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No edits, no filters, just reality. Hosted by Love is Blind’s Deepti Vempati and Natalie Lee, Out of the Pods is a weekly deep-dive into the reality TV world of Love is Blind. Each week, Deepti and Natalie share their unfiltered thoughts, hot takes, and insider tea on the latest episodes, along with never-been-told stories from across the seasons. For weekly updates, follow their instagram @outofthepods.
28 Episodes
Season 5 of Love is Blind is here and it just may be the craziest season yet! This week, Natalie and Deepti react to the first four episodes, share their favorites from the cast, call out some shady behavior, and give an inside look at some LIB drama of their own.
Rae Williams from The Ultimatum Season 1 joins Natalie and Deepti as they continue their recap of season 2. Rae spills behind-the-scenes tea, what it was really like filming the show, and shares her thoughts on all the drama that went down at the reunion. 
Natalie and Deepti share their exciting plans in New York City and recap the first 5 episodes of The Ultimatum Season 2. The girls share their thoughts on the new couples, unexpected baby news, and give their predictions on which couples will end up engaged.
In this week's episode, Natalie and Deepti react to Love is Blind Season 4's After the Altar, where the drama continues a year later. They discuss new cast members, budding relationships, and juicy conspiracy theories.
Natalie and Deepti sit down with Perfect Match's Ines Tazi to discuss her Netflix reality TV journey and dating icks. The girls also predict what will happen in Love is Blind Season 4's 'After the Altar'. 
This week, Natalie and Deepti talk with with their Season 2 cast mate Haseeb Hussain. Haseeb spills the tea on what it was really like in the men’s lounge, which women were in high demand, and how he got catfished into coming on the show.
This week, Deepti and Natalie share exclusive tea on Perfect Match Season 2, their experience with long distance flings, and their opinions on public relationships.
This week Deepti and Natalie discuss what it was like working their corporate jobs while filming Love is Blind. They also dive into the cheating allegations between Too Hot to Handle’s Georgia Hassarati and Harry Jowsey, and homelessness claims by Love is Blind’s Nick Thompson.
In this week’s episode Deepti and Natalie talk with Kariselle Snow about what life and love is like as a public figure. Is it traumatic, is it exhilarating, is it worth it?
In this week’s episode Natalie and Deepti explore the question, is love truly blind? Listen to hear their answers and so much more.
This week Deepti and Natalie take your questions and share all the messy ins and outs of dating after reality TV.
Deepti and Natalie are back, this time with The Ultimatum: Queer Love’s Tiff Der! Tiff gets real talking about their relationship with Mildred, the behind-the-scenes tea, and what they really wanted to say at the reunion. The ladies also talk about their trips to NYC and Seattle, Natalie's experience at the Chicago Blackhawks Draft party, and dating younger men.
Natalie and Deepti recap episodes 6-10 of The Ultimatum: Queer Love. They react to revealed lies, emotional cheating, and one of the most tense reality TV reunions in Netflix history.
Natalie and Deepti recap episodes 1-5 of Netflix’s Ultimatum Queer Love. They share their thoughts on all of the couples, explore the dynamics of the cast, and discuss the connections formed in the trial marriages.
Natalie and Deepti reveal two other couples who got engaged on Love is Blind Season 4 but were never seen on the show. In this two-part interview, JP Schultz and Wendi Kong share their stories of getting engaged in the pods and explain how they felt watching the show as their moments were left on the cutting room floor.
This week, Deepti and Natalie chat with their friend and fellow Love Is Blind alumn, Giannina Gibelli! They talk about their love lives, their journey to reality to TV, and how they stay healthy in the aftermath.
In this week's episode Deepti and Natalie get deep with The Bachelorette's Tyler Cameron. They talk about social media, self worth, and if Tyler would ever do Love is Blind!
In this week’s episode, Natalie and Deepti get real and raw talking about body image and confidence. They reveal what it’s like to be under the public magnifying glass, their public and private struggles, and how they’ve learned to love themselves.
On this week’s episode, Love is Blind’s Colleen Reed tells all on her first ever podcast interview with Natalie and Deepti. She speaks about her experience on Love is Blind, how she felt about viewers calling her husband (Matt Bolton) aggressive, how she was really feeling during her reunion, and where she’s at today. 
This week, Natalie and Deepti take your questions on how they made money after Love is Blind and what it’s really like to be social media influencers, including how they got started and how much they really make.
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