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Author: Dave Morin, Jessica Lessin, Brit Morin, and Sam Lessin

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Dave Morin, Jessica Lessin, Brit Morin, and Sam Lessin have debated the future of Silicon Valley and tech as the closest of friends for the last 15 years. Now six companies, two venture funds and more than a decade at Google, Apple and Facebook later, they are opening up the debate. From The Information, Offline Ventures, and Slow Ventures.

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The gang focuses on the exit opportunities for AI startups and whether there will be a growing wave of AI buyouts. Plus, debating the surgeon general's warning about social networks and kids. --- Send in a voice message:
The prolific AI investor joins the gang to discuss OpenAI, Apple and the AI deals he is—and isn't—doing and why. Plus, what's in Vinod's ChatGPT history. --- Send in a voice message:
The gang kicks off a new series about what entrepreneurs should build with a sector close to our heart. Plus, Brit details the Life360 U.S. IPO and Jess flaunts some new merch. --- Send in a voice message:
This week's conversation covers a wide range of topics, including Google's AI fails, the limitations of AI, the future of digital twins, the challenges of modeling the brain, and the impact of AI on content moderation and entertainment. It also delves into the market value of Reddit, the decline of Quora, and the use of AI in SEO strategies. The discussion highlights the complexities of AI, the internet, and the digital world, and the challenges of incentivizing and moderating content. The conversation covers a wide range of topics, including the challenges of internet information, AI tools, digital identity, and the impact of technology on parenting. It also delves into product recommendations, humor, and the concept of beauty contests using AI. The hosts explore the idea of a 'big ass calendar' and discuss the potential for marketing through viral challenges. --- Send in a voice message:
How much capital is ok to burn through in a pursuit of a moonshot? Plus, are people too negative about tech? And techies guide to summer. --- Send in a voice message:
Plus, peak developer confernece and bundle, unbundle, bundle! --- Send in a voice message:
Plus Apple 'Crushes' Its New iPad Ad, and Sam goes shopping. --- Send in a voice message:
Plus the boring phone movement and games, games everywhere. --- Send in a voice message:
Plus has Taylor maxed out her TAM? --- Send in a voice message:
Plus, power shifts in social and why you should pay attention to the new Taylor Swift album. --- Send in a voice message:
The gang unleashes some concerns following new revelations about how companies have been training their AI models. Plus, Netflix's Three Body Problem, The Information's Private Capital Conference and more. --- Send in a voice message:
Plus, Inside The Information's Creator Economy Summit and a new threat for OpenAI. --- Send in a voice message:
The gang discusses the new "risk on" vibe in Silicon Valley. --- Send in a voice message:
Plus the Reddit IPO and Why Software Venture Capital is Getting Harder --- Send in a voice message:
From the “PAFACAA” bill to the next front of the youth loneliness epidemic, the gang and a special guest digest the tech news of the moment. Takeaways Eventbrite has the potential to offer features that help users find events to meet like-minded people. Innovative event ideas, such as marking attendees' availability, can enhance the event experience. Digital communities have faced challenges in the events space, with limited success on platforms like Facebook and Reddit. The quality and curation of events play a crucial role in attracting attendees. The impact of VR and AR on events is an area of interest and exploration. Virtual events saw a significant rise during the pandemic but have declined since then. The creator economy is a growing field with exciting opportunities for events and experiences. Chapters 00:00:00 Doing It Live vs. Prep00:00:30 Introducing Julia Hartz of Eventbrite00:00:53 The Quirks of Zoom Interactions00:01:12 The Heart Emoji Conundrum00:01:27 Filling in for Brit00:02:09 Discussing Brit's Iconic Glasses00:02:42 Tech Headlines Preview00:03:04 Julia Hartz in the Hot Seat00:03:28 TikTok Ban Discussion Begins00:04:31 Potential Global Impact of TikTok Ban00:05:43 Process of Banning TikTok in the U.S.00:06:39 The PUFACA Bill and TikTok00:07:30 Jokes About the TikTok Bill Acronym00:08:04 Custom Merchandise Ideas for PUFACA00:08:34 Political Branding and TikTok00:09:09 AOC's Vote Against TikTok Ban00:09:33 Challenge of Explaining TikTok Ban to Public00:10:13 Mental Health Impact of Smartphones on Youth00:10:56 Shift in Chinese Government's Tech Strategy00:11:19 Political Risks of TikTok Ban Before Elections00:12:48 Possibility of TikTok Divestiture00:13:04 Dating Scene and Event Trends00:13:25 Resurgence of Live Experiences00:14:21 Role of Eventbrite in the Event Ecosystem00:15:40 Impact of COVID on Event Trends00:16:24 Rise of Niche Events00:17:56 Loneliness Epidemic and Finding Meaning00:19:21 Future of Event Discovery and Participation00:20:02 Role of Smartphones in Social Regression00:21:13 Importance of Reparenting Ourselves on Smartphone Use00:22:40 Resurgence of Live Events Post-COVID00:23:44 Trend of Silent Book Clubs00:24:39 Shift from Dating Apps to Real-Life Connections00:25:22 Business of Event Ticketing and Discovery00:26:18 Role of Facebook in Event Distribution00:27:21 Challenge of Event Discovery Online00:28:04 Importance of Highly Curated Events00:29:10 Niche as the New Mass in Event Trends00:30:21 Future of Eventbrite and Event Curation --- Send in a voice message:
A new idea for how to "ban" TikTok is gaining steam in D.C. while Elon (again) makes wakes. Plus, what the AI and ridesharing wars have in common. Takeaways The ban on TikTok and the regulation of Chinese apps are ongoing topics of discussion. Apple could play a significant role in creating controls for parents to limit app usage, including Chinese apps. Google has already taken steps to limit Chinese app access. The US-China relationship and co-dependence pose challenges in addressing national security concerns. More sophisticated and targeted regulatory approaches are needed to effectively address these issues. The ban on TikTok raises concerns about national security risks and the influence of Chinese-owned apps on American youth. ByteDance's revenue growth highlights the company's success and the potential impact of a TikTok ban on its business. Elon Musk's lawsuit against OpenAI raises questions about the organization's mission and the transition from nonprofit to for-profit. The influence of Elon Musk on the tech news cycle and the perception of his companies is a topic of discussion. The future of electric vehicles faces challenges such as range anxiety and competition from other countries. Charging electric vehicles can be a challenge for some individuals, leading to discussions about alternative solutions. Roving superchargers are a potential solution to address range anxiety and charging issues for EVs. The AI venture capital race is compared to the ride-hailing wars, with concerns about market concentration and smaller investors being boxed out. PCC: Who was the highest paid actor in 2023? Chapters 00:00 Introduction and Ban on TikTok 03:15 Regulating Chinese Apps 08:54 Apple's Role in Controlling Apps 16:21 Proposed Bill and Apple's Dilemma 18:18 Sophistication of Regulatory Efforts 19:07 The TikTok Ban 21:13 ByteDance's Revenue Growth 22:25 National Security Risks 26:19 Elon Musk's Lawsuit Against OpenAI 28:01 The Influence of Elon Musk 37:33 The Future of EVs 39:44 Charging Electric Vehicles 40:12 Alternative Solutions 40:46 The Future of EVs 41:20 Roving Superchargers 42:07 AI Venture Capital Race 43:13 Pop Culture: Highest-Paid Actors 45:40 Market Concentration in AI 52:31 Upcoming Events: Oscars and Tennis Tournament --- Send in a voice message:
Fresh from an investor conference in Los Angeles, the gang discusses the week's headlines and the behind-the-scenes scuttle from one of tech's elite gatherings.  Articles Discussed How Apple’s Eight-Year Quest to Build a Self-Driving Car Hit Roadblocks Consumer Startups Are a Better Bet Than Enterprise Startups Show Notes 00:00:11 - Intro00:01:33 - More or Less Business Models00:03:15 - Upfront Summit Insights00:04:21 - Event Networking Dynamics00:04:56 - South by Southwest Comparisons00:05:54 - Hollywood's Shift to AI for Scenes00:07:41 - Upfront Summit vs. More or Less Podcast00:08:02 - Football Docuseries Recommendations00:09:29 - Vision Pro's Use Cases00:10:15 - Apple's Electric Vehicle Project Shutdown00:11:58 - Apple's Growth and Future Direction00:13:32 - Big Companies and Market Mapping00:15:16 - Apple's Approach to New Markets00:17:29 - Apple's Retreat from the Car Business00:18:08 - Apple's Focus on Personal Technology00:19:23 - Self-Driving Cars and AI Challenges00:20:03 - Apple's AI and Chip Future00:21:29 - Google's PR Crisis with Gemini Chatbot00:22:12 - The Liability of LLMs and AI Models00:23:21 - Google's Response to Gemini's Issues00:24:45 - Google's RoboCity and AI Testing00:25:22 - Google's Next Moves After Gemini Backlash00:26:50 - Apple's Next Trillion-Dollar Market00:27:13 - Apple's Potential AI and Software Focus00:28:08 - Clarifying Apple's Mission with Personal Tech00:29:02 - Apple's Strategy and Spatial Computing00:30:07 - Tech Industry's Business Cuts00:31:01 - Meta's Oculus and Business Decisions00:33:47 - Pixel Fold's Popularity00:34:57 - Pop Culture Corner and Taylor Swift's Influence on Camera Sales00:37:25 - Suits Spinoff in Los Angeles00:38:44 - Kate Middleton's Hospital Stay?00:40:07 - Petty Crime Podcast Idea00:41:58 - Consumer vs. Enterprise Tech Returns Debate00:43:10 - AI's Impact on Consumer Tech Revolution00:44:39 - Wrap Up --- Send in a voice message:
Plus, inside Sequoia's Klarna drama and the latest AI demos Show Notes 00:00 Introductions 03:00 The Potential of Reddit Advertising 09:00 Licensing Data and Monetization Challenges 13:00 The Moderation Challenge of Reddit 18:00 Private Group Moderation and Content Control 22:00 Failed Coup at Klarna 26:00 Tensions and Divisions in Late-Stage Pre-IPO Companies 30:00 The OpenAI Board Situation 31:00 Apple's New Sports App 33:12 Moon Landing and Advertising 33:45 Tech Companies and NBA Streaming Rights 34:27 Betting Odds in Digital Formats 36:15 Frequent Sports Betting 37:03 Tennis and Sports Rights 37:41 Pop Culture Corner: Movies and Oscars 40:00 Beyonce's Country Song and Marketing 43:02 OpenAI's Sora and Marketing Strategies 44:41 The Importance of Marketing in Startups 50:47 Building Trust through Individuals 53:24 Community Building and Brand Ownership --- Send in a voice message:
#34: 7 Trillion Reasons Why

#34: 7 Trillion Reasons Why


The gang unpacks all the latest news about OpenAI and Sam Altman. Plus, does Google have a shot in AR/VR? And our dream Vision Pro apps. Takeaways Sports media has become a successful form of linear storytelling in the internet age, creating a national monoculture. The globalization of sports presents challenges in creating a unified global sports event. The Vision Pro and Quest devices offer different experiences, with the Vision Pro being more suitable for work and the Quest providing a more immersive gaming experience. There is a debate on the potential role of Google in the face computer market, with some believing that Google's strategy may not be successful. The Vision Pro and Quest strategies have different focuses, with the Vision Pro being more spatial computing oriented. The potential of spatial computing and its impact on social software is a topic of interest and exploration. Communication and social interaction in the Vision Pro present challenges that need to be addressed. There is excitement and positive impressions of the Vision Pro, with potential for professional and enterprise applications. Agents and their role in AI are gaining attention, with potential for enhancing various tasks and workflows. OpenAI's plan to raise $7 trillion for AI chips is seen as absurd and lacking credibility. Tech leaders making outrageous statements can harm the perception of the tech industry and overshadow the serious work being done. The episode highlights the need for rational and disciplined business practices in the tech industry. Show Notes 00:00:46 - Introduction and Welcome 00:00:57 - The Full Quad Gathered 00:02:50 - AI News Discussion 00:03:02 - Vision Pro Analysis 00:03:45 - Missed Pop Culture Corner 00:04:58 - Superbowl and Taylor Swift Discussion 00:07:40 - Brock Purdy's Super Bowl Performance 00:08:26 - Sports Documentary Entertainment Genre 00:10:52 - Sports Media as the Final Frontier 00:12:13 - National vs. International Sports 00:13:06 - The Monoculture of Sports 00:14:04 - NBA and Global Sports Tournaments 00:15:00 - The Flailing Olympics 00:15:41 - The Decline of Olympic Storytelling 00:17:14 - AI News and Vision Pro 00:17:43 - Vision Pro vs. Oculus 00:18:06 - Vision Pro as a Work Machine 00:18:17 - Oculus Content and Games 00:18:49 - Camera and Social Potential 00:19:20 - Spatial Computing 00:20:24 - Google's XR Software Shift 00:21:19 - Android vs. iOS in XR Space 00:25:01 - Content-Driven Business Models for XR 00:25:43 - Vision Pro's Unique Position in XR 00:26:09 - The Potential of the Spatial Internet 00:29:05 - Social Software Challenges 00:35:20 - Developer and Creator Interest in Vision Pro 00:38:03 - Zillow Gone Wild and Vision Pro Ideas 00:38:44 - Music Video Apps  00:39:45 - Gaming and Social Apps 00:41:37 - Professional Apps 00:42:07 - Aviation Apps 00:45:59 - AI News 00:46:23 - OpenAI's Agent 00:46:46 - Brett Taylor's New Company Launch 00:47:17 - OpenAI Search Product 00:49:20 - Google's AI Rebranding to Gemini 00:51:34 - OpenAI's $7 Trillion Semiconductor Funding Strategy 00:53:43 - The Era of Absurdist Capitalism? 00:54:03 - The OpenAI Governance Crisis 00:55:11 - A Rational Comparison to the US Budget 01:00:15 - The Tree Removal Story 01:02:09 - Episode Wrap-Up and Thanks --- Send in a voice message:
As the Morin household goes full Vision Pro, the gang reveals what everyone is missing about the device. Plus, the earthquake through digital media and (maybe) the end of AI everything. Takeaways The Apple Vision Pro offers a truly immersive and transformative experience, changing the way users think about computing. The Vision Pro represents a new computing paradigm and has the potential to expand into various devices and accessories. Developers will play a crucial role in exploring and innovating new use cases for the Vision Pro. The joint streaming service for sports by major networks reflects the significance of sports in the media industry and the growing demand for streaming sports content. Streaming services are disrupting the traditional cable industry, but the challenge lies in the fragmentation of content and the lack of a comprehensive aggregator. The demand for a comprehensive sports package remains high, as sports fans struggle to find a streaming service that offers all the games they want to watch. Esports has not yet reached its full potential in the United States, as it lacks the community engagement and water cooler conversations that traditional sports have. The venture capital industry is constantly evolving, but the key to success remains investing in the few companies that truly matter. AI is no longer a standalone category in venture capital, but rather a tool that is integrated into various industries and sectors. Show Notes 00:00 Introduction and Special Guest 03:01 Discussion on Apple Vision Pro 11:00 Impressions and Potential of Apple Vision Pro 17:26 Competition and Future of Apple Vision Pro 25:08 Developer Perspective on Apple Vision Pro 34:48 Discussion on Joint Streaming Service for Sports 35:44 Streaming and the Cable Industry 36:13 Challenges of Streaming Bundles 37:40 Need for a Sports Package 39:05 Competition and Market Share in Streaming 41:37 Future of TV News 43:24 Challenges of Esports 50:28 The Changing Landscape of Venture Capital 52:06 Evolution of AI in Venture Capital --- Send in a voice message: