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Money Stuff: The Podcast

Author: Bloomberg

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The audio companion to Bloomberg Opinion’s beloved Money Stuff column hosted by its author Matt Levine, “whose deadpan style mixes technical elucidation and wit” (NY Times). Once a week, Matt and his friend, Bloomberg News reporter and TV host Katie Greifeld, talk about Wall Street, finance and…other stuff. New episodes every Friday.
8 Episodes
Matt and Katie discuss Red Lobster's shrimpy bankruptcy, Citi's software design and unconscious investing.See for privacy information.
Katie and Matt discuss the return of meme stocks, a money market fund on the blockchain, events contracts and whether the Oscars are rigged.See for privacy information.
Katie and Matt talk about the FTX bankruptcy, public versus private markets, single-stock ETFs and floating on pudding.See for privacy information.
Katie and Matt discuss life insurance, murder, the Paramount merger limbo, Bill Hwang's case, how much an ounce of gold weighs, buying a bank with a credit card and dentistry. See for privacy information.
Katie and Matt discuss waking up at 3 a.m. to trade stocks, the possible end of gardening leave, and buying gold at Costco with your credit card.See for privacy information.
Matt and Katie discuss Elon Musk's pay package, trading trade secrets, the joys and perils of gardening leave, a hedge fund that is also a newspaper, and a real life doped Olympics.See for privacy information.
For their very first episode, Katie and Matt discuss a hot fund for private stocks, a clever/illegal DeFi trade and super users of government data. Also there's some fake Cormac McCarthy.See for privacy information.
Matt Levine and Katie Greifeld talk Wall Street, finance, and other stuff.See for privacy information.
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