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This is a big ep, with an even bigger announcement. But what could it be? If you like this podcast this news could be an early Christmas present. The incredible, world famous wedding planner/ producer Sarah Haywood joins us to snap the couple in shape. What needs completing? How far behind are the couple? Listen to find out.Plus, we all get hangry. It’s even harder when you’ve got a Jamie Laing gobbling away in front of you. Can the couple resolve their food arguments? Sarah Haywood Website: for listening xInstagram: @nearlywedspodcastTikTok: @nearlywedsEmail: Producer & Editor: @jacksuddaby_Videographer: @jamierg99 Hosted on Acast. See for more information.
This week we’re joined by the one and only Michelin Chef Tom Kerridge, he gives Jamie and Sophie his top tips. Can Jamie convince Tom to cook at their wedding? Thanks to everyone for sending in your messages! As Jamie likes to say, we absolutely LOVE them. And a special thanks to Molly Mae & Rebecca for proposing the pod. ALSO this week we pick a winner, to come into the studio to watch a live show. Thanks for listening xInstagram: @nearlywedspodcastTikTok: @nearlywedsYoutube: NearlyWedsEmail: Producer & Editor: @jacksuddaby_Videographer: @jamierg99 Hosted on Acast. See for more information.
Jamie’s on his best behaviour this week as Sophie’s dad joins the podcast. We learn all about Sophie’s secret childhood, what was she really like as a kid? Plus, Sophie reveals a couple of hidden truths about her past. We don’t want to keep bringing it up, but last week there was an argument, a pretty BIG argument, so this week, Sophie takes charge. She’s in total control. Plus we’ve got Georgie the export Tik Tok wedding planner on to give us some of her best tips and tricks! If you want to follow Georgie just search: georginaroseeventsThanks for listening xInstagram: @nearlywedspodcastTikTok: @nearlywedsEmail: Producer: @jacksuddaby_Videographer: @jamierg99 Hosted on Acast. See for more information.
Every couple argues. But not every couple does it live on a podcast recording. This episode is not for the faint-hearted…Warning: There's swearing throughout. After last weeks episode, Sophie ISN’T HAPPY that her name has been associated with the “F” word (not the swearing kind). This week Jamie takes it too far and all hell breaks loose. This is, without doubt, the strangest and most dramatic episode to date. Will the couple be able to get past an incredibly heated argument? Listen to find out.Much love xInstagram: @nearlywedspodcastTikTok: @nearlywedsEmail: Producer: @jacksuddaby_Videographer: @jamierg99 Hosted on Acast. See for more information.
Dry clean your suit, tie up your socks and wash your hair, because this one is disgustingly funny. In fact, we genuinely think it’s one of the funniest episodes we’ve ever recorded. Here’s the highlights menu: Starters/ Intro:- It’s Jamie’s Birthday - Sophie almost storms out after being associated with XXX- Jamie slides through something unexpectedMains/ Wedding Update/ Guest- Strictly Come Dancing ICON, Oti Mabuse is in the building! We talk all things first dance- Sophie’s bridesmaids abandon her - Plus, we hear voice notes from the couples closest “friends”Desert/ Listeners Messages - Jamie does his best dino impression- A listener is caught by her dad doing something no person wants to be caught doingThis weeks Wedding Favour comes from Amelia, all about a Spanish tradition and we love it! We love you all though, not just Amelia. Thank you as always for picking us. Happy listening xInstagram: @nearlywedspodcastTikTok: @nearlywedsEmail: Hosted on Acast. See for more information.
Some people are made to be Prime Minister, others are chosen. Sophie Habboo is likely both. Find out what her number one policy will be. #habbooforPMIn this episode we’ve got some major wedding updates. Jamie and Soph speak with their wedding planner, we reveal exactly HOW MUCH their waisted day one is going to cost them, plus, it’s trouble in paradise as their holiday away turns sour. Let’s just say, there’s a bin by the loo. We’re joined this week by Jamie’s Best Women and longest friend Georgie Le Roux, who came on the pod on episode three. She’s now married and gives us her top tips! Listeners messages are golden as per. Out of it, we learn about an alarmingly strange story involving Jamie’s mum’s vibrator. Thanks to Harrison for inspiring us to start “Propose The Pod”, a chance for YOU to come in to the studio to watch a LIVE show. “Reverse Mr & Mrs” is over. RIP. But out the ashes rises the phoenix in a form of “Would You Rather”. Please send us your theme tune music suggestions. Happy listening xInstagram: @nearlywedspodcastTikTok: @nearlywedsEmail: Hosted on Acast. See for more information.
Hello Listeners,Jamie’s been a “legend” this week, having gone out most nights on the booze, Sophie divulges her childhood pet trauma and they both steer well away from online trolls!Wedding update, well sort of. Jamie runs through some great wedding facts! And does a bit of trivia.Listeners messages are fantastic as always, expect poo stories, love stories and errr, Darth Vader performing a “69” on a Segway. Obviously.Happy Listening Instagram - @nearlywedspodcastTikTok - @nearlywedsEmail - Hosted on Acast. See for more information.
29: Jamie gets a tattoo

29: Jamie gets a tattoo


This week it’s bad news for Jamie, after losing “Reverse Mr & Mrs” he now has to get a tattoo forfeit of Sophie’s choosing. We’ve had so many brilliant suggestions from you all. What will Sophie pick? Listen to find out.Plus Jamie has a surprise song for Sophie’s birthday which is very cute. If you like the word “love” this episode is for you.Plus! We take a deep dive into wedding decor. Will Jamie and Sophie agree this episode? Let’s hope so xAs always listeners messages are hilarious, we’ve got possibly the cutest story we’ve EVER read out.And lastly, thanks again to everyone for listening - it means the world!Instagram - @nearlywedspodcastTikTok - @nearlywedsEmail - Hosted on Acast. See for more information.
Warning, hide the kids, there’s swearing straight from the top of this one. (Return of the Sophie) Come on(Return of the Sophie) Oh my God(You know that she is back) Here she is!Sophie returns from her week away in Portugal so there’s plenty to catch up on. The couple finalise the ‘Save the Dates’ and reveal what’s planned for future episodes.As always, Jamie and Sophie discuss the most pressing topics, like leaving their giant pink vibrator out for the cleaner to find. Jamie discovers his true masculinity via his mushroom scented body and Sophie reads, potentially the most poignant poo story we’ve EVER been sent! ‘Reverse Mr & Mrs’ gets serious. The final’s today. Whoever loses, faces the forfeit of a tattoo of the other persons choosing. Sophie is 3-2 up. It’s all to play for. Our beautiful ‘Wedding Favour’ this week is from Sam Crompton who has suggested hand written notes in bottles for all the guests. A lovely idea, thank you Sam.Instagram - @nearlywedspodcastTiktok - nearlywedsEmail - Hosted on Acast. See for more information.
Welcome back everyone!!Today's episode is a very exciting one, we have Jamie's older Brother Alexander on as special guest as Sophie is away with her family in Portugal. Sophie is missed but Jamie's brother is top class!!The Brothers reminisce on games they used to play as kids, what they were both like growing up and Alexander gives some very important Wedding and Marriage advice.We of course play 'Reverse Mr & Mrs', today's episode Alexander will play for Sophie. The current score is 2:2 and remember whoever looses has the ultimate forfeit, getting a tattoo of the others choosing....Our wedding favour this week was @zo_jewellery on Instagram Happy listening!!Email - contact@nearlywedspodcast.comInstagram - @nearlywedspodcastTikTok - @nearlywedsYoutube - NearlyWeds Podcast Hosted on Acast. See for more information.
The big day is getting closer and closer, it feels like the pressure is slightly getting to our couple. Plans are constantly changing, locations of the pre and post party are different and not all the invites have gone out!! Even the STEN might be cancelled - It's all kicking off in today’s episode, but the couple think they've found the perfect Day 2 Venue....Find out who said "I love you" first and the discover whether Jamie is a whisperer or not. “Reverse Mr & Mrs" continues, as the weeks roll on, it’s getting closer to crunch time, who’s getting the forfeit? Thank you so much for tuning in once again and happy listening.Instagram - @nearlywedspodcastTiktok - NearlyWedsYoutube - NearlyWeds PodcastEmail - Hosted on Acast. See for more information.
Today's episode is a little different as the couple decide to reminisce the past and look back at how they first met, when they first kissed and who said I love you first. They started off as friends and are now getting married so let's find out who made the first move.We of course still have a wedding update and play our favourite game 'Reverse Mr & Mrs" but this time we find out what the forfeit will be for our loser!!Today's episode is released on a Sunday as it's our beloved Queen's funeral tomorrow.Enjoy the episode and thanks for listeningInstagram - @nearlywedspodcastTikTok - @nearlywedsEmail - contact@nearlywedspodcast.comYoutube - NearlyWeds Podcast Hosted on Acast. See for more information.
Everyone knows giving a speech is daunting - but it's even more daunting when it's your wedding speech!! Jamie has been having nightmare's about his upcoming Wedding Speech so he's decided to get some help by inviting a professional speech writer onto the podcast to give him the do's and don'ts, what to say and what not to say....The couple discuss their latest battle with Norovirus, what their worst ick's are and why having a podcast about their wedding might not be the best idea!!We of course have listeners messages and the beloved 'Reverse Mr & Mrs'.Happy Listening Instagram - @nearlywedspodcastEmail - contact@nearlywedspodcast.comWedding Favour - Thanks to Fergus @osullivanspeeches Hosted on Acast. See for more information.
Well back!!Today’s episode Jamie has a BIG surprise for Sophie and we're discussing Jamie's Stag - What is going to happen? Where is he going to go? All these questions are up in the air but Sophie has her own ideas of what she wants to do and it looks like Jamie doesn't have much of a choice...We also have the couples favourite game 'Reverse Mr & Mrs' and once again thank you for all your listeners messages. Thank you to Kay for our Wedding Favour and Millie for her surprise appearance @mswagpiperHappy listening Instagram - @nearlywedspodcastTikTok - nearlyweds Email - Hosted on Acast. See for more information.
22: The Registry Office

22: The Registry Office


Welcome Back!! In today's episode Jamie & Sophie FINALLY complete their Guest List where of course we have disagreements. They talk about 'Save The date' again - and it looks like we have a date for The Registry Office!!They also re-live, friend of the podcast, Georgie Le Roux's wedding where Jamie was MOH (Man Of Honour), their trip to Mykonos and the couple are looking at buying a house!! Our "Wedding Favour" this week is from "Hey Draw Me" - Thank you so much!!For anyone getting married or engaged this week good luck!!Instagram - @nearlywedspodcastEmail - Hosted on Acast. See for more information.
This week Sophie and Jamie put their relationship to the ultimate test by taking a Lie Detector. Marriage is based on loyalty and trust so they need to make sure NO ONE is holding back any secrets before the BIG DAY. Will Sophie reveal whether she lost Jamie's jumper? Does Jamie fancy any of Sophie's friends?? And And has Sophie ever regretted the Proposal?Jamie once again asks for some unique wedding traditions and of course the couple plays the HOT new quiz game they call "Reverse Mr & Mrs" where they discuss their worst lies, and which finally has a little surprise jingle for you.Our "Wedding Favours" this week are from Tash and Victoria, thanks both!For anyone getting married or engaged this week good luck!!Instagram - @nearlywedspodcastEmail - Hosted on Acast. See for more information.
20: Save-The-Dates

20: Save-The-Dates


It's time to get the save-the-dates out now the venue is confirmed...or is it? Assuming it is, Sophie and Jamie brainstorm possible attention grabbing, one-of-a-kind ideas for letting people know their date. They also discuss Sophie's attitude to dogs which might eclipse even Jamie in her affections!Plus the couple discuss which skills they'd like in the now hotly competitive "Reverse Mr & Mrs" and our "Wedding Favour" this week is from Jenny and Ellie at Fleur De La Couture who make beautiful, sustainable, silk flowers for your wedding. Check them out on Insta: fleurdelacoutureAnd for anyone getting married this weekend, good luck! Hosted on Acast. See for more information.
They'll remember the music, not the food". So says Alex Le Roux, founder and CEO of ALR Music. He is THE wedding music provider to the stars, having overseen the dance floors for celebrities such as Idris Elba and Brooklyn Beckham. So who better for Jamie and Sophie to chat to as he dispenses advice and insights on how to make sure your wedding is memorable and how to keep the party going long into the night. For more info on Alex you can find him on Insta @ALRmusic.Plus Jamie and Sophie discuss who they'd be on "Stars In Their Eyes" in this week's highly competitive Reverse Mr & Mrs."Wedding Favour" is provided courtesy of Something Borrowed, who provide amazing wedding dresses to rent. Search for @somethingborrowedrent on Insta. Hosted on Acast. See for more information.
Jamie and Sophie talk about their recent trip to Paris. Was it as romantic as they'd hoped? And they also find out what it means to "give notice" when they phone up a registry office. There's also an AMAZING message from a listener about a best man speech gone VERY wrong. And more "Reverse Mr & Mrs" where the couple discusses which Olympic sport they'd like to compete in. This week's "Wedding Favour" is from O'Sullivan Speeches, a company that helps you to write and deliver memorable wedding speeches, whether you're groom or bride, best man or MC. Insta: @osullivanspeeches. Website: Hosted on Acast. See for more information.
Jamie surprises Sophie with his vows. Why do they have to go with tradition? And what does Jamie think he should vow to Sophie exactly? No more poo chat maybe?They also discuss whether or not to have canned cocktails at their wedding. So easy? Or so lame?Plus, they discuss their favourite memories of each other for "Reverse Mr & Mrs" and the "Wedding Favour" is from Sarah Tofton on Insta. Thank you, Sarah!Contact us @nearlywedspodcast or Hosted on Acast. See for more information.
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Tracy Moorley

Omg! just listened to this week's podcast with Jamie's mum. This was my favourite by far, she is such a funny lady. I always listen to your podcast at 6:15 in the morning whilst walking my dog - I laughed continuously- goodness knows what people thought 🙈. Definitely have Penny on again, loved her. Tracy ☺️

Jul 5th
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