episode anytime you need it. For more information visit
STIs and STDs are increasing substantially over the last few years, but that’s not the only concern. The greater concern is why, especially since people having sex has not substantially increased. At the beginning of the Covid lockdown, people who were on the dating scene or sexually active were halted and forced into a dry spell, and the world of finding partners slowed down greatly. Then, when the lockdowns were over, people went into high gear, searching for partners and making up for lost time. All this did was rebalance the previous lockdown dry spell. Meanwhile, worldwide sexual activity stayed relativity the same on the average. So why the rapidly increasing STIs and STDs? The crash of the antibiotic and anti-viral era. Antibiotics and anti-virals are weakening and the sexually transmitted bacteria and viruses are strengthening, and lately the bacteria is making a strong comeback. Antibiotics are not holding their title as being the cure all for bacterial infections. Sepsis is also on the rise from bacterial infections taking over and attacking blood, lymph and organs. Bacteria is getting smarter, and not just Chlamydia and Syphilis, but all bacteria such as Strep. The Industry has bombarded the sickness world with epic amounts of antibiotics for every illness without the understanding or caution towards what this can—and has—led to. Stubborn sexually transmitted bacteria that doesn’t respond well to antibiotics is starting to lead the way to ongoing, long-term, low-grade STIs that can easily spread and deep root themselves in the body. At this point in time, all bacteria and viruses are on the upsurge and can easily pass from one person to another. What’s needed is the understanding of how the body’s immune system works and what the best immune system supporting options are. The best quality Propolis and Goldenseal are extremely helpful for Sexually Transmitted Infections, alongside your doctor’s protocols and guidance. Propolis and Goldenseal are key foundations to the bacterial and viral pathogenic war humankind is up against. It isn’t just failure of the antibiotics and the strengthening of the pathogen mutations, it’s the failure and weakening of our immune systems as well, plus the overall immune system consciousness needs to heal. It’s more than possible to flip the direction into less STDs, STIs and less viral and bacterial infections that aren’t STIs or STDs, but all-around pathogens that are transmitted and contracted through bodily contact and bodily fluids. In this episode… • Learn how the pharmaceutical industry and hierarchy doesn’t want anyone wise about STIs and STDs, and wants people to believe that all sexually transmitted bugs are the same. • Learn about antibiotics when it comes to STIs & STDs, how they are passed around like candy, and how they are changing the structure of bacteria. • Discover the difference between low-grade and high-grade bacteria, and how STDs can present themselves differently in men and women. • Learn about what menstruation and ovulation have to do with a woman’s immune system, and how that plays a part in more women getting diagnosed with STDs than men. • Uncover how antibiotics can strengthen bacteria. • Discover how one STD bug can be passed down through the centuries and what history that bug may have. • Learn why STD breakouts still occur despite the barrage of antibiotics out there (hint: it has to do with the hierarchy and the industry). • Discover why it’s not about avoiding the doctor, but knowing how to protect yourself along the way. • Uncover what specific supplements are a poison to STD and STI bacteria and viruses. All this and more, tune in and don’t miss out on this important episode. You can revisit this episode anytime you need it. For more information visit
Illness and disease are getting their spotlight out there in mainstream and alternative medicine lately and media outlets are finally touching upon how people are getting sick. There is still a lack of information and a lack of understanding for the chronically ill and it’s possible this will never change for the better to the degree it needs to. One thing that never goes on the map or gets the attention it well deserves is food poisoning. Why should anyone care about food borne illness? Why should anyone care about food poisoning? It’s because it has maimed, injured, destroyed, and even killed the lives of many, including tearing families and friends apart. I’ve seen it all too often over the years, a simple meal at a restaurant or meal made at home become a horrible experience that led to hospitalizations, death, and even more often, a trigger for chronic illness. Food poisoning has led to digestive problems and long-term intestinal tract issues for so many, long after the infection dissipates. In this episode… • Learn how food poisoning goes underreported, underrated, ignored, under respected, and how it can be passed off as something other than what it is. • Discover how most Type 1 Diabetics out there have developed their condition due to food poisoning. • Learn about life-long bloating issues that people struggle with and how it can be overlooked. • Discover how food poisoning leads to H. Pylori, Epstein-Barr, shingles and many other pathogens, bugs and conditions. • Learn what the old diagnosis of gastritis used to mean, compared to what a diagnosis of gastritis means today. • Uncover why almost all appendicitis cases are birthed from food poisoning cases, and learn about unnecessary appendix surgeries that occur. • Learn why sushi is a big red flag when it comes to food poisoning, and what other problems it could cause. • Discover what few things a hospital can offer for food poisoning relief, which can be life-saving and pain-relieving practices, but don’t address the underlying causes and future problems down the road. • Learn how recovery is possible when it comes to food poisoning. All this and more, tune in and don’t miss out on this important episode. You can revisit this episode anytime you need it. For more information visit
Coffee enemas are making a comeback mostly because of social media. Take something that never really helped anyone in the past and resuscitate it so that it becomes alive again, meanwhile, believe it or not, it still isn’t helping anyone. It’s back to the same ole same ole, a trend growing legs again when it should have been put away and shelved for good. Bold statements to anyone that loves their coffee and coffee enemas? Let’s spell it out: • Highly antagonistic to the nerve cells that are lining the small intestinal tract and colon • Highly antagonistic to the nerve cells that surround the rectum • Too aggressive on the Vagus Nerves, causing Vagus Nerve Shock • Pushes adrenals into overdrive, forcing adrenals to release stored reserves into the bloodstream and intestinal tract that were meant for a rainy day such as giving birth or fight or flight • Bypassing the stomach’s poisoning protection mechanisms—the caffeine becomes rogue and has no time release and radically enters bloodstream through the walls of the colon • Shocks the liver into shutting down and doing the opposite of what was intended • Not allowing the liver to cleanse, versus cleansing the liver • Someone with chronic illness can worsen in various ways after administering coffee enemas on a routine basis, especially if they are already experiencing any variety of neurological symptoms It’s not about creating fear around coffee enemas, it’s about saving people who are not well from a very unproductive and in many cases harmful trend that should have been retired for good in the health and wellness space. Over the years, I have seen too many injured or worsened by doing coffee enemas and it is very sad to know it still continues on. In this episode… • Learn about coffee enemas—the popular supposed “panacea”—and how both alternative and conventional medicine is pushing this drug. • Learn about coffee’s harsh, acidic, dehydrating nature and what it does to the body. • Uncover the aging effects of coffee enemas. • Discover our stomach’s role in protecting our body from toxins and poisons, and the buffering effect it has on coffee. • Learn about the relationship between the stomach and adrenals and what they do for each other. • Discover how coffee challenges our stomach, adrenals, PH environment, HCL and more. • Learn how coffee enemas and their dosages may affect those with neurological symptoms differently than those who don’t have such symptoms. • Discover what happens when you insert the coffee enema into your anus and bypass the stomach’s buffer. • Uncover the adrenaline high that so many mistake for the body’s detoxification. • Learn about the strain that can occur on your heart due to coffee enemas. • Discover the restorative healing you can do for your body that doesn’t require robbing Peter to pay Paul. All this and more, tune in and don’t miss out on this important episode. You can revisit this episode anytime you need it. For more information visit
Did you ever wonder how a tattoo looks so good on the body? How the tattoo stands out and even glistens in the sun when on the beach or by a pool? There’s a reason tattoos have clarity—it’s not just how good the tattoo artist is, although that does play a role in how the design stencils out and unfolds or how the freehand is done so carefully well. After the artist works their talented, gifted abilities—and sometimes a truly profound, gifted body-art craft—a design can come to life on the body. But even the best of the best tattoo artists need one thing that’s critical so that the tattoo really is seen and stands out for as long as possible, and that’s Metals. That’s right, Metals. Both Toxic Metals and Toxic Heavy Metals are still in ink and will forever be in tattoo ink in order for a tattoo to be truly shown through the skin. Our skin can be relentless and our skin works hard on trying to heal as anything enters our derma. Our skin fights to push out any foreign invaders which inevitably means hiding the tattoo over time, and that’s why Metals have to be in the tattoo ink, to slow the fading and keep the tattoo as relevant as possible through the skin. Learn more with this episode Tattoos: How To Keep Your Health Safe. In this episode… • Discover if there are any sources of tattoo ink today that are free of toxic heavy metals. • Learn about how there is a certain percentage of material inside of tattoo ink that does not have to be disclosed, just like in food products and supplementation. • Uncover what even the best tattoo places can get wrong. • Discover why you will never see a tattoo artist wear white gloves or blue gloves. • Learn about the substance that gets everywhere in a tattoo studio and gets left behind even after a thorough sterilization. • Discover why you should be the first client of the day if you are getting a tattoo, and what you should bring with you to the appointment. • Learn about what to watch out for if you are going to get a tattoo. • Learn how just because the ink is cruelty free and vegan, it doesn’t mean that it’s metal-free or toxin-free. • Uncover what tattoo ink without metals in it would look like, and why the metals are in tattoo ink in the first place. • Discover why a brand new tattoo really pops at first and then fades with time. • Learn what happens as tattoo ink metals leave the derma, and where they go to. • Discover the difference between metals you ingest and metals in tattoo ink, and how your body treats these metals differently. • Learn what to do about the metals inside your body if you already have a tattoo. All this and more, tune in and don’t miss out on this important episode. You can revisit this episode anytime you need it. For more information visit
If someone uses a pharmaceutical, a drug, they know it. They know that they’re on a drug. Their doctor prescribed that drug. They wake up in the morning and open their pill box or pill container, take a pill out and swallow it. It’s their choice—they are completely aware of their decision and their own freewill is at work. But what if you were completely unaware that you were taking a pharmaceutical you did not know about? Your doctor never prescribed it for you, you never authorized using or taking that drug and you had no idea it was in your bloodstream. Would that be okay? Would overriding your own freewill and desires and freedom of choice be perfectly fine by you? Probably not. And what if you love taking a pharmaceutical prescribed by your doctor and you are happy with its performance, will you feel the same about pharmaceuticals that entered you without your doctor’s permission or professional consent, drugs that can potentially mix and have an adverse effect with the drugs you purposely are prescribed and take? In this episode, we are talking about hidden pharmaceutical exposures and how it’s more common than we think, and how all of us, one way or another, are susceptible to pharmaceuticals entering our bodies without our consent. In this episode… •Discover the drugs and pharmaceuticals that you are exposed to every day and don’t even realize it. •Learn how even if you are not taking a pharmaceutical or a drug prescribed by your doctor, you actually are still taking one or more in many different forms. •Discover what really goes on at public pools and waterparks. •Uncover the truth about chlorine, pool filters and pool draining and how these so-called water purifying methods come into play with pharmaceuticals. •Learn about the many different methods in which a drug can enter your system with you being none the wiser. •Discover what saturates tap water used for showers, sink water used to brush your teeth, tap water used to make coffee, and so much more. •Learn how to empower yourself, cleanse your body and protect it against future harm. All this and more, tune in and don’t miss out on this important episode. You can revisit this episode anytime you need it. For more information visit
The Ocean is filled with living minerals that help create a supernatural energy force that is unmatched by any other natural force on planet earth. But every day it becomes threatened and is under attack by Toxic Heavy Metals, especially Mercury, which has been industrialized along the last few centuries. Industrialized Metals disturb the very life-giving Minerals in the ocean and create constant friction between each other that over time has weakened the oceans lifeforce and slowly poisoned and intoxicated the living species within the ocean such as the fish. Not just any fish—the fish we eat. When Mercury enters into a fish, it changes the chemical and physical nature of the fish and alters the oils within the fish, and even changes other aspects that have an effect on our physical, emotional and mental bodies. So many people take fish oil supplementation and have no idea how unhealthy it really is and even damaging on many levels for the body. The oils in fish draw in Mercury, and the flesh of the fish changes because of this occurrence. Many people should be concerned when taking fish oil or eating fish on a regular basis, especially oily fish. If someone is living with a chronic illness or pregnant, fish and fish oils should be avoided. Mercury worsens already established symptoms and conditions. Tune in to this episode to understand the realities of mercury in fish and fish oils. In this episode… • Learn the effects of how much and what kind of fish you eat, and why it should concern you. • Discover what’s really inside fish oil and fish oil supplements. • Learn why it’s only advised to eat fish twice a week for good health, instead of it being advised as a daily or twice-daily practice. • Uncover the grounding, neutralizing, vibrant force of the ocean and what lies within. • Discover why toxic heavy metals and trace minerals don’t mix well, and what that repellent relationship leads to. • Learn about industrialized mercury in the ocean, how it got there, and it’s electrical-altering effects. • Uncover where mercury goes when it enters a fish and how that impacts a fish’s trace minerals. • Learn how mercury inside the body can lead to Dementia, ADD, ADHD and more. • Discover what fish have less mercury in them. All this and more, tune in and don’t miss out on this important episode. You can revisit this episode anytime you need it. For more information visit
Tongue discolorations can drive people mad. Some will go to great lengths in trying to remove whatever film, funk, gunk, is on their tongue, and they’ll live in fear of someone seeing into their mouth and judging them for not having good hygiene. The younger a person is that is experiencing a tongue film or discoloration, the more aggressive in the action of trying to rid it or remove it. This may include attempts to brush their tongue with a tooth brush or scrub the tongue with a tooth brush, wipe the tongue with a paper towel, wipe the tongue with a wash cloth, rinse their tongue with mouth washes and mouth rinses, swish water constantly around in their mouth, rub their tongue with their fingers, scrape their tongue with some sort of tool or just try to gargle with salt water, leaving many people with sore or even injured tongues because people do not like having anything on their tongues. Most older people who have decades of drinking coffee or even still smoke have come to terms with knowing their tongue is most likely stained. What happens when someone wakes up and looks in the mirror and they see an unusual dark grey or even black tongue? It can be shocking—their mind races, “What did I do? What did I eat? Surely it’s just a stain.” People stand there in disbelief, and what’s even as shocking is that there are no viable answers at the doctor’s office, clinics online or information that’s valuable in alternative medicine. Black tongue is a mystery in the health world, but fortunately not here. Learn the truth about Black tongue in this episode and what you can do about it. In this episode… • Learn about the different variations in which black tongue can appear and what it means. • Discover what question many practitioners will ask their patients suffering from Black Tongue, and what testing patients may be put through. • Learn what almost every doctor nowadays believes their patients’ symptoms and conditions stem from, and how that informs their treatment process. • Discover the lengths at which people will go to in attempts to cure their black tongue. • Uncover what is truly behind tongue discoloration, and the five different scenarios that are important to distinguish between those with black tongue. • Learn about oxidative spills and how they occur. • Discover what viruses inside of the body feed on, and how to get rid of them. All this and more, tune in and don’t miss out on this episode packed with important information. You can revisit this episode anytime you need it. For more information visit
There is nothing easy about getting sick. There is nothing easy about staying sick. Millions upon millions of people have fallen ill and have not recovered or completely recovered from their illness and can truly not say that they are out of the woods, free and clear, and past it all. Instead, they are still stuck. Many stuck in a vicious cycle, chasing their tails, looking for answers. And within it all, the circus gets more and more complicated as they are hunting for doctors in hopes to find a missing link as to why they are sick. As this process can last a long time for many, a weakening of their spirit and emotional strength occurs, and this can get in the way even more so of the everyday movement forward that is so needed. This is when spiritual empowerment is critical. Everyone has a built in supernatural force that can be summoned, a force that allows them to summon Light for healing, a force that can propel them into the future to see themselves healed, a force that’s driving their freewill to do what’s necessary to survive and a force that can instill a knowing that becomes unbreakable and a faith that can call upon the Angels when it’s time. As we are using these supernatural tools, additional life-altering strength can surface, compelling us to keep up the dedication and hard work to continue caring for our physical bodies so that the day will finally come that we heal. Listen to this powerful Medical Medium podcast on Healing Tool & Techniques, and revisit this episode anytime you need it. For more information visit
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Wow! listened to all 4 episodes. I'm assuming since your last post was in May that you may be tied up in litigation or something. My heart goes out and I must say to everyone involved. the reason I say this is bc only God has the full view. all we have is a map of the terrain which isn't always revealing of the full picture. everyone involved has a perception based on their experience throughout this mess but no one should be telling another the story of another person's involvement. ♥️🙏

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What was the iodine type? I couldn't quite understand (my English is not native)

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this breaks my heart, my first instinct is to hunt them down and hurt them... but God will sort it out. Karma.

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awesome podcast...thank you...

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Fantastic! thanks AW

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So disappointed by this. Not one fact, not one mention of Spirit on High. No Pleadians, no Actaurians, just what ifs. Such a waste of my time, thanks for nothing.

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Thank you for the amazing detail and clarity so people can get past the Myth Honey is just another source of Sugar. Honey Lemon water is my source of hydration !

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how long does he say over and over again that science doesn't k ow what he knows. does he ever give any strange smug tone for someone who is apparently in touch with spirit.

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Information packed. You def won’t hear from your doctor or Nutritionist. They just gave no idea!

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Hey Anthony could you put direct links to the supplements you recommend in every episode? The directory is a bit overwhelming... i found the b12 metha but not the second kind you were talking about that go hand in hand.. is it in the b complex? thx

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Medical Medium please keep sharing your information! im also curious about psychedelics and how they may effect/affect the brain??

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very helpful, informative episode...some things are starting to make sense

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a year ago I asked how to help my grandson that was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes and I never got an answer. up to this day he is still does not use insulin and we want to keep this way. I hope you speak about type 1 diabetes in one of your podcast. Unfortunately fruits brings his glucose level quite high, How can we keep away from insulin. His repoirtair of recipes is very restrictive , any recommendations to add to his meals?

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This is a BS... The podcaster said "You won't find this information anywhere else"..(BECAUSE HE IS MAKING THIS SHIT UP.) Why would chemical company executives be spraying on themselves or their own family? The podcaster also makes it sound that chemical companies are producing bad batches in huge volumes before getting the correct batch. Where does he get this shit, if nobody knows about it? Chemtrails don't exist. It is simply ice buildup or condensation on the airplane wings.

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So thankful that you are sharing this information and can't wait to hear more. We know how hard you work to get us all the information from Spirit. Thank you Anthony!

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This was a great listen. So much honesty and truth in this! Something I constantly think about, yet haven’t heard ANYONE say out loud. It just goes to show how messed up the healthcare system can be. I experience brain fog myself and am perfectly healthy. Hopefully we’ll have answers to the things doctors don’t see, but patients experience.

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