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"It's important for the mind and body to be able to rest and have some time for yourself." While the idea that you need to stay active and consistently push your limits to achieve your goals might sound correct, during this episode of Mind Set Win, we learn how recovery is also key to our satisfaction levels. NBA All-Star Pascal Siakam knows a thing or two about winning and how crucial finding a balance between recovery and training is. In this interview, Pascal talks about life in the relentless NBA, what it takes to stay at the top and play almost every single night, and Toronto Raptors’ 2019 Championship triumph. In a bid to understand how to avoid mental overload, hosting duo Cédric and York take a look at the science behind how beta brainwaves stimulate your brain and alpha brainwaves help it relax and recharge. They then look at what daily activities we can do that focus on enhancing alpha waves and reducing the mental load on our brain. This includes things like reading, cooking, talking to your favourite people, listening to music or a podcast, yoga or meditation. Have a listen and see if one of the activities might work for you! Mind Set Win: Discover the keys to a winning mindset (
"I have goals and I have dreams and I really push to elevate myself to make sure there’s no excuses and that I can do anything I want."TJ Rogers has previously been a guest on this podcast with a powerful episode in which he detailed how skateboarding has been a constant source of positivity in his life while growing up in Canada and recently recovering from cancer. In his words, skateboarding saved his life. Back in Season 2 Episode 9, hosts Cédric and York explored TJ’s positive mindset and his ability to set long-term goals and continue to chase them while overcoming unexpected obstacles. In this UNCUT episode featuring an extended interview, the pro skateboarder allows us a deeper insight into his life and the mindset which has made him one of the most respected skaters in the world. Listen o TJ’s previous episode and hear Cédric and York’s tips on how to improve your long term goal setting, and how to stay committed to them.Mind Set Win: Discover the keys to a winning mindset (
"I'm an athlete who goes all in. For me this is the best tactic."Back in Season 2 Episode 4 we learned how alpine skier Marco Odermatt uses a visualisation technique to ground himself and zone in before he takes the starting gate. It’s a process that allows the reigning Olympic and World Champion to reach top speed under pressure, and often in challenging weather conditions that put additional strain on his body and mind.In this UNCUT episode featuring the extended interview, Marco further shares how his anchor lays the groundwork for him to be able to react positively to the many unpredictable situations that can arise on the mountain.If you want to hear Cédric and York break down the role of mental stimulation and offer some tips to help us all discover our own anchor, listen back to S2 E4 now. We’re excited to hear what you think! Talk to us!Mind Set Win: Discover the keys to a winning mindset (
“I was scared to be nervous. I was ashamed of those feelings going around in my head.”While often your physical performance is seemingly the most apparent aspect of your functioning, the mental side is not to be underestimated, especially when it comes to the influence this has on your ability to achieve your goals. Dutch speed skater Kjeld Nuis has been on both sides of the coin and experienced what a difference mental fitness makes when it comes to winning. In this episode Kjeld recalls the career crossroads that inspired him to include mental training into his routine and reflects on the positive influence it had on his global success.Not everyone aims to break a world record, but this ability of recognising and accepting emotions is also hugely beneficial in everyday life as well. Hosts Cèdric and York approach this topic with a clear and simple exercise – the MAC method. This stands for Mindfulness – Acceptance – Commitment. The first step is to become mindful of your emotions. Try to identify and label the emotions you're feeling – an easier task than it sounds!Secondly, accept that this is the emotion you’re feeling at this moment. Ask yourself where that emotion came from and why.Finally, committing to these emotions means not being ashamed of feeling them but rather sharing your experience with people you trust.Lastly, remember that being able to identify and understand an emotion you’re feeling in a particular situation is already the biggest step towards utilising it to positive effect.What do you think? Does this sound like something that could work for you? Talk to us at podcast@redbull.comMind Set Win: Discover the keys to a winning mindset (
How many times have you tried to do something over and over again, without any tangible success? Naturally, the key here is to continue trying, but this requires mental toughness, a skill that needs cultivating. Elite Latvian skater Madars Apse is not only a pro at kickflips and Frontside 360s, but also at remaining mentally tough during challenging times, both equally important components to achieving consistent success. In Madars’ world, where the streets are his playground and offer an endless source of creativity, he knows he’ll need to stay resilient to land tricks that could be days or weeks in the making. Cédric and York lean into this theme and apply it to our everyday lives by keeping in mind that “life happens”, and sometimes you will not be able to stick to a plan. York identifies three key factors that are key to developing our mental toughness:Internal motivation: the most important component. Remind yourself why you started the process in the first place. This motivation should be the origin and drive to continue your journey.External rewards: this may manifest itself in many ways, but should regardless not be the main motivating factor.Social support: this type of support may aid your journey in the form of recognition and encouragement.Lastly, always remember that trying to reach an unattainable goal or following someone else’s schedule is not realistic, be kind to yourself – trying counts just as much!What do you think? Does this sound like something that could work for you? Talk to us at! Mind Set Win: Discover the keys to a winning mindset ( – Madars Apse interview09:35 – Theme and takeaway
Canadian skateboarder TJ Rogers has had to deal with his fair share of obstacles in life both on and off the board. From early childhood challenges to career disappointments to a cancer diagnosis in January 2022, TJ’s remained positive and ambitious to achieve the goals he set for himself as a young child. Continuing this habit, TJ wants to “never be comfortable”, and always have a five-year plan in place to maintain his dedication, energy and momentum. After all, while there might be two sides to every coin, we have the ability to choose which one we want to focus on.Hosts Cédric and York expand on TJ’s mindset techniques by offering guidance on how to best create our own long-term plans – and actually stick with them! The trick here is to begin thinking about what obstacles you might encounter along the way while setting your goals, as the path to achieving them is “never a straight line”. For example, what are you going to do if you get sick for a week and are unable to continue working towards your goal? What are the goals you have set for yourself? Let us know at Mind Set Win: Discover the keys to a winning mindset ( TJ Rogers interview2 Takeaway3 Exercise
“When I stood on the platform I looked down on myself and I was wearing the Maple Leaf and it didn’t matter what size I was, I was just up there doing what I love.”As we heard in her episode in Season 1, Canadian cliff diver Molly Carlson shows daily how courageous and brave she is. Firstly during her Red Bull Cliff Diving career in which she jumps off staggering heights, and secondly with her ability to face and overcome any negative inner voices that arise. In the previous episode, we also learned exactly how she manages her inner team to compete successfully at elite level and reinforce a positive mindset that is so beneficial for our performance and satisfaction in everyday life. In this full-length uncut interview, Molly dives deeper into how her mindset has evolved over time, and what it took for her to find the positive space that she’s in today.Go back to Season 1 Episode 22 to hear how exactly you go about managing your inner team.For any questions, comments, or if you just want to get in touch, reach us at Mind Set Win: Discover the keys to a winning mindset ( Set Win podcast: Molly Carlson inner team (
“If you go step by step every time you have an unexpected situation, you’ll come out with more success.”After a fascinating episode earlier in the series where we learned how contingency planning is crucial to Daniel Dhers’s success as a BMX rider, we just had to make the full interview available! In this UNCUT episode, Daniel further shares how his dedication and problem-solving mindset has enabled him to become one of the most decorated riders in the history of his sport. Daniel also relives his rise to fame and how it affected him, and reveals deeper insight into how he won a medal in Tokyo at the age of 36. If you’re interested in how you can start incorporating Daniel’s mindset in your own life, go back and listen to the most recent episode where hosts Cédric and York break it down and offer an exercise you can action right away. Get in touch with us at Mind Set Win: Discover the keys to a winning mindset ( Set Win podcast: Daniel Dhers – contingency planning (
“Something I always talk about is being prepared for the unexpected.”For Venezuelan BMX rider Daniel Dhers, the key to competing at the highest level is being prepared for something to go wrong at any moment – no matter how unlikely it seems. On Mind Set Win this week, Daniel reveals how truly embracing this attitude has enabled him to build a long and successful career. He explains that it’s not about always having the perfect solution in stressful situations, but rather not panicking, and taking things step-by-step.Hosts Cédric and York lean into the theme of contingency planning, and introduce an exercise that helps you map out how to react when a situation throws what Daniel refers to as a “banana peel” at you. They identify three stages: green, orange and red – similar to a traffic light system.Green means that everything is going according to plan.Orange means that a minor obstacle has occurred.Red symbolises that a big obstacle has happened.What is your plan B? How do you want to react? In general, the plan of action should be oriented towards remaining calm and figuring out the next steps without disruptive emotions, like taking a deep breath or listening to your favourite song.Chapters:1. Daniel Dhers interview2. Takeaway3. ExerciseGet in touch with us! Mind Set Win: Discover the keys to a winning mindset (
"Every day I have to carry myself in a way that reminds me I must push every single time because others are looking – and hopefully I can be that little bit of hope for them." In this bonus episode of Mind Set Win UNCUT, Rugby World Cup-winning captain Siya Kolisi goes into depth on how he grew into his role as the leader of one of the world’s most iconic sports teams. As the first Black captain of his country’s rugby team, the Springboks, Siya reveals the responsibility he carries to be a beacon of hope for his community and nation. He relives South Africa’s triumph at the 2019 World Cup and also offers an even deeper insight into his ‘why’, the intrinsic and extrinsic motivation that inspires him to keep on pushing every single day. If you’re hungry for more content with Siya, go back to Season 2 Episode 2, where hosts Cédric and York uncover how we can all find our ‘why’ and how to use it to positive effect. Get in touch with us at Mind Set Win: Discover the keys to a winning mindset ( Set Win podcast: Siya Kolisi – finding your 'why' (
"My brain has already skied these runs many times, so if I make a mistake, it knows exactly what to do next."Reigning Olympic and World Champion alpine skier Marco Odermatt consistently implements a visualisation technique that’s become his anchor during races. It runs through his pre-performance routine like a red thread, and he uses it to ground himself and zone in on the upcoming task. In this episode of Mind Set Win, hosts Cédric and York-Peter discuss the role mental stimulation plays as Marco’s anchor, and learn how it helped the Swiss skier win the biggest race of his career to date in Beijing.The hosting duo then encourage listeners to identify a common routine within their own daily life. What is something you consistently do that has a comforting or grounding effect on you? The duration or type of activity isn’t what’s important, but rather how it makes you feel at that particular moment. Like Marco, you can then learn to use your anchor to find the right mindset that enables you to perform at your optimum level. Get in touch with us Mind Set Win: Discover the keys to a winning mindset (, Go in-depth with Marco Odermatt.Chapters:1. Marco Odermatt interview 2. Takeaway3. Exercise
"I'm trying to show no emotions, I'm trying to be calm and not show if I'm upset or angry – no matter the situation." Showing emotions in sports is a balancing act that requires discipline, but also strategic thinking. In this special episode of Mind Set Win UNCUT, tennis star Elena Rybakina elaborates on how she’s able to walk the thin line between keeping calm regardless of the circumstances, but also knowing when showing her investment in a game is beneficial for her. The 2022 Wimbledon winner has continuously worked on this technique and is able to utilise this mental strength to her advantage during the crunch moments that decide the biggest titles in her sport. After all, tennis is like “active chess” – you have to know your opponent's next move before you finish your own.Listen out for another episode with Elena where York-Peter Klöppel and Cédric Dumont outline how we can apply this technique to ourselves.For more information, check out: Mind Set Win: Discover the keys to a winning mindset ( Get in touch with us!
“You have to know why you’re doing something, and the ‘why’ has to be bigger than the doubt you have about yourself.” In this powerful episode of Mind Set Win, Springboks captain Siya Kolisi shares the mentality that's helped him achieve and establish his status as a sporting icon. The 2019 Rugby World Cup winner explains his ‘why’ in life, and how he’s continuously used it to push himself not just on the field, but also to create a positive impact in his community. In line with this theme, the exercise from hosts Cédric Dumont and York-Peter Klöppel focuses on how to find your own ‘why’ in life and utilise it as a source of energy for when you need it most. To help you establish your ‘why’, York suggests this technique: 1. When watching the news, or thinking about your job at the end of the day, ask yourself what resonated with you the most? What excited you the most? What carried the most meaning?2. Keep a note of it! It doesn’t matter how or where, whether it's in a folder on your phone, on your fridge, or in your notebook, all that matters is that you collect them somewhere. 3. When you’re having a down day or a difficult time, look at the note to remind yourself what your ‘why’ is, the bigger picture behind your actions and tasks.Chapters:1. Siya Kolisi interview2. Theme breakdown3. Exercise and takeawayFor more information, check out: Mind Set Win: Discover the keys to a winning mindset ( Get in touch with us
“I enjoy what I'm doing but I also don't make myself crazy – I don't put a lot of questions in my head. I just go with the flow and this works for me."Welcome to the first episode of Mind Set Win Season 2! We’re kicking this new season off with Formula One world champion Max Verstappen, who talks to us about trusting the process. The Oracle Red Bull Racing driver has perfected the art of not overcomplicating or overthinking his routine and approach, something which helps him keep focus on the important aspects he needs to win races and titles. In the episode, hosts Cédric Dumont and York-Peter Klöppel introduce us to a way of thinking that can help us focus on the present moment. It’s called What's Important Now – or WIN. They then tell us how to put it into practice. First, identify a large goal you’re working towards. Thinking about the final outcome can become overwhelming, so begin to think about the smaller steps it will take to reach that one goal. Finally, begin every day by focusing on What’s Important Now and what you can control in that very moment. This helps keep you focused on the daily achievable goals and the current tasks at hand that will push you towards your end goal. Chapters: 00:00 – Max Verstappen interview14:30 – Theme breakdown17:40 – Exercise and takeawayFor more information, check out: Mind Set Win: Discover the keys to a winning mindset ( Get in touch with us and @cedricdumont
Welcome back to Season 2 of Mind Set Win, the podcast where we talk to an elite sports professional, break down their winning mental approach and reveal how you can apply the same techniques in your daily life. The first episode is dropping on October 3 with F1 superstar and dominant world champion Max Verstappen but, before then, press play on the trailer to learn just what you can expect to hear throughout the whole upcoming season.You’ll also be introduced to York-Peter Klöppel, the Head of Mental Performance at the Red Bull Athlete Performance Center. York-Peter is joining host Cédric Dumont in every episode to offer his expert insight, and to help uncover the relatable psychological approaches of elite athletes that we can incorporate into our own routines.For more information, check out: Mind Set Win: Discover the keys to a winning mindset ( Get in touch with us
"I'm always a work in progress, and I think that's given me the freedom to push my performance, boundaries, and limits.”Ahead of Season 2 returning later in 2023, we’re whetting the appetite by releasing a selection of full-length athlete interviews. This episode features Carissa Moore, the dominant five-time surfing world champion and Olympic gold medallist (Tokyo). Carissa is a hall of fame surfer widely regarded as one of the all-time greats of her sport. In this episode of Mind Set Win, hosted by Cédric Dumont, the American lifts the lid on her aggressive approach to competition and reveals how – by never holding back – she’s left with no regrets. Born into surfing on the Hawaiian island of Oahu, Carissa also explains how she finds great joy, adventure and self-expression when out on the waves, and talks us through the mental techniques she uses to connect with her heart, something which enables her to perform at her best level. For more, check out: and get in touch with us via to let us know your thoughts on this episode! Keep up to date with Cédric and Carissa @cedricdumont & @rissmoore10
“I think self-reflection is a huge part of my personality trait and my journey of trying to be the best version of myself.” Ahead of Season 2 returning later in 2023, we’re whetting the appetite by releasing a selection of full-length athlete interviews. This episode features Australian surfer Molly Picklum who has enjoyed a breakthrough year in 2023, winning her first WSL Championship Tour event. Molly is on a quest to become a world champion and in this episode she reveals how she strives to find balance both on and off the water, and explains how curiosity can be her greatest strength but also her biggest weakness. The New South Wales native, frequently referred to as ‘surfing’s next big thing’, also opens up on what the hardest moment of her career has been and the mental techniques she adopted to help her overcome the situation. For more, check out: and get in touch with us via to let us know your thoughts on this episode! Follow Molly @picklummolly
"I had no margin for error. What I added was the respect for fear. I started to listen to my fears and make them my best friends."Ahead of Season 2 returning later in 2023, we’re releasing a selection of full-length athlete interviews, uncut with no interruptions. This extended episode is with Italian pilot and aviation pioneer Dario Costa.Dario featured in Series 1, Episode 14, and took us into the cockpit with him on his historic Tunnel Pass flight through two road tunnels, a video which has been seen by millions. As he explains to host Kate Courtney, it was a 44-second flight which took him out of his comfort zone like never before. In this uncut episode, Dario reveals more about his Red Bull Air Race career, and offers further insight on just how he embraced his fears and pushed his limits to make aviation history. Listen to the shorter episode and hear Kate explain the four stages we commonly go through when pushing the edge of our comfort zone. For more, check out: Get in touch with us @katecourtney & @costadario
“It’s important to always be open for plan C,D,E,F – nothing ever goes according to plan, you need to stay flexible and adjust to the moment.”Ahead of Season 2 returning later in 2023, we’re releasing a series of full-length athlete interviews, completely uninterrupted. This extended episode is with Swiss IRONMAN legend Daniela Ryf.Earlier in Series 1 in Episode 16, Daniela shares how being able to mentally refocus and rest during a race gives her the best chance of being successful. She also gives the inside story on the infamous jellyfish sting that almost derailed her race at the 2018 World Championships! In this extended version, Daniela provides further insight on what has made her one of the most dominant athletes of her era. Listen to Daniela’s original episode and learn how by assessing, adjusting and acting you can reset mentally like the champion Swiss. For more, check out: Get in touch with us @katecourtney & @danielaryf
“When I’m happy I’m at the track, when I’m mad I’m at the track, when I’m at my best and lowest, I’m at the track. I commit to this fully.” Ahead of Season 2 returning later in 2023, we’re releasing a series of full-length athlete interviews, completely uninterrupted. This extended episode is with Qatari world champion high jumper Mutaz Barshim.Earlier in Series 1 in Episode 11, listeners heard how resilience has been fundamental to Mutaz’s continued success on the world stage. In this uncut interview Mutaz reveals further just how mentally challenging it was to rebuild his career to great heights after a debilitating injury.In the shorter version, Cédric Dumont provides a step-by-step guide on how you can build your resilience levels when navigating everyday challenges. Listen to the episode and recap the exercise: For more, check out: Get in touch with us @cedricdumont & @mutaz.barshim
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On the podcast "Mind Set Win," the hosts delve deep into the realm of personal development and self-improvement, providing listeners with a wealth of knowledge, insights, and strategies to enhance their mindset and achieve success in various aspects of life. This podcast is a treasure trove of wisdom, featuring experts, thought leaders, and real-life stories that inspire and empower individuals to harness the power of their minds and transform their lives for the better. The "Mind Set Win" podcast covers a wide range of topics, from mindset and motivation to goal setting, time management, and personal growth. With each episode, listeners gain access to practical tips and actionable advice that can be applied to their personal and professional lives.

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Hey, That sounds exciting! Podcasts that delve into the mental fitness and tactics of elite athletes can offer valuable insights and inspiration for listeners. The addition of new guests, a new co-host, and practical exercises makes the second season even more appealing. Learning from the experiences and strategies of top athletes can provide not only a window into their world but also guidance on how to apply these lessons to our daily lives, whether it's for sports performance or general mental fitness and well-being. It's a great way to connect with the world of sports and personal development. Enjoy listening! CC:

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The "Mind Set Win" podcast is an engaging and thought-provoking series that delves into the intricate realm of mindset, personal development, and the strategies behind achieving success. With a strong focus on empowering listeners to unlock their full potential, this podcast explores the intricacies of the human mind, the power of positive thinking, and actionable steps to attain one's goals. Hosted by a panel of experts in various fields, the podcast offers a diverse range of perspectives and insights. Each episode delves into the psychological aspects of success, dissecting how individuals can reshape their mindset to overcome obstacles and achieve their dreams. From athletes to entrepreneurs, psychologists to life coaches, "Mind Set Win" presents a broad spectrum of guests who share their personal experiences and expert knowledge.

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