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Author: Jake Archibald, Surma

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Surma and Jake talk about whatever's going on in the world of tech & web development.
4 Episodes
In this episode, Surma shares what he learned while getting started with the Bevy Game engine, Entity Component Systems and why they might be useful for the Web. Jake rounds up the newest JavaScript language features that landed in TC39’s Stage 3. Resources: Bevy Game Engine Bevy Rendering Pipeline Buffer-backed Objects, a library by Surma to store objects in ArrayBuffer Surma built Boids with Bevy: Tweet 1, Tweet 2 When should your alarm go off when daylight savings time kicks in? TC39 Stage 3 Proposals ShadowRealm style API on workers Our previous episode which covers JSON imports. The JSON spec. Pushing up the daisies.
In this episode, Jake investigates whether the existence of build tools is a symptom of the web being underpowered, or if they are part of the solution to make the web better. Surma shares his experience of learning about Bazel and how it can be used to build web projects. Resources: Touching cloth. Emirates silly class. Yes, we have done "The big build tool bonanza" before. Jake: Although "Terry's ringpull museum" isn't a real thing, the closest thing that comes to mind is a site I still use every time I buy a new pair of shoes, it's Ian's Shoelace Site. Jake's 10 year old blog posts on progressive enhancement. NextJS server actions. Rollup's docs. Jake and Surma’s talk on writing custom Rollup plugins. Vite. Some of the issues with HTTP/2 push. HTTP 203 episode on importing JSON. Using import attributes with build tools. Improving TypeScript types for import attributes. Silly view transition demo. Jason Lengstorf video: 4 Web Devs, 1 App Idea. Bazel. Aspect’s Bazel rules for JavaScript. Bazel Remote Caching.
In this episode, Surma talks about the “GPU” in “WebGPU” and how this new web standard makes programming for the GPU more accessible. Jake talks about how different browsers approach standards and their perceived ideologies around what they prioritize. Resources: Surma’s blog post on WebGPU A 13-part blog post series on the architecture of GPUs. The OpenGL internal state object explained Dawn, a C++ library that brings the WebGPU API to C++ wgpu, a Rust crate that brings the WebGPU API to Rust. The extensible web manifesto. Edge 'injecting' content into the Chrome download page. -webkit-box-reflect. Is Safari the new IE? Stadia controller flash.
(This is an episode from our previous podcast HTTP 203, originally published on June 29th, 2022) In this episode: - Surma changed jobs. - The Shopify interview process. - Pair programming vs pair problem solving. - Surma's also doing bits of work for Deno. - The complexities of testing image codecs. - Jake forgot to tell Ada how HTTP 203 filming ends, so it almost never did. - Keeping animations fast but simple for page transitions. Transcript:
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