DiscoverMetro Morning from CBC Radio Toronto (Highlights)
Metro Morning from CBC Radio Toronto (Highlights)
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Metro Morning from CBC Radio Toronto (Highlights)

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CBC Radio's Metro Morning keeps listeners informed about what's going on in Toronto and offers listeners an optimistic, sometimes humorous view of the world, together with the day's more serious news.
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"Forget the stats. Walk around downtown Toronto": CAMH doctor says the most vulnerable people are getting the fewest services; Hip Hop turns 50 at the AGO, with an Indigenous twist.
"We're not a social service agency; we're not an enforcement agency": Jon Burnside TTC Chair; riders worry about TTC violence and say there's "safety-in-numbers" in well-used and maintained transit.
Meet the captain of the Toronto Six women's pro hockey team as a shutout win takes them to the Isobel Cup final for the first time; Ed Keenan looks at the starting line-up of the 2023 Mayor race.
"12,000 villages in Punjab have 12,000 consultants": a complex system leaves international students vulnerable to scams; Ontario helping health care immigrants to find work in their actual professions.
Giant steps of Larry Kwong -- first asian player in an NHL game also coached in Europe and scored 868 points; ROM paleontologist welcomes March break throngs.
No explanation can take the place of this must-hear audio... beatboxing demonstrated by Toronto champion; introvert sets herself friendship goals, and says "it's practice".
Another cull of trees by Metrolinx -- this time in the West end -- and Indigenous protectors camp out, praying for each tree; TDSB asked to 'engage the child' -- not shut them in a room alone.
Hoping for a new life in a new land but ending up in jail in record numbers -- Irish women had hard times as newcomers to Toronto the Good; Black History cards tell amazing Canadian stories.
501 Queen car route service suspension complicated by other City and Metrolinx missteps, says transit advocate; how and why a 50 year old Toronto housing project needs immediate demolition.
Deputy Mayor on 'good Toronto stories' like Enwave mass cooling and energy capture from wastewater; advocate says city staff lack a good way to check available shelter beds when clearing encampments.
Three perspectives on youth and violence -- social pressures that can end in violence, how adults and peers can help change outcomes, and how communities and families deal with the aftermath.
Legal and political opinions on what happens next at Toronto City Hall -- is the budget in jeopardy, what do the various Provincial laws specify, who can run for mayor, what are the election timelines?
Creator of fake TTC safety ads is serious about need for subway platform gates; Toronto physics student using AI to search for "engineered radio waves" -- ie: signals of extraterrestrial life.
"She was on the 407 twice": volunteer netted the husky that wandered for weeks after being abandoned in Rouge National Park; Yonge bike lane adds 1 minute to drivers' commutes but is worth it says rider.
BC's for-profit surgery issues: "shifting (human) resources into the private sector"... "unlawful extra-billing" and historically increased expense; why is Ontario's housing plan detached from CO2 goals?
Feeling unsafe at work: TTC employees and TDSB teachers and classroom staff worry daily about violent incidents, according to union heads.
Ontario Health Minister Sylvia Jones: private delivery of some procedures will bring wait times "back to pre-pandemic levels by March 2023"; contrasting views from U of T educator and UHN administrator.
'Girls need connection first -- then competing': little tweaks go a long way with GTA basketball program for adolescent girls; divorce was warfare until a Toronto psychologist changed the rules.
University of Toronto prof: many branches of science come together to build climate models from huge collections of new and historical data; environmentalist has simple suggestion for Toronto City Hall.
GTA mayor: 20% tax increase will be needed next year to replace development charges, under new Provincial housing act; is Hamilton urban boundary expansion legal?
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Spencer Williams

Can business economics and public health mix?

Jul 26th

Spencer Williams

I friggen love this podcast. Matt and company, you make me proud to be a Canadian and fellow Torontonian. Keep up the great work!

Dec 8th
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