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Author: Lexi Hidalgo

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A place for you to feel understood, a place for you to know you’re never alone, a place to escape. This podcast dives deep into all of our wild thoughts and unexplainable emotions. I want this podcast to make you feel good, feel inspired and feel okay with being exactly where you are here and now. We all know the only moment that exists is now, so let’s enjoy it. And let’s talk mental health- and of course everything in-between.
Welcome to The Moments Podcast: with Lexi Hidalgo
73 Episodes
We get lost in it all sometimes, but it’s important to remember why you’re here. To be, to enjoy & to soak it all it all in. To talk to the sun, embrace nature and take it one day at a time while remembering it’ll all fall into place Virtual yoga link:
We’ve all been there, we all feel it. We’re all learning to love ourselves a little bit more each day. I thought it’d be beneficial for us all to gain some insight and some self love tips from a professional herself (and my queen, Dr. Leon) Tune in for some tips to help get out of your own head and a little bit more into your heart 
I just think it’s all gotten a bit out of hand, and we can make it better. We just gotta come together, treat other people, nature and ourselves with a bit more kindness. A bit of a ramble episode, but it’s just what’s been on my mind
Just a few of the things I’ve become aware of that have led me to feel more peace and contentment within my life and myself. Growing up can be weird but with all these tools and mindset shifts it’s not so bad. Take this episode with a grain of salt and remember you’re going to come across a lot of people who may not understand these things, but if you do- you’re on the right path 
Take a minute to breath, reconnect and get in touch with yourself. Enjoy your meditation & let me know if you need more :) 
Meet my best friend Brian Ramsey, the man who took an idea and made it reality. Ran his first marathon with 6 months of training and inspired us all. This isn’t just about marathons, it’s about life. It doesn’t happen over night, it’s never easy, but it’s always possible. And you too are capable of chasing your dreams. 
After over a year of going to therapy, my life has changed drastically- and a lot of these tips are the reason why. Meet Dr. Jessica Leon, the one who changed a lot for me. And I know she’ll do the same for you. Listen in to hear all about the ways to shift your mindset, find yourself and your happiness along the way 
66: Guide to Happiness

66: Guide to Happiness


We can’t fix it all, but we can make meaning of it all. And, we can use tools to create more joy in each of our lives. Here’s my guide to positivity, give her a listen 
Your thoughts, feelings and everything in between. This episode is your reminder that you’re never alone. We’re all feeling, we’re all pushing and we will all get through this. This episode is a collection of your journal entries. Feel free to submit one to clear your mind. Click the diary page on
We all get caught up in what’s going on around us. Trying to fix our life through things around us instead of what’s already in us. You are the solution, I promise :)
63: 23 habits for 2023

63: 23 habits for 2023


A few things that could help us all feel a little better, do a little better and ultimately just make life better- Just do your best, it’s what we’re all doing :)
Closing out 2022 with a whole lot of lessons. Lessons we should all carry into the new year. Why you should put family first, how to create your dream reality, how to live in the moment and a whole lot more. Dream big in 2023 I believe in you! (If you can’t decide what episode to listen to, listen to this one)
Sometimes we’re our own worst enemies, I wanted to record this episode to remind you why it’s so important to be your #1 hype man 
What are we all struggling with and why? Let’s talk about it to the best of my abilities 
No one wants to get played, but we all do sometimes, so here’s what I think you should look out for. These aren’t just red flags I have written down on a running list, most of these were born through an experience so please allow me to embarrass myself and tell you my boy trauma 
I know it’s past thanksgiving but here are some thoughts and reminders as we go through the holiday season together, you guys are my bestfriends and I love you more than you will ever know
57: Madhappy x Moments

57: Madhappy x Moments


So excited to share this pod with you guys that you can also listen to on Mad Happy’s podcast if you’d like! So nice to go get to know one another and touch a little bit on mental health. I can’t wait to share more great conversations in the future.
Some of the lessons life has handed me in the past couple weeks, what if felt like to cross skydiving off the bucket list, and the reminder that we’re gonna have to go under the wave even when we reallllly don’t want to sometimes. Oh & a big FAT THANK YOU for shopping collection 2 :) 
The long awaited episode with one of my favorite people.
Everything you might need to hear, confidence, self love, opinions of others, and everything in between.
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OMG I ate all cookies last night too all that peanut butter and yes i really enjoyed this episode ♥️🥲🙌🏻

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You are soo inspiring for me 💕🌠

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Pharoah Hedin

I'm just like awesome

Nov 27th

Pharoah Hedin

yeah she slick finessing on her son ain't it me ... ha ha like pro sounding like Chanel ha ha mommy bad yet look how I know you.ha ha you just seen Shawn word listen with me nigga

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U r fab!! 💕

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