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More Better with Stephanie & Melissa

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Real-life friends and stars of the hit TV show Brooklyn Nine-Nine, Stephanie Beatriz and Melissa Fumero, team up for a weekly podcast that will have you laughing, crying, and crying with laughter. They’ll talk about it all while helping each other (and us) be better – MORE better.

Join these amigas as they take us on their personal ride through all aspects of life and share the juiciest cheat codes for adulting, while throwing in some hilarious anecdotes and probably a few embarrassing stories. In their careers and personal lives (both are married with children), they often find themselves leaning on each other for advice and laughs. Follow Stephanie and Melissa as they keep it real, and real fun on their journey to be little MORE better.
9 Episodes
What is orange wine? Do you know what body means? How about legs? When you’re an adult, people usually expect you to know about things like crown molding, 401ks, osteoporosis and … wine. Today, Stephanie and Melissa welcome Lucia Palm (@lucialoveswine), certified sommelier and wine content creator and educator to ask her all the questions they've ever had about wine but have been too embarrassed to ask.See for privacy information.
The dreaded work party. It’s a party! There’s an open bar! But it’s also…work. How do you let loose and mingle freely when your boss is staring at you from behind the shrimp cocktail tower? This week Stephanie and Melissa discuss their Brooklyn 99 parties past and their struggles with striking the perfect professional balance at these events. Some takeaways: 1) No amount of free alcohol is worth getting fired. 2) Make a game plan before you go 3) Sometimes the answer is to simply sequester yourself in a corner with your friendsSee for privacy information.
This week we’re talking about S-E-X. What does owning *your* sexuality mean to you? Reading fairy smut? Wearing some really hot hot shorts and feeling good hot to go? Exploring BDSM? Sex in public? Or are you a little bit prude? All things go and all things welcome this week as Stephanie and Melissa have THE sex talk.See for privacy information.
It’s time for those summer vacations! This week, Stephanie and Melissa discuss their most memorable childhood family vacations — cruises, kids clubs, time-share presentations and all. Steph shares about her upcoming Italian adventure, and things get vulnerable when our hosts open up about their struggles to take time off and unplug. Should you answer those work e-mails when you're clocked out? Spoiler alert: Take the damn vacation (if you can). It’s good for your health.See for privacy information.
Figuring out who you are is tough enough — learning how to infuse that identity into your personal style is a whole different ~journey~. This week Stephanie and Melissa are joined by their shared stylist Ariel Tunnell to discuss their respective style journeys, swap shopping and dressing room tips and discuss Steph and Mel’s thoughts on the return of Y2K style. Can you guess who’s more of a “jeans and t-shirt” kinda girlie and who’s the Trend Queen?See for privacy information.
Making friends is harrrrrrrd! Stephanie and Melissa open up about just how difficult it can be to put yourself out there, especially the older you get. Stories about nightmare roommates and mom groups are swapped, cackles abound, and “How to Make Friends” tips from a bonafide friendship coach are put to the test during Nerd Time.See for privacy information.
Stephanie and Melissa face their guilty pleasures head-on and try to get better at releasing shame. Reality TV, chisme and “just f*cking resting” can trigger feelings of shame or guilt. How can they overcome it? And who said there had to be guilt in their pleasures in the first place? See for privacy information.
The work of listening to yourself never ends …enter More Better; Stephanie Beatriz and Melissa Fumero introduce the podcast by discussing their identities and how they have stayed true to themselves and their friendship. On this inaugural episode with these off-screen besties, we go on a journey through Stephanie and Melissa’s own experiences with listening to themselves and that internal “tug” when you know something is right. Cups of coffee count: 1See for privacy information.
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Duncan Carter

This podcast is insufferable.

Jun 9th

Steve Lively

sweet! Two wonderful people and amazing performers in one podcast? pinch me! (title of your sex tape lol)

May 31st