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You know when you talk to your friends about your childhood and end it by saying, "But look at us, we're fine!" Here's my question: Are we fine? Because we're sitting here doused in CBD oil under a weighted blanket recording a podcast called Parenting is a Joke. Each week, host and standup Ophira Eisenberg talks to a different comedian about their career and their kids. Conversations tackle the tooth fairy, eating sticks, summer camp anxiety, the hidden horrors of childbirth, and the obvious horrors of our own childhoods. We celebrate the absurdity of shuffling a career with raising a kid, highlight less traditional parenthood journeys, all while relishing in the fact that no one knows what they're doing, but we're all trying! Sometimes even our best. Co-produced by Pretty Good Friends and iHeartPodcasts. New episodes every Tuesday.
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Ophira chats with Liz Tenety, journalist and founder of the website and community Motherly.  Liz tells us why she might not call back the school nurse, and how her parenting has changed as her number of children increased.See for privacy information.
This week Ophira revisits her conversation with Economist Emily Oster who reveals her obsession with sleep and the very unique pets in her household.  Emily has a new book coming out, "The Unexpected" about complications in pregnancy. See for privacy information.
In this mini-episode, Ophira puts AJ Jacobs to the test with a game we're calling, The Constitution.See for privacy information.
Ophira talks with the talented writer and podcast host AJ Jacobs about "living constitutionally" for his new book, which social experiments his sons endure, and why we all should get used to the lighting in the parenting tunnel.See for privacy information.
In this bite-sized bonus episode, Ophira asks Rachel Feinstein some rapid fire questions and finds out whether she'd rather her daughter be a comic or a fire figher.See for privacy information.
Ophira catches up with hilarious comedian Rachel Feinstein about her new comedy special, her husband’s alarming playground habits, and why she’s not taken seriously by her daughter.See for privacy information.
We're back with a little extra from Laura Prepon. Laura Prepon answers some rapid fire questions where she reveals her favorite dinnertime recipe and why she has never tried tuna fish.See for privacy information.
 On our special Mother's Day episode, Ophira chats with actress and director Laura Prepon about 6-year-old flirtation, her kids' recent set visit and the beauty of batch-cooking.See for privacy information.
LIVE from Moontower Comedy Festival in Austin, Ophira talks with comedian Jeremiah Watkins about ups and downs of fatherhood.See for privacy information.
LIVE from Moontower Comedy Festival in Austin, Ophira talks with comedians and parents Rosebud Baker and Andy Haynes about their 6 month old daughter, which parent is more patient, and why Andy thought expired kimchi might kill them all.See for privacy information.
On this week's bonus episode Ophira chats with the hilarious Jake Johanssen about dropping his 19-year-old daughter off at college in Dublin, Ireland and his love of the Flowbee.See for privacy information.
Ophira chats with comedian and actor Andy Richter about the perks of living with your 20-something year-old son and why under NO circumstances will he ever negotiate with toddlers.See for privacy information.
Spring is hopping and this week marks the last of our team's school vacations so we are bringing back a favorite interview while we catch up. Ophira chats with the hilarious comedian and actress Kristen Schaal about how parenting is so many wonderful things, but it is NOT funny!See for privacy information.
This week we have a special bonus conversation with Matthew Buccelli, author of the newsletter ParentSounds. Ophira chats with Matthew about parental leave in Germany and his career as a kindergarten DJ. See for privacy information.
Ophira talks to CNN's climate correspondent Bill Weir about how to talk to our kids about the state of our planet, how there's hope for us and his new baby, and his short stint as a standup comedian.See for privacy information.
Happy Spring Break, which is a different week of no school for every parent on our team! So...we're bringing a favorite episode with the wry and hilarious comedian and mom to twins, Tig Notaro. And don't miss her new comedy special, "Hello Again."  See for privacy information.
Ophira plays the game, "Real of Fake Kids' TV Shows" with Daily Show Correspondent, Jordan Klepper.See for privacy information.
The Pop Culture Moms ask Ophira for advice on how to teach their kids to be funny.See for privacy information.
Ophira chats to Andie Mitchell and Sabrina Kohlberg about their new podcast Pop Culture Moms. They also talk about woodworking, how commuting while nursing is logistical hell, and why Bluey's mom is a mom-icon.See for privacy information.
A bonus rapid fire Q & A this week with comedian Matt Goldich!  Ophira chats with Matt about what he'd do if he had a night off from performing AND parenting, and he shares his best parenting tips.See for privacy information.