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This week on The Mommy Labor Nurse Podcast I’m going to share tips for choosing a pediatrician. Because as you’re working your way through (your seemingly endless) to-do list before birth, one important task is choosing a provider for your newborn. In this episode, I'll share a list of considerations for choosing a pediatrician, questions to ask a pediatrician before deciding, and even a little bit about what to expect from your newborn pediatrician visits. Let’s tackle this item that’s been sitting on your to-do list mama! And let’s take it on with confidence!
the founder of a program called workweek lunch - a blog and digital meal plan subscription that has helped 1000s of people all over the world master the art of meal prep. She is also the author of The Workweek Lunch Cookbook, which includes 60 approachable and delicious recipes that are designed to be prepped and stored. On this episode, we talk about the benefits of meal prepping for pregnancy and postpartum, how to get started, and tips for meal prepping in that last month of your pregnancy to make your life easier once baby comes.
This week on The Mommy Labor Nurse Podcast I have Jordan joining me to talk about her birth story! Jordan is a black woman & first-time mom who had a fairly uneventful pregnancy but unfortunately dealt with some traumatic events that occurred during the birth of her son. Jordan tells me in the episode that while pregnant, she had educated herself about the racial disparities that unfortunately exist here in the US and she felt informed, and prepared going into her birth. She never really thought she would actually be treated differently because of the way that she looked. 
This week on The Mommy Labor Nurse Podcast we’re going to talk all about birthing without an epidural, and answer a question I get all the time - “How do I have a natural birth?” And while there is no secret formula…I definitely have some insight into what you can do to set yourself up for success.
This week on The Mommy Labor Nurse Podcast, I had the opportunity to interview Erica Campbell, who is a mom of two, registered nurse, and international board-certified lactation consultant! Erica is also the face behind the growing Instagram platform @themilkmanual, where she aims to make lactation education chill and attainable for all. In the episode, you’ll learn more about Erica and her platform, find out what she recommends for breastfeeding prep during pregnancy, learn about the benefits of hand expression during pregnancy, and then we’ll get into lactation and the NICU! 
On this episode, Carly talks about her journey to motherhood. Carly is a part of a two-mom family, and she's actually now pregnant with her 3rd baby! She and her wife used the same sperm donor for all three of their babies, but the way Carly got pregnant was different all three times. It's a very interesting, and heartfelt story that you don't want to miss!
Are you wondering what to do while waiting for baby to arrive? I get it, when your due date countdown goes from weeks to days, time can start to feel extra slow. We’ve all heard the joke about the last month of pregnancy lasting 5,654,213 days, right?? Well, this week I’m going to share some ways to help you pass that time and get you a little more prepared mentally, physically, and sentimentally (is that a thing?) for your baby to arrive. Keep in mind that these are the things that aren’t absolutely essential, but are a great way to fill those waiting days!
This week on The Mommy Labor Nurse Podcast I was joined by my good friend and fellow Instagram educator, Dr. Ashurina Ream - you may know her as @psychedmommy on Instagram. Ashurina is a Licensed Clinical Psychologist with certification in perinatal mental health.  I put out a call for questions on my Instagram story for this one, and we were able to group questions into three categories to help keep the episode structured. You’ll hear us cover mental health in pregnancy, mental health after birth, and then some mental health “in general” questions. I always learn so much anytime I have the chance to chat with Dr. Ream, and I know you will too.
I am so excited to share this birth story with you guys. Cathryn struggled with secondary infertility with the birth of her daughter. It was actually a full 18 months of going through rounds of Clomid, IUI, and IVF before conceiving. It was really tremendous to hear the whole process, have her explain how she was feeling throughout it, and just everything that goes along with infertility because there's a lot to it and it can be really hard to relate to others who are going through infertility if you haven't been through it yourself. I love that she touched on that and shared her story so openly. During the second half of the episode, Cathryn talks about her pregnancy with her daughter and her amazing birth story, too!
This week on the podcast, I had my sister Jenna come on the show for a fun and light hearted episode that I'm really excited to share with you guys. Jenna and I watched some birth videos - but not the kind of birth videos that you're thinking of! - and react to them live on the episode. I thought it'd be interesting coming from me as a labor and delivery nurse and from Jenna, who you know has never been pregnant and doesn't have any kids. I'm not gonna spoil too much of the episode. It was a lot of fun to record, but was also a big pain in the butt to get ready for, so I hope you guys like it!
For today’s episode, we spoke specifically about flipping the narrative on working mom guilt and Sarah weighed in with her brain expertise to share why being a working mom benefits children and their development! You’ll hear as discuss what working mom guilt typically looks like, research-backed reasons why being a working mom can benefit your children, discuss the pros and cons of daycare vs. nanny care in the first year from a neuro-development perspective, and maternity/parental leave in general here in the US.
This week on The Mommy Labor Nurse Podcast I have a birth story to share with you guys from Bryce Reddy who you probably know as @mombrain.therapist over on Instagram. You'll hear Bryce open up about her struggles, what it was like to navigate this unexpected pregnancy and the amazing birth story of her third little kiddo.
This week on The Mommy Labor Nurse Podcast I had my sister, Jenna, come on the show to help me do an "ask me anything about labor and delivery" episode! I haven't done an episode like this in a while, and it was very fun to bring it back! These questions came straight from the MLN community - and when you listen you'll hear me talk about inductions, the big baby myth, epidural side effects, partner tips, and more!
This week on The Mommy Labor Nurse Podcast I was joined by psychologist and couples therapist, Dr. Tracy Dalgleish to talk all about preparing your relationship for baby before they're here! Inside of the episode, you'll learn actionable tips and systems you can put into place now, hear about common pitfalls and obstacles that couples often have so that you can prepare for them, and so much more!
This week on The Mommy Labor Nurse Podcast I'm excited to share Natalie Portman and her birth story with you guys! Natalie reached out to me to share the story of her positive, natural birth! Natalie hopes that her story will help women who are on the fence about unmedicated birth or that are just scared about giving birth, in general, to know that although you can’t control everything about the situation, there is still a lot you can do. In her words, Knowledge is power, and trust is power
Inside of the episode I spoke with Courtney Miller, IBCLC all about the benefits of virtual lactation consultants. Then we switched gears and did a total deep dive into the topic of tongue ties - which I know is something that a LOT of you are curious about. There's so much great info packed into this episode, so definitely tune in!
On this episode of the Mommy Labor Nurse podcast, I'm talking all about the first 48 hours after birth. We'll start with details about the very first hour - also known as the golden hour. This is because an uninterrupted first hour of life is actually filled with evidence-based benefits for both mama and baby! Then we'll get into the duration of your hospital stay so that you’re totally prepared for that too! The first 48 hours after birth are a critical time of recovery for you, and there’s a lot you can do during your hospital stay to make your transition home with your baby a bit easier.
This week on the Mommy Labor Nurse podcast, I had my friend and follow Instagram Nurse/Educator Tori Meskin come onto the show to talk to us all about the NICU! Today on the show, Tori shared her insights into what it's like to be a NICU nurse, the most common reasons babies are admitted into the NICU, what the deal is with visiting babies in the NICU, all about kangaroo care, feeding your NICU baby, and so much more!
This week on the Mommy Labor Nurse podcast I have a birth story to share with you guys from Heather Evans.  Heather reached out to me to share her story because she hopes that it will help those with infertility, those considering egg donation, mamas of multiples, preemie moms, and moms of kiddos with special needs. And furthermore, her career as a pelvic health PT offers insight to ALL moms!
In this episode of the Mommy Labor Nurse podcast, we're going to talk all about your placenta and the umbilical cord! You will learn all about the placenta, potential complications, how it’s expelled, and more! We’re also going to cover umbilical cords so that you understand what’s normal and what’s not with baby’s cord, too.
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