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Author: Rory Farrell & Jamil "Mal" Clay

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New stories, new laughs, new random hot takes that no one asked for... New Rory & Mal.
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We’re back in the studio after a fun day at Yankee stadium where Rory claims Julian can’t hit a homerun (in right field) We made the jumbotron and Mal met a potential girl. Meanwhile, an $80m jet crashes in South Carolina and we put on our conspiracy hats. Mal demands more flowers because of another correct Kanye prediction. Adin Ross invited “Kim Jong Un” and Andrew Tate to a livestream. This leads to an argument about Kim Jong Un and Dennis Rodman. Staying in controversy, Russell Brand allegations are coming in hot. Tune in as the guys discuss all of this + more! Tour Tickets:  The Team: Rory - Mal - Eddin - Julian - Demaris - Merch: Patreon: YouTube Subscribe:
Happy Tuesday from Degrassi High. The crew was outside this weekend. Rory, Julian, and Eddin took some shrooms and went to Pangea at Elsewhere. This was a proper warmup to being outside on tour (tickets available now) The night before Demaris was throwing back a bottle of tequila. In the spirit of fun times with friends we transition to Kai Cenat and Offset’s 24 hour sleepover. Unfortunately, for Nicki Minaj’s husband the sleepover wasn’t at Offset’s house. Have you ever been slimed out? We react to Drake & SZA’s new single (third place isn’t bad). Then we discuss Puff’s new album. Are Rory and Puff saving R&B? Chris and Tinashe are having a moment. This leads to a conversation about abuse in the music industry. Meanwhile, Jonathan Majors is on a rebrand. It’s time for voicemails. Tune in as the guys discuss all of this + more!Tour Tickets: The Team:Rory - - - - - Subscribe:
We open with choosing the song of the summer and Ice Spice’s Dunkin' Donuts collab. We stay on music and discuss the VMAs aka the Taylor Swift awards. Demaris has a problem with K-Pop. Meanwhile, Mal takes aim at Billy Murray. We react to Drake & SZA’s teaser and reminisce on the glory days of Nickelodeon shows. Then we take an interesting and self aware voicemail. Tune in as the guys discuss all of this + more!Tour Tickets: The Team:Rory - - - - - Subscribe:
HAPPY 200th EPISODE EVERYONE!!! Thank you all for hanging with us on a weekly basis. We take time to celebrate with champagne & even a smoke machine (check YouTube). The guys exchange gifts then we get right to music.  Bongos is finally here. Did Cardi and Meg outdo WAP? Then we discuss blackface shows in Poland, which sparks a debate between Mal and Julian. Gunna seems to be back and more popular than ever. Coming off music, Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis are getting heat after writing character statements for Danny Masterson. We return to music briefly to go over the BET Hip Hop Award nominations. Mal has an issue with the best lyricist nominees. This turns into an argument about the FIBA World Games and the NBA. Tune in as the guys discuss all of this + more!Tour Tickets: Follow The Team:Rory - - - - - Patreon: Subscribe:
We’ve got a rolling start today and Rory has the “dickens”. Speaking of dick(ins) Obama has some wild allegations making the rounds. We react to his sitdown with Tucker Carlson which leads into Dave Portnoy’s viral Boston review. ‘For All The Dogs’ has an official release date (woof woof) Mal expects something with this album. Speaking of expectations, will Cardi B & Meg deliver? This leads to a debate between Doja Cat vs. Cardi B & Meg. In real hip-hop beef Kendrick’s scrapped verse from “Element” leaks. Then Rory takes aim at Bruno Mars. It’s time for voicemails. We give paternity and modeling advice. The end of this episode might birth a new segment where we ramble and say wild things. Tune in as the guys discuss all of this + more. Did you get your tour tickets yet? It’s a great way to start your weekend.Follow The Team:Rory - - - - - Merch: Subscribe:
We’re officially the hardest working pod in the game. Rory got us working on Labor Day. The team takes aim at Julian after he hosted his first party (insert nasty pics/videos on YouTube). In other event news, Electric Zoo goers had a rough two days. Have you seen the documentary on BS High? We break down the insane narcissist behind the program and Rory makes note that he reminded him of someone specific. We go from one thief to another. We react to the viral video of the woman whose date stole shoes from her. This leads to Mal speculating that Julian is a serial killer. Mal adds that he feels bad for young men in the current dating scene. Doja Cat is back. Mal and Rory strongly disagree about her new single “Demons”. It’s time for voicemails. Finally, everyone go wish Spaghetti Eddie a happy birthday. Our kiwi turns 29 today! Follow The Team:Rory - - - - - Merch: Subscribe:
TOUR TICKETS ARE ON SALE!!! Get your tickets now to Toronto, Los Angeles, London, or New York. We begin with discussing the Chew Live Crew hitting the road. Rory makes fun of Julian for going to a “Raya” mixer. Speaking out being outside, bottle wars are back. Except people are dumping them in the club. Somehow this leads to a Meek Mill & Robert Kraft conversation. Staying on old white men Mitch McConnell is really going through it. Mal questions the love from a dog/cat. Love for animals is almost the same as love for an NPC. Is Pinkydoll a sex worker? Have you seen the Glizzy Gobbler? We go into a hilarious discussion where we find out everyone’s go-to meal to cook for a date. It’s time for voicemails. Tune in as the guys discuss all of this + more! See you on the road soon.Follow The Team:Rory - - - - - Tickets / Merch: Subscribe:
Today we’ve got a fun one. First, Rory meets another Yankee legend. Meanwhile, Mal doesn’t like nose kisses (or any affection). Speaking of unwanted affection, Rudy Giuliani is a creep. We finally got Trump’s mugshot and the memes didn’t disappoint. Trackstar Noah Lyles takes shots at the NBA which leads to a disagreement among the team vs. Mal. Staying on American greats, the Navy Seal who killed Osama Bin Laden gets arrested for disorderly conduct. Then Miguel gets suspended during a show. We celebrate the life of tv show legend Bob Barker and Rory asks a question to the team. We discuss the recent music releases Victoria Monet, Russ, and Nicki Minaj being a playable character on Call of Duty. For the rest of the episode we are joined by Giggs. We discuss the cultural similarities and differences of London/New York. We share a classic tour story from the strip club. Giggs shares his favorite up and coming artists and shares his reaction to hearing his name on Jay’s verse from “God Did”. We have a fun group of voicemails that leave Giggs astonished. Tune in as the guys discuss all of this + more!
We’re back from vacation! Well everyone (except Rory) had a vacation. Rory shares how he never made it to the Bahamas, as well as a series of unfortunate events. Meanwhile, Julian was being wholesome with his parents upstate and Eddin was DJing all over the city. Then Demaris, (who’s now sick) but was showing her cheeks in Mexico. However, she wasn’t the only one throwing it back…Tyler The Creator stunted on Sexyy Red. Is Drake releasing his album? (by the time this comes out we’ll know) but we speculate in the meantime. Speaking of music news, Big Billy McFarland is back releasing the first tickets to Fyre Fest II. We might have to do a team trip to the festival. Then we discuss tragic news of the sentencing of the Ohio girl that intentionally drove her car into a wall killing two people. *Trigger Warning* this leads to a conversation about suicidal thoughts. We end with voicemails and get a callback from Spiderman (Cosmo). Tune in as the team returns to the studio fresh off vacation and dives into the culture. Follow The Team:Rory - - - - - Merch: Subscribe:
Eddin here! Gonna write out this description while the rest of the gang is out. Hope your enjoying my grammar ;) Aloha from the Bahamas! The team is on vacay so we brought you a super voicemail episode. Rory, Mal, and the gang discussed phobias, dealing with toxic friend groups, anger issues, and a lot more! Here's an extra filler liner discussing other topics Julian would put in the description. I hope everyone's having a great time. I'm sure Rory's burnt to crisp. Demaris already got her IG foot pics off. Pretty sure Julian hit only pars and bougies during his tee-time. Mal's probably just at home relaxing. Rory - - - - - Merch: Subscribe:
This episode the gang had a lot to cover, and of course we had to jump it off with hate. Bobbi-gate is currently upon us, and Rory and Mal double down on her failing as an industry plant, and her addressing the rumors about a Drake romance. Speaking of romance (or lack thereof), the team gives their opinion on Keke Palmer starring in Usher’s new video, as well as how it will affect her coparenting relationship. Let us know in our comment sections your opinion on that situation. Rory is heartbroken because Nelly is accused of being a fraud by his former groupmate, and Mal is heartbroken that The Blind Side wasn't actually historically accurate. EST Gee’s team failed him and we let them know exactly how, answered some voicemails, + more!
We’re back to celebrate 50 years of Hip-Hop and joined by our family, Reason. First, we let Reason respond to the TDE controversy over this past week. Then we discuss the 10 year anniversary of Kendrick’s “Control” verse and revisit the Reason/Logic beef. Meanwhile, Rory and Demaris were at the Hip-Hop 50 show at Yankee Stadium. Rory met his childhood hero, The Captain, Derek Jeter. Then we discuss Drake and Bobbi Althoff’s alleged falling out after unfollowing each other and pulling down YouTube content. Then we move into politics (kinda). Obama is getting outed by an ex-girlfriend. It’s time for voicemails. In the spirit of Reason rapping about his relationships we offer relationship advice to today's callers. Tune in as the guys and Reason discuss all of this + more! Follow The Team:Rory - - - - - Merch: Subscribe:
We get right into the Tory Lanez 10 year sentence. Wass it too much or not enough? Remember Lil Tay? Well there’s an active conspiracy going on between her, her family, and her brother. We discuss who on the team we would fake kill. Hip-Hop 50 is fully active in NY with 50 Cent’s show at the Barclays Center. J Cole popped out and made a bold claim that involved 50 Cent and Michael Jackson. This leads to a disagreement between the team. Also, Nas & Lil Wayne get inducted into Billboard’s Hip-Hop HOF. Rory and Julian give a synopsis on Johnny Football’s entertaining Untold Documentary. Then we discuss Kim & Kanye’s doc. Meanwhile, Trump stirs the pot on the YSL case. It’s time for voicemails. We find out who on the team is the dirty mack. Then we jump to Patreon to answer an exciting callback (available Monday). Tune in as the guys discuss all of this + more! Follow The Team:Rory - - - - - Subscribe:
We’re here to end the race war. Rory has a gift for Mal. We do a brief weekend recap then get right into the fights over the weekend. First we start with the Montgomery brawl. A beautiful display of unity. We break down the game film. Then we discuss the baseball fight and finally the only real fight, Jake Paul vs. Nate Diaz. Meanwhile in NY Kai Cenat incited a riot. Not every altercation over the weekend was physical…Jamie Foxx caught a stray from Jennifer Aniston. It’s time for voicemails. Today we start with some music advice. Then some relationship advice where we end up talking about Eminem and jacuzzis. We wrap with a “is this hip-hop?” question about cats. Tune in as the guys discuss all of this, predict Tory’s sentencing, + more! Follow The Team:Rory - - - - - Subscribe:
Rory’s first episode of Zaddie’s or Dad Bod Pod (Working Title) is available now to all tiers on Patreon. This pod welcomes other dads into the studio to share their fatherhood journey. Moving forward it’ll be on the $20 tier.Also please head to our YouTube to watch the first BTS Vlog from the new studio!Well it wouldn’t be us if we didn’t disagree. It’s Mal & Lizzo vs. The Room. Was she out of line with her dancers? Is she a bully? We then pay respects to the tragic news regarding Angus Cloud. Travis Scott is projected for a big first week, but is also getting accused of lifting this album from Kanye. We stay on music but celebrate some legends with the latest issue of Men’s Health. Do you think your favorite rappers took steroids? We ask a personal question regarding balls. Speaking of personal decisions, Ja Morant has some new tattoos. Then we discuss a hilarious 100m dash and speak on the future of the Olympics (combination). Did the crew member violate Beyonce? Artists can’t sell tickets and it’s their booking agency's fault. Is it hiphop for rappers to dance? It’s time for voicemails. Can you go through your girl's phone? Then we discuss some baby momma drama and a situationship. Tune in as the guys discuss all of this + more! Follow The Team:Rory - - - - - Subscribe:
Get that monkey off your back. We start with a weekend recap which involved Rory’s seemingly racist half-year birthday party for Amara, Eddin & Demaris at Beyonce, Mal’s new haircut, and Julian getting drinks with his political brother. Then we talk about the boxing fight and why Mal is upset with Eminem’s involvement. Utopia dropped and Rory is ready to make a bold claim. The beef is seemingly on again between Drake and Pusha/Pharrell. Meanwhile Cardi B is beefing with her DJ and the fans after throwing two microphones over the weekend. We briefly discuss Offset and Quavo’s upcoming solo albums. Did you see the guy that bought a life-like dog suit? Well we had plenty to say about that. Naturally this leads to an argument. It’s time for a wide range of voicemails. Tune in as the guys discuss all of this + more!
Go watch the first episode of ‘My Karma Is Beautiful’ live music series on YouTube! Has anyone seen Barbie? We discuss the big blockbuster week of Barbie/Oppenheimer. Somehow Rory brings up Harry Potter and becomes a sicko real quick. This leads to a brief history lesson on symbol culture. Can agency models become IG models and vice versa? We get into an argument over model culture after bringing up Rubi Rose. Well we finally officially know something everyone already knew…aliens exist. Here comes a string of conspiracy takes led by Rory until he says a crazy pause. How long will Ice Spice last? Then we discuss drugs and Mal makes fun of Julian for beating an addiction. We briefly talk about Obama’s chef passing and give an update on the woman from Alabama that lied. It’s time for voicemails. Tune in as the guys discuss all of this + more!
We’re back after a busy weekend. Rory and Julian both hit shows. Rory went to Wale then Nas, while Julian went to Drake. Drake’s interview with Bobbi dropped and he took aim at Elliott Wilson about his recent comments. Is there ageism in hip-hop journalism? Staying on beef, A$AP Rocky seemingly took a shot at Travis Scott during his Rolling Loud set. Meanwhile, Travis dropped a very safe record for a single leading up to ‘Utopia’. An artist that’s not taking the safe route is Doja Cat. She has no love for her fans…and neither do we. In more music releases Nas released another album with Hit-Boy and Kodak did a questionable song with 6ix9ine. Then we break down the Twitter rebrand. We have a mixed bag of voicemails today that end on a high. Tune in as the guys discuss all of this + more!
Today we’re joined by the beautiful Weezy co-host of one of our favorite podcasts, Whoreible Decisions. We start with some personal gripes. Then we talk about Rory and Weezy’s recent collaboration…DJ Drama’s ‘Gangsta Grillz’ podcast. This leads to conversation about the current podcast climate. Weezy shares a story of how she stole from Jay-Z and Beyonce. It’s time to talk about dating. Everyone shares their dating preferences and what they’re most interested in. Spoiler: Weezy absolutely loves c*m. We shared our thoughts on Andrew Tate and the hoax missing girl in Alabama. Somehow this led back to a conversation about dating within your tax bracket. We get into voicemails with compelling relationship advice from our guest expert. Tune in as the guys and Weezy discuss all of this + more!
We’re back with a busy week in the “culture.” Before we get into that Mal shares us a funny story about his mom getting denied entry into Canada. Speaking of Canada, Drake invited J Cole to perform with him in lieu of 21 Savage. We then share our own trouble with the law. Rory gets profiled, while Mal throws a friend under the bus. Over the weekend Rory found himself getting pulled into a beef with a tweet from Noname. Drake is making NY his home for the next week and naturally we’ve uncovered a conspiracy. Did Drake release his book to undercut Jay-Z’s ‘Book of Hov’? (they share the same cover/color) Has dry humor run its course? Sexyy Red makes a school appearance, which leads to a story from Julian that features a random artist. PinkyDoll has taken over the internet…is this content a mental illness? Tune in as the guys discuss all of this, as well as an odd missing woman story, the black/white dress attempted murder, voicemails + more!
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Nice episodes i love it

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Love the episodes

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rory gehman

Nice episodes love the show

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