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Oddball w/ Amin Elhassan & Charlotte Wilder

Author: Amin Elhassan, Charlotte Wilder

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Why settle for more boring analysis and fake hot takes? Get the real knowledge, the real scoop, the real weird and totally unexpected on all-things basketball and more on ODDBALL with Amin Elhassan & Charlotte Wilder.

Daily, Tuesday thru Friday, the funny and fearless NBA insider Amin Elhassan brings his expertise and love for the game to a whole new level with sports writer and analyst Charlotte Wilder to break down the culture and world around the game in ways you won't find anywhere else.

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Amin & Charlotte have a lot to say after going to the Miami Heat's exciting "Star Wars Night" win over the Indiana Pacers and why Tyrese Haliburton is playing must-see basketball and how the future already looks bright for Jaime Jaquez Jr. Now, if one thing is for sure, it's that Oddball doesn't lie but that ain't the truth for a lot of people in the NBA which means it's time for Charlotte's favorite game... WHO'S LYING? And if that's not enough for you, then get ready for some HYPE ME UP!  Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Mark Cuban might be selling the Mavericks but Jason Kidd isn't buying ESPN's Tim MacMahon's line of questions. Amin and Charlotte react to Jason Kidd's expletive filled press conference and LeBron James' tweet to the rescue! Then, Oddball continues the conversation about the NBA's tech and streaming wins and woes with House of Strauss' Ethan Strauss. What does Adam Silver have planned for the future of the NBA and how will the next generation of NBA fans consume the game? Plus, it may be chilly in Miami right now but there's three teams on real cold streaks going into tonight's games - will the Bulls, Spurs, or Pistons break their losing streaks tonight? Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Mark Cuban Sells Out!

Mark Cuban Sells Out!


While Amin & Charlotte took in "the Culture" last night at the Kaseya Center to watch the Bucks beat the Heat to clinch a spot in the quarter finals of the In-Season Tournament, news broke about Mark Cuban selling his majority stake of the Dallas Mavericks. What's next for Cuban and the Mavericks? Then, it's Wednesday, so you can count on Oddball to run up the score like the In-Season games with WORD COUNT! What will keep Tyrese Haliburton from winning MVP and who has a bleaker looking future at the moment: the struggling Bulls, the Pistons and their 14 game losing-streak or LaMelo Ball and his injury history? Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Wait, is LeBron James on a retirement tour and only the Cleveland Cavaliers are aware?! Draymond Green doubles down on choking Rudy Gobert, Devin Booker leaves Madison Square Garden in shock, and Wemby's hands are how big? Looks like we've got some NBA Headlines to get through... Plus, Amin has some words for Gregg Popovich's PA announcement to Spurs fans regarding booing Kawhi Leonard and looks at the final stretch of the In-Season Tournament. Then, House of Strauss' Ethan Strauss joins Oddball to discuss the NBA's Hawk-eye debacle and why the NBA is not the tech company Adam Silver wants it to be. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
We're only a month into the NBA season and Oddball already has so much to be thankful for! Amin and Charlotte have their lists of things this NBA season ready to go and take a look at the latest updates from the Knicks $10 million lawsuit against the Raptors, why Knicks owner James Dolan announced he's stepping down and the In-Season Tournament action from last night. Plus, who will likely win the group between the Milwaukee Bucks and Miami Heat on Friday? Uh oh... Aunt Char and Gramps Amin pull up to the Thanksgiving table with a lot of questions about what the hell is going on in the NBA these days... thankfully, Oddball has some answers to help guide them (and you) through these kinds of discussions this holiday week. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
James Harden FINALLY wins with the Clippers, Russell Westbrook and LeBron James embarrass Dillon Brooks, and Giannis' inappropriately calls out the Bucks so-called 'slow' start... sounds like some NBA headlines! If that's not enough for you, Amin & Charlotte 'kick it up a notch'... has Draymond Green cost the Warriors more championships than he's won? Will this be Julius Randle's last season with the Knicks? Ooh, Oddball is getting hot, or hotter, or BOLD OR SPICY! But hey, not everyone is feeling so hot right now... in fact, some in the NBA need a little guidance or rather a visit with the NBA LIFE COACH.  Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Wait, has Amin turned a corner on his feelings towards the Miami Heat's Duncan Robinson?! Amin went to the Kaseya Center for the Nets-Heat game last night and shares with Charlotte his array of emotions and reactions to watching the Heat's seventh win in a row. Charlotte then tests Amin's ability to guess the seven Warriors players that scored in double digits last night in their loss to the Oklahoma City Thunder with Steph Curry out with an injury and Draymond Green facing the first of his five-game suspension. While Amin may be hyped on Duncan Robinson now, some others in the league may need more of a pick me up... you know what that means... HYPE ME UP! Plus, Amin & Charlotte continue their conversation with Roland Lazenby, author of the new book, "MAGIC: The Life of Earvin 'Magic' Johnson", to discuss Magic's powerful connection to his ancestry and how Magic's success folds into the history and future of Black America and race relations across the world. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Eh, What's Up Doc?

Eh, What's Up Doc?


Draymond Green faces a five game suspension for choking Rudy Gobert - will that have any impact on "Draymond being Draymond" in the future? Should Draymond be happy it wasn't more or upset that he's missing any games at all while others involved only received a fine? Amin and Charlotte then look at the invasion of privacy that TMZ has thrown at the Kelly Oubre Jr. incident - what can we expect to find out next about the story? Plus, Oddball is in session and ready to provide some much needed guidance for "Draymond Green" and "Anthony Davis" from NBA Life Coaches... Dr. Wilder and Dr. Elhassan.  Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Chokehold The Clown

Chokehold The Clown


You just know Draymond Green could not WAIT to put Rudy Gobert in a chokehold... is Warriors-Wolves gonna be the most exciting matchup of the season now?! Amin and Charlotte look at all the punches thrown and trash talk spewed across the league in a hell of a night of In-Season Tournament games. Plus, Oddball calls out all the liars in the league with another round of WHO'S LYING? and what should the Bulls and Clippers do to try and save their seasons? How good of a rivalry will Victor Wembanyama and Chet Holmgren really be? You can count on Amin and Charlotte to answer with WORD COUNT. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
The Clippers are 0-4 since James Harden joined and coach Ty Lue says it's because he's playing "too polite"... wait, what? Zion Williamson's frustrated, the Rockets have won six in a row, and Steph Curry is still breaking NBA records when most players his age in history are simply broken down... sounds like HEADLINES! Plus, bestselling author Roland Lazenby talks with Amin and Charlotte about his comprehensive and insightful new book, "Magic: The Life of Earvin 'Magic' Johnson", which reveals untold stories behind Magic's unstoppable drive and journey to success. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Don't need a fortune teller to predict this is gonna be a great episode of Oddball! NBA reporter, betting expert, and host of "CHICK n' Nuggets" podcast, Jena Garcia, returns to Oddball to look at the In-Season tournament games tonight and who looks like the favorites (and dark horse picks) to win it all. As for the rest of the drama and scenarios in the NBA? Charlotte takes her NBA worries to Psychic Sharon to find out what she sees unfolding this season. If you're not ready enough for this weekend of NBA action, it sounds like you need some HYPE ME UP! Amin & Charlotte are really bringing it in this week's edition that will have Jamal Murray feeling better about that hamstring strain and Bam Adebayo ready to smash through a brick wall to get every rebound in the game.  Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
It may be hot in the Oddball NYC studio but the Spurs weren't too hot last night in Wemby's debut against the Knicks in Madison Square Garden. Amin shares with Charlotte his observations from going to the Nets-Clippers game in Brooklyn and Charlotte takes a victory lap after Dillon Brooks' shuts down LeBron and the Lakers in the Rockets blowout win. Then, after quite the night of #NBACelebRow sightings including David Letterman, Pat McAfee, Hakeem Olajuwon, and Patrick Mahomes, Amin & Charlotte decide who the best celebrity to sit courtside with would be. Amin & Charlotte also have some thoughts on Axios' report of NBA arenas with the best and worst transit scores - do you agree with the score in your city? Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Even with no NBA games last night, we've got a jam packed show and unlike LeBron, Dillon Brooks, P.J. Tucker, and Hall of Famer Isiah Thomas... we ain't lying! And it wouldn't be Wednesday without a WORD COUNT that answers for Jokic's press conference ways, the NBA league office's response to Lakers, and has you questioning the idea of Chris Paul as... NBA commissioner? Sorry, Adam Silver, the All-Star Game isn't the only thing that'll be changing...Plus, an emergency HYPE ME UP is needed for the Time Lord aka Robert Williams III. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Ah, the In-Season tournament has begun, Jayson Tatum makes Celtics franchise history, Wembanyama can block you from anywhere on the court, and "The Draymond Green Rule" is in favor of everyone except Draymond Green. Sounds like we've got quite a few NBA headlines to get through...  Plus, Portland Trail Blazers analytics expert Tom Haberstroh returns to Oddball for another epic game of SO YOU THINK YOU KNOW ME? with the Iceman himself, George Gervin. Amin and Charlotte also share their reactions to the first In-Season Tournament games and what's in store for the rest of the NBA's inaugural experiment.  Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Earlier this week, we compared the NBA to a reality show - now, watch and see what happens when reality turns into an Off-Off-Broadway production of ‘No City For Brotherly Love’ as Charlotte and Amin act out James Harden’s press conference welcoming him to Los Angeles and Joel Embiid’s response to it all. If their acting doesn’t pump you up, maybe a game of HYPE ME UP will! Charlotte hypes up the “best freaking duo” in the league with CJ McCollum and Brandon Ingram, Billy Donovan becomes the first coach to be hyped up twice (but he needs it after Zach Lavine’s recent comments). We also hype up Draymond Green, Bradley Beal, and Jordan Poole after after Amin’s not-so-hype comments about him. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Is it too soon to say that the Boston Celtics will have the best record in the NBA? Charlotte is excited about the Celtics 51-point win against the Indiana Pacers, where 8 Celtics scored in double-digits. Can Amin guess the surprise Celtics players in the box score? While the Celtics had a shimmering stat line, the New York Knicks had a game delayed for glitter on the floor of Madison Square Garden (please still let us in), which prompted Charlotte to write a list of the top 3 worst things to fall onto an NBA court. Now that the NBA season is a week in, is it too soon to share some of these takes? Charlotte and Amin play a new game called ‘Small Sample Size Theater.’ Is this going to be a breakout year for Zion Williamson? Are Giannis and Dame doomed? Can the Grizzlies win a single game while Ja is suspended...? Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Nothing spookier last night in the NBA than Wembanyama dressing up as Slenderman before upsetting Kevin Durant's Suns in soul-crushing comeback... well, Harden's reception in the Clippers locker room was a bit scary too. It's Wednesday, which means a TON of NBA games tonight including the Battle for LA between the Lakers and Clippers and Amin & Charlotte are more than ready for it all with WORD COUNT! Plus, do the Heat really want to give up Tyler Herro for the possibility of Zach Lavine? Charlotte and Amin tell you who they're putting their money on... Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
All tricks and treats this Halloween as things get spooky weird on Oddball. James Harden is officially considered a G.O.A.T… greatest of all time at forcing a trade. There is no one better. Speaking of all-time, Flavor Flav surpasses Fergie as the most memorable rendition of the National Anthem of All-Time. Plus, Charlotte and Amin have even more NBA headlines to get to including Kim Kardashian's Skims getting tight with the NBA, before diving into the second half of our interview with NBA Hall of Famer George "Iceman" Gervin about his memoir, "Iceman: Why I Was Born to Score". George shares his surprise friendship with Marvin Gaye and the sometimes forgotten legacy of the ABA. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Are you ready to go back in time? Because that’s just what we do on the new episode of Oddball. Charlotte and Amin are joined by NBA Legend and Hall of Famer George ‘Iceman’ Gervin to discuss his latest memoir ‘Ice: Why I Was Born to Score.’ Just like in his book, Gervin was candid in our interview, discussing things like mental health, overcoming addiction, and stories from his iconic career as a key member of the San Antonio Spurs. If that doesn’t have you excited, stay tuned for another Friday edition of Hype Me Up! We go deeper into the multiverse and hype up former Bucks All-Star Terry Cummings, Joe Dumars, and the Boston sports crowd. Also, can the Miami Heat win 98 games, like Jimmy Butler says? And Amin calls for an NBA investigation. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Whoa, Wow, Wemby!

Whoa, Wow, Wemby!


It's just the beginning of the NBA season and its already AWESOME. Charlotte and Amin share their reactions and insights from going to the Celtics-Knicks and Nets-Cavaliers games and why everyone will be talking about Wembanyama's regular season debut. They also get into the NBA's announcement of the All-Star game's return to the East versus West format. Plus, will Luka and Kyrie really work in Dallas, when and where will James Harden play this season, and are the Warriors now the worst team in California? Sounds like Oddball is getting a little BOLD OR SPICY... Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
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