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Bill rambles about a consumer altercation, the population debate, and farmland.
Bill rambles about the news, the squeegees being back, and population numbers.
Bill rambles about a playground altercation, working in a kitchen, and reading the whole article.
Bill rambles with Paul Virzi about sports, shopping, and airport travel.
Bill rambles about which finger to lose, suing a newspaper, and world evils.
Bill rambles about gym people, cult robes, and cult recruitment. 
Bill rambles about medical side effects, Red Rocks reactions, and plastics.
Bill rambles about the All-Star Game, 'ass-Hooters', and Home Depot.
Bill rambles about a medical procedure, the great gold robbery, and useless car features.
Bill rambles about accidentally cursing someone out, progressive metal, and getting rated a '4' by your wife.
Bill rambles about soothsaying, wet vacs, and baseball.
Bill rambles about tribal morons, kid's habits, and a reality show house.
Bill rambles about shows in Canada, his trip to France, and river life.
Bill rambles from his car about announcers, paving paradise, and eating his balls at the Comedy Store.
Bill rambles about Woodstock, his new truck, and ultimatums. 
Bill rambles about Vermont, 'American Buffalo', and uniforms. Thursday Afternoon Interlude -  Mitch Murder - The Touch MasterClass:  Get unlimited access to EVERY MasterClass. As a Monday Morning Podcast listener, you get 15% off an annual membership!  Go to MASTER CLASS dot com slash BURR now
Bill rambles about math tears, fighting back against the robots, and righteous vegans.
Bill quietly rambles about lard-ass social media losers, the dawn of 'club kids', and the Celtics.
Bill rambles about playoffs, double double espressos, and national donut day.
Bill rambles about contemporary excuses, the finals, and disposable people.
Comments (1740)

Eddie Stephens

Get your political perspectives out there Billy and stop playing both sides for quick laughs.

Aug 12th

Regular To

Does anyone ever not murder Bill?

Aug 12th

Michael McConnell

"I need more respect out here on the ice"-Bill Burr

Aug 12th

Michael McConnell

your wife cracks me up

Aug 12th

Ron Bowers

The Jonny Manzel talk is great with hindsight

Aug 5th

Jairo Ambrósio

Wow! 1000th episode, Congrats Billy "Big Burgundy Balls" Burr! Thanks for making us laugh.

Jul 28th

charlie L

just found the comment section here. get a grip guys. this shit is free.

Jul 17th

Mobina Hosseini

this is the first time I'm listening to one of your podcasts and I've been laughing out loud the whole time & It was awesome because I've been feeling down all day thank you!

Jul 7th

Jimmy Locke

@billburr hey freckle domed billy so in regaurds to the gun issue i think every 1 is asking the wrong questions ...there have been guns for a real long time but what has changed recently that these shootings are happening...i think it has alot to do with lack of parenting these guys have come from single mom households and the shitty thing is families are more and more broken dads are not around teaching these men how to be men ... ths other thing is ive never known a criminal that respected the law ...if they have an agenda they will find a way love the podcast ....go fuck yourself lol

Jun 16th

Regular To

Does anybody know if Bill is annoyed with the NBA? 😂

Jun 10th

shawn bethke

how many times is he going to do the NBA is crooked rant?🤔🤔🤔

May 31st

Michael McConnell

clean up clean up, everybody do your share. that's all I remember

May 27th

Dulguun B

haha ya kantz

May 26th


we know what makes babies. you shouldn't need an abortion

May 13th

M1DNYT3 K1ll4

ol Billy red potatoes. life's good thanks 4 asking.

Apr 30th

KS Burt

Can anyone tell me if these podcast that I am listening too for Bill are the ones he talks about being stolen? I wanna make sure he is getting his credit. I have an account but wanted to check and be on the safe side. love listening to his rants.

Apr 28th


R u kidding me right now?! Zero mention of the slap? What an egomaniac:BYE!

Mar 30th
Reply (1)

R Br

i loved how you began the show 😂

Mar 29th

Shea Henderson

I see it

Mar 29th

John Chalk

Love your show!!

Mar 20th
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