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Meghan McCain Has Entered The Chat

Author: Citizen Cain

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Meghan McCain Has Entered the Chat is an extension of her group chats where she’ll get into the nitty gritty about everything in politics and pop culture. If you’re talking about it, she’s talking about it, and she isn’t afraid to get into it. This podcast will focus on trending news, celebrity gossip, Americana culture, and all the stuff in the weird corners of the internet. Meghan, an American icon, plans to tackle cancel culture, break down viral trends, and have conversations that you’re going to want to hear. A blend of entertainment and hard news with the Meghan McCain twist.
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Full disclaimer...Meghan and Miranda are not Swifties.. so don't come for us as we review her new album, "The Tortured Poets Department." To help us navigate our feelings...and keep us from getting doxxed, we bring in our super producer, Ashley, who is a bonafide Taylor Swift expert, to explain the critical reviews and why the fan base feels such a strong parasocial relationship to the singer. Then, our great friends Guy Benson and Mary Katherine Ham pop in to talk about news, pop culture stuff, and whether cannibals really ate Joe Biden's uncle.
We're excited to bring you a comprehensive conversation between Meghan and Dr. Phil McGraw. He's got a lot going on after ending his daytime talk show, and he's here to talk about it. Dr. Phil breaks down COVID lockdowns, mental health, the election, and favorite moments from his infamous talk show. After that, Meghan and Miranda talk about the weirdness going on at Bravo, and Meghan gives her take on which city she'd like to see get a Housewives franchise.
It's a big day for us...the amazing Drea de Matteo is here to talk about her career, Covid, politics, family, OnlyFans, everything! But first...Meghan and Miranda have important business to discuss. One of their favorite housewives just got dropped from 'The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills', and they have to get into it. Plus, they both saw 'Civil War' and gave their honest (spoiler-free) movie review. Okay, onto the really good stuff. Drea de Matteo has a lot going on, but she made time for Meghan and they get right into it. We're not even gonna give you any teases here...just listen to it. It's what Adriana La Cerva would want you to do.
Gail Thackray might be the most interesting woman in the world. Her life story is so wild; you just have to hear it to believe it. It truly has, drugs, movie stars, mob ties, natural disasters, and how someone can lose it all, just to get it back again. Gail isn't only interesting, she's inspiring - We hope you love this one as much as we did!
Time to talk some 2024 politics with Link Lauren, a senior advisor to the Robert F. Kennedy campaign. He and Meghan talk all about Kennedy's VP choice... and Meghan's feelings about her, Link's recent profile in the Washington Post, and what he thinks is gonna happen in November. Link gives a lot of insider tea about how a campaign runs, especially during the social media age, and why having a third candidate is important.
Spring Break is over, and reality has officially set back in. This is officially the "Most Boring Election Ever" (copyright pending), But at least we get to talk about it with interesting people like Batya Ungar-Sargon. Before that, though, Meghan and Miranda catch up on everything that blew up their group chats, including that wild Roseanne video from Mar-a-Lago. Then... serious business! Batya joins us to talk about her new book "Second Class: How The Elites Betrayed America's Working Men and Women." They have a fascinating conversation about how the left is cannibalizing their own base, anti-semitism, and share some stories about the late Senator Joe Lieberman.
We're going to break format a little bit today because we have a very special guest in the house! Meghan's sister-in-law, Emily Domenech, joins us to discuss misogyny in politics and the media. The two get into a deep discussion about whether we'll actually see a woman elected President in our lifetime.
Former President Donald Trump is a lot of things, but one thing we know for sure is that he's a fraudster. That's why we're so lucky that one of our best friends and favorite guests is an expert on people like this. Seena Ghaznavi hosts The Fraudsters Podcast and breaks down what's going on with Trump's civil fraud case in New York and why he caught a break on his fines. It's fun, we'll laugh and learn together.
This is a fun one! Meghan and Miranda are thrilled to welcome our childhood icon Melissa Joan Hart to the show today... and she's as lovely as you'd imagine her to be. Miranda even tells Meghan about how she used to pretend to be Clarissa from Melissa's hit '90s show 'Clarissa Explains It All.' Meghan and Melissa talk about EVERYTHING from the child abuse levied against Nickelodeon in the documentary 'Quiet On The Set' to gun control and even how Melissa went viral for being cast as a grandmother in a recent movie. This one is a must listen!
Oh boy, there is a lot going on. Meghan and Miranda open the show with their analysis of the Diddy situation because that's the biggest thing blowing up our chats. The news this week has been particularly gross and's time to call in the big guns. By that, we mean Dr. Drew Pinksy. He and Meghan talk about how the United States isn't one of the top 20 happiest countries in the world and why he thinks that people are more depressed than ever. They also talk about the overuse of Ozempic and other weight loss meds. Then, our official UK correspondent, Lady Sarah Elliot, joins us for an update on Princess Kate's cancer announcement.
Blowing up in the chat this week has been the term "double hater voter," which is exactly what it sounds like. It's for anyone who can't stand the thought that we're living in 2020 Part 2 and have to vote for either Biden or Trump and continue this hellish cycle. To go through this and other political news of the week...and roast Vivek Ramaswamy is Puck News' Senior Political Correspondent, Tara Palmeri.
Episode 39: Something New

Episode 39: Something New


Thank you for entering our with video! Meghan and Miranda have opened this up to a video chat and have some feelings about it. We hope you enjoy this new feature, and if not, there's still the audio! Lady Sarah Elliot came all the way across the pond from London to talk to us about politics, but more importantly - what the hell is up with Kate Middleton? We're still obsessed and it's blowing up our chat with memes and conspiracy theories.
Congresswoman Nancy Mace appeared on George Stephanopoulos' Sunday show, where she was attacked for being a victim of sexual assault as a teenager. She joined Meghan in the studio to talk about what it felt like to be on that set, having that conversation for nearly 10 minutes without any warning or heads up. They also talk about Nancy's more viral moments while in office and how she manages being a working mom. Then, Laurye Blackford calls in from London to discuss what the hell is going on with Kate Middleton...because what the hell IS going on with Kate Middleton? Everyone has a theory, and you'll hear ours.
Christine Rosen is a very serious, well-respected journalist who we tricked into talking about Kate Middleton conspiracy theories. Don't worry...she also talks about the bizarre garbage fire that was the Oscars. They also got into the State of The Union speech and talked about how their friendship began...over a podcast.
Well, it finally happened: Nikki Haley quit while Trump and Biden won a bunch of states on Super Tuesday. Shocking. Meghan (and Miranda's) brain crush, Steve Kornacki, joins us to go through the numbers and see who these pesky independents might vote for come November. Then, Meghan's long-time friend and real cowboy political advisor, Mark McKinnon, comes on to share stories about their time together working on campaigns and even poke fun at some of Washington, D.C.'s elite.
Episode 35: Super Tuesday

Episode 35: Super Tuesday


It's Super Tuesday! Hundreds of delegates are up for grabs in 15 states for both parties...but we all know it'll be Trump and Biden. Blegh. Meghan talks to Nikki Schwab, a reporter who has been on the campaign trail with the candidates and has probably stayed in every hotel and motel in the country. Then, our friend and the O.G. Influencer Perez Hilton pops in to talk about all the drama at Bravo with the various lawsuits and accusations of misconduct.
Today's episode features a very special guest...Miranda's very sick toddler daughter, Cece, who sat on her lap almost the entire recording. They talked about Mitch McConnnell announcing his retirement now and not 15 years ago. Then, Jenn Hoffman joins to talk about the corruption in family courts and a particularly tragic case about a mother who had her kids ripped away from her. Tim Carney pops in to talk with Meghan in the studio about the joys of parenthood and how millennials were sold a huge lie about family life.
Did you catch the Wendy Williams documentary? Meghan and Miranda watched as much as they could bear... but still break down a lot of the biggest moments and their theories about what is going on there. Then Fox News Channel's Harris Faulkner joins to talk about her career and how her family keeps her grounded. Then Billy Binion joins Meghan in the studio to talk about social media, politics, and even more about Wendy Williams.
Meghan is back behind the microphone with a supersized episode to make up for missing a day. She and Miranda talk about 'Vanderpump Rules' star Tom Sandoval's insane comments to the New York Times and other Bravo related news. Then, Best-selling authors Bethany Mandel and Karol Markowicz join Meghan to discuss social issues, parenting, and what is going on in schools. Finally, our friend Mo Kelly pops in for some 2024 election talk.
Post Valentine's Day blues got you down? Don't worry, we'll lift your spirits with some talk about Russia's current threats against the country! Meghan is joined by Michael Moynihan to talk about politics, media, and how people suck on social media. Then journalist Elizabeth Weil comes on to talk about her amazing long-form piece 'The Women Who Walked Away' all about a woman who, along with her sister and teenage son, left civilization during Covid and desperately tried to stay alive in the mountains of Colorado.
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