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On Watch by MarketWatch is a weekly podcast about the financial news we’re all watching — and how it’s affecting both the economy and your wallet. Host Jeremy Owens trains his eye on the stories that are driving markets and offers insights that will help you make more informed money decisions.

14 Episodes
MarketWatch's "Tax Guy" Andrew Keshner tells us why bigger tax refunds may not be a good thing. Then, Beth Pinsker explains why financial planners aren't necessary for non-millionaires, and what the rest of us can do instead.
For Financial Literacy Month, On Watch by MarketWatch is offering lessons on financial fitness. To start: an intro to technical analysis of stocks and how to reduce your taxable income.
Analyst Beth Kindig discusses how generative artificial intelligence will make money. Also: How our host, a longtime Oakland A's fan, is viewing his financial decisions amid the team's impending move to Las Vegas.
There are signs that the spring home-buying season could thaw a frozen market, and Reddit’s initial public offering could do the same for the IPO market.
Strong job growth has been concentrated in just a few industries, causing confusion among workers. Even in the successful sectors, women are paid less than men, despite being a majority of some workforces.
Amid fresh record highs for stock indexes and bitcoin, should we be concerned about a bubble? Also: How one of the world’s most popular videogames spawned an entire gambling ecosystem.
Nvidia is worth nearly $2 trillion after another astounding earnings report. Plus, we take a look at the biggest reparations effort in U.S. history.
A new book explores why Elon Musk isn’t the only main character in Twitter’s $44 billion drama. Plus, a personal finance debate that has divided Americans for more than a century.
Inflation is staying high and keeping the Fed from cutting interest rates, but that means you can still get a good deal on bonds.
Earnings season has Big Tech talking about generative AI. But will chatbots become big business? Plus, we nerd out over the candy relic that went from $50 million to $500 million in annual sales.
Streaming services were once a great alternative to the cable bundle. Now, they feel like more of the same. Where are they headed next? Plus, why this year’s tax return might be bigger.
High interest rates have many homeowners and renters stuck. But lower interest rates from the Federal Reserve could help. We dive into when to expect the cuts.
There has been a dramatic change in the S&P 500 that has flown under the radar. Where the market – and your money – should go this year. Plus, personal finance tips for a prosperous 2024.
Join MarketWatch’s Jeremy C. Owens for a podcast about the financial news we’re all watching — and how it affects both the economy and your wallet. New episodes every Thursday, starting January 18.
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