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Originally aired 5/14/2021 Nicole catches up with Brit Morin, founder of Brit + Co and co-founder of Offline Ventures. They cover what it’s like to be romantic partners with your business partner, how to teach your kids how to save $$$ and which Silicon Valley strategies Brit uses at home.
Imagining a scenario in which you get laid off is not a fun thought exercise. We all want to have job security, and it’s stressful to think that we might not. But the worst-case scenario is that you get laid off and it takes you completely by surprise. A better scenario (although still a sucky one), is to get laid off, but be prepared to chase your next opportunity. Today, Nicole shares six signs that your company might be announcing layoffs.
We know that the Fed sets interest rates... but it's not the interest rate you'll pay for a mortgage. To unpack what it really means, and what it means for you, Nicole calls up a friend of the show: Dr. Uncertainty (Dr. Richard Smith). Plus, Dr. Smith shares his predictions for where interest rates will land in 2023.
We are in the thick of earnings seasons, which means public companies are showing their financial report cards for the past quarter. Nicole shares the three most important metrics investors need to watch in order to pick winning investments during this financial szn.
Nicole breaks down everything you need to know about buying a foreclosed home; like, whether it's a good move for you, how to find the best opportunities, and how to beat competing offers. As promised, here are the goods:
Originally aired 10.19.21 Today’s Money Rehabbers (AKA the best couple ever) have had some good news in the money department lately. Their bank account is more full than it’s ever been, and they want to make sure they make smart decisions to make the most of it. Today, Nicole jumps in to help.
Originally aired 11.10.21 Today Nicole sits down with Robert Rooks, CEO of REFORM Alliance, an organization that aims to transform probation and parole by changing laws, systems and culture to create real pathways to work and wellbeing. Nicole and Robert talk about the current problems with the justice system, and how the financial repercussions of these problems affect us all.  To learn more about REFORM, click here:
Originally aired 9.16.21 In the financial justice system, money-related crimes are considered especially heinous. In Lapin Land, the dedicated Rehabbers who investigate these financial fibs are members of an elite squad known as the Money Rehab Court. These are their stories. DUM-DUM!
Nicole shares the biggest bargains to look out for this weekend, plus one cautionary tale.
Nicole gives her weekly pulse check on Wall Street. Today: SLUGs (but not the slimy kind), the confusing story on car pricing trends and, dare we say, good inflation news.
Today, Nicole gives you a way to fight back against a system that’s typically set-up against you: lending. Along the way, she shares insights from a recent conversation with Scott Sanborn, the CEO of LendingClub, who shares Nicole's passion for making lending more equitable. Nicole and Scott unpack who gets hurt in traditional systems of lending, how to use credit as a tool and "good debt."
Today, Nicole hands over the mic to money experts Jannese and Austin, who host the show “Mind the Business: Small Business Success Stories." In this episode of "Mind the Business," Austin and Jannese unpack how fellow biz owners can manage their finances, track cash flows and choose the best business accounts.
Originally aired 8.24.2021 A lot of financial experts target money advice to people who have money. But what if you don’t? Today, a Money Rehabber asks Nicole for the type of financial advice that doesn’t cost a dime.
Originally aired 1/20/22 Nicole’s said it before and she’s here to say it again: your most important asset isn’t money, it’s not even Dogecoin, it’s time. The good news is that if you’re in your twenties, you’re rich in time—but you’re going to need to use it wisely. Today’s episode, you’ll learn how to do exactly that.
Whether it’s because of the seemingly never-ending round of layoffs, the looming debt ceiling or just the general uncertainty of the future, the current economic situation has many of us worried about money. Today, Nicole shares five tips to make yourself feel better on the hard days.
Picture this: you come face-to-face with someone who really wronged you... what do you do? This happened recently to editor in chief of Entrepreneur Magazine, Jason Feifer— and how he handled it had Nicole shook. Today, Nicole shares this story, as told in her podcast with Jason, Help Wanted. Jason and Nicole have different approaches to confrontation, but they agree on the best mechanism to achieve closure after someone does you wrong. Today, they pass it on to you. Don't miss an episode! Subscribe to Help Wanted:
Nicole gives her weekly roundup of headlines that affect you and your finances. On deck today: what do Twitter, Activation Blizzard and Vice have in common? We'll give you a hint: it's not most likely to succeed...
You know the old cliche “there’s no such thing as bad press?" Well, that’s easy enough to say, but it’s another thing to live it. Just ask Kara Alloway. Kara was brought onto the show The Real Housewives of Toronto, and quickly became the villain. Or, as she says, the anti-hero (cue Taylor Swift). Today, Kara tells Nicole how she got cast in this villain role, how it affected her, and how she looks back on it now. Here's how you can pre-order Most Hated:
Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen says that the U.S. government could default on its loans as early as June 1st, if an agreement on the debt ceiling isn't reached in Congress. If the debt ceiling isn't raised, we'd likely face a government shutdown. Today, Nicole explains what a government shutdown would mean for your finances, and how you should prepare.
Originally Aired 7.1.22 Influencing can be a lucrative and worthwhile venture, but in the case of mom-fluencers, it gets a little more complicated. Parenting content can be educational, aspirational and empowering. But what happens when your kid becomes a stream of income?  Nicole talks about the good, the bad, and the ugly of mom-fluencers with Jo Piazza, author and host of the amazing podcast that covers this industry, Under the Influence.  To listen to Jo’s stellar podcast Under the Influence, click here: For Jo’s other work, check out her website:
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Excellent podcast

Apr 27th

Muhammad Faizan

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Aug 1st

Kristy Reed

Nicole approaches finance with simple steps and wit - two of my favorite things. Her words are like a friend's and never condescending. I use her suggestions in my personal finance, and I often remind myself of her recommendations between episodes.

Aug 8th

Vanessa Pagan

I love this episode...... things have been so complicated lately with the pandemic affecting everyone financial situation. this episode has help me understand how credits are in place to help/support people in situations like myself.

Apr 7th
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