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No one wants to get played, but we all do sometimes, so here’s what I think you should look out for. These aren’t just red flags I have written down on a running list, most of these were born through an experience so please allow me to embarrass myself and tell you my boy trauma 
I know it’s past thanksgiving but here are some thoughts and reminders as we go through the holiday season together, you guys are my bestfriends and I love you more than you will ever know
57: Madhappy x Moments

57: Madhappy x Moments


So excited to share this pod with you guys that you can also listen to on Mad Happy’s podcast if you’d like! So nice to go get to know one another and touch a little bit on mental health. I can’t wait to share more great conversations in the future.
Some of the lessons life has handed me in the past couple weeks, what if felt like to cross skydiving off the bucket list, and the reminder that we’re gonna have to go under the wave even when we reallllly don’t want to sometimes. Oh & a big FAT THANK YOU for shopping collection 2 :) 
The long awaited episode with one of my favorite people.
Everything you might need to hear, confidence, self love, opinions of others, and everything in between.
53: Moments of advice

53: Moments of advice


All the things you wanted some advice on, friends, boys, dreams and some other things in-between (Part two out next Monday)
A random little episode I recorded after I did something huge for myself, I want to explain to you why it’s so important to step out of your comfort zone and make fear your bestfriend.
You can choose to make a good impact in the world, or a negative one- and that’s something up to you. Talking about understanding your self worth, knowing your impact and everything in between in this weeks episode:) 
While the written itinerary is in the works, here’s the beautiful lessons I’ve learned along road trips and why I believe they’re so special- and my little run down on how I do my planning :)
Two gals, two different college experiences and advice on it all- here’s me and Lissette talking all about college 
Teaching you all the valuable lessons my therapist has taught me. The simplest things have changed my life & I really do believe they’ll change yours too 
A little piece I wrote about what life may feel like in your early 20’s. It’s not the easiest time, but it’s definitely memorable and we are gonna make the absolute best of it- it’s a beautiful time of of our lives. Let’s talk about the ups and downs together:)
46: Moments in lessons

46: Moments in lessons


I’ve learned a lot this week, everything from appreciating being young to understanding that sometimes you’re wrong. I think we could all gain from learning a little something new and I wanted to share these lessons with you.
Sometimes we’re under the wave longer than we’d like to be, I definitely have been. For a few weeks now I’ve been struggling to remember what it feels like to enjoy all of the beauty in life’s little moments. We’re healing together & I want to talk about it some more. The key is shifting the mindset & faking it till you make it - and soon you feel healed and grateful.
The dreaded cycle of mental health, sometimes you have it all together and the next everything is falling apart. In this episode come with me to figure out how to get my mind back at a healthy place & how to do the same for yours
Incase you needed to hear it, here’s me and Lissette talking about a few of the things you all needed advice on- get excited- MOMENTS MERCH 8/20/22
Even in the midst of a perfect summer, we can all struggle with how we feel, what we look like and so many other things that shouldn’t be relevant- let’s talk about it together bc we all should loving ourselves a little more
My favorite people ever- just met, this is epic. Let’s talk about life- at midnight, while we’re delusional
My story of Costa Rica, my story of yoga, and the story of how I found myself. & all of the lessons I learned along the way.
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OMG I ate all cookies last night too all that peanut butter and yes i really enjoyed this episode ♥️🥲🙌🏻

Feb 24th


You are soo inspiring for me 💕🌠

Jan 17th

Pharoah Hedin

I'm just like awesome

Nov 27th

Pharoah Hedin

yeah she slick finessing on her son ain't it me ... ha ha like pro sounding like Chanel ha ha mommy bad yet look how I know you.ha ha you just seen Shawn word listen with me nigga

Nov 27th
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Aynaz Yari

U r fab!! 💕

Nov 8th
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