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Author: Mick Hunt

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Mick Unplugged is a thought-provoking and inspiring podcast that invites listeners to embark on a transformative journey beyond the conventional concept of 'Why' and into the empowering realm of 'Because.' Hosted by the engaging and insightful Mick Hunt, this podcast is perfect for those who are not just dreamers but doers, leaders, and anyone aspiring to make a significant impact in their personal and professional lives.

Each episode of "Mick Unplugged" delves deep into how understanding and embracing your 'Because' – your core driving force – can turn aspirations into actions and dreams into realities. Listeners can expect to gain practical advice on how to identify their own 'Because,' learn to make it a daily focus, and understand how it can fuel their journey towards success and fulfillment.

Whether you're looking to find deeper motivation, set meaningful goals, or simply seeking inspiration to overcome challenges, "Mick Unplugged" offers valuable insights and tools to help you on your path.
43 Episodes
 Mick Hunt dives into a deep and inspiring conversation with Wendy Moten, exploring her impactful journey on The Voice and her life as a performer. Wendy shares insights into the resilience and determination that have defined her career, from her early days in Memphis to her profound moments on national television. This episode sheds light on the strength of the human spirit and the enduring power of music. Wendy Moten's Background: From her roots in Memphis to captivating audiences nationwide on The Voice, Wendy shares her musical evolution and experiences on the iconic TV show. Defining Moments: Wendy discusses the impact of her performance of "Don't Give Up" on The Voice, in which she embodies her personal resilience and connects deeply with audiences. Discussion Topics:Wendy's strategic decision to join The Voice as a seasoned artist, aiming to rejuvenate her solo career.She experienced challenges and growth during the show, including performing with two broken arms.Wendy's reflections on her approach to music emphasize authenticity and emotional connection.Key Quotes:"Being on The Voice was not just about competition; it was about proving to myself and others that passion doesn't age.""I fell and broke both my arms, but the music kept me going. That’s the power of not giving up."Next Steps:Listen: Explore Wendy Moten’s music, including her powerful performances from The Voice.Reflect: Consider the role of perseverance and resilience in your own pursuits.Engage: Share how Wendy’s story of resilience and renewal inspires you using #MickUnplugged.Connect & Discover:LinkedIn: Instagram/com/wendymotenFacebook:
In this insightful episode, Mick Hunt speaks with Justin Vinn about his journey into the world of CBD and hemp following a personal family health crisis. Justin shares his experiences with shifting his business model to adapt to new market realities and discusses the broader implications of wellness in the digital age. Justin Benton's Background: He is a serial entrepreneur who pivoted to the CBD industry following his son's health challenges, utilizing his expertise in holistic health and plant-based medicine. Defining Moments: Justin's breakthrough in understanding and leveraging the power of hemp for health led to significant personal and professional growth. Discussion Topics:Justin's son's transformative health journey inspired Justin to delve into the benefits of hemp and CBD.Discussion on the nutritional and medicinal benefits of juicing cannabis and the impact on wellness and homeostasis.His rapid shift of business to online platforms in response to global changes involved adapting strategies from Russell Brunson's mentorship.Key Quotes:"The miracle plant helped my son, and it has the potential to help millions more.""2024 is about understanding the modern buyer and adapting to how the world has changed."Next Steps:Learn More: Visit Justin Vinn's website to explore his products and educational content about CBD and hemp.Reflect: Consider how natural supplements like CBD can be incorporated into your health regimen.Engage: Share how the episode has inspired you to look at natural health solutions using #MickUnplugged.Connect & Discover:LinkedIn:
In this heartfelt episode, Mick Hunt talks with Chad and Alicia about their family's battle with MPS 1 following their son's late diagnosis. They discuss the complexities of the disease, the critical role of early detection, and their dedicated efforts to raise awareness and support other affected families. Their story is not just one of challenges but also immense love, resilience, and hope.Background: Chad and Alicia share their journey dealing with their son’s diagnosis of MPS 1, a rare genetic condition. Discussion Topics:The challenges of recognizing and diagnosing MPS 1 include initial symptoms and the genetic aspects of the disease.The emotional and practical impacts of MPS 1 on their family life, detailing their son's various treatments and their advocacy efforts.The importance of genetic testing and early diagnosis, and the couple's involvement in legislative changes to support this cause.Key Quotes:"No parents should have to wait three years to get this diagnosis.""Every single symptom he has was like checking off a box."Next Steps:Learn More: Dive deeper into MPS 1 and how you can support families and research.Reflect: Consider how you can contribute to advocacy in your community for rare diseases.Engage: Share your thoughts or stories about overcoming health challenges using #MickUnplugged.Connect & Discover:National MPS Society:>courage>jacob-bohley
Mick Hunt and Justin Brock explore Justin's transition from military service to becoming a business mogul. Justin shares his philosophy on business growth, the importance of adapting and overcoming various business challenges, and his commitment to giving back, especially to the veteran community. Justin Brock's Background: From US Marine to successful entrepreneur, Justin sold his business for $70 million and continues as a minority owner. His passion lies in leveraging his expertise in direct-to-consumer marketing and operational efficiency to help veterans and others transition smoothly into entrepreneurship. Defining Moments: Justin reflects on realizing his business's value and his decision to sell, securing financial stability, and focusing on helping others succeed. Discussion Topics:Justin's initial challenges and successes in the insurance industry were utilizing direct sales strategies.Insights into building and scaling a business, the importance of operational control, and transitioning from sales to management.Justin is dedicated to supporting veterans through business opportunities and his upcoming book, which aims to help veterans find purpose after service.Key Quotes:"Success is about tackling opportunities right before you, not following a preset blueprint.""My vision is to help more people, and I use money as a metric to keep score of my impact."Next Steps:Learn More: Follow Justin Brock for more insights into business strategies and veteran support.Reflect: Consider how you can use your skills to impact your community positively.Engage: Share your thoughts on how Justin's journey inspires you using #MickUnplugged.Connect & Discover:LinkedIn:
 In this episode, Mick Hunt dives into Jesse Thompson's melodic life, exploring his early exposure to music through a talented family and the vibrant local scene of Dayton. Jesse shares insights on how his upbringing and environment nurtured his passion for music, leading him to become a multi-talented musician recognized for his versatility and depth. Jesse Thompson's Background: From a young age in Dayton, Ohio, Jesse was immersed in a rich musical heritage, learning from family members deeply rooted in gospel, jazz, and R&B. Defining Moments: Jesse recounts pivotal experiences like playing his father's jazz drum set at age five and the familial teachings that guided his early musical education. Discussion Topics:Jesse's early experiences with music, as part of a family of musicians, influenced his diverse skill set across multiple instruments.The profound impact of local funk legends and community music scenes shaped his musical style and career.His journey of mastering over 13 different instruments by age 12 and the discipline involved in his music education.Key Quotes:"My gift comes from God, and my parents were my first teachers in the music world.""Being around the vibe of Dayton's music scene was like being in our version of Hollywood."Next Steps:Discover: Explore Jesse Thompson's music and delve into his diverse discography.Reflect: Consider how your environment and upbringing influence your passions and pursuits.Engage: Share your thoughts on the episode and how music shapes your life using #MickUnplugged.Connect & Discover:Instagram: jtjazz.comYoutube: @JesseJTJazzThompson
 Mick Hunt and Pete Alexander delve into critical discussions about managing workplace stress and the importance of self-care. Pete provides listeners with easy-to-implement, practical strategies for stress relief that can be used anywhere, anytime. This episode is a call to action for all professionals to take their health seriously by managing stress before it manages them. Pete Alexander's Background: From corporate executive to a health crisis survivor, Pete has transformed his struggles into a mission to help others manage workplace stress effectively. Defining Moments: Pete shares a pivotal moment in the ICU, which became a turning point in his life. It led him to prioritize health and help others do the same. Discussion Topics:Pete's personal journey through stress-induced health crises highlights the dangers of chronic workplace stress.Practical strategies and quick exercises for reducing stress in high-pressure environments.Insights into maintaining mental and physical health despite demanding career obligations.Key Quotes:"Ignoring stress is like putting a bandaid on a severe wound; it will only worsen.""Simple, daily practices can significantly alleviate stress and improve overall well-being."Next Steps:Learn More: Visit Pete Alexander's website for additional resources on stress management.Reflect: Consider how stress affects your daily life and which strategies could be most beneficial for you.Engage: Share your success stories of overcoming stress using Pete's methods with #MickUnplugged.Connect & Discover:LinkedIn: officeplants.comPodcast: Winning at Business and Life
 Mick Hunt and Dr. Amara Pope discuss the intersections of media, culture, and identity in detail. Dr. Pope shares her unique perspective on how her background shaped her interests and professional focus, particularly around the complexities of identity in media. She highlights her work on Canadian R&B's role in shaping national identity and her efforts to bring more diversity to academic and media discourse. Amara Pope's Background: With a rich academic background in media studies, Dr. Pope combines her personal experiences and professional expertise to explore identity, culture, and media representation. Defining Moments: Dr. Pope shares insights on navigating different social contexts in her youth, moving from diverse urban settings to less diverse rural areas, and the impact these experiences had on her personal and professional development. Discussion Topics:Dr. Pope's inspiration from her parents' immigrant struggles in Canada influenced her career path in media and marketing.Her academic journey from undergraduate studies to earning a PhD, alongside balancing multiple jobs to support her education.Exploration of Canadian identity and diversity through her research, particularly in the context of Canadian R&B music.Key Quotes:"I've been inspired by my parents' hard work and dedication, which has deeply influenced my career and academic choices.""My research is about uncovering the layers of media representation and its impact on cultural identity."Next Steps:Learn More: Explore Dr. Amara Pope's work and publications for deeper insights into media studies.Reflect: Consider how your background influences your perceptions of media and culture.Engage: Share how this episode has inspired you to think differently about media and identity using #MickUnplugged.Connect and Discover:LinkedIn:
In this captivating episode, Mick Hunt delves into Patrick Leonard's artistic journey. From his early days influencing the pop music landscape to embracing a solo path, Patrick shares the deep connection between his life experiences and his music. He offers a glimpse into the creative process behind his new album, emphasizing the personal and emotional depth that defines his work.Patrick Leonard's Background: Renowned for his collaborations with Madonna, Elton John, and other stars, Patrick enters a new chapter with his solo album.Defining Moments: Patrick discusses vital turning points in his career, including his decision to prioritize his music following notable collaborations.Discussion Topics:Insights into Patrick's illustrious career and his creative evolution over the years.The inspiration behind his solo album was driven by changes in his environment and personal growth.The transition from working with legendary musicians to focusing on his music.Key Quotes:"Music connects us to emotions directly, unlike anything else.""Leaving a successful path to follow my artistic voice was liberating and challenging."Next Steps:Listen: Explore Patrick Leonard's new album to experience his latest musical expressions.Reflect: Consider how environmental changes have influenced your creative or professional pursuits.Engage: Share your favorite Patrick Leonard collaboration or solo piece using #MickUnplugged.Connect & Discover:Website: patrickleonardmusic.comInstagram:
Mick Hunt delves into Angus Reid's impactful journey from CFL stardom to becoming a source of inspiration beyond the sports arena. Angus shares his insights on overcoming physical and mental challenges, leadership's importance, and family values' influence on his professional and personal life. This episode is a deep dive into the principles that drive success on and off the field.Angus Reid's Background: Renowned for his career in the Canadian Football League and his transition into a motivational speaker.Defining Moments: Angus recounts a critical game where he played with a shattered foot, showcasing his incredible resilience and dedication.Discussion Topics:His older brothers fostered Angus's early influences, including his family's role and his competitive nature.Defining moments of resilience and leadership during his CFL career, focusing on a pivotal game where he played through a severe injury.His philosophy on leadership emphasizes the importance of showing genuine care and creating a supportive team culture.Key Quotes:"To not become my very best would be disrespectful to the amazing environment I was raised in.""Everyone can't do this, but maybe I can. I'm going to see what I'm worth here."Next Steps:Learn More: Follow Angus Reid's continued journey and speaking engagements to gain further insights into leadership and resilience.Reflect: Consider how the principles of resilience and leadership can be applied in your life challenges and career.Engage: Share how Angus's story inspires you to overcome challenges and lead with integrity using #MickUnplugged.
Mick Hunt engages with Amanda Cole in a profound discussion about her music career, principles, and commitment to authenticity. Amanda shares her journey through the music industry, her approach to overcoming challenges, and her aspirations to positively impact the industry. Her story is a powerful reminder of the importance of staying true to one's values and the transformative power of music.Amanda Cole's Background: Celebrated for her versatile singing career, from Envogue to solo performances, focusing on authenticity and positive influence in the music industry. Defining Moments: Reflecting on her choice to step away from traditional music paths to forge her own, focusing on her work's personal and emotional resonance. Discussion Topics:Amanda is dedicated to creating music that remains true to her identity and values rather than conforming to industry norms.Insights into her decision to prioritize family and personal integrity over fame, including her departure from Envogue.The impact of digital platforms like YouTube in offering artists the freedom to explore and express their musical talents without industry constraints.Key Quotes:"I think having positive and beautiful images is important, and I feel very responsible as an artist.""It's about being true to yourself, no matter the external pressures.Next Steps:Explore: Listen to Amanda Cole's music to experience her unique blend of passion and authenticity.Reflect: Consider how personal values and professional choices align in your own life.Engage: Share how Amanda's approach to music and integrity inspires you using #MickUnplugged.
In this profound episode, Mick Hunt engages with Brenda Russell to explore her journey as a musician and songwriter. Brenda discusses her creative process, the stories behind her most cherished songs, and her philosophy on music and life. This episode offers an in-depth look at the artistry that has made Brenda a beloved figure in the music industry.Brenda Russell's Background: Celebrated for her deep musical heritage and iconic songs that have resonated across generations.Defining Moments: Brenda shares her approach to songwriting, including the spontaneous creation of "So Good, So Right" and insights into maintaining creativity and authenticity in her work.Discussion Topics:The inspiration and emotional depth behind her hit song "If Only For One Night."Her songwriting process and how she captures complex emotions and stories in her music.Collaborations with legendary artists like Maurice White and experiences that shaped her music career.Key Quotes:"Many writers write about our heartbreaks, and those sometimes are the best songs.""Write from your heart for yourself because that's your highest point."Next Steps:Listen: Explore Brenda Russell’s music to experience her powerful storytelling.Reflect: Consider how you can bring more authenticity and heart into your creative endeavors.Engage: Share your favorite Brenda Russell song and how it has impacted you using #MickUnplugged.
In this powerful episode, Mick Hunt explores Chef Robert Irvine's extensive career, his approach to leadership and philanthropy, and the impact of his work on various communities. Chef Irvine shares his personal challenges and triumphs, offering insights into the resilience required to lead and inspire effectively in the culinary world and life.Robert Irvine's Background: Known for his dynamic presence in the culinary world and beyond, Chef Irvine blends his kitchen expertise with a deep commitment to philanthropy and leadership. Defining Moments: Chef Irvine discusses his approach to overcoming challenges, including the scrutiny of his background and how it fueled his mission to help others. Discussion Topics:Chef Irvine's philosophy on leadership and the importance of empathetic management.Insights into his book "Overcoming Impossible," which provides tools for effective leadership and personal growth.He discusses the role of his foundation in supporting veterans and emergency services personnel and how he uses his platform to make a tangible difference.Key Quotes:"There are people out there that need my help. I've been given a blessing to be able to pick you up no matter what walk of life you are from.""Money does not drive me. It's about how do we make a difference in people's lives that are lost."Next Steps:Explore: Visit Chef Irvine's foundation website and consider supporting their initiatives.Reflect: How can you incorporate empathetic leadership and service into your career and life?Engage: Share how Chef Irvine's story and insights inspire you to lead and serve in your community using #MickUnplugged.
In this episode, Mick Hunt delves deep into Kevin Flournoy's musical world, exploring his evolution from a talented keyboardist to a masterful producer whose works have touched millions. Kevin shares insights into his creative process, his approach to collaboration, and music's profound impact on both the creator and the listener.Kevin Flournoy's Background: They transitioned from an aspiring musician influenced by family and early mentors to a renowned figure in the music production industry.Defining Moments: Kevin reflects on key collaborations and how they have influenced his approach to music, including work with icons like Gladys Knight and Chaka Khan.Discussion Topics:Kevin's early exposure to music and the influence of his father and early mentors in shaping his musical style.The process and passion behind his music production emphasize the emotional impact of his work.Collaborations with prominent artists and the unique synergy in these creative partnerships.Key Quotes"It's not just about playing music; it's about evoking emotions that resonate on a deeper level.""My goal is to reach people with my music, to touch their hearts and minds in a way that only music can."Next Steps:Explore: Check out Kevin Flournoy's latest projects and live performances for a deeper appreciation of his art.Reflect: Consider the role music plays in your life and how it affects your emotions and memories.Engage: Share your favorite Kevin Flournoy track or moment using #MickUnplugged and discuss how it moved you.
Mick Hunt and Ken Coleman delve into the importance of finding one's professional calling. Ken shares effective career planning and personal growth techniques, emphasizing the significance of continuous learning and meaningful professional relationships. His insights provide listeners with a roadmap for professional success, personal satisfaction, and growth.Ken Coleman's Background: Ken Coleman is a renowned career coach and host of "The Ken Coleman Show," where he provides expert advice on achieving job satisfaction and career success. Known for his insightful guidance, Ken helps individuals discover their true calling by aligning their strengths with professional opportunities. His methods emphasize the importance of passion and purpose in fostering career advancement and personal fulfillment.Defining Moments: Ken discusses key daily habits that successful people practice and shares his journey of discovering his passion for coaching.Discussion Topics:Ken's approach identifies personal strengths and aligns them with professional opportunities.Practical strategies for career advancement and overcoming job dissatisfaction.The importance of passion and purpose in achieving long-term career success.Key Quotes"You need to find something you love and then master it.""Pushing yourself to that last rep but for a purpose, not just to be fatigued."Next Steps:Learn More: Visit Ken Coleman's website for resources on career development.Reflect: Think about how you can apply Ken’s strategies to enhance your career and personal growth.Engage: Share your career transformation stories using #MickUnplugged.
Mick Hunt talks with Lisa Borders about her illustrious career across various sectors, focusing on her transformative impact on the WNBA and her dedication to community service. Lisa discusses her approach to leadership, the challenges she's faced, and her ongoing commitment to improving every environment she's part of, leaving a lasting legacy of growth and inclusion.Lisa Borders' Background: From corporate America to the presidency of the WNBA and beyond, Lisa has been a dynamic leader in sports, politics, and community welfare.Defining Moments: Lisa shares her strategies for revitalizing organizations and her passion for opening doors for others, ensuring sustainable success and growth.Discussion Topics:Lisa's leadership philosophy and her impact on the WNBA, transforming it into a thriving league.Her tenure at Coca-Cola and the Grady Health Foundation highlights significant public health and corporate social responsibility achievements.Insights into overcoming challenges and fostering consensus in diverse environments.Key Quotes"To whom much is given, much is required.""Leave places and spaces better than I found them."Next Steps:Explore: Learn more about Lisa Borders' initiatives and contributions.Reflect: Think about how you can use your position to impact your community positively.Engage: Share how Lisa's journey inspires you to lead with purpose using #MickUnplugged.
Mick Hunt delves deep with Eric North, exploring his transformation into a happiness warrior. Eric discusses his approach to turning life's challenges into opportunities for growth and how he uses his experiences to inspire others to find their joy. This episode is a treasure trove of practical advice on living a happier, more fulfilled life.Eric North's Background: A transformative journey from overcoming personal challenges to becoming a happiness coach, known for his unique approach to fostering joy and well-being in others.Defining Moments: Eric shares how overcoming a dangerous and abusive relationship shaped his mission to help others find their path to happiness.Discussion Topics:Eric's philosophy on happiness is that it's a choice and a lifestyle rather than a fleeting emotion.The role of gratitude, self-acceptance, and positive affirmations in personal transformation.Insights into the impact of relationships and environment on personal happiness.Key Quotes"Focus on being your best example, being your hero.""Everyone is capable; the answers we're looking for are always within."Next Steps:Learn More: Visit Eric North's website and follow his journey on social media.Reflect: Consider how daily gratitude and positive affirmations can transform your outlook.Engage: Share how Eric's insights inspire changes in your life using #MickUnplugged.
Mick Hunt explores Jessica Kizorek's journey from a marketer to a renowned filmmaker and philanthropist. Jessica discusses how she leverages her filmmaking skills to boost nonprofit fundraising efforts and her dedication to making a tangible social impact through her work. Her stories are not just inspiring but are also a testament to the power of media in driving positive change.Jessica Kizorek's Background: Transitioned from a marketing expert to a filmmaker and philanthropist, using her skills to support nonprofits through documentary filmmaking.Defining Moments: Jessica reflects on her projects that have raised substantial funds and awareness, particularly for the Boys and Girls Club of Martin County and initiatives against fracking in Miami-Dade County.Discussion Topics:The inception and growth of her company, 2 Parrot Productions, and her nonprofit, Eyes on Your Mission.The power of video in fundraising and awareness for nonprofits, detailing how her films have helped organizations significantly increase their funding.Her unique approach to documentary filmmaking focuses on stories that make a social impact.Key Quotes:"I realized that I could both charge money for this but also donate it for free as a pro bono thing.""My real reason is that I use technology to improve the world."Next Steps:Watch: Check out the impactful films produced by Jessica’s company on the 2 Parrot Productions website.Reflect: Consider the role of technology and media in social change and how you can contribute.Engage: Share how Jessica’s approach to filmmaking inspires you to use your skills for social good using #MickUnplugged.
In this compelling episode, Mick Hunt discusses with Diana Lammerts her extensive experience in digital strategy and public relations. Diana shares her journey from journalism to becoming a digital strategy leader, emphasizing the importance of adapting to technological advancements like AI. She also discusses her proactive approach to remote work and her vision for future digital trends.Diana Lammerts's Background: From radio journalist and news anchor to a leader in public relations and digital strategy.Defining Moments: Diana's shift to remote work before it became mainstream, her approach to overcoming challenges, and her integration of AI into daily operations.Discussion Topics:The transition from traditional media to public relations and the evolution of digital marketing.The impact of AI on the future of digital communication and public relations.Effective remote work strategies and building a thriving remote team culture.Key Quotes:"Success has a pattern. You have to take certain steps to succeed, just like walking up stairs.""AI will free up time for creative and strategic thinking, enhancing public relations and journalism productivity."Next Steps:Learn More: Follow Diana Lammerts for insights into digital strategy and public relations.Reflect: Consider how AI can enhance your efficiency and creativity in your field.Engage: Share how you plan to apply Diana's strategies in your work using #MickUnplugged.
In this inspirational episode, Mick Hunt delves into the remarkable journey of Kendra Erika from a tone-deaf child to a successful music artist. Kendra shares her experiences with vocal training, her passion for songwriting, and her approach to staying unique in a competitive industry. She discusses her challenges and the creative processes behind her top hits, offering listeners an intimate look at the life of a rising music star.Kendra Erika's Background: Overcame tone deafness to become a chart-topping singer-songwriter.Defining Moments: Kendra's experiences with classical training, her entry into professional music, and her rise on the Billboard dance chart.Discussion Topics:Kendra's unique journey from overcoming tone deafness to achieving musical success.The evolution of her musical style and influences over the years.Insights into her songwriting process and collaborations in the music industry.Key Quotes:"With tenacity and conviction, you can overcome any obstacle.""My parents taught me the way to be successful, not the way to be famous."Next Steps:Listen: Check out Kendra Erika's latest tracks and watch for her upcoming releases.Reflect: Consider how personal challenges can be transformed into artistic strength.Engage: Share how Kendra's story inspires you using #MickUnplugged.
In this engaging episode, Mick Hunt explores Bruce Chamoff's groundbreaking journey in podcasting. Bruce discusses his early challenges, the strategic insights that led to the creation of the World Podcast Network, and how he adapted to technological changes over the years. His story is a testament to innovation and adaptability in the digital age.Bruce Chamoff's Background: From aspiring DJ to web developer and ultimately a podcast network founder.Defining Moments: Bruce's transition from music and web development to creating a pioneering podcast platform.Discussion Topics:The inception of the World Podcast Network and its evolution.Challenges of podcast marketing before the prevalence of social media.The impact of podcasts on communication and media.Key Quotes:"I always wanted to be a radio DJ...I found a way to market other podcasts.""We didn't have social media...we had to rely on search engine optimization."Next Steps:Explore: Visit the World Podcast Network to discover diverse podcasts.Reflect: Consider how digital media has transformed your access to information and entertainment.Engage: Share your favorite podcast episode from the World Podcast Network using #MickUnplugged.