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Our shows are out of control. As expected, our return to NY didn’t disappoint. Demaris got pressed by the lovely Taylor about boiling dildos among other things. There was no way Julian and his shy date could match that energy. Our good friends from the Say Less Podcast opened and Mal questioned Julius Randle about a bunch of things he could never answer. Sticking to NY, SZA is back and revealed her track list while we were recording. Also to Rory’s surprise, Metro Boomin gave Drake/21 some competition with his new album. Good Morning America decides to break-up a happy co-working couple, while Gabrielle Union takes shots at Boosie (incoming Mal’s Boosie impression). The team breaks down their three celebrity crushes and although Demaris and Julian have strikingly similar taste, Julian gets singled out (this convo went on long after the cameras stopped). Quick sports update, Jerry Jones remains silent on his involvement in the racist image but reminds us that LeBron would be a great football player. Nike drops Kyrie, Kanye drags Chris Paul into the mix, and Shannon Sharpe defends Deion Sanders. Listen to the guys discuss all of this + more
No for real…what the hell are you listening to? The team discusses each of their music tastes (according to the data). We discovered quite a few of us played a lot of bedroom music. Well everyone except Demaris. Who wants to “talk you through the nut”. While we reflect on our top songs/albums we also discuss what’s to come. We predict Metro Boomin’s album and SZA’s upcoming project. What’s a pod without Kanye? While we were recording Ye took to Infowars to spew more hate speech. In local news, the co-anchors of Good Morning America are cheating with each other. Keeping it local, Mal and Julian ended up (separately) at the Knicks game while Demaris hosted a women’s empowerment event. We discuss the frontrunner film for the Oscar Awards, Cocaine Bear. Mal reminds us that ‘Emily in Paris’ is coming back soon. Listen to the guys discuss all of this + more. P.S. if you’re reading this it’s show day in New York! See you all tonight!
We’re home!....well kind of. Eddin is out sick so we recorded this episode from WTF Studios (the house we built). The guys cover their Thanksgiving and reflect on moments with family, while Julian was “alone”. Somehow this leads to a JUICE pyramid scheme conversation. We then pay respect to the legend Hovain. Rick Ross and Meek Mill unite in Philly, which leads to a discussion about Meek’s career. Speaking of careers Chris Brown was canceled by the AMA’s which spirals into an intense debate about censorship in our culture. Currently, Balenciaga is also on the chopping block (rightfully so). Sidenote: record labels fudge numbers (boom conspiracy solved). Listen in as the guys discuss all of this and more +
The guys are back from a couple eventful nights in the great state of Texas. First we recap Luka’s dominance on the court, but he wasn’t the only Maverick putting on a show. At halftime we witnessed a  whipping of sorts. A tribute that Rory loved. Meg and B Simone were kind enough to join us during the Dallas show and even hit the showers after. We immediately drove to Houston for our first day show at the Houston Improv where the couples and Versuz were incredible. Anyway, did you know Mal ran a train?! Rory, Julian, and Eddin are still asking follow up questions. The guys continue their long nights out on tour. Unfortunately this time we were following Eddin. While Eddin puffed hookah and guzzled tequila Mal and Rory left within 10 mins of entering the club. Tune in to hear the guys discuss all of this and more +
Welcome back to Mal vs. Anyone that doesn’t believe Michael Jeffrey Jordan is the goat. Somehow the only thing Mal can do longer than argue MJ’s greatness is take a shower. Anyway, the Grammy nominations are here and the guys discuss Rap (Jack Harlow) and R&B. The Grammy talk suddenly became a Versus discussion after Kodak responded to 21 Savage. Tune in to hear the guys discuss all of this, as well as, why Mal is no longer MAGA + more!
The guys are back from their Atlanta studio, courtesy of Rockstar Energy, following another live show Sunday night. First, we learn that Rory and Mal made one fan in particular comfortable enough to come out of the closet (not during the show). Then we were joined by a “horny poet” and his girlfriend and finally we were blessed by the ultimate power couple, B Simone and Moneybag Mal. DJ Drama surprised everyone during the Versuz battle to face off against the guys and to no surprise he won handily. The team’s night didn’t end after the show. Sunday also happened to be Julian’s birthday! The team celebrated at what Rory referred to as a “truck stop with stripper poles.” We promise it was still better than the London stripper experience. ‘Her Loss’ seemed to be the soundtrack of the weekend and the first week numbers reflected our sentiments. Earlier in the week, Rory joined Nas and Hitboy at the KDIII release party and somehow missed Andre 3000. Another legend Dave Chappelle returned to SNL for a moving monologue, while LeBron freestyles his way through a few more lies. In adjacent basketball news, the iconic Jordan/Pippen combo are back. Tune in as the guys discuss all of this + more!
Fresh off a sold out show in London, we’re officially back in New York. The team discusses the rest of the trip. Needless to say, we have a newfound appreciation for the "Startenders" in New York. Following the show, Red Ranger Rory and Julian ended up back at the hotel where they had choice words for the hotel manager. Actually, the team had choice words for a few people in London. Maybe Drake’s energy on ‘Her Loss’ influenced everyone. Spoiler: everyone agrees the album is great. Except for Vogue…who sues Drake for the fake cover. Stateside, the elections are over and Chappelle returns to SNL. The guys discuss all of this and more as they prepare to start their southern shows in Atlanta this coming Sunday.
Live from London, the mandem hit the ground running. Following a few pints with the blokes we went to BBC 1Xtra to talk about the Queen (most likely removed) and share some R&B records with DJ Ace. Then Rory, Eddin, and Benner connected with Rory’s long lost cousin…and a prostitute. While that was happening Mal, Julian, and Loyan embarked on what would become the most adventurous experience of the trip: Booking a table at The Box (do your googles). My fingers are still sticky while writing this description. We left the club at 4am, which is exactly when ‘Her Loss’ was released. While Serena Williams appears to be the “her” garnering the most attention, Drake made it clear that it’s everyone’s loss, leading to more controversy. This episode also features an exclusive sit down with DRAM, which was previously recorded a couple weeks ago. Listen in as the guys discuss all of this + more!
This week the guys take a moment to reflect on the life of Kirshnik Khari Ball, known professionally as Takeoff, and discuss the state of hip hop along with the beauty within the madness of the culture.
The Swifties are back after a festive Halloween weekend. We open another film review, Pelham 123 (someone on Reddit please make an edit), the guys declare Diddy as the winner of the weekend, oh and Lori Harvey. Meanwhile, North West is running around in MJ’s memorabilia. Rihanna dampens the mood with her new ballad, while SZA continues to avoid accountability. On a more personal note, Mal addresses Math Hoffa…what you mean by that? (Druski voice) Let that sink in. Elon’s sink found its way into Twitter headquarters and sent a few employees packing. The NY teams are back to losing and the Lakers finally get in the W column. Listen in as the guys discuss all of this + more!
We don’t talk enough about how difficult it is to age in the drug industry. Speaking of delays, Drake and 21 Savage pushed ‘Her Loss’ to a later date. Or perhaps for Rihanna. In unsurprising news, Kanye is back and he’s fighting for brand recognition. Meanwhile, Steve Lacy is struggling with his audience. Also, Ashanti responds to Irv and Billy McFarland is on his comeback tour. Get this plus a sit down with Jocye Wrice +more!
Episode 113 | SORRY

Episode 113 | SORRY


First let’s address the elephant in the room. WE’RE SORRY…we’re so sorry.  The Mixy Boys were out this weekend. First, the guys hit Ludlow House (Julian’s second home) to see the amazing Joyce Wrice. Then Rory ended up in the Bronx and linked with Eddin (in full bear costume). The Yankee’s took the L and so did classic art. Climate Change is real and so is the $10k a student stole from her grandma to give to her classmates. If you’re looking to save money Uber pool is an option to everyone except for Mal. Reading the room is an important life skill, unless you’re Alec Baldwin. Speaking of rooms we’d like to read, Doja Cat went topless at her 27th birthday party. This somehow led to Mal talking about types of showers. GKMC turns 10 and this instant classic spirals to a debate about Drake/Future vs. Drake/21 Savage. In other music news, Taylor Swift is breaking streaming records while Rory shares with us details about a show explaining Spotify’s rise. All can be seated after the Yankees are swept by the (cheating) Astros. In positive NY news, the Giants, Jets and Knicks won their last games. Mal’s Lakers are the second best team in their own city. Listen in as the guys discuss all of this + more!
Show us (and Jay Z) the accounting, the taxes or the contract! It could all be so simple. Speculation is only fun when you're in the wrong. In the meantime, keep enjoying throwing our money. Speaking of money and influence, Carl Cherry's tweet causes a conversation about the state of Hip-Hop and where it is headed. Meanwhile, Kanye continues to make his rounds on national news networks and reveal his "assistant". While Ye continues to make his rounds in his wild Yeezy boots, a hiker was able to toss a bear off a cliff to protect his life. In the city, we've officially declared the rise in rats a state of emergency. At least we're officially in the best time of year for sports. Playoff baseball is underway and the NBA is officially back. The guys discuss sports predictions and more + 
The guys are back after an eventful weekend. Mal treated his mom to the sake squirting bottle at Benihana and Rory went to Dave Chappelle’s midnight show. Meg the Stallion bodied her SNL hosting debut. The White King, Jack Harlow, will make his hosting debut next and we sure hope Rory is invited. Speaking of ongoing beef, Nicki and Lotto continue to trade insults at each other and Kanye chose Drink Champs (again) to take shots at the world. While they continue down a self-destructive path, Meek Mill finds himself befriending everyone again according to his timeline. Pleasing everyone can go too far (or just right) depending on who you’re asking. If you’re asking Congressional Candidate Mike Itkis, he’ll tell you the only logical solution is to upload your video to Pornhub to rally the vote. People keep leveling up the weirdness and our home, NYC, keeps getting dirtier. Rats are everywhere…and not just the subway ones. While rat behavior can lead to someone’s demise it can also lead to a bag. Jordan Poole signs a massive contract following the Draymond punch. LeBron and Bronny have no words for each other in a new Beats commercial and Kanye calls Meek a fed, + more!
This week the guys are joined by Hip-Hop legend, Cyhi the Prynce to discuss paying for samples, the importance of a marketing budget, the "college" era of hip-hop, top 5 artists of the moment, the negative connotation on ghost writing, drug rap vs drill rap, Kanye's GAP & Adidas beef, Cyhi's favorite G.O.O.D. Music artists, and much more.
Sha boo yah sha sha sha boo yah…roll call! The guys harmonize their way into today’s audio experience. Over the weekend, Rory was uninvited to the Jack Harlow show leaving room for our lyricist of the year and his side chicks. Speaking of side chicks, accomplished author and professional side chick Brittany Renner expands her brand with a fast-food chain. While her “dating” career continues to flourish, Mal’s might be on the upside because of a new Republican dating app. The DM’s are a dark and dirty place (closes eyes and imagine what Julian showed the guys). In other porn news, Kanye continues to insert himself into more controversy. We discuss the potential of a Karaoke night (patreon?) and why the Dream Team would destroy the Redeem Team, + more!
The guys are back after a quick trip to Atlanta to sit down with Benny The Butcher and another sold out show in Charlotte. Mal and Julian had a humbling experience clubbing in Charlotte. The only thing more questionable than the BET HipHop Awards is Kanye’s recent fashion decision. The Kanye conversation  continues as we react to his Instagram posts (in real time) The guys react to Cardi B pulling up on her ops hood and Lyfe Jennings hitting high notes for Jeffrey Dahmer. Speaking of killers, Rory does a deep dive on the worst Netflix movie created and Will Smith’s return, + more! 
Rory & Mal head to Atlanta's Culture Lab to catch up with Benny The Butcher. Of course they press him about his next project, but before they can get into that they discuss his Lyricist of The Year nomination, as well as whether he would prefer a Drama mixtape look or a DJ Khaled album look. They also get into the current state of Griselda as a group, and Benny gets honest with them. He surprises them with some ghostwriting credits he has, and clears the air regarding the situation with Freddie Gibbs. The guys also discuss Benny's creative process, Mal's A&R career, their mutual love for The Sopranos, + more!
Rory & Mal sit down with the hosts of the Know For Sure Podcast on Mal's birthday and tackle the important matters at hand... Mal and B. Simone's (who he only addresses by real name) missed opportunity at a chance of real love. Listen as Rory gets his Barbara Walters on with B's best friend/co-host/manager Megan Brooks to get the story of how they first met, what went wrong, and what's in store for the future. Megan then hands out some advice about making a marriage work in our current society. Also addressed - B. Simone's viral misstep and how she is handling it, Da Baby's remarks about Megan, how Wild N Out took viral stars and made them respected comedians, + more. Be prepared to hear Mal giggle... which might be a sound unheard anywhere else. Want to learn more about B Simone and Megan Brooks? Follow their podcast - @knowforsurepod on instagram
This week this guys talk about the new Jeffrey Dahmer Netflix series sweeping the nation, recapping the DC live show, Demaris meeting the helicopter assembly-man of her dreams, having a baby on stage, Ice Spice at Rolling Loud, Off-set performing "Bad & Bougie" by himself in the rain, the top 5 craziest serial killers, Matt Barnes not holding up on his exclusive on Ime Udoka, Aaron Judge being the future MVP, and much more!
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