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Creator of fake TTC safety ads is serious about need for subway platform gates; Toronto physics student using AI to search for "engineered radio waves" -- ie: signals of extraterrestrial life.
"She was on the 407 twice": volunteer netted the husky that wandered for weeks after being abandoned in Rouge National Park; Yonge bike lane adds 1 minute to drivers' commutes but is worth it says rider.
BC's for-profit surgery issues: "shifting (human) resources into the private sector"... "unlawful extra-billing" and historically increased expense; why is Ontario's housing plan detached from CO2 goals?
Feeling unsafe at work: TTC employees and TDSB teachers and classroom staff worry daily about violent incidents, according to union heads.
Ontario Health Minister Sylvia Jones: private delivery of some procedures will bring wait times "back to pre-pandemic levels by March 2023"; contrasting views from U of T educator and UHN administrator.
'Girls need connection first -- then competing': little tweaks go a long way with GTA basketball program for adolescent girls; divorce was warfare until a Toronto psychologist changed the rules.
University of Toronto prof: many branches of science come together to build climate models from huge collections of new and historical data; environmentalist has simple suggestion for Toronto City Hall.
GTA mayor: 20% tax increase will be needed next year to replace development charges, under new Provincial housing act; is Hamilton urban boundary expansion legal?
'Gonna have to dig in .. today is gonna be a battle': friend of Constable Greg Pierzchala watched him enter the OPP and now says goodbye; planning student has solutions for Lawrence East's unsafe design.
'Stooping' (from NYC's stoops) -- Torontonian sold on the many advantages of bringing home curbside discards; "The first time -- it was horrible!": winter camping fan learns from his mistakes.
A conversation with poet Randell Adjei on how to approach the new year with some hope and food guide Suresh Doss shares his most memorable discoveries of 2022.
How the townspeople of Cramahe came together to help stranded travelers in the midst of this weekend’s storm and after the Taliban banned women from attending universities, what does the future look like for women and girls' education in Afghanistan?
More than two years ago, Karen Scutt came on Metro Morning to talk about her search for a surrogate mother. Today, she came back with the woman who agreed to become her surrogate. Also, former Chef to the British Royal Family, John Higgins, stopped in with a batch of eggnog.
A community in shock after a resident of a Toronto shelter is killed, criminology professor Jane Sprott on why the city feels less safe and a new group of Christmas carolers take the streets
"I am in shock": alleged murder of homeless good samaritan by eight teenage girls near Union Station is a very rare type of crime says sociologist; resident describes crime scene at condo building.
Ten-year-old fan enjoying the first World Cup win in his lifetime -- but his mother remembers being in Argentina for the last time around; "a small gathering" of 30 family members celebrating Hanukkah.
"You can hear the roar... I had goosebumps": GTA Morocco supporters talk about gathering in Toronto and around the world to experience the joy of a giant step for an African team.
Taking farmland for highways and subdivisions is the recipe for sprawl -- not affordable housing and GTA priest says "It's not an ethical solution for people not being able to find a place to live".
"Don't put words in my mouth!": development association head won't say market will deliver more housing that's affordable; new City Manager a key pick of Mayor Tory.
Walk with Chris and Casper the dog, as they leave a shelter for their new permanent housing, thanks to a very special case worker from LOFT Community Services in Toronto.
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Spencer Williams

Can business economics and public health mix?

Jul 26th

Spencer Williams

I friggen love this podcast. Matt and company, you make me proud to be a Canadian and fellow Torontonian. Keep up the great work!

Dec 8th
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