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I’m Jay Shetty host of On Purpose the worlds #1 Mental Health podcast and I’m so grateful you found us. I started this podcast 5 years ago to invite you into conversations and workshops that are designed to help make you happier, healthier and more healed. I believe that when you (yes you) feel seen, heard and understood you’re able to deal with relationship struggles, work challenges and life’s ups and downs with more ease and grace.

I interview experts, celebrities, thought leaders and athletes so that we can grow our mindset, build better habits and uncover a side of them we’ve never seen before. New episodes every Monday and Friday. Your support means the world to me and I don’t take it for granted — click the follow button and leave a review to help us spread the love with On Purpose. I can’t wait for you to listen to your first or 500th episode!
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How does low self-worth stop you from moving forward? How can you stop self-sabotage and grow personally? Today, let’s welcome Jamie Kern Lima. Jamie is a New York Times bestselling author, founder of IT Cosmetics, a company she started in her living room and sold to L'Oreal in a billion-dollar deal, becoming the first female CEO of a brand in its 100+ year history. She's also an active philanthropist who has funded leadership training in more than 100 prisons and shelters across the US, and has donated over $40 million in product and funds to help women face the effects of cancer with confidence.  Jamie and Jay ponder on the meaning of self-worth, distinguishing it from mere confidence and challenging the misguided belief that our value is tied to our physical appearance. We get to hear the detrimental effects of self-doubt and present empowering strategies to transform your relationship with rejection, offering a new perspective that fosters resilience and self-compassion.  And then the conversation dives deep into personal beliefs, urging us to identify and discard unhelpful misconceptions, while giving emphasis on why authenticity is crucial and its role in conjunction with other factors in achieving success.  In this interview, you'll learn: How to build self-worth How to distinguish confidence from self-worth How to handle rejection How to overcome self-doubt How to remain authentic Together, let's learn how to distinguish your worth from external validation, turn rejection into a stepping stone, and live authentically. With Love and Gratitude, Jay Shetty What We Discuss: 00:00 Intro 03:17 Do You Feel Worthy Today? 10:04 Confusing Confidence with Self Worth 17:37 Your Weight Impacts Your Worth is a Lie  24:03 What Has Self Doubt Cost You? 31:25 How to Change Your Relationship with Rejection 37:02 The 4-Part R to Reframe Rejection 44:00 You Need This Today 48:13 Which Lie Are You Trying to Unlearn?  56:32 Authenticity Alone Doesn’t Guarantee Success Episode Resources: Jamie Kern Lima | TikTok Jamie Kern Lima | Instagram Jamie Kern Lima | YouTube Jamie Kern Lima | Website Jamie Kern Lima | Twitter Jamie Kern Lima | Facebook Jamie Kern Lima | LinkedIn Worthy: How to Believe You Are Enough and Transform Your Life  See for privacy information.
What is the #1 way to live a rich life? How can changing your money mindset impact your life? Robin Sharma is a globally respected humanitarian who, for over a quarter of a century, has been devoted to helping human beings realize their native gifts. Widely considered one of the top leadership and personal mastery experts and speakers in the world, his clients include NASA, Yale University, and the Young Presidents' Organization. His #1 international bestsellers such as The Everyday Hero Manifesto, The 5AM Club, The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari, and Who Will Cry When You Die? have sold millions of copies in over ninety-two languages and dialects; making him one of the most widely read authors in the world.  Robin shares his wisdom on the significance of releasing resentment and redefining our relationship with wealth. He also talks about exploring the essential daily practices that promise personal growth, the complexities, and at the same time, the benefits of altering our social circles, and provides insights into nurturing a healthy relationship with money. Jay and Robin unpack the pivotal role of rest in our daily routine and productivity, and how to break free from the chains of multi-generational cultural norms.   In this interview you'll learn: How to release resentment How to treat money as a tool How to rest properly How to cultivate great friendships The daily practices to transform yourself Whether you're seeking to overcome generational patterns or find peace in solitude, this episode is your guide to a more fulfilled and intentional life. With Love and Gratitude, Jay Shetty What We Discuss: 00:00 Intro 04:26 Don’t Be A Resentment Collector 08:47 Money Is Your Servant, Not Your Master 12:33 When Are We Happiest? 15:01 Where Do We Start? 19:12 3 Daily Practices to Transform You 23:37 2 Reasons Why We Can’t Change Our Circle 27:06 Joy Is A Great GPS 28:28 Why Rest Is A Necessity 34:35 Breaking Multi-Generational Culture 41:07 Why You Need to Spend Alone Time  43:00 Rewire Your Relationships With Money 45:35 There Is A Time For Every Season 48:22 What Are Scarcity Scars? 54:13 What Is A Great Friend? 57:10 Don’t Confuse Kindness With Weakness 01:00:33 Someone’s Victory Is Your Possibility Episode Resources: Robin Sharma | Website Robin Sharma | TikTok Robin Sharma | Instagram Robin Sharma | YouTube Robin Sharma | Twitter Robin Sharma | Facebook Robin Sharma | LinkedIn Robin Sharma | Books The Wealth Money Can't Buy: The 8 Hidden Habits to Live Your Richest Life See for privacy information.
How have your goals changed since January?  What's your next step for improvement in the coming 90 days? This episode isn't just a conversation; it's an invitation to dive deep into your thoughts, feelings, and aspirations. Jay discusses the tough questions about identity, authenticity, and personal growth, guiding you through a process of self-discovery and transformation. You'll find insights and strategies to help you understand who you truly are and how to align your life with your deepest values. Whether you're looking to break free from the fear of judgment, understand your true desires, or simply get a clearer picture of where you're headed, this is the ultimate guide to your first 90-day check in. In this episode, you'll learn: How to overcome the fear of judgment How to be your true self How to handle external pressure If you're ready to challenge the status quo and redefine your sense of self, let's uncover the power of self-reflection and the beauty of becoming who you truly are.  With Love and Gratitude, Jay Shetty What We Discuss: 00:00 Intro 01:03 Why Live Your Years in Quarters 03:11 The Hardest Challenge Today 05:12 #1: What Is the Most Difficult Judgment You’re Afraid Of? 07:00 #2: Who Would You Be If You Didn’t Worry What People Would Think About You? 07:57 #3: What Would You Do If You Didn’t Worry About What People Think Of You? 13:47 What Did You Use to Value You Don’t Value Anymore? 16:58 Attachment and Aversion Are Two Sides of the Same Coin 21:07 3 Questions You Need to Ask YourselfSee for privacy information.
Do you want to know why sitting for a long time shortens your lifespan? Do you want to know how to transform your daily routine? Today, Jay is joined by Gary Brecka, the Co-Founder and Chief Biologist of 10X Health and the founder of The Ultimate Human. With more than 20 years of Bio-Hacking and functional medicine experience, Gary has worked with and everyone from CEOs to professional athletes from the UFC, NFL, Professional Boxing, and entertainment industries.  What will you do when there is a possibility to predict how many more years you have left? Jay and Gary ponder on how our daily habits and emotional states impact our overall health and longevity, the dangers of a sedentary lifestyle and emphasizing on the need for regular movement, the benefits of deep, intentional breathing to enhance physical and mental well-being, and the complexities of mental health disorders, shedding light on common misunderstandings and the reasons why some supplements may not deliver their promised benefits.  In this interview, you'll learn: How to boost your emotional health with simple daily practices How to reduce health risks by moving more throughout the day How to deepen and lengthen your breaths for better health How to clear your mind by understanding and addressing brain fog This conversation is focused on empowering listeners with knowledge to make healthier lifestyle choices. With Love and Gratitude, Jay Shetty What We Discuss: 00:00 Intro 01:13 Predicting Your Lifespan 09:17 What Is An Emotional State? 12:54 Sedentary Lifestyle Is a Health Hazard 15:37 Why You Need to Breath Deeper and Longer 22:44 Why Mental Health Disorders are Often Misunderstood 32:20 The Some Supplements Don’t Work 36:54 The Science Behind Brain Fog 44:30 Pre and Postpartum Care 48:55 Folic Acid Mutation 50:36 Deficiencies Are Passed Down, Not Diseases 56:01 What’s Wrong with Tap Water? 01:03:02 How Much Chlorine is in Your Water? 01:06:41 Gary on Final Five  Episode Resources: Gary Brecka | TikTok Gary Brecka | Instagram Gary Brecka | LinkedIn Gary Brecka | YouTube Gary Brecka | Website The Ultimate Human with Gary Brecka See for privacy information.
Are you struggling with anxiety? Are you looking for ways to become less anxious? Today, Jay Shetty will share several ways to manage anxiety, why it consumes us and how we can navigate through it. Jay will also share insights on how to consciously choose and amplify the voices and influences that nurture your well-being, how to program your mind with positivity and intentionality before bed and upon waking up - a crucial practice that can pave the way for a restful night and a more focused tomorrow. In this episode, you'll learn: How to not start your day with worry Begin each morning with gratitude  Prepare your mind with positive thoughts  There is healing in acceptance and tolerance, the essential practices for cultivating inner peace and resilience against life's inevitable ups and downs. With Love and Gratitude, Jay Shetty What We Discuss: 00:00 Intro 00:29 Do You Worry a Lot? 03:38 Avoid Dealing with Your Worries Upon Waking Up   07:31 Start Your Day with Gratitude 11:25 Increase the Voice You Want to Hear 14:49 Program Your Mind Before Going to Bed 18:42 Sometimes, Staying Busy is Healthy 19:48 Practice Acceptance and ToleranceSee for privacy information.
Do you want to know how to stop your guilt cycle? Do you want to know how to build positive mental strength? Today, let's welcome back renowned psychiatrist and brain disorder specialist Dr. Daniel Amen. Dr. Amen known for his work as the director of the Amen Clinics and a bestselling author, having written numerous books on brain health and wellness, and has also produced television programs promoting his theories on brain health.  Dr. Amen talks about mindful parenting, ways you can set goals with your children and nurturing their ability to think independently. He shares a simple 20-minute practice to deepen your connection with your child, and understand the pivotal role of boundaries in their development.  Let's understand how critical it is when children retreat into themselves and offer strategies to mend and strengthen the fragile threads of parent-child bonds. Dr. Amen challenges the practice of labeling children as 'smart' and instead, focuses on cultivating their problem-solving skills and shed light on the often-overlooked emotional burdens our actions can place on our kids, from the subtleties of attachment to the complexities of misunderstanding them. In this interview, you'll learn: How to empower kids through responsibility How to build mental strength How to foster problem-solving in children How to implement loving discipline How to instill the value of hard work on kids This conversation will help you better understand the hacks of raising well-rounded, resilient, and loving individuals in today's fast-paced world.  With Love and Gratitude, Jay Shetty What We Discuss: 00:00 Intro 00:46 How Do You Set Goals For Your Kids? 04:34 How Do Children Become Free Thinkers? 10:19 Allow Your Child to Get Uncomfortable 13:01 The 20-Minute Practice to Bond with Your Child 17:46 What Does No Boundaries Lead To? 21:26 Why Do Children Shut Down? 24:54 How Do You Repair a Broken Bond? 28:00 Don’t Tell Your Child They Are Smart 31:04 How Can Your Child Solve a Problem? 33:07 You’re Making Your Kids Miserable 35:16 Attachments That Become Broken 37:37 I Don’t Understand My Child 41:54 What is a Loving Discipline? 44:51 My Child is Addicted to Social Media 46:25 What Does Social Do to the Brain? 48:35 Effects of Divorce on Kids 51:01 Teach Your Child to Self-Soothe 53:39 How to Love Your Child Right  Episode Resources: Dr. Daniel Amen | TikTok Dr. Daniel Amen | Instagram Dr. Daniel Amen | Twitter Dr. Daniel Amen | LinkedIn Dr. Daniel Amen | Facebook Dr. Daniel Amen | Books Dr. Daniel Amen | Website Amen University Take The ACE Quiz See for privacy information.
Do you feel tired of small talk and no real connection? Do you want to start building genuine friendships? Today, Jay talks about the eight simple tips to help you decide which friends to keep close and which ones you might need to step back from. You'll learn how to spot friends who make you happy and help you grow, and notice the ones who might be bringing you down. Let's understand the impact of the company you keep, the power of focusing on yourself, and the wisdom in discerning relationships meant for a season, reason, or lifetime. Jay unpacks the value of tough conversations and learns to distinguish between fleeting friendships and those destined for depth. There is strength in setting boundaries and the transformative experience of shared challenges.  In this episode, you’ll learn: How to choose your long-term friends How to deepen new friendships How to be the right friends to others This episode is your guide to nurturing genuine connections and fostering personal growth in a world craving authenticity. With Love and Gratitude, Jay Shetty What We Discuss: 00:00 Intro 01:00 Who Do You Spend Time With? 04:05 Focus on Yourself 05:06 Season, Reason, or a Lifetime 10:29 Is Repairing a Broken Relationship Worth It? 13:24 Why Do We Need These Hard Conversations? 15:58 Not Every Friendship Has a Future 18:32 Shallow Conversations Don’t Lead to Genuine Connection 21:26 Barriers Keep Others Out, Boundaries Keep Us Safe 23:08 If You Don’t Fit In, That’s Okay 25:04 Doing Difficult Things Together See for privacy information.
What happens in our body when we eat sugar?How does a glucose spike affect our health? Jay welcomes Jessie Inchauspé (Otherwise known as Glucose Goddess.) Jessie is a French biochemist and New York Times bestselling author. Jessie is on a mission to translate cutting-edge science into easy tips to help people improve their physical and mental health through studies of glucose. In her books Glucose Revolution and The Glucose Goddess Method, which sold over 1 million copies worldwide in 40 languages, she shares her startling discovery about the essential role of blood sugar in every aspect of our lives, and the surprising hacks to optimize it. Jessie doesn't hold back as she unpacks the world of nutrition and wellness, and the intricate relationship between glucose, sugar consumption, and overall health. Jessie discusses the fundamentals of glucose and its vital role in fueling our bodies, the detrimental effects of excessive sugar consumption, and the three glucose spikes that can wreak havoc on our well-being. The hidden sources of high sugar content in everyday foods will surprise you therefore learning the practical strategies to train your body to burn fat for fuel is essential as well as uncovering the tips for eliminating post-meal cravings and the benefits of adopting a zero-sugar lifestyle.  In this interview, you will learn: The role of glucose in the bodyThe foods that help lower blog sugarThe hacks to control blood sugar spikeThe best practices to optimize your sugar intake Tune in to this eye-opening conversation with Jay and Jessie as they talk about practical tips, expert advice, and invaluable wisdom to help you make informed choices and prioritize your health and well-being. With Love and Gratitude,Jay Shetty What We Discuss: 00:00 Intro05:36 What is Glucose and How Is It Used by Our Body?08:15 We Don’t Need to Eat Sugar10:30 The Three Glucose Spikes That Damage Our Body15:32 Foods with Hidden High Sugar Content17:20 The Crash After the Glucose Spike20:25 How to Train Your Body to Burn Fat for Fuel24:35 How to Eliminate Post Meal Cravings30:08 Why It’s Better to Have Zero Sugar Intake Daily34:55 Sleep and Glucose Go Hand in Hand37:12 How Blood Sugar Levels Affect Mental Health43:18 Ideal Foods to Take Before Workout 46:57 The Benefits of Taking Vinegar Before Meals49:56 Put “Clothing” on Your Carbs53:33 Fruits Are Healthy Until It Gets Processed57:26 Stop Counting Your Calories01:03:53 The Anti-Spike Formula 01:05:50 The Disheartening Truth About Taking Ozempic to Lose Weight01:08:58 Jessie on Final Five  Episode Resources: - Jessie Inchauspé | Instagram- Jessie Inchauspé | Twitter- Jessie Inchauspé | TikTok- Glucose Revolution- Glucose Goddess - Jessies New Dietary SupplementSee for privacy information.
Today, let's welcome to the On Purpose podcast cosmetics entrepreneur, medical research trailblazer, and Women’s Hall of Fame inductee, Victoria Jackson. Victoria founded the global powerhouse brand Victoria Jackson Cosmetics where she irrevocably altered the beauty landscape with her creation of the “No Makeup” makeup aesthetic. She and her husband, Bill Guthy—founder of the marketing behemoth Guthy-Renker—established The Guthy-Jackson Charitable Foundation to fund research on NMO treatments and a potential cure.  Victoria shares her lifelong experiences, from the anxiety of feeling different to the profound questions about our existence and the roles we play in this world. She opens up about the darkest day in her life as well as the trials of transforming passion into a successful enterprise. These stories aren't just about overcoming; they're about thriving, giving hope to those striving to make a meaningful impact in their lives and the lives of others, especially when facing seemingly insurmountable obstacles. In this interview, you’ll learn: How to stay resilient in the most difficult circumstances How to move on from trauma How to turn passion into a career How determination can change lives Why we never stop learning The episode is a beacon for anyone seeking to make sense of life's complexities, offering insights into building relationships, handling adversity, and finding one's calling.  With Love and Gratitude, Jay Shetty What We Discuss: 00:00 Intro 04:38 I Always Felt That I’m Different 05:51 We’re All Trying to Figure Out the World 06:38 What Were You Most Anxious Of? 08:55 What is My Purpose? 11:29 Love for Teaching and Sharing Knowledge 13:58 Trust the Process and Have Patience for Yourself 17:13 “The Night I Nearly Lost My Life”  23:13 How Do You Overcome Trauma 25:04 “I Wanted to Give Women Hope” 27:42 Transforming Passion to a Successful Business 32:32 Navigating Relationship Can Be Challenging 35:56 “My Daughter Had Four Years to Live” 39:54 Prove It To Them That You Can Do It 42:39 The Biggest Roadblocks in Healthcare 47:37 How Do You Survive Difficult Situations? 49:48 Finding Cure For Alli 53:21 Going Against All Odds 55:00 Finding Answers and Taking Actions 57:48 Victoria on Final Five 01:03:11 It’s Hard to Get People to Pay Attention 01:06:43 Download the NMO Resources App 01:09:13 Strategic Allocation of Funds 01:10:32 You Just Have to Find a Way Episode Resources: Victoria Jackson | Website Victoria Jackson | Instagram Saving Each Other: A Mother-Daughter Love Story The Power of Rare: A Blueprint for a Medical Revolution Victoria's latest book, "We All Worry, Now What?" is now available for pre-order on Amazon for privacy information.
Do you want to learn how to connect with your intuition?  Do you want to stay focused on your path?  In a very special episode of On Purpose, Michael B. Jordan joins Jay for an open and honest conversation. Michael is a director, actor, and producer recognized as an industry leader. Michael recently reprised the role of Adonis Creed in CREED III, which had the biggest opening weekend for a CREED film and biggest domestic opening for a sports movie ever.  In this insightful conversation, Michael sheds light into the nuances of our childhood and its lasting impact on our lives. He also talks about resilience and the importance of prioritizing family amidst the journey of life. Michael and Jay discuss the essence of intuition, authenticity, and purpose, empowering listeners to connect with their inner selves and forge meaningful paths forward. There is strength in building your own team therefore it is important that we know how to pick our own people. The same goes for showing our authenticity at all times and creating safe spaces for ourselves and the people around us. It also matters that you do not hide behind false words and to always speak your truth.  In this interview, you'll learn: How to connect and develop your intuitionHow to trust your own choicesHow to be authenticHow to be truth to yourself and to others Today, we will learn the value of shared goals, insightful stories, and guidance to inspire you to live with purpose, authenticity, and boundless potential.  With Love and Gratitude, Jay Shetty What We Discuss: 00:00 Intro04:39 Why Your Childhood Environment Matters09:44 Family Over Everything12:16 Never Stop Making Yourself Better21:29 The Moments of Negativity28:00 How to Connect with Your Intuition31:17 This is Your Moment34:05 The Right Things to Obsess Over38:07 The Benefits of Sea Moss43:23 How to Build Your Team48:48 The Best Way to Bring People Together54:52 How Do You Define Authenticity?01:00:10 What is Your Purpose?01:05:43 Finding Your Own Safe Space01:09:33 Unapologetically Honest About Your Truth01:13:31 Michael on Final Five Episode Resources: Michael B. Jordan | Instagram Michael B. Jordan | Twitter Michael B. Jordan | Facebook Moss See for privacy information.
This episode is brought to you by BMW, and the most requested guest is back again - Jay's wife, Radhi Devlukia! Jay and Radhi swap lives for a day in the all electric BMW ix. In this episode, Jay and Radhi take a road trip to the grocery store, where she challenges Jay to complete a grocery store run, where he is tasked to find the right ingredients for their favorite recipe, without her help. There’s never a dull moment when Jay and Radhi are together - from their on-the-road Q&A, to their grocery store outing (especially when Jay still couldn’t tell the difference between coriander and parsley) - they continue to provide laughs, insights, and meaningful wisdom.  Tag along on this ride and join the challenges of modern day dating and find out who’s the most stubborn one between the two. What We Discuss: 00:00 Intro 00:18 Jay’s Stuffed Pepper Recipe in Radhi’s Cookbook 02:03 If We Are in Carpool Karaoke  02:44 Difference Between Drivers in LA and London 03:42 What Does it Mean to Be A Backseat Driver in Life? 05:35 The Three People You Will Go on a Drive With 08:43 Who Usually Leave the Car Lights On? 09:52 Who’s Most Likely to Get Car Sick? 10:29 Would You Need Maps to Navigate Between Places? 11:02 Why Doesn’t Radhi Reply to Messages Right Away? 12:57 First Line to Say When You Meet in a Party 14:11 What’s Your Screen Time? 15:10 Do You Have an Ick About Me? 16:33 It’s Time to Buy Groceries! 22:35 How Does It Feel When Someone Cook For You? 23:56 How Do You Manage to Stay Productive Everyday? 28:03 What Kind of a Party Person Are You? 31:05 Living Conditions in Refugee Camps in the Old Days 31:59 Leaving an Impact in the Community Your Serve 37:02 Spending Time with Family in an Indian Wedding To learn more about the all electric BMW iX head here See for privacy information.
Why do we fall victim to love bombing?Why do we attract narcissists?Dr. Ramani is back with eye-opening and science-based insights on narcissism. Dr. Ramani is a licensed clinical psychologist, Professor Emerita of Psychology at California State University Los Angeles, and the Founder and CEO of LUNA Education, Training & Consulting. Dr. Ramani discusses the difference between narcissism versus narcissistic personality disorder. She dives into the signs of love bombing and how to stop attracting narcissists. Dr. Ramani also talks about the practical strategies for safeguarding yourself from attracting narcissistic personalities into your life and how to spot the red flags and establish healthy boundaries. Join us in understanding the complexities of narcissism, how to foster resilience, establish boundaries, and reclaim yourself.With Love and Gratitude,Jay ShettyWhat We Discuss:00:00 Intro01:09 Narcissism Versus Narcissistic Personality Disorder05:41 Why Narcissistic People Make History09:28 How to Not Attract a Narcissist11:27 A Narcissistic Person is Like a Volcano14:38 Love Bombing is Winning You Over with Attunement15:24 From Love Bombing to What Went Wrong 18:11 Empaths Get Stuck in Trauma-Bonded Relationships21:45 The Impact of Narcissistic Abuse25:29 Can You Disengage from a Narcissistic Partner?26:36 Repeat Perpetrators Harm the Forgiver28:21 You Can Empathize and Not Forgive30:42 What is Radical Acceptance?32:39 Flexibility in Our Psyche35:20 Grief is the Most Human Experience38:06 How to Recreate Your Own Subjective Focus44:13 How to Pull Yourself from any Form of Gaslighting48:58 Can a Narcissist Ever Heal?53:38 Is Change Possible?Episode Resources:- Dr. Ramani | Website- Dr. Ramani | Instagram- Dr. Ramani | YouTube- Dr. Ramani | TikTok- It's Not You: Identifying and Healing from Narcissistic PeopleSee for privacy information.
Do you find yourself thinking too much about other people’s opinions? Is it starting to feel like it’s negatively affecting your life?  Today, Jay unveils the subtle yet pervasive signs that indicate a deep-seated concern for others' opinions and the telltale signs that you may be overly influenced by external validation, from struggling to assert boundaries to outsourcing your decision-making to others. Jay Also talks about actionable tips and strategies for reclaiming your sense of self-worth and how to draw inspiration from those who have walked a similar path before you, cultivating resilience and self-assurance in the face of external judgment. Explore the transformative power of reframing your self-perception and embracing a mindset of self-acceptance, as Jay emphasizes the importance of clarity and self-awareness in navigating life's challenges.  In this episode, you'll learn: How to not crave external validation How to stop people-pleasing How to not get swayed by other people’s opinions How to stand your ground  Gain practical tools for cultivating inner strength and confidence, from reframing negative self-talk to recognizing the inherent value of your own opinions and choices. With Love and Gratitude, Jay Shetty What We Discuss: 00:00 Intro 02:11 Stop Caring About What People Think 04:10 Sign #1: You Get Easily Swayed 05:36 Sign #2: You Struggle to Say NO 06:18 Sign #3: We Often Want to Please Others 06:40 Sign #4: You Outsource Your Choices 09:22 Tip #1: Someone Has Been Through a Similar Experience Before You 17:00 Tip #2: Don’t Be Someone Who Gossips About Others 18:52 Tip #3: Be Clear About How You Feel About Yourself 21:06 Tip #4: Opinions Don’t Become Your Reality 22:19 Tip #5: Think of the Three Best Decisions You’ve Made in Your Life 24:20 Tip #6: People Are Not Thinking About As Much As You Think They Are See for privacy information.
Do you tend to feel tired after eating?  Do you want to learn simple changes to stay energized and avoid the 3 PM slump?  On this special episode of On Purpose, My wife Radhi joins us! Radhi is a clinical dietician, nutritionist, and always learning to cook. Radhi brings a modern approach to the ancient principles of holistic wellbeing and earned her Ayurvedic Health Counselor 1 degree at the California College of Ayurveda. Radhi's first ever book called JoyFull: Cook Effortlessly, Eat Freely, Live Radiantly is out right now. In this episode, Radhi teaches how to nourish our body in a way that's truly individual to you. Plus, pick up some practical tips for making sustainable changes in your diet and embracing the method of Ayurveda for balance and well-being. Further into the episode, Radhi touches on the three modes of Ayurveda and how they influence our eating habits, intuitive eating practices that honor your body's signals, and the valuable insights to optimize digestion and transform your relationship with food. In this interview, you'll learn: How to change your diet How food affects your mood The right way to eat proteins How to create positive daily routines How to change your mindset about food Get ready to savor each moment, embrace mindful eating, and cultivate a deeper connection with your body and soul.  With Love and Gratitude, Jay Shetty What We Discuss: 00:00 Intro 04:17 Recipes Inspired by Family and Love for Food 07:09 The Individual nature of Healing Your Body 12:01 How to Make Sustainable Changes in Your Body 14:52 The Three Modes in Ayurveda 20:08 Your Body Deteriorates when You Stop Listening to the Body Cues  23:40 Eat Until Satisfied, Not Stuffed 28:35 Why You Need to CHew Your Food Properly 32:50 Avoid Cold Drinks and Iced Beverages 35:38 Does Skipping Meals Work? 38:31 On a Busy Day, How Can You Slow Down? 41:41 Overeating Proteins Harm the Body 45:02 How to Change Your Relationship with Food 51:18 The Value of Spices  55:58 What is Your Morning Routine? 58:03 How to Not Feel Lethargic After Lunch 01:00:57 Best Practices for Evening Routines 01:05:24 The Recipe Game 01:11:28 What is Your Hope for People? Episode Resources: Radhi Devlukia | Website Radhi Devlukia | Instagram Radhi Devlukia | YouTube Radhi Devlukia | Facebook Radhi Devlukia | TikTok JoyFull: Cook Effortlessly, Eat Freely, Live Radiantly See for privacy information.
How do your 'icks' affect your dating life? And what's the ultimate key to better dating? Today, Jay is sharing the conversation he had with Jared Freid and Jordana Abraham where he was being interviewed in their podcast, U Up?. The U Up? is a definitive modern dating podcast where they discuss their take on the ebbs and flows of the crazy dating world we live in. Jay talks about a wide array of topics including the challenges of booking guests for new podcasts, the importance of preparing for important interviews, and his  unique approach to every show, offering listeners a diverse and enriching experience with each episode. The conversation takes on a serious note when Jay talks about his take expressing anger, dealing with insecurities, and navigating the complexities of modern dating. Gain valuable insights into mindfulness practices and learn how to focus on the wins while amplifying the abundance of life. In this interview, you'll learn: How to deal with insecurities How to become a better partner How to change your mindset about dating Truth be told, dating remains one of the challenging hurdles we go through in life but it is also one of the most rewarding when we find the right person to spend our life with.   With Love and Gratitude, Jay Shetty What We Discuss: 00:00 Intro 02:43 Calming Positive Influence to Others 03:29 The Competitive Aspect of Drinking Games 05:26 The Difficulty of Booking Guests for New Podcasts 07:05 Preparing for Important Guests 08:54 Every Show Has a Unique Offering 11:27 How Do You Express Anger and Hate? 13:57 Did You Ever Felt Wrongfully Targeted? 16:41 Did You Ever Block Anyone? 19:58 What are the Biggest Mistakes About Dating Today? 25:44 What’s Your Go-To First Date Activity? 27:16 Working in the Same Industry with Your Partner  28:52 How Practicing Mindfulness Changes Your Mindset 31:07 How Do You Deal with Insecurities? 36:18 Focus on the Wins and Amplify the Abundance of Life 38:26 Two Things I Look Forward To 39:29 What’s Your Travel Pet Peeve? See for privacy information.
What's the top habit for mastering time and energy? How can we make this habit our own for better time and energy management? Today, Jay welcomes back his good friend Ed Mylett. Ed is a highly successful entrepreneur who has blended his unique experiences with a diverse set of practical strategies that have made him one of the most sought-after inspirational speakers in the world today. He is a serial entrepreneur who has enjoyed considerable success in part through his unrivaled work ethic and ability to fire up people with his dynamic, high-octane presentations.  Over the years, he has been involved in several tech, real estate, medical, and food ventures, among many others, leading him to be named a Success Magazine SUCCESS 125 most influential leader in 2022. Have you ever stopped to ponder what lies within the depths of your being? Jay and Ed dive into the depths of self-discovery, from uncovering subconscious anchors to making courageous choices, discover the keys to unlocking your full potential and living a life of purpose.  The duo explores the power of intention and action in validating your path, and learn how to navigate the challenges of speaking truth with kindness and compassion. Gain insights into overcoming obstacles, embracing change, and cultivating resilience on the path to success, and reflect on the concept of time and its malleability, and discover the rhythms of success that shape our lives.  In this interview, you'll learn: How to maximize your time How to not get tied to the past How to speak your truth How to achieve success How to change the trajectory of your life Tune in to this enlightening conversation with Jay and Ed as they share wisdom, inspiration, and practical guidance to help you navigate the journey of self-discovery and personal growth. With Love and Gratitude, Jay Shetty What We Discuss: 00:00 Intro 02:37 What Have You Been Working Inside? 05:56 In Life, We Move Towards What We’re Familiar With 06:58 How Do We Stop Creating Stress and Chaos? 09:12 The Subconscious Anchors That We’re not Using 12:50 Doing the Most Courageous Choices in Life 15:31 You Are Always Making People Feel Something 19:53 What Do You Do with the Weeds in Your Life? 21:07 You Validate Your Intention with Your Action 26:28 How to Speak Truth to People in a Kind Way? 32:54 You Are Born to Do Something Great with Your Life 40:15 Can You Bend and Manipulate Time? 46:11 Why You Aren’t in the Rhythm of Success 51:57 The Things that Got You Where You Are Won’t Get You Where You’re Going 55:34 Your Identity is the Thermostat Setting of Your Life   01:01:28 The Danger of Tying Your Identity to What You Do 01:04:16 The Three D’s that Will Lead to Burnout  Episode Resources: Ed Mylett | Website Ed Mylett | Instagram Ed Mylett | Twitter Ed Mylett | YouTube Ed Mylett | Facebook Ed Mylett | TikTok Ed Mylett | Books See for privacy information.
How do we build our inner confidence? And how can we stop pretending that we’re okay even if we aren’t? In a world where we're constantly comparing ourselves to others, Jay reminds us of the importance of embracing our unique qualities and building inner confidence. We'll dive into the dangers of comparing our relationships to others and how it can affect our self-esteem. And find out why nurturing inner confidence is key for personal growth and happiness.  Jay also shares practical tips for boosting confidence, like embracing our quirks, celebrating our strengths, and shifting from seeking validation from others to validating ourselves.  In this episode, you’ll learn: How to build self confidence How to boost your own strengths How to focus more on self-validation Together, let's learn the actionable ways and and empowering wisdom to help you embrace your uniqueness and cultivate unshakable confidence from the inside out. With Love and Gratitude, Jay Shetty What We Discuss: 00:00 Intro 02:45 Getting Lost in Comparison to Other People’s Relationships 05:13 Why We Need to Build on Our Inner Confidence 08:35 Confidence is the Belief That You Matter 12:47 #1: Being Okay with Liking Things That Others Don’t 17:19 #2: Start Noticing Your Own Strengths  18:20 #3: Giving Self-Validation Versus Needing External Validation 24:05 Your Hero is Your Future Self See for privacy information.
Why does trauma manifest as guilt and shame? How do we untrap ourselves from the past? Today, we welcome back renowned speaker on addiction, stress, and childhood development, Dr. Gabor Maté. They dive into the core of human identity and explore the delicate balance between being yourself and seeking acceptance, discovering the liberating truth that authenticity is the ultimate path to self-discovery. Gain insights into the complexities of the human emotional landscape and learn how to navigate and process fear, a powerful force that often holds us captive.  Gabor talks about the top five regrets of dying people - a profound insight that serve as a compass, guiding us to live a life aligned with our deepest values and aspirations. He also talks about the intricacies of guilt and shares wisdom on how we can untrap ourselves from it, the universality of pain and trauma, the synergy between logic and creativity in problem-solving.  In this interview, you'll learn: How to live with fear and anxiety How to deal with deep-rooted trauma How to handle grief and pain How to improve your personal growth Together, let's explore the infinite possibilities that unfold when we awaken to our true potential and embrace a mindset of continuous growth. With Love and Gratitude, Jay Shetty What We Discuss: 00:00 Intro 03:56 How Do You Heal a Broken Man? 07:34 Tell Me Who You Are 11:33 The Small Still Voice Within Us 13:19 Be Yourself or Be Accepted But not Both at the Same Time 17:10 What Are the Most Common Emotions We Feel Everyday?  20:26 How Can We Process and Heal From Fear 28:11 How Can You Help Someone Who Refused to Be Helped? 31:06 The Top Five Regrets of Dying People 36:09 How Do We Untrap Ourselves From Guilt? 43:03 There’s No Path Without Pain, So Choose Which Path to Take 46:53 Embrace Your Freedom Responsibly  48:46 There’s No Hierarchy in Pain and Trauma 51:07 What is Integrative Thinking? 59:27 The Book “Blessed with a Brain Tumor”  01:02:00 Can I Continue to Grow? 01:04:15 How Do Emotions Translate to Physical Reality? 01:13:13 If We Could Just Wake Up to Our Possibilities Episode Resources: Dr. Gabor Maté | Website Dr. Gabor Maté | Instagram Dr. Gabor Maté | Twitter Dr. Gabor Maté | YouTube Dr. Gabor Maté | Facebook The Myth of Normal: Trauma, Illness, and Healing in a Toxic Culture  See for privacy information.
Have you been struggling to get over your ex? Do you want to find healing after a painful breakup? Then this episode is for you. Today, Jay will talk about the complexities of heartbreak and grief, shedding light on the profound emotional and physiological effects of romantic loss. He unravels the intricate workings of the human brain's obsession with love, exploring the biological and psychological mechanisms triggered by heartbreak. There are different physiological changes that occur in the body during a breakup, illuminating the intensity of emotions experienced in the aftermath of romantic dissolution. Through poignant anecdotes and expert insights, Jay navigates through the stages of grief, offering a compassionate understanding of the rollercoaster of emotions that accompany loss. From denial to anger, bargaining to depression, and ultimately acceptance, Jay guides listeners through the transformative journey of healing and growth. In this episode, you’ll learn: How to overcome a breakup The physical manifestations of a heartbreak The different stages of grief Whether you're in the midst of a breakup or seeking to support a loved one through their journey of healing, this episode offers invaluable insights to help you navigate the path forward with grace and resilience.  With Love and Gratitude, Jay Shetty What We Discuss: 00:00 Intro 02:19 What Happens When Someone Breaks Our Heart? 03:54 The Human Brain Is Obsessed with Love 04:55 What Happens in the Body During a Breakup? 09:36 Why Breakups Are Comparable to Addiction Withdrawal 11:36 The Rage Room 13:58 The FIve Stage of Grief 16:38 THe First Stage - Denial 20:42 The Second Stage - Anger 23:03 The Third Stage - Bargaining 25:37 The Fourth Stage - Depression   27:33 The Final Stage - Acceptance 29:02 This is the Best Way to Describe Grief See for privacy information.
How can you let go of something you love to do? And when is the right time to let go? Today, Jay is joined by Emmy Award winning host, writer, producer, and actor, James Corden. James is also a Tony Award winning and Golden Globe nominated actor; and a multiple BAFTA Award winner. In April 2023, James wrapped up his eight-year run as host of THE LATE LATE SHOW, which premiered on CBS in March 2015. The show garnered Corden four Emmy Award wins and an additional twenty-three Emmy Award nominations. Corden is the co-creator and executive producer of CARPOOL KARAOKE: THE SERIES for Apple TV+ which won five consecutive Emmy Awards and is currently nominated for 2023. The series also won three Producers Guild Awards, a Critics’ Choice Real TV Award and was nominated for a Writers Guild Award.   James takes you through the successive successes and inevitable misses that shape our lives, the impact of expectations on our experiences and unravel the true meaning of success. He touches on his love for performance, the driving force behind success, and the reality that not all efforts receive the recognition they deserve; as well as the reflective process during significant transitions and gain insights into the complexities of the narcissistic dream. As the conversation continues, James presents the powerful analogy of letting a balloon go, symbolizing the liberation that comes with releasing expectations. They also touch on the importance of mindful living, questioning how much of tomorrow you're willing to borrow.   In this interview, you'll learn: How to effectively chase after success How to pick yourself up after failure The importance of surrounding yourself with good people How to balance family life and career How to make your marriage work How to slow down when things get tough This episode is a reminder to cultivate a life filled with purpose, the art of slowing down, embracing life's pace, and savoring each moment.  With Love and Gratitude, Jay Shetty What We Discuss: 00:00 Intro 02:52 The Successive Success and the Many Misses in Between 08:32 The Expectation OF is What Mostly Ruins Things 10:22 What is the True Meaning of Success? 12:56 Love for Performance and the Drive for Success 17:23 Not All Efforts Get Rewarded 20:36 Your Life Can Get Flipped Over Every Single Day 23:38 Reflection Process During Big Transitions 28:13 The Narcissist’s Dream 35:50 The Analogy of Letting a Balloon Go 41:02 Becoming More than the Man You Actually Are 46:44 Sleep is an Extraordinary Gift 49:42 How Much of Tomorrow Are You Willing to Borrow? 53:15 Why Do You Need to Stop Going on a Diet? 56:21 How Do You Keep Good Friends Around? 01:00:32 How to Calmly Talk to Your Child? 01:06:14 Where is the Best Place to Raise Your Family and Kids? 01:11:24 Effective Communication Between Married Couple 01:15:43 The Story of a Man Who Just Kept Going 01:21:08 The David Beckham Statue Prank 01:22:35 Learning to Slow Down and Not Rush Anything 01:32:27 James on Final Five Episode Resources: James Corden | Instagram James Corden | Twitter The Late Late Show with James Corden | YouTube The Late Late Show with James Corden | TikTok See for privacy information.
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so thrilled to listen to this amazing conversation from the 2 most inspiring people I know.

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this episode was so motivating and supportive as far as the research and being being able to find a starting point with health and aging. much gratitude for the share!

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please interview with Arash, he is famous Iranian singer

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I Loved this talk with Jay Sean. I didn't know him (I'm 62) and listening to you two together was just brilliant!

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we're doomed. All anyone cares about is attention and clout. Do anything to stay relevant once the attention is gained. attention is currency. Money is the outcome and yet it still is an everlasting hole due to not knowing that we already are. It's a strange cycle but it's okay. It takes time to understand it all. Im guilty too, I used to be an ego driven attention hungry guy. Im Not perfect but these days I want no attention and im grateful for that.

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I'm incredibly disappointed that you would have such an open racist on your show. I've been following you since you've been online. You platformed an anti-American, anti-semite racist. simply appalling. I was about to pull the trigger on your coaching program, but, with this, no way. you need to research what your guests say, and not give such hateful people a platform. disgusting.

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