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Sarah Sherman: From New Faces to SNL (Recorded August 2022)Sarah Sherman a.k.a. Sarah Squirm is the first and only Working It Out guest to show up wearing a t-shirt of the band Cannibal Corpse. The breakout SNL star sits down with Mike and the two comics cover everything from Kaufman-seque performance art to Sarah’s Weekend Update segments where she mercilessly roasts Colin Jost. Plus, jokes and stories about infrared saunas, getting chased by tweakers in the desert, fish eating fish, and a one-time only duet of Fran Drescher impressions.Please consider donating to Food Bank For NYC
For Mike, filmmaker Marc Forster is a rare example of making a new friend as an adult. Mike and Marc met on the new film A Man Called Otto starring Tom Hanks, in which Mike plays the antagonist. Since then, they’ve become good friends. Now Marc sits down with Mike to discuss his journey from Germany to Switzerland to NYU film school. Marc explains how he built a filmography so varied that it includes the zombie apocalypse blockbuster World War Z as well as the Winnie the Pooh story Christopher Robin. Plus, Marc’s advice to aspiring filmmakers, why his family calls each other “shnufi," and why the buddy system is important in creative pursuits.Please consider donating to Smiling Gecko
Zarna Garg: Humor is a Strategy (Recorded June 2022)Comedian Zarna Garg immigrated to the U.S. from India at age 16 and started performing stand-up comedy in her forties. As Zarna’s daughter Zoya explained in her New York Times-published college essay, it was not an easy path. Zarna sits down with Mike to discuss how humor has always been a strategy in her life, from escaping an impending arranged marriage to navigating life in a new country. Plus stories and jokes about upgrading her husband, trashing her mother-in-law on stage, and why Zarna approaches stand-up comedy like hosting a dinner party.Please consider donating to The Comedy Cures Foundation
Mike and Chris Redd first met when they appeared in the movie Popstar: Never Stop Never Stopping. Since then they’ve become friends in the world of stand-up comedy. Today they break down how to express ADHD, depression, and anxiety through comedy and how Chris arrived at the material for his new HBO special “Why Am I Like This?” Chris and Mike also discuss the relationship between hip-hop and comedy, the mechanics of crowd work, and why there’s a playlist for everything.Please consider donating to the NAACP Legal Defense Fund
(Recorded August 2022) Mike literally picks up Jimmy Fallon in his car and drives him to the studio for this joke-filled and joyful episode of Working It Out. The two friends share stories about everything from camping out with their daughters to impressions of Rodney Dangerfield to Jimmy’s early days of standup when he shaved his face on stage. Plus, Jimmy explains why he couldn’t stop laughing in the legendary Cowbell sketch on SNL with Will Ferrell and how watching comedy when he was injured in the hospital led him to a revelation about the healing power of laughter.Please consider donating to St. Jude Children's Research Hospital
Mike welcomes to the podcast his longtime creative collaborator, the director and actor Seth Barrish. Seth directed all five of Mike’s solo shows but that’s just one part of his varied career. Seth discusses his early days as a pianist at The Comedy Store, working with actors like Anne Hathaway, and what it’s like being a “that guy!” actor himself, including two different roles on two different seasons of The Sopranos. Seth and Mike go deep on acting process, how to deal with rage-aholics, and Seth’s near-death experience in Africa.Please consider donating to City Harvest
(Recorded November 2020) Mike is joined by the co-creator and co-star of the comedy classic “Broad City.” They discuss the show’s origins, why we should all hope to “fail flamboyantly,” and why you might quit your job after getting an email from Amy Poehler. Along the way they work out material about why Mike hates magic and Abbi’s crippling fear of running into her ex-girlfriend underwater. On one episode of Broad City Mike and Abbi made out literally. Today on “Working It Out” they make out…with jokes.Please consider donating to Girls Write Now
When Atsuko Okatsuka first appeared on Working It Out in 2021, she and Mike were both still developing their new shows. Now Mike’s The Old Man and the Pool is on Broadway and Atsuko’s The Intruder is an HBO comedy special. So Atsuko returns for a third chat with Mike to discuss the development of those shows. Plus jokes and stories about food conspiracies, making friends as an adult, and how to stop an awkward conversation.Please consider donating to Downtown Women's Center
(Recorded September 2021) Filmmaker Sterlin Harjo co-created the smash comedy hit Reservation Dogs for FX about four Indigenous teenagers growing up on a reservation in Oklahoma. Sterlin tells Mike about the time he accidentally taped over someone's wedding video while applying to the Sundance Film Lab. He also discusses Native representation in film & how Reservation Dogs may represent some sense of hope. Many laughs. Many challenging topics. A little backstrap.
Wendy MacNaughton is an acclaimed visual artist whose work you’ve probably seen and/or love. Between illustrating the bestselling cookbook Salt Fat Acid Heat, drawing for the New York Times, and teaching “Draw Together” online art classes for kids, she somehow found the time to design the artwork for Mike’s show The Old Man and the Pool, as well as co-design the cover art for The New One book. Mike talks with Wendy about the process of finding one’s artistic voice, turning her car into a mobile art studio, and the relationship between writing jokes and drawing pictures.Please consider donating to Girls Garage
(Recorded May 2022) Mike’s first-ever major movie role was in Going the Distance, starring Drew Barrymore. Now, 12 years later, Drew takes Mike through her journey from starring in E.T., to hosting SNL at age 7, to producing and starring in some of the most iconic films of the last 30 years. Drew breaks down her approach to comedy, and discusses how hosting her own talk show has allowed her to reclaim the narrative of her own life. Plus, jokes about New York City breakups, and what to do when your soul can’t catch up with your body.Please consider donating to World Central Kitchen
(Recorded June 2022) Ben Stiller joins Mike to talk about everything from leaving the SNL cast within weeks of joining to early nerve-racking test screenings for his film “Zoolander.” They also break apart Ben’s genre-bending hit series “Severance” on AppleTV+. Ben aces the slow round with stories about growing up the child of two comedy greats, not making the high school basketball team, and the magical feeling of being backstage at “The $10,000 Pyramid.”Please consider donating to the UN Refugee Agency.
Iliza Shlesinger is one of the most prolific comedians on the planet, with six specials including her latest, Hot Forever, and a new comedic memoir, All Things Aside. Mike and Iliza bond over their hard-to-pronounce last names, Iliza explains why she doesn’t like being described as “brash,” and we learn why Iliza was born to work out jokes.Please consider donating to Team Rubicon
Chloe Fineman’s first TV appearance was doing bird calls on Letterman. Now she plays a multitude of beloved characters on SNL and a role in Noah Baumbach’s forthcoming film White Noise. Mike and Chloe discuss how she got noticed with her celebrity impressions on Instagram and what happens when you talk smack about Chloe’s dog. Plus, jokes and stories about anesthesia freakouts and celebrity orgasms.Please consider donating to Best Buddies International
Mike has seen Chris Gethard naked. So has the cast and crew of Mike’s film Don’t Think Twice. Chris shares his memories of being nude on set, as well as why he was reluctant to return to the world of improv for the movie. The two longtime friends tell stories about touring together and brainstorming their respective projects simultaneously: Don’t Think Twice and Chris’s solo HBO special Career Suicide.Please consider donating to the Natural Resources Defense Council
(Recorded July 2020) Mike just announced that his show The Old Man and the Pool is coming to Broadway. Tickets at Today we’re re-airing one of our favorites. Mike and Hasan are friends who share a love for the interweaving of jokes and stories. Hasan teases possible stories for his current national tour and next special. The conversation goes from macro to micro to personal to global.Please consider donating to NRDC and Campaign Zero
Sam Morril tells well-crafted jokes but sometimes they make people angry. Sam is known for dealing with provocative subject matter but he doesn’t consider himself a provocative comedian. He and Mike dissect the difference. Then, on the heels of Sam’s new hit Netflix special “Same Time Tomorrow,” the two comics pollinate the seeds of new jokes about mink coats, resistance coffee shops, disappointing your religious relatives, and why Elon Musk has eight kids.Please consider donating to City Harvest
(Recorded October 2021) Legendary British comedian Jimmy Carr begins his conversation with Mike by saying, “I wrote a book in lock-down because it was that or a podcast and I figured a book would be more dignified.” This begins an hour-long chat between friends that jumps from jokes to roasts to a genuine and vulnerable discussion of how laughter has the power to heal us.Please consider donating to St. Mary’s Centre Community Trust
Mike welcomes his wife, the poet J. Hope Stein, a.k.a. Jen, a.k.a. Clo, on the release day of her new book of poems "Little Astronaut.” Mo and Clo have a deeply candid chat about poetry, creativity, and what it’s like when two artists are married to each other. The couple offer a sampling of their live “Jokes and Poems” show, discuss why Jen kept her poetry secret for years, and Jen gives tips for dating a comedian. (Spoiler: don’t.) Plus, Jen’s side of Mike’s “Who did?” story, and the truth about Mike’s household chores record.Please consider donating to Everytown
(Recorded January 2022) Mo Amer started doing stand-up when he was 14, and now he's being introduced by The Rock in his latest Netflix special, Mohammed in Texas. Mike talks with Mo about that journey, growing up Palestinian in Houston and later performing in college lunchrooms. They discuss why immigrants love Nescafe, the lengths to which Mo will go to get access to a bidet, and why it's important for writers to store ideas in a "creative savings account."Please consider donating to Relief Gang
Comments (18)

Ryan-Allen McKinney

so excited you had a DC show but it is the one week I am out of town. Bummer. not going to be able to see this show live.

Feb 21st

Michael McConnell

get bill burr, Matt stone, trey parker on your podcast

Nov 3rd


Yes, my celebrity crush is here! True story, my six year old son once saw Stephen Colbert on TV and said "Mom, that's the guy you said you're going to marry if dad dies!" 😂 To be clear, I have no memory of saying that, but I'm not calling my son a liar.

Oct 18th

Steve Glickman

Gaffigan can't seem to finish a sentence, his thoughts ping pong all over the place, almost incoherent. Couldn't finish it.

Sep 25th

Rebecca Watkins

If the figurine was glass, it was not a Hummel. Hummels are ceramic and produced in Germany, not China.

Sep 4th


Randall Park is very talented and I love seeing everything he's been in! He's hilarious in his appearances in the Marvel universe and I hope that his character is given more screen time in future projects!

Aug 30th

Erik Hansen

This episode was the BEST! I've been listening to a ton of various stand-up on Pandora, and have gotten to hear a lot of Jim Gaffiigan's bits. Really fascinating to hear the depth of his thoughts on the history and evolution of stand-up as an artform.

Aug 25th


I read Hoot with my kids this summer and then we watched the movie together. I was delighted to see Brie Larsen in it! My son said "Captain Marvel saved the owls!"

Aug 2nd

Shane Lee

Jesus christ. you think this dude is gay? his voice is like nails on a fucking chalk board. hard no.

May 23rd


please note this is a re-release, not a new episode

Mar 29th

Nellie Fly

my fave Massholes💕🔥

Oct 6th


this podcast helps me take my mind off things

Sep 30th


Does it feel like he rushed through this episode? of course the black female comedian gets the shortest episode.

Aug 19th

Ryan-Allen McKinney

very interesting to hear great comedians discuss their different processes and give each other feedback.

Jul 13th

Sondy M

I was absolutely thrilled to learn Mike Birbiglia is doing a podcast. As a long time fan who's driven for hours to see him live, I could not be happier about having Mike and his witty friends keeping me company at work. I've listened to every episode (twice for Ira Glass) and am anxiously awaiting the next installment. Thanks for all you do, Mike, and thanks to you and your wife for your wonderful book The New One.

Jul 7th


loving Mike Birbiglia's new podcast

Jul 3rd

Josh Forsythe

This has quickly become one of my favorite podcasts- love the creative process discussions, and it's FUNNY.

Jul 1st

Connie Bossenmeyer

I Love this podcast. Mike is so genuine and his guests are fun to listen to. I listened to every one of them, back to back....can't wait for the next episode! Keep working it out Mike! Really good!!

Jun 27th
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