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Author: Pablo Torre, Le Batard & Friends

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Award-winning journalist/gasbag Pablo Torre is finally free to f*** around. Follow him down the rabbit hole as he seeks big answers to urgent questions.

Each week will entail in-depth reporting, plus heady conversation on the juiciest stories in sports and news — all with a cast of curious friends, including Dan Le Batard (aka Pablo's boss).

Watch and listen to new episodes every Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday — and follow us on every conceivable platform (YouTube, Instagram, TikTok, Twitch, Facebook) at @PabloTorreFindsOut ... and on whatever Twitter is now at @PabloFindsOut ... and sign up for Pablo's free (!!!) newsletter at WWW.PABLO.SHOW

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The superstar once condemned as the most notorious anti-Semite in American sports is playing nice, even though he now works for the most influential pro-Israel donor in American politics, who happens to have Donald Trump in her pocket. Which is exactly why the NBA doesn't want you to know more about Miriam Adelson. New York magazine's Elizabeth Weil introduces the sports world to the king-making, history-altering extremist queen of courtside. Further reading: Miriam Adelson's Unfinished Business (Elizabeth Weil) Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Why can't America stop arguing about Caitlin Clark? (And who's actually right?) How much harder is raising a son these days? When should kids get cellphones? (AND DO YOU THINK YOU'RE BETTER THAN US?) Also: pinky shelves, and if we could have avoided all of this. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
The Oakland A's are leaving Oakland, but not before a rebel force of die-hards can remind billionaire nepo-baby John Fisher — the Kendall Roy of Major League Baseball — what it really means to be a fan. Slate's Joel Anderson embeds with the boycott movement and stops at nothing to unravel the conspiracy known as WristbandGate… even when it takes him to the depths of a notoriously sewage-infested stadium. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
A magician — or mentalist — never reveals their secrets. But there’s a lot more to the illusion industry than meets the eye. Magician and New York Times puzzle constructor David Kwong joins Pablo to explain how the magic business polices itself like Major League Baseball; whether anyone legally owns a trick; and why he doesn’t claim to actually have superpowers. Also: yellowface, Harry Houdini, spiritualists, burying 52 playing cards in a backyard, professional liars, and the art of trying really, really hard. Pre-order David Kwong’s How to Fool Your Parents here:  Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Why do human beings seek vengeance? (And is it really a dish best served cold?) Can you really be friends with the opposite sex while married? (And is single-sex education a good idea?) Does intermittent fasting actually work? (And what does it mean to be hangry?) Also: ruining a real estate guy; canoodling at The Bear; threatening four-year-olds; fiber jealousy; Pout-Pout Fish; and Mina's many impersonations. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
LEGO is, in many ways, the biggest education company on the planet — an influential form of learning about the world around us, whether you're a kid, or an NBA star like Victor Wembanyama, or the Emmy-winning comedian Wyatt Cenac, who spent months researching how the famously yellow faces on millions of mini-figures… became so racially confounding. Pablo and Wyatt unbox a gigantic foosball table and explore a plastic world where the Civil War and January 6 never end. More on race and LEGOs from Wyatt Cenac and Pineapple Street Media: Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
The four NBA coaches who made the Conference Finals this season all have something in common: a pullover. Because unlike Pat Riley in Armani, or even Larry Brown in overalls (yes, overalls), modern basketball authority rejects individual style in favor of sideline uniformity. So we summon New York Times critic-at-large Wesley Morris (and his two Pulitzer Prizes) to help us explain how we got here. What we’ve really lost, amid this pandemic of athleisure. And why women’s college basketball has the heroes we desperately need. Also: mutating into a muppet; Don Zimmer vs. Pedro Martinez; Hubie Brown as Philippe Petit; and the most delicious glass bowl of chocolate pudding you could ever hope to taste.  Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Who was disrupting Luka Doncic’s postgame playoff presser with sex noises? (We present our findings to Elle Duncan and Katie Nolan.) What’s it like encountering Kim Kardashian in the wild? (Elle reports.) And have you heard that thing about Ginuwine and Justin Timberlake from Britney Spears’ audiobook? (Katie has.) Also: an array of sounds that will be used against Pablo and Cortes for eternity. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
No, Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift are not a government psy-op. But Shaun Raviv from "Sports Explains the World" joins us to tell the story of a sports figure who actually was: The CIA sent Jay Mullen to Uganda, undercover, in the 1970s. His job was to spy on the Soviet Union. But when one of the most notorious dictators in world history made Mullen the head coach of the Ugandan national basketball team, a different mission presented itself. So did The Russian Hulk. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
This episode is what happens when three X-Men superfans wait roughly three decades to devour a cake made of nostalgia. Unapologetic, horny nostalgia — with important lessons for the entire Marvel Cinematic Universe therein. Also: Casual Gambit, Magneto being right, adamantium strategy, thruples, and Metal Jason Whitlock. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Who's your oldest friend — and why isn't it one of your parents? What makes the ideal best man — and is it because you're actually proud of your friends? Do boring podcasts help you fall asleep — or just incept your dreams? En route to the White House in an allegedly badass cardigan, sockless Pablo visits the co-hosts of The Domonique Foxworth Show to discuss sports parenting, the Papi writers' room, situational wedding-speech awareness, the Laremy Tunsil Standard… and sh*t-inducing sit-ups. Further reading: Are You in an Age-Gap Friendship? (Deborah Netburn) Is This the Most Boring Man in the World? (Spencer Jakab) Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Millions of us hide in a ubiquitous sorrow. And pretty much all of us are horrible at talking about it. But Michael Cruz Kayne, Peabody-award winning writer for "The Late Show with Stephen Colbert," has a theory about why death feels unspeakable. And how we can all get better at dealing with the most universal fact of life. In a behind-the-scenes look at his one-man show, "Sorry for Your Loss," Michael teaches Pablo about normalizing a taboo — and doing some seriously mind-blowing math in the process. Related links: "Sorry For Your Loss" (via Audible) Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
You might think that calling a game is easy. That Tom Brady can do this in his sleep. Jon "Boog" Sciambi, announcer for the Chicago Cubs and "MLB: The Show," teaches Pablo why the human voice is an instrument that requires restraint and distinction to record the first draft of sports history, then pass it down like an heirloom. Come for the PTFO dictionary's debut in the broadcast booth; stay for Nic Cage murdering Elon Musk and Mark Zuckerberg with a Toyota Outback at Wrigley Field. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
It appears that, as a (crumbling) society, we have arrived at Peak Roast. With Tom Brady, Kendrick Lamar, Drake, and Taylor Swift all recording their own versions of diss tracks. And the viral messages are both conspicuous and — even better — concealed. So, are Swifties and Rap Geniuses the same? Is it impossible to be a pop star if you’re old? Are fish just a gateway pet? Also: compliment competitions, beta or betta, Charlotte’s Mario impression, and why octopuses are ideal sex partners. Further reading: Justin Timberlake’s Air of Desperation (Esther Zuckerman) Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
On the court, the Minnesota Timberwolves are making an astounding NBA Finals run, as Anthony Edwards becomes the next Michael Jordan before our very eyes. Behind closed doors, though, the sale of this skyrocketing franchise has devolved into civil war, as would-be owners Alex Rodriguez and Marc Lore get betrayed by a "bumbling" and "diabolical" 83-year-old incumbent. Pablo's month-long investigation gives a rare glimpse at a soap opera within the most exclusive club of American life — one that is equal parts Game of Thrones, Succession and Fargo... and straight-up torture for Wolves super-fan Zach Harper. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
The MVP is obsessed with the ancient sport of harness racing — because it may be hiding in plain sight as more exciting than the NBA playoffs. Acclaimed documentarian Mickey Duzyj talks to a GOAT and plays stable boy, then heads to the track to root on the official stallion of the show. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Shea Serrano and Jason Concepcion are back! And this time they’re combing through all the NBA news from the past week and handing out six pop culture-themed trophies to six basketball-related activities. Every week, superlatives will reign down on basketball culture like Steph Curry threes when Jason and Shea dish out hoops honors like they’re Stockton to Malone running a pick & roll. Was that too many analogies for one sentence? Hell yes, but get used to it! In this NBA pop culture show from Wondery, the guys will honor the most magical and messy moments from the NBA and beyond by handing out hardware like “The Step Brothers Catalina Wine Mixer” Trophy for the matchup they’re most excited about. Or “The Liam Neeson ‘I Have a Very Particular Set of Skills’ Trophy given to an aging player who proves they still got it. And on and on. Till the break of dawn. Enjoy Six Trophies with Shea Serrano and Jason Concepcion wherever you get your podcasts, or listen here. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Is Jerry Seinfeld complaining about the culture wars, or just the fallout of mid TV? What's the deal with books? And what happens if Charles Barkley becomes a free agent? Plus: machetés, memoir titles and the return of Dan's favorite tile-matching castle video game. Further reading: The Scholar of Comedy (David Remnick) No One Buys Books (Elle Griffin) Charles Barkley: The Richest Free Agent in Sports TV History? Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Jon Bois, the internet's most creative documentarian, somehow uses Google Earth to take you on a journey from Viking longships, to Bob Gibson, to Ross Perot. His new docu-series, REFORM!, is the forgotten story of political quacks, wonks and clown cars. Its lessons are just as relevant today as they were in the '90s — in large part because some of those same cranks are still around, daring us to remember how we got here... and why we can't escape. Watch REFORM! Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
In the early 1970s, two pitchers for the New York Yankees agreed to the wildest trade in sports history: They switched wives. And children. And furniture. And pets. But this sex scandal cut way deeper than the tabloid headlines. David Mandel — veteran writer for Seinfeld, Curb Your Enthusiasm, Veep and The Simpsons — laments his big-screen adaptation that never was... even though the ultimate passion project could have starred Matt Damon and Ben Affleck. And we go deep inside a story that's equal parts swinging and missing. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Comments (11)

Steven Maurice

Not for long

May 20th


Another great interview Mr Torre. Thank you and MS Morgan, and I hope not to wear my lack of knowledge of WNBA players to loudly while going to a game this year . 😊

Apr 19th


Another excellent episode Mr Torre. Looking forward to reading Mr Chapman's book.

Apr 11th

Neil Lewis

I was going to listen to this until I heard David Samson speak. I had to turn it off after that

Nov 17th

Austin Swafford

I have to say Everybody Loves Raymond is a really good answer but the one I would have LOVED would be Two and a Half Men. It ran for a million years, it was supposedly the most watched comedy on TV, but I have NEVER met a single person who was passionate about it even watched it casually. It would be amazing if the alien algorithm told him “this is a popular show” but he is the first person to publicly admit to liking it.

Sep 26th

Austin Swafford

I love the example of Taft because not only was he POTUS, but he was also Chief Justice of SCOTUS. He’s the only person to ever do that. He is the reason we have the Supreme Court building! As far as résumé’s go, it’s hard to top his titles. And yet the only thing most people know about him is he was fat. Now I do think part of that is because he wasn’t a very good president, but still.

Sep 22nd

Austin Swafford

I love feeling seen when other people describe their dreams. I also have dreams where I can fly, though it’s been a while. And I often have dreams where I’m driving a car from the back seat or even the roof and am scared of getting caught, or traffic in front if me is suddenly stopped and I am careening toward them in a car I can’t control. This seems to be my work stress dream.

Sep 20th

Aakash Amanat

Wow, did anyone else catch that moment when Pablo Torre found out the big news? It was absolutely priceless! Oh, you're talking about the latest episode of "The Scoreboard," right? That was epic! Pablo's reaction was pure gold.

Sep 20th

Austin Swafford

The lack of privilege awareness that it takes for them to be like…why doesn’t EVERYONE have a personal fight trainer to help them work out? It’s mind bending.

Sep 16th

Austin Swafford

Too notch debut! Love the new show. Very excited about what’s to come. This was REALLY interesting.

Sep 6th

William Lowe

This turned out to to be fascinating. I was truly impressed by the podcast's ability to be serious without being somber, to make a point while making me laugh. Nice work, Mr. Torre, and keep it up, Meadowlark Media.

Sep 5th