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Off the Record with DJ Akademiks

Author: The Akademy

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Off the Record with DJ Akademiks is a show about music, entertainment, and culture. After spending years reporting on the latest trends in music, Akademiks has cemented his voice in the conversation. With Off The Record, he plans to take his coverage of hip hop to the next level by bringing you the conversations you want to hear from the people you want to hear it from, first! Support this podcast:
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Lamar Odom is our guest today. We talk about everything from Lamar Odom almost dying and being in a coma to recovering and losing his back then wife, Khloe Kardashian. We end up talking about Kobe, Lebron James and Michael Jordan and even spoke on Diddy and Kanye West aka Ye. --- Support this podcast:
Akademiks is joined today by Adam 22 of No Jumper and Trap Lore Ross. --- Support this podcast:
DJ Akademiks goes to Mar a Largo to meet with Donald Trump Jr to have a candid talk about life, politics and music. --- Support this podcast:
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Lil Mabu Meets Akademiks

Lil Mabu Meets Akademiks


draft --- Support this podcast:
Episode 229: Quilly Exposes Meek Mill. Tells the Real Stories about Philly and how Meek Mill Hated on the whole city! --- Support this podcast:
Today we got Meek Mill former right hand man and best friend 'Dean' on the show. --- Support this podcast:
Episode 225: Deshea Frost (talks fighting King Cid, Smashing YBN Nahmir ex) --- Support this podcast:
Poundside Pop is our guest today. (00:00) Meek Mill blackballing Philly artists (03:00) Poundside speaks on his come up (07:00) Philly has gotten worse than Chiraq (12:00) Meek Mill didn't want to help Philly artists (16:55) Meek Mill tried to sign Poundside for $20k (24:45) Meek Mill has the biggest ego in the music industry (28:39) Poundside Pop tweeted that Meek had to pick a side (33:00) Ak recaps why him and Meek were recently beefing on Twitter (36:10) Meek Mill be false claiming hoods in Philly (39:30) Poundside told Meek he's banned from Philly + Uzi helping Pop (49:05) Meek told Trippie Redd he's banned from Philly (59:15) Where do Meek's and Poundside's relationship stand now (01:04:50) Poundside is dropping an EP soon + being Muslim (01:08:33) Why is Philly predominantly Muslim (01:11:32) New music + Miami is Pop's favorite city (besides Philly)  (01:16:50) Dream collabs (01:18:30) Closest city to Philly (01:19:40) Mt. Rushmore of Philly (01:24:20) Poundside's merch out now (01:28:13) Top 3 songs to listen to --- Support this podcast:
Bizzy Banks is our guest today. --- Support this podcast:
Meg Thee Stallion Signs Big Deal! UMG vs TIk Tok! Feds picked up Boston Richie? Fani Willis screwed? --- Support this podcast:
Poetik Flakko is our guest today. --- Support this podcast:
Today we get intimidate details about how violence in Chicago evolved overtime from someone who not only lived it but survived multiple attempts on his life, Big Folks. --- Support this podcast:
Stream on 1/22/2024 --- Support this podcast:
Akademiks Rumble Stream on 1/234/2024 --- Support this podcast:
Our Guest today is D Thang. --- Support this podcast:
Should ant glizzy be a reoccuring guest? --- Support this podcast:
Timestamps (01:17) Ant Glizzy says Shy Glizzy ain’t like that..(17:40) Ant speaks on being a crash dummy for Shy Glizzy. 39:00 (24:00) Ant shares a crazy story about his ex-girlfriend & Shy. (48:25) Shy Glizzy tried to sue Ant for the Glizzy name. (56:35) Diddy dangled Wale off a balcony?? (01:06:48) The Migos called Ant when their chain got taken + Ant being the beef squasher. (01:18:00) Ant addresses the previous situation with Shy Glizzy, Sky Br,i and more women. (01:34:05) Ant doesn’t mess with Adam 22 or Bricc Baby. (01:43:56) Shy Glizzy getting his chain taken was a marketing move? (01:52:04) What would make Ant and Shy cool again? (01:57:15) Meek Mill is the weirdest rapper Ant Glizzy met. (02:03:55) Young Thug is the realest rapper. (02:13:50) Shordie Shordie is a rat?? (02:21:04) Could T.I.’s son King be a gangster? (02:31:50) Did Diddy try to backdoor Akademiks in London? (02:43:29) Gervante Davis said that he would off Ant Glizzy. (02:46:55) Ant Glizzy lost a boxing match to Davy Ruffin. (02:53:28) Ant Glizzy had Taliban Glizzy’s chain! (03:00:20) Would Ak or Ant box Blueface? (03:01:10) Ant Glizzy know’s Akademiks girlfriend personally!? (03:16:38) Ak is passing his beef with Saucy Santana to Ant. (03:19:38) 6ix9ine is still robbing people in the Dominican Republic. (03:27:58) Akademiks speaks on being backdoored. (03:51:08) Ant apologizes to Shordie Shordie… (03:53:57) Big Ak will get Taliban Glizzy’s chain back! --- Support this podcast:
Capella Gray is our guest today. --- Support this podcast: