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ParentData makes sense of the latest data about pregnancy and parenting, and, sometimes, COVID-19. It offers numbers and decision-making tools, spreadsheets, statistics, and phrases I claim to invent like “Safety Turducken” and “Situational Fluency.” If this is your jam, you’re in the right place. And I hope that, by listening, you’ll feel more empowered to make your own pregnancy and parenting choices. You can subscribe to the ParentData newsletter at
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When I do my Wednesday stories on Instagram, I get a lot of questions about running. Rather than interrupt the parenting content, we thought we’d collect those separately and put them in podcast form. And then I convinced Laura Green to ask the questions. If you do not follow Laura on Instagram, she puts out very funny running comedy; it is seriously the best. So: if you like running and parenting and discussions of the pelvic floor, please give this one a listen.
An interview with Virginia Sole-Smith about "Fat Talk: Parenting in the Age of Diet Culture."
I speak with Megan Nix about her book Remedies for Sorrow, in which she recounts her journey with her daughter, Anna, who was born with congenital CMV. I would highly recommend the book, which is a combination of informative and deeply affecting.
We’re finishing out Black Maternal Health Week with an interview with Erica Chidi — writer, entrepreneur, doula, and more. We talk about issues around Black maternal health, maternal health in general, and possible solutions.
I am very excited to be joined today by Kelly Fradin, who wrote a new book called Advanced Parenting: Advice for Helping Kids Through Diagnoses, Differences, and Mental Health Challenges. I think this book is a must-read for any parent struggling with a complicated parenting problem. And as Kelly describes in this conversation, it’s also a book for every parent, since all of us face the challenges of advocating for our kids at one point or another. Her book is full of tools and resources that will help you manage the stress and navigate the business of care. And we’re going to cover some of her top tips in today’s conversation. 
Today, we have a bonus episode where Emily answers your personal questions about her journey with pregnancy and parenting.Thanks for sending in so many great questions on Instagram at @profemilyoster!
Today’s bonus episode is an audio recording from one of my recent appearances in Montclair, New Jersey. It was an amazing night. Hundreds of people were there. Hillary Frank was there. And now you can be there too, in some small way, by listening to this episode.The event was hosted by Watchung Bookstore and held at Temple Ner Tamid. I was so lucky to be joined by Hillary Frank, who asked me some really thoughtful, smart questions about my work on parenting. If you don’t know her, Hillary is the creator of the podcasts The Longest Shortest Time and Here Lies Me and author of the book Weird Parenting Wins. Big thanks to Hillary, Watchung Bookstore, Temple Ner Tamid (and the staff that made this recording!), and all of you who came out and asked your questions at the end. 
Today I am thrilled to feature an interview with Majka Burhardt, a professional ice climber (seriously) and the author of a new book called "More: Life on the Edge of Adventure and Motherhood," which is a really raw, gripping book about the first years of parenthood. It’s a book that I had a hard time putting down, even when it pulled me back into the uncertainties and fears of the beginning of parenting. 
Today, we have a bonus episode where Emily answers your personal questions about her career and more. Thanks for sending in so many great questions on Instagram at @profemilyoster! Stay tuned for more.
We're making some short-term changes to the podcast — and big plans for the future!From now on, you can listen to the audio version of the newsletter in the  Substack app with their text-to-speech feature. Find instructions here.To get the newsletter in your inbox for free, subscribe at
Gas Stoves and Asthma

Gas Stoves and Asthma


The panicked emails and DMs I got about gas stoves last week were perhaps best summarized by a message on Sunday. I had indicated I’d cover this this week, and the person simply asked, Can you tell us the bottom line RIGHT NOW, because I’m planning to buy a new stove today?
Today I am thrilled to feature an interview with two professional women runners, Lauren Fleshman and Molly Huddle. Lauren has a new book out tomorrow, which is the impetus for our interview, and we’ll also talk about Molly’s book from last spring. We talk about running, but I promise this is really a conversation about postpartum and post-puberty and finding a way to excel in male-dominated spaces and tons of other stuff. It’s a good listen even if you do not love to run. Enjoy!
Today we're diving in to sleep training details. Many people are sold on the idea of sleep training, but then there is the how? When do you start? Is there a better method?
Today, we have a bonus episode where Emily answers your personal questions about her marriage and more. Thanks for sending in so many great questions on Instagram! Stay tuned for a possible part two...
Breast Milk Storage

Breast Milk Storage


How long is too long? And what about refreezing?
Here is my dive into the question of when you should brush your teeth. This is admittedly a somewhat narrow question, but I am hoping to settle a family argument.
Several months ago, I wrote a post encouraging people to consider what “one thing” they’d like to change to make their daily life a little easier. You guys wrote in with absolutely amazing things — many, many more than we could follow up on. But we picked a few representative cases and did a deep dive into the problem and possible solutions. Today we’re talking about kids and eating.
Today I am absolutely delighted to feature an interview with two amazing authors.  Jessica Grose is the author of the just-released book Screaming on the Inside: The Unsustainability of American Motherhood, and Yael Schonbrun is a clinical psychologist and an assistant professor at Brown (my colleague!) and the author of the new book Work, Parent, Thrive.
Today's discussion: a lens into thinking more generally about where data comes from, and whether we can be confident in what it tells us.
This episode was inspired by a question I get frequently. It’s some version of “I’m pregnant and my doctor said it’s important to work out but that I shouldn’t get my heart rate above 140. Is this true?”  Let's look at the data!
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