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Author: Des Linden and Kara Goucher

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Once competitors and Olympic teammates, now friends and podcast partners, Des Linden and Kara Goucher share their hot takes about all things running with a little bit of life-stuff sprinkled in too. Come for the insights on running and stay for the inspiration from two legends in the sport. No filter needed.
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Is it your birthday, girl? 'Cause you lookin' like a present Is it your birthday, girl? Let's celebrate it Is it your birthday, girl? Make a wish, 11:11 Is it your birthday, girl? Let's celebrate it.- Lizzo It's Kara's birthday, and of course we are celebrating with this latest episode of Nobody Asked Us presented by Brooks Running. There are so many presents in this one... Kara hopped up on Super Coffee. Per usual, crazy intro banter. Some love for your 40s. Stories of Des lifting weights?! Recaps from the final two days of the Oly Trials (W10K, M5K, W1500, M800). Surprise Olympians named post-Trials. Paris Diamond League madness, world records, and leveling up. UK Olympic selection rants. The Super 5 with a super, Super Coffee discount. And perhaps the biggest present of all... a very special guest joins for the final ~30 minutes, and you won't want to miss it. It might be Kara's birthday, but we are all getting presents! After all, as the great Lizzo says... "Every day, every day is a birthday, hey every day is a birthday, hey, if you a bad b***h, today is your day." To get your Super Coffee discount, please use this link to order and add code NOBODYASKED for 20% off at check-out. Code valid on Amazon only. On Prime Day - July 16/17 - the code will bump to 25% off!
Note: there is a little bit of background noise on the audio for this episode, but it goes away after 3 minutes and 5 seconds. This episode is being posted from producer Chris's vacation so forgive the brevity of the show notes! Des and Kara recorded this on Saturday morning in Eugene, live from the Runnerspace House. And yes... they did it from a pontoon stage! They give you event recaps from Thursday and Friday of the Trials, plus previews of the weekend's events. You can now listen to see if their predictions came true! [Don't worry... they will post a proper, full recap of the Trials next Tuesday, July 9th.] They also announce a brand new presenting sponsor for the podcast and bring on a very special guest - new Olympian Nia Akins as a part of the Olipop Top 5. To get your Olipop, use code NOBODYASKEDUS for 15% off at And drumroll please.... Nobody Asked Us is now presented by Brooks Running!
It's a rest day in Eugene, but Des and Kara aren't resting. They droppin' this freshy fresh recap episode like it's oh so hot. The Gs know what we talkin' about... Now, button up your pastel polos because this episode has a little bit of everything, including all of the laughs you expect and insights you can't get anywhere else. Kara starts with a behind-the-scenes description of calling races with NBC including the Snoop Dogg cameo during the men's steeplechase final. Did she play it cool or did she unleash her inner 17-year-old and lose her s**t when she met the D.O. Double G? Of course, you get recaps of all of the distance finals so far AND highlights from the sprint events, including hot takes on Grant Fisher's win, Drew Hunter's out-of-nowhere, top-4 finish, Hillary Bor's fall in the men's steeple, that holy Hocker kick from 250m, the near-photo-finish in the women's 5K, Parker Valby's boss run to potentially make the team, the bittersweet 800m final for the women, and so much more.  Plus, you learn that NACAC isn't an insurance company or a duck call but actually the thing that might punch Evan Jager's ticket to the Olympics. [Can YOU say NACAC five times fast?] Then, you hear what Des and Kara thought of the 100m finals (we see you Sha'Carri, Noah, and Fred!), Noah Lyle's kit reveal, and the 16-year-old sprint phenom Quincy Wilson who might just make a relay team in Paris.  This episode is everything we love about Des and Kara... listen in as your prep for the second half of the trials which starts on Thursday! Welcome Super Coffee to the Nobody Asked Us podcast with the new Super 5 segment! To support them and us, please use this link to order and add code NOBODYASKED for 20% off at check-out. Code valid on Amazon only. And don't worry, Olipop is still a sponsor as well for the Top 5 segment. For that, use code NOBODYASKEDUS for 15% off at 
If you think this will be a typical recap + preview show, then you don't know Des and Kara well enough! Yes, you get event recaps from the NCAA Track and Field Championships, and you get race previews from 800m to 10000m for the Olympic Trials, including all of their reactions and sleeper picks. But... you also get another Kara Goucher sliding-doors moment, info on a family member that Des can't keep up with on the run, hot takes on spiky super shoes, NIL deals, athletes turning pro, the unsponsored Eric Holt, the newly unsponsored Fred Kerley, plus an idea for the first piece of NAU merch that would no doubt sell out FAST (pun intended). Dance your way over to your favorite podcast platform and give this one a listen. Then, go sign up for the next Nobody Asked Us LIVE in Eugene on June 29th. Thank you to Brooks Running for hosting!    
2.15. The Justice Episode

2.15. The Justice Episode


Prosecutors and YouTube subscribers take note: Des and Kara allegedly recorded this episode in the same hoodies that they would wear to conceal their identities during a future crime. If you are watching the security cam video, Des is the one in the "nice" hoodie. What would be their crime you ask??? I don't know... maybe they could steal the job of the World Athletics marketing director?! Now, that's a crime they could pull off flawlessly... I'm not sure about any other ;).  Speaking of justice, this episode is all about that. Des and Kara talk about justice for Lashinda Demus who will finally receive her rightful gold medal in Paris. Her silver from 2012 was "upgraded," and now she has to pay her own way to get the medal that was  hers all along. Kara gives Lashinda advice from her medal-upgrade experience and explains how it is so much different than you would hope for athletes in this situation. They also talk about justice for Leonard Korir who DOES get to toe the line in Paris in the marathon after all, with World Athletics opening up additional spots for those ranked highly enough. Go Lenny (and Conner and Clayton)! Then, they move on to establish motive for their future crimes by discussing the recently announced "innovation" in the works from World Athletics. New long jump rules, new javelin and shot put weights, the 1-mile steeple, a 4 x 100m mixed relay, and of course, the "Ultimate" World Championships that we've been missing all this time. That marketing director better watch out.  Don't worry... the episode ends on a positive note with a new "comeback" segment from Lever Movement, discussion of the Brooks PR Invitational coming up this week, and an extended Olipop Top 5 that does this episode justice... To take advantage of the offers in this episode, use the following links and codes: For Lever Movement: 15% off link: 15% off code: NobodyAskedUs For Olipop: 15% off link: click here. 15% off code: NOBODYASKEDUS  
2.14. Appealing to Reason

2.14. Appealing to Reason


What is Beethoven's favorite fruit? Ba-na-na-naaa. (Insert the music from Beethoven's Symphony No. 5).  We need the dramatic music for this one as Des and Kara dive deep into some serious topics, as only they can.  Ba-na-na-naaa.  Des and Kara talk about the misplaced anger against the BAA over Buzunesh Deba's unpaid prize money.  Ba-na-na-naaa. Des and Kara discuss why the "Top American" moniker and prize pools might be counter-productive. Ba-na-na-naaa. Des and Kara dissect the Olympic qualifying standards and process from World Athletics. Ba-na-na-naaa.  Des asks a curious question about the marathon. Ba-na-na-naaa. Des and Kara give you an Olipop top six(!), while discussing the merits of the various stages of banana ripeness in relation to the new Olipop banana cream flavor. This one is ripe and tasty for sure. Now, go get 15% off on your Olipop order by using the code NOBODYASKEDUS at this link. 
2.13. The Third Wheel

2.13. The Third Wheel


"The suspense is terrible. I hope it'll last." - Willy Wonka. Sadly (or happily?) it didn't last... In this episode, you learn a little bit more about me (the podcast editor and show-notes writer) and what it's like to be a third wheel to two of the best to ever do it. Mine is the wobbly wheel to be sure.  You learn about how my role in this project came to be including some "behind-the-scenes" stories from the very beginning. We answer "pressing" questions like: How did I get to know Des and Kara in the first place? How was the theme song chosen, especially in a period where Des and Kara were still feeling each other out? What's it like to run with Des at 5:15 am when she is going on 3 hours of sleep and sweating tequila through every pore? Are you still Texan if you've lost your accent and don't own cowboy boots? What does Willy Wonka have to do with any of it? Then, we cover truly-pressing, nobody-asked-us topics such as the newly selected Kenyan marathon team and how Kosgei became the third wheel there. Gasp! Kara says the "N**e" word and shares some top-secret intel on the selection process, as we all daydream about how big and fun a Kenyan marathon trials could be. Plus naturally, you get our belated reaction to Beyonce's new album. It's not quite the TSwift level of discussion, but Jolene and Dolly and Miley all get appropriate mentions.  We finish with the Oiselle "Underbird" segment of the week and a "Top 4" that you won't want to miss if you care at all about the NAU word contest.  Now go use the code NOBODY10 at for 10% off on your first order. Do it for the pod while I happily slink off into the background again. 
Yes, it's been a long fortnight since the last Nobody Asked Us episode, but Taylor needed the space and so did we.  This episode starts innocently enough with an off-the-rails intro and then Des and Kara reveal the clandestine use of four contest words in past episodes. Kara illicitly tried to throw you off on the last one, but one lucky winner still figured it out. Thus, this episode brings two new words if you are ready to play their little game.  Before they dig into Boston and wish London "farewell," they give their freshy fresh thoughts on THE new double album, including the torturous decision of choosing a podium from the 31 songs. In the running world, we must ask ourselves was (the Trials in) Florida the drug or was it Boston after all? Plus, Des and Kara answer... "How could Hellen Obiri occupy such rare air?" and "Why didn't Sisay Lemma self-implode after taking it out so early?" and "What are the implications for the Kenya marathon team and who will be the odd man out?" The two then w̶a̶d̶e̶ cannonball into the great uniform debate with answers that might surprise you. And don't you worry folks, no one is taking out Des's teeth. This one wraps with another "Underbird" segment presented by Oiselle, and of course, an Olipop Top 5 talking about books, bourbon, and boys. There are no touchdowns necessary; the alchemy between Des and Kara is real! Don't forget to check out these opportunities mentioned in the episode: Use code NOBODY10 for 10% off at for some amazing running apparel from Kara's sponsor! Get a free COROS accessory with your watch purchase (code: NOBODYASKED). Just add your favorite accessory to your cart–a band, piece of apparel, and more–and use code NOBODYASKED at checkout. Des and Kara’s COROS watch of choice is the COROS Pace 3: Use Des and Kara's Olipop link to help support the podcast. Click here.  Participate in the word contest by posting your picks for this week's two secret words on YouTube or Instagram. Winners might have a chance to pick the next two secret words!
You asked for it, and you are getting it! Des and Kara recorded this freshy fresh Boston Marathon recap at 10:15 pm on Marathon Monday after just enough beers. The most important detail, perhaps, is that they shut down the bar at the end of this one. They were literally kicked out of the Sam Adams Taproom in downtown Boston to end the show, the perfect mic drop after an epic weekend of racing for the two of them. You will hear the full back story on Kara’s successful mission to #destoryColt, including the complete shock to her system to navigate the challenges of the mass start. Bib pickup… “how does that work?” Gear check… “wait, what?” Lining up 20+ minutes early to be positioned well for the start… “this is crazy.” Despite these new hurdles, she “destroyed” Colt’s PR by 7 seconds to finish in 18:50 and declare open season on the new hashtag #destroyKara as Colt now seeks his revenge. Then, of course, you hear highlights from Des’s 11th Boston. Des talks about the difficulty of being marathon-sharp after a full weekend of events, shares her pre-race meal and pre-race vibes, and details the key moments in the race, including the words exchanged with Emma Bates when she caught the lead pack again at mile 15. Along the way, Kara gives her thoughts and emotions as the ultimate Des fangirl watching from the finish line on Boylston for the first time. Finally, they finish with the “Underbird” underdog of the week segment (sponsored by Oiselle), discussing an unlikely athlete who again made huge waves at the front of the race at the age of 44. Thank you to Oiselle for sponsoring this episode. Use code NOBODY10 for 10% off at for some amazing running apparel from Kara's sponsor!
In this LIVE episode filmed at WBUR Cityspace in Boston, Des and Kara take you behind the scenes of the 2009, 2011, and 2018 Boston Marathons for an episode that will make you both laugh and cry. In 2009, Kara finished in an agonizing 3rd place in a podium battle that wasn't decided until Boylston, while Des watched from the stands. In 2011, Des finished in 2nd in a back and forth that had us all believing she could win until the closing meters of the race, while Kara ran her marathon PR for 5th place, just 6 months after having Colt. And we all know what happened in 2018 as a 33 year drought was finally broken. You get to hear Kara's reaction as she watches the 2009 finishing footage for the very first time and get behind the scenes details from all three races that weren't revealed in their books. This episode is a must listen for your spring race inspiration! Thank you to TCS, COROS, Olipop and WBUR for making this episode happen. We are excited to have COROS on as a new sponsor. COROS watches deliver the latest technology with personalized training solutions, unmatched battery life, and accurate dual-frequency GPS monitoring. For more from COROS: You can get a free COROS accessory with your watch purchase. Just add your favorite accessory to your cart–a band, piece of apparel, and more–and use code NOBODYASKED at checkout. Des and Kara’s COROS watch of choice: Check out Des’ Marathon Workout Video: Editor's Note: The YouTube version of this episode will be delayed as we process the video, but stay tuned.
"This race is too hard for women. They are simply not tough enough to do it, and I get to say that for as long as it takes until someone proves me wrong." - Lazarus Lake, Race Director for the Barkley Marathons. Enter Jasmin Paris. Sorry Lazarus. But first, Des and Kara kick things off with their usual banter talking about solving the world's problems on a run, and perhaps relatedly or unrelatedly, Des's final prep for Boston, including her typical taper routine. Is Des a barely-taper or extreme-taper type of athlete, and has she ever gotten lost on a Boston Marathon course preview run? They also discuss their routines for picking running routes. Which of Des or Kara is the psycho who runs the same route every day?!? A serial killer trait to be sure... Then digging into recent events, you get their hottest takes on the results from World XC, the Barkley Marathons, and the NCAA Women's Basketball tournament, where the women are setting viewing records left and right. As a bonus, you learn the backstory of how Kara just missed her chance to be a late '90s version of Caitlin Clark. So, so close. Finally, the episode ends with a new segment sponsored by Oiselle where Des and Kara each give their "Underbird" underdog of the week performance. And if you are still underestimating women after this episode, then you can go for a cold, cold swim in a Lake. Don't forget to check out these opportunities mentioned in the episode: Use code NOBODY10 for 10% off at for some amazing running apparel from Kara's sponsor! Stream a live episode of the Nobody Asked Us podcast, coming to you from Boston on Friday, April 12th at 7 pm ET. You can buy your streaming ticket for $5.00 here: Special thanks to COROS for their support for this episode. You can get a free COROS accessory with your watch purchase. Just add your favorite accessory to your cart–a band, piece of apparel, and more–and use code NOBODYASKED at checkout. Des and Kara’s COROS watch of choice is the COROS Pace 3: Participate in the word contest by posting your picks for this week's two secret words on YouTube or Instagram. Winners might have a chance to pick the next two secret words!
2.8. The Space Between

2.8. The Space Between


"The space between; The tears we cry; Is the laughter that keeps us coming back for more." - Dave Mathews Band The episode is a tribute to the spaces between and most certainly the laughter that comes with them... the space between the indoor season and outdoor championships, between the Olympic Marathon Trials and the Boston Marathon, between your connections at the airport, and between the finish line and that much-needed, post-race bathroom break (+ at least a few more spaces between).  Kara gives us a life update and let's us know why things have been a little more stressful recently. Des takes us through her top 10 result at the NYC Half, including some "rock-tumbling" bathroom issues that show us that Des is just like us.  They then talk about results from the NCAA Indoor Champs (hello Nico Young and Parker Valby!) and The Ten with a little coaching advice for what to do next for at least a few athletes.  In the end, Des poses questions about the 10,000 and about air travel that will make you think, just before the episode leaves you dangling with a Top 3 instead of a Top 5. Listen until the end for a hidden game in this week's episode!
"Haters gonna hate... potaters gonna potate." - Kara Goucher This and other "wisdom" in this new episode. Des and Kara recap an exciting World Indoor meet in Glasgow where the US brought home a truckload of middle distance and distance medals including 4 in the 1500m alone. Kara was on the call and offers some behind-the-scenes insight, plus they give their thoughts on implications for the outdoor season. Then, they discuss results from the Tokyo Marathon including Kipchoge's disappointing 10th place. Should he be chosen for the Kenyan marathon team for Paris? What would Des and Kara do (WWDKD)? Tragically, the Kenya team will also be without one its biggest stars in Kelvin Kiptum who passed away from a car accident on February 11th. Des and Kara share why it took a little bit for them to talk about this very sad news. Finally, the discussion turns to elite contracts as they try to demystify them for you as listeners, sharing the good, bad, and ugly from their experiences.  We hope you enjoy this one, and if you don't, then you can just go potate...
Calling all track nerds to reach in and grab a topic of your choosing. From indoor racing to Olympic standards and field sizes to the new long jump rules, there is something in here for any track nerd (or aspiring track nerd) in your life.  We think track is fun, but even if you don't, there is STILL plenty of fun to be had. Kara accidentally shares her high school crush in Freudian slip #1 of the episode (hint: think basketball not running), and Des shares her thoughts about who might really be in charge at USATF with Freudian slip #2 of the episode. Plus, they cover this study on sports bras that might have you reaching for a looser one, regardless of how huge your.... rib cage... might be. Stay for the end for a new twist on the top 5, where this time they share their top 5 pet peeves (both literally and figuratively). Happy Des and Kara Tuesday everyone!
Des and Kara got the message. You like it when they are a little bit tipsy... ok, maybe a lot tipsy. In this episode, you will learn that they questioned whether or not to post the last one because of the drinks involved. (Editor's note: you're welcome.) You will also learn what happened at the bar after they finished recording (hint: D, d's, and DD's). Then in this redux on Orlando, you get their additional, sober takes on the races. And, don't worry... there are a few, semi-unhinged moments in this one too. They talk about Jessica McClain potentially catching Dakotah, play armchair QB on Zach's aggressive strategy, cover what made the men's finish so bizarre, and provide insight into the challenges of the heat, balancing preparation, and choosing a race strategy. Plus, they give their reaction on one (terrible) idea for changing the selection process. Bonus content inside: Des's drive back to Michigan with an interesting overnight stop. Kara's next goal. New Balance Indoor Games. A huge whereabouts suspension. The best (?) top 5 ever!  
The most important thing for you to know about this episode was that it was recorded on the patio of a bar at 7:46 pm on the night of the Olympic Marathon Trials with (multiple) beers in hand. The result is uncut podcast and YouTube gold from two women with front row seats to all of the day's action. While you will worry in a few moments whether or not they can keep it on the rails, you might be simultaneously happy and disappointed that they mostly do, giving you great insight into both races. Listen, watch, enjoy. Congrats to Fiona, Emily, Dakotah, Conner, Clayton, Lenny, and all who had the opportunity to toe the line. You made us proud!  
Des and Kara have two very special guests join this episode to talk about what it's like to play the sidekick role for an Olympic Trials race. Mr. Des Linden (aka Ryan) and Mr. Kara Goucher (aka Adam) break it all down and talk about what it's like to support in training, what it's like on the sidelines, and then how to manage the aftermath in victory and defeat. There's lots of interesting intel in this one including which Mister is the stress-eater of the two, who is chill vs. a *little* more high-strung, why Des may never retire (hint: dirty dishes might be involved), and who might be crying vs. napping as their version of support! Listen until the end for a crazy @drinkolipop top 5 and for the scoop about an upcoming and very-very-soon, special-edition episode.
2.2. The Houston Recap Show

2.2. The Houston Recap Show


Apollo 13 may have had a problem, but the Houston Marathon and Half Marathon DOES NOT. What a freaking amazing race with so many implications for the Olympic Marathon Trials! Des was on the call in the booth, and Kara was following along from home. In this episode, they recap it all, discussing the men's and women's races for both distances.  This race had a little bit of everything with a smokin' time from a late entrant, a new American record in the half, the first L in history for Father Time, plus a number of Olympic qualifying ramifications. Houston is flat and fast, and the race always delivers. Des and Kara also discuss why an athlete might choose to do a race like this in the build-up to the Trials and what it might mean (or not) for their preparation. Plus, we get an update on Des's training and why she chose to be in the booth vs. on the start line for this one. Stay until the end for the first-ever Olipop top 5 with a juicy, double teaser from Kara about fun things to come. Pop an Olipop and enjoy!  
New year, new season... Des and Kara are back for more in 2024! This is a fun one with the perfect mix of behind-the-scenes intel and the usual off-the-rails banter for which these two are known. Since no one else is talking about it yet, Des and Kara start the year with an episode to get you hyped about the competition at the upcoming US Marathon Trials. Plus, you get answers to these pressing questions... Are objects in the camera really as large as they appear or is Des's face just tiny either way? What's Des's resolution for 2024 and how is she already trying to circumvent it with Kara as an accomplice? How are the marathon trials different from other races? Is the course preview trip worth it or not? Who made Kara think "f**k" to herself in the 2016 Trials in LA? What's it like making the podium vs. getting the dreaded 4th place spot? Why is this the deepest women's field ever? What race strategy tips does Des have for the men? February 3rd can't get here soon enough... To get tickets for the live recording in Boston on April 12th, go here:
It's been an amazing first year for the Nobody Asked Us Podcast with Des and Kara... 27 episodes, nearly 1 million downloads, 2 new friends and 1 sassy intro song. Are Des and Kara close friends now because of the pod or in spite of it? I think we know the answer, but this final episode of 2023 will confirm it. In this episode, they give you a peak back at the highlights of 2023 and a tiny glimpse into what's in store for 2024. Topics include Colt's results at the National Junior Olympics in XC, a book tour recap, favorite races of 2023, Hassan vs. Obiri in a kick finish at a marathon, air-conditioning in Paris, and of course, famous body parts. They end this one with a year-end top 5 to close out 2023 for the podcast. I think we can all agree that our lives and our internet search history will never be the same thanks to Nobody Asked Us.