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Browns beat the Steelers in an ugly one on Amazon (00:03:13-00:18:30). NFL Week 3 picks and preview plus Fantasy Russel Wilson’s (00:18:45-01:18:47). Texans Coach Lovie Smith joins the show to talk about his team, Davis Mills, his time with the Bears and being on the greatest high school team of all time (01:18:47-01:40:20). Morten Andersen joins the show in studio to talk kicking, The Andersen, Hall of Fame lunches and more (01:40:20-02:21:45). We finish with Fyre Fest of the week (02:21:45-02:44:44)
The Eagles and Bills looked dominant on Monday Night Football. Kirk Cousins is Kirk Cousins and the Titans might be in trouble (00:02:02-00:24:34). We talk a little College Football (00:24:34-00:37:25). Hot Seat/Cool Throne including a major Chess controversy and Bryson DeChambeu gets assaulted by a rope (00:37:25-00:56:14). Our good friend Max Homa joins us fresh off his Fortnite Championship to talk about the Presidents Cup, positive vibes and why he needs to play the week his baby arrives (00:56:14-01:22:33). One Question with Josh Allen (01:22:33-01:26:05). We finish with listener FAQ’s (01:26:05-01:39:36)
We start with the Fastest 2 minutes. Bears get crushed by the Packers as always and the game finishes as we start the show. (00:02:17-00:08:29) We then recap every game from Sunday (00:08:29-00:16:21) Dolphins 42, Ravens 38 (00:16:21-00:27:44) Jets 31, Browns 30 (00:27:44- 00:41:01) Patriots 17, Steelers 14 (00:41:01-00:50:41) Lions 36, Commanders 27 (00:50:41-01:00:11) Bucs 20, Saints 10 (01:00:11- 01:07:23) Jaguars 24, Colts 0 (01:07:23- 01:16:49) Giants 19, Panthers 16 (01:16:49-01:24:33) Rams 31, Falcons 27 (01:24:33- 01:33:31) 49ers 27, Seahawks 7 (01:33:31-01:40:16) Cowboys 30, Bengals 17 (01:40:16-01:45:04) Cardinals 29, Raiders 23 (01:45:04-01:48:41) Broncos 16, Texans 9 (01:48:41-01:53:24) We finish with Football guy of the week (01:53:24-01:57:31) and who's back of the week including a report from Billy on the Waterdogs Championship (01:57:31-02:11:59).
Thursday Night Football was awesome and Amazon now owns our lives . Justin Herbert broke all his ribs and came back for the cover and the Chargers remain the Chargers (00:02:10-00:30:21). Weekend preview and picks where we talk about every game on Sunday (00:30:21-01:08:27). Fantasy Lads makes their return for Queen Lizzy (01:08:27-01:15:14). Danny and Lucy Devito join the show in studio to talk about their show together, Danny’s career, Lucy growing up with an iconic father, Always Sunny and tons more (01:15:14-01:49:29). We finish with Fyre Fest of the week (01:49:29-02:04:38).
Russell Wilson goes back to Seattle to boos and we talk about MNF and Nathaniel Hackett panicking down the stretch (00:02:11-00:18:59). Geno Smith got written off but maybe for good reason (00:18:59-00:23:54). Cleaning up stories from Sunday (00:23:54-00:33:22). Hot Seat/Cool Throne including Robert Saleh taking receipts on Jets haters (00:33:22-00:53:15). Ryan Fitzpatrick joins us in studio to talk about the end of his career, transition to media, the importance of locker room cohesiveness and tons more (00:53:15-01:39:55). We introduce a new segment that was supposed to be Inside The Talking Boot but we changed on the fly to simply we call a Quarterback and ask them 1 question (01:39:55-01:58:59). We finish up with guys on chicks (01:58:59-02:15:17).
Fastest 2 minutes is back. (00:02:27-00:08:08) We then recap every game from A Wild Sunday Bucs/Cowboys (00:08:40-00:21:56) Patriots/Dolphins (00:21:56-00:35:28) Steelers/Bengals (00:35:28-00:43:19) Commanders/Jaguars (00:43:19-00:55:52) Eagles/Lions (00:55:52-01:05:27) Bears/Niners (01:05:27-01:12:04) Saints/Falcons (01:12:04-01:20:56) Ravens/Jets (01:20:56-01:31:19) Browns/Panthers (01:31:19-01:40:05) Colts/Texans (01:40:05-01:43:12) Giants/Titans (01:43:12-01:49:08) Chiefs/Cardinals (01:49:08-01:55:08) Raiders/Chargers (01:55:08-02:01:13) Packers/Vikings (02:01:13-02:08:12) We finish with Football guy of the week and Who's back of the week including some College Football talk. (02:08:12-02:33:38)
Football is back and the Queen has passed away. Julian Edelman in studio to break down and the NFL kickoff, who he thinks will surprise people this year and tons more (00:01:56-00:45:23). Fantasy Fuccbois makes its return (00:45:23-00:56:56). Before weekend preview and picks we discuss what this year's punishment will be for the last place picker then we talk about all the games coming up for Week 1 (00:56:56-01:47:00). We finish the show with Fyre Fest of the week (01:47:00-02:04:09).
Hard Knocks finale happened and Dan Campbell's brain almost stopped. We talk about cut day and rate the season in its totality (00:02:09-00:13:34). Little talking tennis (00:13:34:01-00:15:45). Hot Seat/Cool Throne including Brian Kelly already under pressure, Mike Tomlin's clerical error and Coach O living his best life (00:15:45-00:34:32). Pete Prisco joins the show to break down the 2022 NFL season, talk about what he saw at camp, the teams that will surprise us and the teams that will disappoint(00:34:32-01:19:42). Stu Feiner gives us his advanced gambling model for every team total that doesn't make sense to anyone but Stu Feiner plus more 2022 NFL talk (01:19:42-01:54:18). We finish with the return of guys on chicks (01:54:18-02:09:14).
College Football is all the way back. We recap a crazy 5 days of College Football to kick off the season. UNC/App State, Georgia throttling Oregon and more (00:02:05-00:20:31). Who's back of the week including a deep dive into Brendan Fraser's career plus Harry Styles spit on Chris Pine (00:20:31-00:43:26). Our good friend Tom Fornelli joins the show to recap a crazy Week 1 of College Football, 12 game playoff and more (00:43:26-01:26:09). We then do the Mt Rushmore of Italians (01:26:09-01:43:59). We finish with the return of Football Guy of the Week(01:43:59-01:53:08).
Russ got paid and College Football is back (00:02:29-00:07:48). Awesome night in sports Wednesday between Trumpets and Serena (00:07:48-00:21:43). Mt Rushmore of worst people on public transportation (00:21:43-00:44:16) . Jerry O’Connell joins the show to break down the team he drafted for us and goes through the whole league on who to draft (00:44:16-01:36:42). We finish with Fyre Fest of the week (01:36:42-01:54:28).
Hard Knocks Episode 4 is here and we recap what probably happened (00:02:54-00:05:45). The preseason is officially over and cut day has come and gone (00:05:45-00:18:02). Hot Seat/Cool Throne including Hillary Duff's diarrhea, Bill Clinton's exchange with Dr Ruth, and talking tennis (00:18:02-00:37:03). Bruce Arians joins us in studio to talk about his retirement from coaching, what it's like to be the "Hand of the King" for an NFL Franchise, and his relationship with Tom Brady (00:37:03-01:17:07). We finish with the Mt Rushmore of living legends (01:17:09-01:34:43).
Football is back and Scott Frost continues to be a tremendous idiot (00:02:26-00:08:32). We talk the end of preseason, Aaron Rodgers admitting to more crimes and Aaron Donald fighting the Bengals (00:08:32-00:18:36) . Who's back of the week including Conor McGregor getting head on his boat, Foul Ball Guy, Max Homa and more (00:22:30-00:40:35). Jason McCourty joins us in studio to talk about his career in the NFL, playing on the 0-16 Browns and winning a Super Bowl the next year, Good Morning Football and the media business plus NFL preview (00:40:35-01:31:54). We finish with Mt Rushmore of things it sucks to be late to (01:31:56-02:00:15).
Chet Holmgren is out for the year (00:02:37-00:07:41). We start the show as our last remote show of the summer. Mt Rushmore of things that are cooler in slow motion back in studio almost tears the whole show apart (00:22:14-00:41:20) . Mark Wahlberg joins the show to talk about his new movie Me Time, working out, football and more (00:43:08-01:10:40). We finish the show with Fyre Fest of the week(01:10:38-01:24:02).
Hard Knocks Episode 3 and we're running out of gas and very ready for real football (00:02:28-00:12:57) . Kevin Durant has decided he will stay in Brooklyn, the team he just signed a 4 year contract with (00:12:57-00:22:42). Hot Seat/Cool Throne including future President Stephen A Smith (00:22:42-00:48:49). Bills Head Coach Sean McDermott joins the show to talk about the Bills upcoming season, Josh Allen, the loss to the Chiefs, and tons more (00:48:49-01:17:53). We finish with Mt Rushmore of Leftovers (01:17:53-01:43:54).
We’ve completed the final weekend without football until February (00:02:25-00:06:06). We name some NFL Players on new teams to get our brains going (00:06:06-00:17:01). UFC Saturday night was wild (00:17:01-00:26:49) . Who’s back of the week including Josh Rosen and Tom Brady maybe going to the Raiders (00:26:49-00:39:32). Liver King joins us in studio to talk about his lifestyle, try some liver, the tenets to living a healthier life and other weird things (00:39:32-01:38:09). We finish with Mt Rushmore of ways to subtlety emasculate someone and it almost breaks the podcast apart (01:38:09-02:04:44).
The Big Ten is back and has taken the CBS theme song with the new TV deal (00:02:40-00:05:42). 11 year old kid runs on the field during a White Sox Game and Shohei Ohtani is fulfilling the best Baseball Tweet (00:09:11-00:14:21) . Patrick Reed sues Brandlee Chamblis in an all time lawsuit ( 00:16:46-00:24:56). Mt Rushmore of Precrime (00:24:56-00:55:28). Washington Commanders WR Terry McLaurin joins the show to talk about his new contract, being turned down by Urban Meyer, and tons more (00:55:28-01:22:40). We finish with Fyre Fest of the week (01:22:40-01:32:40:28).
Hard Knocks episode 2 is out and it’s Detroit vs Everybody. We recap the episode and the breakout star Mr Universe John Brown (00:02:21-00:14:35). PFT is back on the DL(00:14:35-00:23:46). Hot Seat/Cool Throne including Fernando Tatis Senior and NFL Blitz being back, kind of (00:23:46-00:55:56). Ryen Russillo joins us in studio and we catch up with him after his worldly traveling. Talk Football, NBA and tons more (00:55:56-01:46:55) then wrap up with Mt Rushmore of Everyday activities that should be Olympic sports(01:46:55-02:33:12).
Willy Z finally won the big one (bonus time travel of the last hole during Mt Rushmore) (00:02:19-00:03:53). Football is back and we talk some preseason + Fernando Tatis suspended for 80 games (00:03:53-00:20:33). Who’s back of the week including Kentucky Basketball school debate (00:20:33-00:38:58) . Packers Special Teams Coordinator Rich Bisaccia joins the show to talk about being a foxhole guy, the 2021 Raiders, being an interim and why players love him (00:38:58-01:09:05). We finish with a chaotic Mt Rushmore of Bad Ideas + live reaction to Will Zalatoris and Billy showing up late (01:09:08-01:33:48)
The boys climbed Everest (equivalent) (00:03:09-00:04:28). Grit week has to come an end and we recap an awesome week in Colorado (00:04:28-00:11:11). Fyre Fest of the week (00:11:11-00:25:13). Broncos Head Coach Nathaniel Hackett joins the show to talk about his incredible path to Denver, Blake Bortles, the key to offense and his love of Star Wars (00:25:13-00:54:30). Denver Airport review (00:55:45-01:16:53) and we finish with Mt Rushmore of Candy (01:16:53-01:32:04)
Hard Knocks is back and Dan Campbell is the absolute best. We recap Hard Knocks and talk about Grit Week 3 days in (00;02;55-00;18;42). Kevin Durant wants everyone fired and Roquan Smith notes app’d the Bears (00;18;42-00;29;16) . Hot Seat/Cool Throne including Beth Mowins game being done and Colin Cowherd still pretending to not know who we are (00;29;16-00;52;41). Jake Plummer joins the show live from his mushroom farm and we talk about his career in the NFL, being 100 seconds away from a national title at ASU, Pat Tillman and his mushroom farm and growing business (00;52;41-01;48;14). We finish with Mt Rushmore of universally loved things (01;48;14-02;11;08)
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Really turned up the bass for fantasy Russell Wilsons, love it

Sep 23rd

Carson Curry

"Past Performance is Not Indicative of Future Results"

Sep 17th

Carson Curry

"What The 12 Apostles Can Teach Us About The First Two Weeks of CFB"

Sep 15th

Tyler Wilson

Jail is significantly worse than prison. So much worse.

Aug 8th

Stephen Leoffler

I forgot this wasn't in the studio. Ty for caring Hank

Aug 5th


is it me, castbox, or PMT that's causing all these shitty errors in the podcast?

Apr 11th

Justin Jones

so we just pretending the Bengals already lost? 🤷‍♂️

Jan 28th
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Jordi Aguilar 23

Jan 4th

Jordi Aguilar t

Jan 4th

Timothy Camenzind

uploaded the wrong one. 😂

Nov 22nd

Nathan Nelson

this is last week's?

Nov 22nd

Jouel Liriano

OMG that Manning genealogy bit was hilarious! You guys just kept it going. Love it!

Nov 19th

e-n M

Beeeaaaassstttttt!!! 🤙🏼

Oct 22nd

Bradley Griffin

forgot how much I loved Fastest 2 Minutes

Sep 13th

Bradley Griffin


Sep 3rd

Bradley Griffin

If this little league coach was coaching football, they'd be calling him a Big Time Football Guy.

Aug 23rd

Kay Reid

Thanks to this article I can learn more. Expand my knowledge and abilities. Actually the article is very real.

Jul 29th

William Stanton

Betting against Montreal

Jun 10th

Greg Dembs

Boeheim is the most overrated college basketball coach in recent decades (I say this as an SU Alumni class of 86). 45 years at THE SAME college with free reign to do whatever he wants, and he only has one championship to his name, and that only because he had the best player in college that year. He is easily the most uncreative coach of top teams - incapable of coaching any defense besides 2-3 zone. By second half of every season all ACC teams have it figured out. And what he did to assistant coach Hopkins is unforgivable. His high number of wins is only due to coaching (at the same school!) for twice as long as most other coaches.

Mar 5th

Brian Lennon

sssaZSzdM.ppppppp A

Feb 18th
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