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Middle Aged And Creeped Out podcast

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This podcast features three middle-aged friends talking about the paranormal, weird, unexplained, and CREEPY!! MAACO is a conversational, family-friendly, mental health and anti-bullying advocating podcast and community. If you enjoy our show, please tell a friend, family member or even a stranger. We also would appreciate a 5 star rating and review. Keep it creepy!!
341 Episodes
The guys discuss the very dark history and lore surrounding the...Chateau De Amerois (with in-studio guest host, Pete Peterson)!!!
174: Joshua Ward House

174: Joshua Ward House


Nate and Todd discuss the historical and creepy residence...Joshua Ward House (George Corwin House)!!! house/
Todd and Nate discuss the disturbing murder in a Boise Idaho home called, the Chop-Chop House!!!
The guys have a special, fun, and exceptionally creepy guest chat with friend of the show…Whitney Zahar! Enjoy Creepies!!!
The guys cover the infamous, haunted, and creepy...Hull House!!!
The guys have a special chat with new friends of the show...Tyler and Nora, from The Scare Factor. Enjoy, Creepies!!!
The guys discuss this haunting, Chicago-based location...Dunning Asylum!!!
The guys have a fantastic chat with our new creepy and fun friend of the show...Cherise Williams! Enjoy, Creepies!!!
The guys take a creepy look into the history and hauntings behind a San Antonio locale...Black Swan Inn!!!
The guys have a special treat for you, Creepies...Creeped Out Freestyle #7!!!
The guys look into the gruesome Nordic legends of the undead...Draugr!!! We have special, in studio guests: Parker, Dane, Harrison, and Landon!
169: Alaska Triangle

169: Alaska Triangle


The guys take a deep dive into the mysterious and unexplained phenomenon of the... AlaskanTriangle!!!
The guys take a quick look at one of the most historically haunted locations in England...Borley Rectory!!!
The guys have a mysterious and spooky guest chat with our new friend of the show...Kelsey Childs ("The Paranormal Sherlock Holmes")!!!
The guys discuss the terrifying and very haunting folklore of…Hatchet House (Oklahoma City)!!!
Here comes a horror-ridden, metal treat! The guys have an exclusive guest chat with friends of the show, Carl and Brett...because we all know...Evil Never Dies! Stay evil!!! @evilneverdiespod
Todd and Nate cover the paranormal activity and history, surrounding the Summerwind Mansion in Northern Wisconsin.
The guys talk with the delightful, talented and spooky author and podcaster...CD McKenna!!! @cdmckenna1
The guys cover the hauntings surrounding the Michigan-based...Henderson Castle!!!
165: LaLaurie Mansion

165: LaLaurie Mansion


The guys head to haunted New Orleans to discover the horrors of the...LaLaurie Mansion!!!