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Author: The Akademy

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Off the Record with DJ Akademiks is a show about music, entertainment, and culture. After spending years reporting on the latest trends in music, Akademiks has cemented his voice in the conversation. With Off The Record, he plans to take his coverage of hip hop to the next level by bringing you the conversations you want to hear from the people you want to hear it from, first! Support this podcast:
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Bizzy Banks is our guest today. --- Support this podcast:
Meg Thee Stallion Signs Big Deal! UMG vs TIk Tok! Feds picked up Boston Richie? Fani Willis screwed? --- Support this podcast:
Poetik Flakko is our guest today. --- Support this podcast:
Today we get intimidate details about how violence in Chicago evolved overtime from someone who not only lived it but survived multiple attempts on his life, Big Folks. --- Support this podcast:
Stream on 1/22/2024 --- Support this podcast:
Akademiks Rumble Stream on 1/234/2024 --- Support this podcast:
Our Guest today is D Thang. --- Support this podcast:
Should ant glizzy be a reoccuring guest? --- Support this podcast:
Timestamps (01:17) Ant Glizzy says Shy Glizzy ain’t like that..(17:40) Ant speaks on being a crash dummy for Shy Glizzy. 39:00 (24:00) Ant shares a crazy story about his ex-girlfriend & Shy. (48:25) Shy Glizzy tried to sue Ant for the Glizzy name. (56:35) Diddy dangled Wale off a balcony?? (01:06:48) The Migos called Ant when their chain got taken + Ant being the beef squasher. (01:18:00) Ant addresses the previous situation with Shy Glizzy, Sky Br,i and more women. (01:34:05) Ant doesn’t mess with Adam 22 or Bricc Baby. (01:43:56) Shy Glizzy getting his chain taken was a marketing move? (01:52:04) What would make Ant and Shy cool again? (01:57:15) Meek Mill is the weirdest rapper Ant Glizzy met. (02:03:55) Young Thug is the realest rapper. (02:13:50) Shordie Shordie is a rat?? (02:21:04) Could T.I.’s son King be a gangster? (02:31:50) Did Diddy try to backdoor Akademiks in London? (02:43:29) Gervante Davis said that he would off Ant Glizzy. (02:46:55) Ant Glizzy lost a boxing match to Davy Ruffin. (02:53:28) Ant Glizzy had Taliban Glizzy’s chain! (03:00:20) Would Ak or Ant box Blueface? (03:01:10) Ant Glizzy know’s Akademiks girlfriend personally!? (03:16:38) Ak is passing his beef with Saucy Santana to Ant. (03:19:38) 6ix9ine is still robbing people in the Dominican Republic. (03:27:58) Akademiks speaks on being backdoored. (03:51:08) Ant apologizes to Shordie Shordie… (03:53:57) Big Ak will get Taliban Glizzy’s chain back! --- Support this podcast:
Capella Gray is our guest today. --- Support this podcast:
Today we have the OTF family in the building today! --- Support this podcast:
Vlad is back on the pod yet again! Time Stamps: (04:26) DJ Vlad defends Ak from the comments of Queen Latifa and Saucy Santana. (13:28) Ak has some comments for Young Thug’s girlfriend Maria the Scientist. (18:42) Ak responds to Queen Latifa. (21:48) Vlad calls out “The Art of Dialogue” for stealing thumbnails and mannerisms attempting to copy Vlad’s channel. (30:09) Vlad and Wack 100 had their first conversation in 10 years. (34:32) Ak is not where his relationships stand with Charlamagne Tha God and DJ Envy. (44:13) Vlad calls Burna Boy and addict for turning down $5 million because he can’t smoke in Dubai. (50:17) Vlad comments on Joe Budden getting jumped. (56:30) Vlad patched his relationship with Poetik Flakko. (01:02:45) Vlad speaks on the Troy Ave and Taxstone case. (01:15:40) Joe Smith, a former #1 draft pick  is broke and his wife is doing OF. (01:30:40) Did Diddy have anything to do with 2Pac’s murder? (01:39:37) G Herbo is suing his manager for $40 million. (01:51:10) Vlad speaks on the importance of investing wealth. (02:10:35) Ak speaks on independent media growing and collaborating.  (02:15:30) Vlad responds to Fat Joe who called Vlad out after Keefe D got indicted. --- Support this podcast:
Timestamps: (00:00) Ak speaks on gambling with UFC President Dana White. (03:25) Shordie Shordie speaks on the release of his latest album ‘Memory Lane 2’. (09:29) Shordie was surprised that he has a growing fanbase in China. (14:00) Shordie explains how he goes about choosing songs for an album. (24:33) Can a straight man fight a gay man? (34:30) Why did Shordie Shordie slap someone at his concert? (57:58) Shordie speaks on how his vocal inflections changing affects his music making process. (01:01:28) Shordie speaks about remaining loyal to his team (01:11:48) How has Shordie not been on the XXL Freshman List? (01:26:00) Where should Ak go when he visits Baltimore? (01:33:48) Shordie goes crazy on Bricc Baby from No Jumper. (01:51:21) Ak speaks on getting a chain back from Canadian goons. (01:54:11) Ak tries to call Adam22 and Wack100 to get Bricc Baby suspended. (02:14:28) Wack100 calls into the show and says “Shordie would beat the sh*t out of Bricc Baby.” (02:29:58) What is 2024 gonna look like for Shordie. --- Support this podcast:
(00:00) Ray J has gay goons to fight Saucy Santana for Akademiks. (10:20) The gang debates if Nipsey Hussle was a musical legend.  (14:40) Wallo calls into the show asking about an Illuminati party that Ak got invited to. (21:50) Is Diddy guilty of having “party” parties? (34:55) Wack 100 breaks down the difference between a gangster and a thug. (41:02) Should we be concerned about Kodak Black’s sobriety? (53:08) Did G Herbo get finessed out of $40,000,000. (01:14:00) Fatboy SSE addresses a recent viral video claiming he is an abuser. (02:06:40) What would you do if you were in the rapper Trouble’s situation? (02:15:45) Dwight Howard did what? SHRAGGY!? (02:22:48) Wack 100 lets it be known, if he’s in his house, he’s naked 100% of the time. (02:29:30) What's the best way to get your booty ate? Pause. (02:43:55) When do you realize your woman may be a liability? (02:47:48) The gang share memories of DJ Kay Slay. (02:51:40) Fatboy SSE calls out Cam-Capone. (03:00:00) Akademiks needs to sign Troy Ave and Wack 100 to the Akademy. --- Support this podcast:
Sleepy Hallow is our guest today. Time Stamps: (00:00) Akademiks was on a flight with Sleepy Hallow and didn’t realize.  (02:50) Ak notices that Sleepy’s music is more recognizable than his image. (06:30) How Sleepy Hallow deals with anxiety and ADHD. (11:48) Why did Sleepy turn down the XXL list? (15:15) What was the moment that Sleepy knew he would make it? (17:35) What did Sleepy’s hit song “2055” do for him? (19:12) Did Sleepy ever think of quitting rap? (22:00) Sheff G calls in. (24:40) Sleepy speaks on his relationship with Sheff G and says they should have been blood brothers. (29:34) Sleepy speaks on the feedback he’s been receiving on his latest album “Boy Meets World”. (33:00) Sleepy speaks on his relationships with Doechii, Fivio Foreign, Lil Tjay and more. (36:00) Does Sleepy feel like he has to carry the torch after Pop Smoke’s passing? (38:19) Sleepy Hallow is working on his next album and shares what he wants out of rap. (41:58) Sleepy had a show at Irving Plaza and the venue didn’t want to let him perform. (43:07) Is it easier or harder to make it as an artist in New York? (44:25) Sleepy share his favorite female rappers. (46:04) Sleepy wants to tour soon and he speaks about why it’s his favorite part of being a rapper. (47:21) What is 2024 gonna look like for Sleepy and Sheff G. (48:40) If you have never heard Sleepy Hallow’s music, listen to these 3 songs. (50:18) Akademiks wants Sleepy to inherit the beef with Saucy Santana.  --- Support this podcast:
Today our guest is 2 rare. --- Support this podcast:
Today is a live impromptu episode of Off The Record not only with yours truly DJ Akademiks but he's joined by some of the members of the chat including infaxwetrust, Khyri and Wale Intern. --- Support this podcast:
Jason Lee of Hollywood Unlocked is our guest today and he's here to tell all about the industry and how he's navigated for years rising to the top of the media game. Time Stamps: (01:03) Jason Lee recaps how he grew Hollywood Unlocked. (02:37) Floyd Mayweather gave Jason important advice. (04:45) Jason Lee speaks on messaging Drake on Myspace when Drake first started rapping. (07:15) Ak used to think Speedy Morman from Complex didn’t like him.  (08:55) Jason Lee went to one of Drake’s private parties and felt anxious. (13:00) Can rappers handle criticism? 16:00) Jason Lee breaks down Nicki Minaj’s issues with women rappers. (21:00) Nicki Minaj calls Jason Lee a c**k su**er on Queen Radio. (23:38) Nicki Minaj dm’d Ak threatening him and his job. (29:45) Why Nicki Minjas has beef with Jason Lee. (34:00) Jason Lee says Cardi B hasn’t been able to enjoy her career. (37:40) Jason thought Nicki Minaj having a family would have made her happy. (40:30) Wendy Williams is the goat. (44:14) Does Nicki Minaj treat people like trash + recap of the Migos/Everyday Struggle incident. (47:25) Is Caresha Diddy’s sidechick and is she a proper role model? (54:30) Was Akademiks too hard on Megan thee Stallion when he was covering her trial? (58:50) Ak speaks on his issues with Metro Boomin and SZA. (01:01:14) Jason Lee says SZA is terrified of media. (01:06:10) Rumor of Kylie and Drake being together??  (01:08:50) Ak and Jason speak on the relationships between rappers and bloggers and how messy it can get. (01:12:55) Why is Drake dissing Rihanna on his latest album For All the Dogs? (01:21:43) Jason Lee addresses Hollywood Unlocked falsely reporting that Queen Elizabeth II has passed.  (01:34:55) When will independent media gain the trust and credibility of mainstream media? (01:41:00) Jason’s relationship with Floyd Mayweather and how they got so close. (01:49:40)  Jasons speaks on his  relationship with Rihanna. (01:51:54) Wack 100 set up an interview with Kanye West and Jason Lee. (01:58:00) The importance of taking breaks to avoid burnout. (02:03:00) The importance of maintaining ownership of your content. (02:08:28) Nicki Minaj needs to catch a RICO charge? (02:15:56) How Jason lost so much weight. (02:19:13) Is Akademiks anti women and Ak explains his part in covering the Tory v Meg case. (02:29:57) Jason Lee thinks Tasha K and Youtube should be sued. (02:33:10) Jason would consider a job with The Breakfast Club. --- Support this podcast:
OTF Doodie lo is our guest today. --- Support this podcast:
Today in a long awaited episode and highly requested from our audience, Vic Mensa enters our studio to have a sit down face to face with DJ Akademiks. The Last time they both were on camera, 2017, it was a explosive viral moment that saw both men take shots at each other for years to come. Today it all comes full circle. --- Support this podcast:
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