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Oaxaca City 101

Oaxaca City 101


On this episode of “Out of Office: A Travel Podcast,” Ryan takes us on a journey to Oaxaca City, the home of mezcal and loads of Catholic Churches—a great combo! Plus the boys discuss why Panama hats are, weirdly, Ecuadorian. Things we talked about on today’s episode: Centro Cultural San Pablo Museo Textil de Oaxaca Templo de Santo Domingo de Guzmán CUATROSIE7E GALERÍA Estampa Galeria  La Casa De Las Artesanias Criollo (Enrique Olvera) Casa Oaxaca el Restaurante Boulenc Mercado 20 de Noviembre Bar Ilegal Mezcalogia El Árbol del Tule (The Tree of Tule)  Mercado Gastronómico de Santa María del Tule (Try a Tlayuda) The Last Stop: Ryan: Noma is closing at the end of 2024! Kiernan:
This week on “Out of Office,” the boys make merry and chat through the top NYC Christmas trees. Plus, Louis Armstrong spies a Christmas creep! Stop Podcasting Yourself:  Things we talked about on this week’s episode: Met Creche Controversy:  Ugly Ornament 1:  Ugly Ornament 2:
New Haven

New Haven


This week on “Out of Office: A Travel Podcast,” Kiernan takes us on a tour of his home turf: New Haven, Connecticut! It’s all apizza (a-BEETZ!), fake medieval buildings, dinosaurs, and New England charm. Plus, a BRAND NEW RICK STEVES’S SERIES! Things we talked about on today’s episode: Ryan’s new bastard podcast “Red Pen”  Rick Steves’s new show  Wooster Square  Pepe’s  Sally’s  Modern  Da Legna x Nolo  Zuppardi’s  Bar  Beinecke Library  Gutenberg Bible page turning  Harkness Tower  Taft seat in Woolsey Hall  Crypt societies  Yale University Art Gallery  Yale Center for British Art  Peabody Museum  “The Age of Reptiles” mural  Atticus Bookstore  Book Trader Cafe    The Coffee Pedaler    “Bones and All”   Art of the Brick 
This week on “Out of Office: A Travel Podcast,” Kiernan takes us back to London to explore the wild and wacky world of small and odd museums. Forget the British Museum, we’re going to a museum all about WINDMILLS!!
Asunción, Paraguay

Asunción, Paraguay


This week on “Out of Office: A Travel Podcast,” Ryan recaps his recent trip to Asunción, Paraguay. He talks museums, restaurants, a scaffolded pink palace, and why Sopa Paraguaya isn't soup. Also, don't miss Ryan wandering a cemetery bothering grave diggers.  Things we talked about in today's podcast: Follow The Out Of Office Instagram: Pakuri: Pizzeria Javori: Lido Bar: Paulista Grill:
This week on “Out of Office: A Travel Podcast,” it ain’t Barcelona without Gaudí, and it ain’t a podcast without Ryan and Kiernan. The boys highlight Gaudí’s top architectural treasures—weird, organic-seeming, and magnificent. Visit the orginal episode for more details:
Richmond, Virginia

Richmond, Virginia


This week on “Out of Office: A Travel Podcast,” Ryan and Kiernan recap a momentous occasion: their first overnight trip together! (Separate hotels.) They talk museums, graves, historic homes, Presidents, the Civil War (A LOT of Civil War), and restaurant picks. Plus, a standout National Park hidden treasure! The American Civil War Museum  Virginia Museum of Fine Arts John Marshall House Hollywood Cemetery Maggie Walker House  Society of Cincinnati  Virginia State Capitol  Statue of George Washington  James Madison’s Montpelier  Paul Jennings   Eater’s Richmond List  Barcode  Triple Crossing Brewery  Emily Dickinson’s House 
This week on “Out of Office: A Travel Podcast,” Kiernan gets an excuse to listen to himself reminisce about all the best Lesser Known National Parks. The National Park System’s most popular sites– Grand Canyon, Yosemite, Zion— have become victims of their own success, with long lines and visitor frustration. But Lesser Known Parks are just as packed with treasures and far less packed with people.
Haunted Places

Haunted Places


On this special Halloween episode of Out of Office: A Travel Podcast, Ryan and Kiernan share some of their top picks for (supposedly) haunted places to visit. With these stories of unlucky Confederate children, folks with a death wish, and voodoo practitioners, you might want to leave the lights on for this one. BOO! Things we talked about in today’s podcast: OOO Instagram  Boston’s Granary Burying Grounds  Haverstraw Hitchcock House Charleston’s Magnolia Cemetery New Orlean’s Saint Louis Cemetery No. 1  New Jersey’s Devil Tree (and slightly warm rock) National Park Ghost Stories   Georgia Guidestones Poe’s graves   
Bogota, Colombia

Bogota, Colombia


On this episode of Out of Office: A Travel Podcast, we head back to Colombia! Ryan talks about his recent trip to Bogota, from a chocolate handwash to finally taking a Funicular. Plus, all the must-see museums. Tune in to discover if Ryan rode a llama.  Things we talked about in today’s podcast: 
This week on “Out of Office: A Travel Podcast,” we take another listen to one of Kiernan’s favorite interviews—cookbook author and food writer Anissa Helou! Anissa talks about the diversity of foods in the Islamic world and some of her favorite travel anecdotes.
In preparation for next week's new episode on Bogota, Colombia, Ryan takes us back to episode 68 of “Out of Office: A Travel Podcast, '' which explored Medellin. Featuring the best museums, cultural sites, parks, cafes, and restaurants, plus the boys grapple with the ethics of narcotourism. Things we talked about in today’s podcast: Museo de Antioquia Museo de Arte Moderno El Castillo Museo y Jardines Comuna 13 Graffiti Tour + Escalators Museum Pablo Escobar Inflexión Memorial Park Cemetario Jardines Montesacro Café Zeppelin Naturalia Café  Naturalia Café - Home Halong El Poblado Club Oráculo New Yorker “The Afterlife of Pablo Escobar” Vida Americana at The Whitney Curio Spice Company - Listen to past episodes at: - Follow us on Instagram at:
Star Wars at Disney

Star Wars at Disney


This week on “Out of Office: A Travel Podcast,” Star Wars enthusiast Kiernan puts on his Jedi robes and communes through The Force with Jimmy Mac, host of the Star Wars podcast “Rebel Force Radio.” The two dig into how Disney has endeavored to bring the galaxy far far away to life at Galaxy’s Edge— AKA Star Wars Land—and in the new immersive experience The Galactic Starcruiser. Be forewarned: these two nerd out deep. Things we talked about in today’s podcast: Rebel Force Radio  Rancho Obi-Wan  Galloping Ghost  “Behind the Attraction” Star Tours Galaxy’s Edge  Kowakian Monkey-Lizard  Starcruiser Nal Hutta  The Twins  Financial Times on Airline Food
On this episode of “Out of Office: A Travel Podcast,” Kiernan recounts his travels in the secluded mountain kingdom of Bhutan, which just last week reopened its borders to tourists after 2.5 years of COVID restrictions. Extraordinary scenery, Gross National Happiness, and penis deities abound! Things We Talked About:
Pittsburgh 101

Pittsburgh 101


On this episode of “Out of Office: A Travel Podcast,” Ryan transports us to a magical land filled with ketchup rivers and museums of miniatures. No, not Narnia. Pittsburgh! He’s also joined by Pittsburgh Post-Gazette Senior Food Writer and Dining Critic Hal B. Klein to hear how the food scene is more than perogies. Hal B. Klein: Pittsburgh Links: Last Stop:
On this episode of “Out of Office: A Travel Podcast,” the boys take a return trip to Episode #9 to discuss one of Kiernan’s top travel destinations: Iceland! Easily accessible from both Europe and the US, Iceland is a country like no other—wind, sand, snow, volcanoes, glaciers, and maybe the hardest-to-pronounce words on Earth! The Museums Of Iceland: Iceland Episode Links:
On this episode of “Out of Office: A Travel Podcast,” Kiernan and journalist Lauren Sloss talk through the ups and many downs of, the one-stop shop for getting confused on booking anything at National Parks and other federal public lands. Plus, Ryan and Kiernan close out summer talking about serf wear (yep, that spelling is correct.) Things we talked about in today’s podcast: The Guardian’s Notre Dame restoration article:  Lauren’s NYT article “National Park Booking App Leaves Users Feeling Lost in the Woods”: Hipcamp  CNBC’s “Happiest Travel Destinations’   
On this episode of Out Of Office, the boys take a return trip to episode #4, Historic Houses In America, from October 2018. Visiting a good historic home is the closest you can get to walking directly into the brain of a famous person. The boys pick their favorite 6 historic homes in the USA—and what living person’s home they would most like to visit. Things we talked about in today’s episode: Historic Houses in America Part 2:
 On this episode of Out of Office: A Travel Podcast, Kiernan chats with The New Yorker’s Alex Ross about his recent article “A Grand Tour of Germany’s Opera Paradise.” Ross explains how the German government’s investment in the arts allows directors and actors to take more artistic risks—and keeps ticket prices within reach of the average person and tourist. Germany’s network of over 80 opera houses means that even small towns can be home to extraordinary theater. Plus, bratwurst! Things we talked about in today’s podcast: “A Grand Tour of Germany’s Opera Paradise” in The New Yorker   Alex’s latest book Wagenerism  Coburger bratwurst  The Concorde returns  Salem’s last witch exonerated 
On this episode of Out of Office: A Travel Podcast, Ryan chats with Kim MacQuarrie, author of 5 books covering the history, flora, and fauna of the Andes and the Amazon. For a fun drinking game, take a shot every time Ryan mispronounces something in Spanish. Things we talked about in today’s podcast: Kim MacQuarrie’s books:
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Out Of Office Podcast

Slightly biased, but love this podcast!

Aug 29th

Kristinn Miller

I'm undecided on whether I want to continue listening to these podcasts. The first few times I listened to it, it wasn't particularly intriguing because it's probably not my style. You can play this song repeatedly; you can develop an addiction to it

Jul 20th

ingeborg gallwas

Thank you, it makes my day to hear that.

Jul 19th

Lori C.

I can't decide if I want to listen to more of these podcasts....*sigh* some of this was good.... some of it was serious eye rolls (imminent doom ... really?).

Jul 16th
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