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KNFW...Year of Pugh

KNFW...Year of Pugh


This week, the girls are talkin’ Beyoncé Dump Meals, Roald Dahl’s James and the Giant Ass, and the great proctologist Dr. Eli Rothschild. British trucker (G/J)illian calls in with a whale of a problem, and some hot new blockbusters get a good old end of summer shoutout.
Two podcasts. Two books. Two spouses. Two Out 100s. Two paths in life. Two trans.  Having parted ways after the events on the West Bank, Theda and Macy have dissolved their S-Corp and moved on. Macy's husband, a real estate shark, helped Macy claim all the assets from the old podcast, so Theda is recording her new podcast "F*ck ______." on a microcassette player with her wife Hadar, an Israeli ex-patriate. Meanwhile, Macy's star continues to rise with bookdeals, podcasts, and wealth. The two are further apart than ever, but could an email from Andy Cohen be the thing that brings them back together? FEATURING SPECIAL GUESTS JOHN EARLY, CHARLENE INCARNATE, and ITA SEGEV
The girls join the permanent cast of Andy Cohen's latest Bravo reality tv show "Real Gays of New York" in an attempt to rehabilitate their image, but quickly discover that doing so puts them in an extremely precarious ethical position. Macy and Theda differ in their approach to the delicate situation, and both pursue their own strategy to mixed effect. 
The girls are back with a three episode miniseries to lead up to their live events at the Lyric Hyperion in Los Angeles, February 7th and 8th, 2020.  On the morning of a Blow Jobin' Experience broadcast, Theda feels a little down because the podcast wasn't included in the Out 100, but Macy has a special plan to cheer her up. Meanwhile, Theda's got an idea for how to make the show more palatable. But after one major on-air blunder, the girls get into even worse shape than before. Will ANYONE help them?
The epic sporting event you've all been waiting for. Three rounds. High stakes. A gathering of beloved friends. Will the wrath of Dua Lipa be appeased? Tune into find out. Thank you all for another wonderful season. Love, Macy and Theda. 
Bon Appetit

Bon Appetit


America's favorite kitchenista Claire Saffitz is back with an all new episode of the hit series "Gourmet Makes" from the Bon Appetit test kitchen. At the insistence of her friends and colleagues, she's taking on her hardest challenge yet...a confection so crucial and beloved that some of her tasters might literally die if she messes up. Can she succeed, or will she break down once and for all? Find out on this week's Nymphowars.  
The girls were invited to record an episode of their podcast live before an audience of mostly naked strangers at the Inferno sex party. After a spin around the room they proceed to completely lose their audience over the course of an hour. If you were there, relive all the happy memories now, and if you weren't--live them for the first time, only on Nymphowars.  
Bucket List

Bucket List


Weird guy Berrigan guides the girls up to Spencer Lake where they sit and talk about Macy's trip to Alaska, and Theda's apprehensions about the upcoming fisting special. 
Marlo's Dream

Marlo's Dream


In episode 11 of this season, we conducted a group interview to find and hire a new writer for our show. While there were a handful of decent candidates, no one wowed us quite like Marlo St. John, and amnesiac, bleeding from the side of her head, whose only possession was a 2014 appointment book with a single entry--that of the Nymphowars interview. We hired her on the spot, and are proud to present the first episode fully authored and directed by our friend and colleague, Marlo St. John. 
Macy got a targeted instagram ad for a specialized tucking tape called "Unclockable you" and so the girls decided they should try it out. Joining them are Cody Critcheloe (aka SSION) and Paul, who have never tucked before. Join the four of them as they quite literally put it on, walk around, and take it off. Only on Nymphowars. 
Jacqueline Novak's off broadway stand up show "Get On Your Knees" is the best shit we ever did see and we were lucky enough to chat with her, her director John Early, and her boyfriend, comedian Chris Laker after a Saturday matinee. Much like Jacqueline's show, this episode includes many topics in addition to oral sex, including Tom Cruise and the Ravioli Store, celebrity child names, and what it means to be a "Comic's Comic." This show is Nymphowars approved. And would be Jeffree Star approved, if he were still alive. 
With a dead body on board, and no authorities for miles around, podcaster Th3da H8mmel has no choice but to take the investigation into her own hands. After what surely is one of the most thorough and clinical group interrogations the world has ever known, she shares her theories with those on board. Who killed Jeffree Star, and does anyone care? Find out on this special 70 minute episode of Nymphowars. 
Everything was set for Theda to have a pleasant train ride up the coast. She had a book, a bed, and her BEST friend Cait in charge...but something's amiss on the Coastal Starlight Express. For starters, it's crawling with D list celebrities. Chief among them? The notorious Jeffree Star, who's received a menacing threat scrawled in his own lipstick and demands Theda's help tracking down the perpetrator. Can she help him, or is it already TOO LATE? Find out on part 1 of this Nymphowars Mystery Exclusive. 
Writer's Room

Writer's Room


After a season and a half of programming, the gals run out of ideas and need to outsource. With Macy out of the office, Theda holds an open call for writers and gets a mixed bag to say the least!
Much like the 1998 Craig Monahan Australian film of the same name, this episode was recorded with the eternal search for knowledge at its core! Macy asks Theda questions about life, art, and Geotran, and Theda answers those questions...sometimes with honesty and sometimes with diarrhea. Everything you could ever want to know, and much much more. 
Much like the Seth Rogen/James Franco Vehicle of the same name, this episode was recorded with the eternal search for knowledge at its core! Theda asks Macy questions about life, art, and mysterious circumstances, and Macy answers those questions...sometimes with honesty and sometimes with riddles.



The feud that rocked the podcasting world finally reaches it's sexy conclusion with the help of Hal Sparks and professional mediator Lorelei Ramirez. That's all folks!



[Until such time as the license holders of this account resolve outstanding contract dispute, episode description is withheld by order of Luminary Media Holdings inc. For further information, contact]
You spoke? We listened, and are proud to announce a full revival of Vh1's lapsed property "Storytellers" in coordination with the U.S. Army and the United Service Organizations. Over 20,000 navy troops requested the first booking be of Johnny "Cougar" Mellencamp, and, well? We couldn't say no. But in fact we did not book Mellencamp and went with the ladies of Nymphowars instead who regaled a small but happy crowd with stories of more famous artists, and the hits that inspired the hits. Happy fleet week.  
The ladies of Nymphowars apply their razor sharp true crime podcasting skills to the scandal of the century: Tati Westbrook’s furious takedown of James Charles and its ensuing uproar. To aid them in their explanation, the girls have called upon the sage counsel of their wisest friends to answer such pressing questions as: who or what is a “Tati”? Is “Halo Beauty” a nutriceutical? It is chill to accuse your gay teen friend of sucking too much dick and cock when you are an old woman? And many many more. If you liked the hit podcast Serial, or even listened to a single episode of it (we have done neither) well you are going to simply love this kind of “NPR presents” style presentation of the week’s most hottest of shits. 
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