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Author: Monique Duson & Kevin Briggins

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Real and intriguing conversations about the Black community and how we can move forward into biblical human flourishing. Hosted by: Monique Duson and Kevin Briggins. Sponsored by the Center for Biblical Unity.
35 Episodes
Join Monique and Kevin as they chop it up about President Biden's recent speech at Morehouse and what happens when you make "blackness" your core identity.
In this episode Kevin and Monique chat with pastor Toussaint Adams on the importance of proper doctrine and theology in the local church and how poor theology has led to the breakdown of many local black churches.
Kevin and Monique chat with Ty -- on the topic of Black Hebrew Israelites
Monique and Kevin react to clips from Lecrae's recent interview with Jackie Hill Perry. Monique shares some candid feelings about tokenism in the "white evangelical industrial complex" and Kevin goes off about why he thinks Lecrae and JHP owe the church an apology about past statements they've made about social justice.
Recently more African Americans have taken to social media to express their frustration with the current reigning political party. Is it time for black Americans to consider moving away from the Democrat party?
Does Fani Willis, DA of Fulton County, GA represent the culture of black women? We also discuss the idea that black women often need to soften their voice to become accepted when speaking to white people or in majority white circles.
Monique's ministry partner (Krista) surprises Kevin and Monique with a series TikTok videos and Twitter posts. We record their raw reactions.
It's our first show of 2024! We are discussing the Katt Williams interview on Club Shay Shay and answering the question, "Who are the gatekeepers in the black community?"
Have black men (in the world and in the church) been groomed to support feminism and the lgbtq+ ideology in order to maintain their "black card" or be seen as the "right type of black"? On this episode of Off Code Kevin and Monique sit down with Heritage Foundation Fellow, Delano Squires to discuss the feminization of the black male voice.
Entrepreneurship is one of the quickest ways to elevate communities out of poverty, but is "the system" withholding the resources needed for black entrepreneurship? Our guest, April Chapman, talks about black entrepreneurship the successes, the struggles, and what is needed to do it well.
Kevin and Monique sit down with leader and Civil Rights Activist Bob Woodson to discuss the stong history of the black community and the current obstacles.
There are a lot of things flying under the banner of "black culture." Monique and Kevin discuss what black culture has been and what it is currently.
Kevin and Monique discuss the harms and benefits of black storytelling. Storytelling is an essential part of many cultures. Within black American culture retelling slave narratives, Jim Crow, and personal experiences with racial injustices are common; but can too much rehearsal of injustice be unhelpful?
Monique and Kevin discuss the Florida state black history curriculum and share thoughts on why many people, include US Vice President Kamala Harris, are upset about it. Is everyone just being fragile?
On the lighter side of the race conversation, we thought it would be fun to do an episode on black stereotypes. Laugh with us as we discuss things that are sometimes seen as being distinctly "us." Did we miss anything?
In this episode we are talking with Eric Muldrow, from Code Red Conversations on the realities of racial violence in America.
Kevin and Monique respond to an interview on systemic racism and discuss the current problems with the way systemic racism is currently being approached.
Monique and Kevin sit down with Brian Shannon, author of the book, Missing Pillars, to discuss the impact of fatherlessness within many black communities.
Monique and Kevin chat with Bishop Patrick Wooden of Upper Room Church of God In Christ about the need for bold preaching within the church and the impact of his bold preaching within his congregation and community.
Kevin and Monique sit down with Uncle Tom co-writer/co-producer of Uncle Tom 2, Chad O. Jackson, and discuss how black history has been weaponized to keep blacks on the side of the democrats and subsequently in poverty.