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Welcome back to another episode of Not Today, Pal. This week, Rob and Jamie discuss the random noises each of them seem to make, ADHD, the heartfelt letter Enny has ready to send during flights, movies that made them cry, and the best item of clothing ever designed. They also address a couple of Sweet N Sours involving a divorcee dating again and a dispute with a roommate, before reaching back into The Cup!
Welcome back to another episode of Not Today, Pal with Jamie Lynn Sigler and Robert Iler. We start off with a discussion about information leaks and the infamous Pamela Anderson sex tape. Rob and Jamie then answer an email about the prospects of dating somebody with a third nipple before moving on to a crisis in Myanmar, California's Skittles ban, and Rob's brother tackling an iron man competition. There are couple of Cup Questions, one of which leads to a story about how Jamie saved a woman's life in a Miami hotel, plus some Sopranos trivia, and a Memory Lane!
On this episode of Not Today, Pal, Jamie has a surprise for Rob...she made a dating profile...that he had asked her to make. Rob reviews the pictures she's selected and the Booth Boys chime in on her swiping prospects. Rob and Jamie then talk about Rob's weird breathing, his poop discussions with Cutter, and a very familiar statue in Lithuania. We also get another Memory Lane featuring a family portrait and later Rob has a mind numbing riddle for Jamie. Enjoy!
On this week's episode of Not Today, Pal, Rob and Jamie talk about how Tom's doing and discuss his recent foray into aluminum can recycling. They go down Memory Lane, recollecting their experience at the Golden Globes with the cast of The Sopranos and running into Jim Carrey backstage. They move back into dating app territory and discuss a viral list of bad first date spots. This chat even inspires Rob to give Jamie some homework for next time. They also share some dream podcast guests and in the Sweet & Sour segment, a hookup with a best friend's girlfriend's best friend situation gets complicated. Enjoy!
Rob and Jamie are back from New York after a string of podcast appearances and are ready to get back in the swing of things. Rob made a video for the boys while was away and Jamie received a DM from Jack Harlow! Also, Rob talks about the first time he tried shrooms and someone in the booth used to have a crush on Jamie. One this episode, we also get an update on the Top Gun controversy and Rob confirms one of Enny’s cap reports. Other topics include: Halloween costumes, Jennifer Love Hewitt, and Rob becoming his grandpa. Enjoy!
On this week's episode, Rob has Jamie and the rest of the office in a slight panic because he was no where to be found come time to record the episode. Every one shares their thoughts on what they happened to him, ranging from kidnapping to death. Once Rob arrives, Jamie partakes in a blind pizza taste test. While blindfolded, she tastes and rates all of the trashy pizza spots around Austin. Rob and Jamie then read a Sweet and Sour email, go down Memory Lane, and answer a prompt from The Cup.
On this episode of Not Today, Pal, Rob and Jamie talk about their all-time celebrity crushes and Jamie disapproves of Rob’s story about talking to Jennifer Love-Hewitt on the phone when he was a teenager. In the Sweet & Sour segment, a babysitter has taken things a little too far and is a bit reminiscent of The Hand That Rocks the Cradle. Jamie pulls a pretty wild question from the cup that Tom apparently put in there. We also get another Memory Lane from back when Rob was perhaps having a little too much fun. Enjoy!
Welcome back to another episode of Not Today, Pal. This week, Rob and Jamie discuss extras in The Sopranos, the most and least attractive things a person can wear, dating app red flags, and Rob’s new favorite song “Rich Men North of Richmond.” They also play rounds of Sopranos Trivia, Memory Lane, and Versus.
A lot happens on today's Not Today, Pal. First, Rob calls his dad and it becomes evident where he gets his personality from. Rob also tries to figure out if he's wearing cologne or perfume. Next, Jamie and Rob introduce a new segment called Cutter's Corner, where they exchange ridiculous stories about Jamie's husband. Other topics include: the best chocolate chip cookies, stay at home moms, and Jamie's meditation technique. We also get a couple stories about Rob and Cutter soiling themselves. Enjoy!
On this episode of Not Today, Pal, Rob rails passionately against one of the best movies of 2022. He doesn’t quite understand the magic that is Top Gun: Maverick. Jamie and the Booth get it, though. In this week’s Sweet & Sour, one of the crew shares a story about a disturbance in the gym that has divided the office. And finally, Jamie joins the dark side and coins the term “nerd soup.” It’s a rowdy and contentious episode this week. Enjoy!
On this week's episode of Not Today, Pal, Jamie gets passionate about Vanderpump Rules. She also talks about her favorite pizza and Rob highly disapproves. The two discuss the reasons why they think they would be difficult to date and share what has made them laugh the hardest in the past. Finally, Rob went to the doctor and was shocked at the price tag of his one-minute procedure. Stick around to the end to find out who Rob thinks is a "Goomba". Enjoy!
This week Rob and Jamie welcome their second guest to the show, the Godfather of YMH, Tom Segura. Tom kicks off the show by poking at Rob's weird eating habits. Nonetheless, Rob divulges where the real New Yorkers go for their pizza and his thoughts on why ramen is a scam. Tom and Jamie get a little insight into what goes down at the poker table via Rob's YouTube algorithm. Tom shares his Chinese food order, road food stories, and his writing process with Rob and Jamie.  After a quick debate from The Cup, Jamie wraps up the show by telling Tom about her proposition for a poop transplant.
On this week's episode, Rob and Jamie welcome on their very first guest to the show, Christina P! Christina is not a regular mom, but frankly she admits she has trouble being a regular human. If even sweet Jamie recalls offending the sensitive people of the internet, Christina is certainly done censoring herself. Rob happily reminds Jamie of all her awful exes, including her convict ex-husband. These are the kind of stories Christina hopes for, proving Rob and Jamie really are a product of child stardom. Rob inquires about Christina's "Pazsitzky Effects", and also asks her to tell the story of the hardest she's ever laughed. They wrap up the episode with a scenario from The Cup.
On this week's episode, Jamie receives a touching video tribute from people who are worried about her. She also found a little surprise in the panties of a dress she tried on. Rob swears you can get paid to donate blood. Other topics include: side boob, sex on Ambien, and phone hacks. In this week's Sweet & Sour segment, Rob and Jamie answer a question about forcing someone into marriage. Stugots!
On this episode of Not Today Pal, Rob brings a ton of stories to the table. Apparently, he walked in on someone in the bathroom, his friend has a kink for catheters, and he claims hot sauce isn't always the best. He also tries to find out how much money the Booth Boys would need to do OnlyFans. Jamie brings the balanced, calmness to the show with her sage advice on meditation and chilling out in this week's Sweet and Sour segment. Also in this episode, we play Rob's favorite trivia game. Hope you enjoy it as much as he does!
Welcome to another episode of Not Today, Pal with Jamie Lynn Sigler and Robert Iler. We start off with seeing how being sugar-free is making Rob grumpy, how Rob used to be a complete animal, and play a game of “Versus” and see everyone's take on temperature control and sleeping positions. Rob and Jamie discuss documentaries they wish were real, the time Jamie got Punk’d, and we learn about how Jamie got her UTI! We do some Sopranos trivia, go down Memory Lane, reminisce about Rainbow Ice’s and give some advice to a listener in need of help with their crazy mother.
Welcome back to Not Today Pal! This week Robert Iler and Jamie-Lynn Sigler discuss deaf Uber drivers, urban legends, their go-to fast food orders, prostate exams, farts, and much more! Plus they play rounds of “Who Knows Less About The Sopranos,” “Memory Lane,” and answer “Sweet and Sour” questions and a question out of the cup. Plus Jamie’s son just started summer camp and she has some fun stories about it!
Welcome back to “Not Today, Pal with Jamie Lynn Sigler and Robert Iler” and Rob immediately opens with his new favorite fart-driven audio drops by Jamie! Rob shares a story about running into the host of “First Date” Lauren Compton, Ben Affleck and Tom Segura are the same person, and Rob shares his wild texts with Enny and how the rest of the YMH staff are lunatics. Rob and Jamie go down memory lane and look at photos from Rob’s debaucherous 21st birthday in Las Vegas, answer sweet and sour emails from the listeners about a girlfriend with a tinder profile and a boyfriend with dreadful hygiene habits.
We start off another episode of Not Today Pal with Robert Iler and Jamie-Lynn Sigler, and Rob reveals his affinity for Jamie’s incredible cooking. They play a game of VERSUS between chocolate and vanilla and where they watch movies, which leads to the big movie debate! Rob and Jamie talk about sex with apple watches, world records for biggest gang bags, a question from the bucket, and Rob’s favorite game: Who Knows Less About Sopranos!
Welcome to the first episode of Not Today, Pal with Jamie-Lynn Sigler and Robert Iler! We start with Rob lamenting on his big money loss to Nadav, a strip club review, and explain their sweet and sour perspectives. We play a game called “Memory Lane” where Rob and Jamie look at a photo of them from the past and have to determine what the event was, when it was, and where it was. We learn something VERY cool about Jamie when they pull a question from their cup of questions. Rob shares a video clip from a cringey E-sports event, asks Jamie to do a round of “F, Marry, Kill” with the Booth Boys, and they play a round of “Who Knows Less About Sopranos?”
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Dominic B

Loved the racist Japanese accents in this one 👌

Sep 22nd
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