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Crombie leaves much left undone in 'shrinking' Mississauga -- where acute transit and housing issues have no local media champion; Scarborough transit is "regressing!": young Malvern resident laments stagnation of bus-way on "Line 3".
Suresh touts Colombian food for breakfast, lunch, dinner and parties -- the key is amazing variety; Orillia Mayor says their terrible Christmas tree has real meaning for locals; does Disney's nostalgia work on screen?
Why a Leslieville restaurant gives free food to customers, who funds it, and why panzerottis are the best bet; "It took 5 stops": couple has a quickie wedding on the 504 King streetcar.
The scoop on the Tiramisu World Cup being held in Toronto (including the dessert's origin story); super strong guy tears two card decks in half -- can David do the same?
Are international students exploiting food banks after getting 'free food' tips from Tik Tok influencers -- or are they legitimately in need? A simmering issue explodes when a foodbank cracks down.
Hugs from Harmony the Goat -- and her family farm where autistic boys have found meaningful life-long vocation; 1980s visual art giant Keith Haring in AGO exhibit.
David Common wants Ralph the Rooster (visitor from the Royal Winter Fair) let loose in the studio -- the idea is vetoed; Smoke's Poutinerie founder was in the "entertainment business".
"I never thought I could do this... even two months ago": Stouffville girl is world's fastest 11-year-old; "Capybaras in High Park are happy!" and don't want to escape their new secure, lovely habitat.
"It's just a small backyard... I had 300 pumpkin plants!': stories of an accidental pumpkin patch; teens' Halloween prep -- from zero planning, to learning Japanese to trick or treat in anime costume.
"I call her my Little Giant... volunteers, referees, other players -- they all love her!": Chilean-Canadian mother watches daughter at Pan Am Games; tutor reflects philosophically on updated LSATs.
Stalled-out condo at Yonge & Bloor reveals the many pressures facing developers; strong Mayor powers bring four-plexes to Mississauga; Pickering wants reimbursement for Greenbelt flip-flop.
Lacrosse will be played at the Olympics for the first time in a century -- a player from Six Nations says she knows the significance is huge; world's biggest Indigenous film festival on now in Toronto.
Talking to landlords, paying rent supplements -- a charity helps Black youth get and keep housing; an autistic daughter seen with joy and hope by a mother advocating for more widely available treatments.
Ontario's mix of tree species usually yields the most intense fall colour display in the world -- find out why this year is different; Torontonian is premier underwater cave explorer in the world.
Toronto couple knew something was wrong when they saw smoke on the horizon and tourist attractions were empty. Now they're trying to escape Israel, as violence stalks the streets and skies of the region.
90s show 'Friends' is an inspiration for four roommates from New Delhi holding their first Thanksgiving dinner; you can grow the delicious native Paw Paw fruit tree in Toronto, just like this guy.
Toronto rent strikes blamed on 'Above Guideline' rent increases: a developer says landlords need legitimate tools to re-coup repair costs; advocate says 'upgrades' are too frequently minor and cosmetic.
Residential school story database goes on-line; shaping the Indigenous curriculum for grades 1-3 in Ontario; Toronto group fosters bonds among urban Inuit.
How tenants saved Spadina Gardens -- Toronto's classic 'Upper West Side'-style apartment house; and at the Aga Khan museum park -- a film follows 100,000 tons of herring, and the people chasing them.
An in depth look at the significance of Prime Minister Trudeau's claim of "credible evidence" that India may have participated in the political murder of a Canadian Sikh activist.
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Spencer Williams

Can business economics and public health mix?

Jul 26th

Spencer Williams

I friggen love this podcast. Matt and company, you make me proud to be a Canadian and fellow Torontonian. Keep up the great work!

Dec 8th
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