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The guys are back after a quick trip to Atlanta to sit down with Benny The Butcher and another sold out show in Charlotte. Mal and Julian had a humbling experience clubbing in Charlotte. The only thing more questionable than the BET HipHop Awards is Kanye’s recent fashion decision. The Kanye conversation  continues as we react to his Instagram posts (in real time) The guys react to Cardi B pulling up on her ops hood and Lyfe Jennings hitting high notes for Jeffrey Dahmer. Speaking of killers, Rory does a deep dive on the worst Netflix movie created and Will Smith’s return, + more! 
Rory & Mal head to Atlanta's Culture Lab to catch up with Benny The Butcher. Of course they press him about his next project, but before they can get into that they discuss his Lyricist of The Year nomination, as well as whether he would prefer a Drama mixtape look or a DJ Khaled album look. They also get into the current state of Griselda as a group, and Benny gets honest with them. He surprises them with some ghostwriting credits he has, and clears the air regarding the situation with Freddie Gibbs. The guys also discuss Benny's creative process, Mal's A&R career, their mutual love for The Sopranos, + more!
Rory & Mal sit down with the hosts of the Know For Sure Podcast on Mal's birthday and tackle the important matters at hand... Mal and B. Simone's (who he only addresses by real name) missed opportunity at a chance of real love. Listen as Rory gets his Barbara Walters on with B's best friend/co-host/manager Megan Brooks to get the story of how they first met, what went wrong, and what's in store for the future. Megan then hands out some advice about making a marriage work in our current society. Also addressed - B. Simone's viral misstep and how she is handling it, Da Baby's remarks about Megan, how Wild N Out took viral stars and made them respected comedians, + more. Be prepared to hear Mal giggle... which might be a sound unheard anywhere else. Want to learn more about B Simone and Megan Brooks? Follow their podcast - @knowforsurepod on instagram
This week this guys talk about the new Jeffrey Dahmer Netflix series sweeping the nation, recapping the DC live show, Demaris meeting the helicopter assembly-man of her dreams, having a baby on stage, Ice Spice at Rolling Loud, Off-set performing "Bad & Bougie" by himself in the rain, the top 5 craziest serial killers, Matt Barnes not holding up on his exclusive on Ime Udoka, Aaron Judge being the future MVP, and much more!
... and we all thought Rory was the Nasty White Boy Heavyweight Champion of the World... The guys start the episode off with a brief recap of their first live show of the season in Chicago, right before getting into the real show - Tory Lanez vs. August Alsina, and why the real Will Smith owes him 100 favors. They try to figure out what the hell is wrong with Gen Z and their obsession with poisoning themselves, before briefly touching on Kanye's current media headlines. They then get into the story of Adam Levine's "alleged" affair (I mean, we all know he did that shit, but sure, lets shoot him bail), and talk about Ime Udoka cheating on our favorite black woman as well. They also discuss Adnan Sayed's release, Future's publishing sale, new music, + more!
(This episode was pre-recorded on September 14th)The boys sat down with their team to have a (semi) serious conversation about what relationship season looks like at their age. Mal gives us absolute terrible advice on what to ask women on a first date, and they go over the official Cuffin Season Calendar dates. Mal tells a story of the first time he went to a girl's family's house for thanksgiving, and we try to decide which R&B starlet would break his heart, which leads into a conversation regarding women in the entertainment industry and the people they must kiss for work (poor Safari). They also tell you what kind of women to avoid if you don't want to be lied to, how to fake an orgasm, + more!
Ahh, yes. Satire. Sarcasm. Mockery. It's truly where we excel.This episode starts with an Emmy recap, and then goes straight into argument territory. Who should be crowned the Hip-Hop Lyricist of the Year? The guys debate this, as well as cover the other BET Hip Hop Award nominees. The feels come out when they send their condolences to the family of PnB Rock - and also get in the asses of the celebrities that made this moment about themselves. They then pivot into a debate about getting your kids out of your house at a certain age, and then head into sports news.Are you guys signed up for our Patreon? You should be. Thats where the unfiltered things are.
As we head into our hundreds episodes, Rory decided it was time to reflect. So he went on a sound healing journey to get to know himself better... and let's just say he didn't like what he saw. He goes into details about this experience with the team, and they contemplate whether its something they should do as well. Speaking of sound, Ari Lennox's new album came out and the guys give an honest review. Then, as you all have been waiting for, the Irishman delivers the sad, horrible news of Queen Lizzy's passing. Speaking of people who touch sh*t that doesn't belong to them, Mal gets into the news of a BLM (the LLC, not the movement) member skimming a little off the top of the (non)profits, and gives his opinion on that entire organization. Illinois passed their Safe-T law that will release a bunch of alleged criminals, and this leads into a discussion about how each Rory & Mal team member would purge if given the chance. They also discuss upcoming Triller fights, dinner with Bow Wow, how horrible Demaris' California accent impersonation is, their viral sketch, + more! ... & yes the random fourth voice you hear has a name. Its Julian. Yes, 'A Night In New York' guy. 
HAPPY 100TH EPISODE! In a special recap, Rory & Mal and their team pod straight from Made In America's festival grounds... sponsored by Dusse. The guys sit down with Elliott Wilson to discuss his media career and to comprehend when Media became cool, Talk Detroit Drill with Babyface Ray, get B Dot & Elliott to finally define their relationship (and give advice about interviews), laugh until tears with 'Billie Eilish' rapper Armani White, talk Atlanta history with JID, geek out on cars with Larry June, + more!
Rory & Mal sit down with actor J Alphonse Nicholson to discuss his controversial role on P Valley, his sexuality, upcoming roles, + more!
Finally. Quentin Miller, the infamous ghostwriter who rose to viral fame after being named as a writer for Drake, speaks his own truth... after 7 years of silence. He speaks on his career as a writer, his relationship with Meek Mill, how he lost his leg, + more in this exclusive interview with Rory & Mal.
On this episode Rory & Mal start off with some questions regarding Bad Bunny, Prince, and Eddin's sexuality, and then get into the VMA's. They give Nicki her well-deserved flowers, and then join right in on the discussion about Jay-Z's verse on DJ Khaled's album, including whether he should've been on the song solo, Mal's brother Biggs being mentioned, and more. They review the rest of Khaled's album, and JID's album, and then Demaris explains the concept of 'vabbing'... to their extreme disgust. They also discuss how to spot a precum baby, the new 'And1' documentary, their travel plans for the week, + more!
In this episode, Rory & Mal try to figure out how a robot of artificial intelligence had a more successful music career than them. They then get into the PPP Loan forgiveness program, and the billionaires who were able to get their loans forgiven. Rory delves into his Millennial Housing Crisis conspiracy, and mid-recording, they receive the news about Offset's lawsuit against QC, and give their opinions on it. They discuss American Airlines' new supersonic planes, and Mal tells us about his first time meeting a girl's family. They also get into upcoming music, Andre 3000's new Supreme collaboration, Kevin Durant staying in NY, & more!
Happy Tuesday! On this episode, Rory & Mal catch up on their equally wild weekends, and the team celebrates Mal's engagement (with a call from his fiancé) while simultaneously mourning Rory's. Diddy also inspires them to have the "Who Killed R&B" conversation, and the guys have a discussion on Meek's career trajectory. The guys also discuss what they would do on their last day on earth, having racist family members, 50 Cent's latest interview and more!
Rory & Mal sit down with the legendary DJ Drama. In this interview they discuss what killed the mixtape and the classic mixtape DJ, and then get into Drama’s relationship with his previous artist Lil Uzi, where he stands with Drake & Meek after their infamous mishap, who he would challenge in a Verzuz, + more!
On this episode Rory & Mal acknowledge Nipsey's star on The Hollywood Walk of Fame, and then get into all of the new music released over the weekend. They give their honest opinions on The Game's latest album, and try to figure out when the trend of sampling will cease in hip-hop. They run down the Woodstock '99 documentary, as well as the Murder Inc episode, and have a phone conversation with NORE regarding the deleted Dave Chappelle episode and his relationship with Irv Gotti, + more!
This episode, the guys start off giving Angela Yee & The Breakfast Club their flowers, while theorizing why they are parting ways and reminiscing on some of their favorite BC moments. They give Pete Davidson some advice, and then get into new music, and what they are expecting from new releases. They also discuss how Rory fell in love with Hip-Hop, what their midlife crisis would be, + more!
In this episode of NRM, the boys start by giving their honest opinions on DJ Khaled's newest single feat. Drake & Lil Baby. They also give their Kendrick concert reviews, & Mal explains his surprise at the tour demographics. This leads to them speaking on the plethora of other weekend performances, like the Young Money reunion, and some interesting interviews that came out this weekend as well. They also discuss the Alex Jones trial, Kevin Durant's request, + more!
Rory & Mal sit down with Daniel and Nineteen85 to discuss the creation of DVSN, the backlash of their current single, the time they became Eskimo brothers, + more!
Episode 89 | 'Star Chasers'

Episode 89 | 'Star Chasers'


In this episode, after recapping their weekend and brief discussion on Netflix's new documentary 'The Most Hated Man On The Internet,' Rory & Mal dive right into reviewing Beyonce's new album and her projected sales, which leads into a discussion about the term 'album artist' - what it means, who qualifies to be called one, and why it doesn't work in everyone's favor. They finally get into their debate comparing Beyonce to Michael Jackson (spoiler alert- Rory is fighting for his life on this one). They also address Will Smith's apology video, Drake having covid, + more!
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love this show. just wish it was longer each episode. 2hr minimum would b ILL

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Chris Woods

this show is amazing 👏

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Congratulations! Wishing you both continued success.

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