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Today we continue talking about Simone Weil. Hope you love it.  
Today we begin some general discussions in the direction of the thought of Simone Weil and tell some stories from her life. 
Today we talk about a famous call to action by the philosopher Guy Debord. 
Today we explore some of the themes discussed in The Fall by Albert Camus. :)
Today we cover thought provoking pieces of an early work by a great philosopher named Bruno Latour. Hope you love it. 
Today we begin discussing an Ethics of Care.  @iamstephenwest on twitter for updates. Thank you for wanting to know more today than you did yesterday. :)
Today we continue talking about the work of Ortega. This time about his book Revolt of the Masses.  Twitter - @iamstephenwest for updates   Thank you for wanting to know more today than you did yesterday. :)
Today we begin talking about the work of Jose Ortega Y Gasset. 
Today we continue our discussion of Emerson.
Today we talk about Emerson and his essay about self reliance.
Today we continue talking about the work of Ernest Becker.
Today we begin talking about the work of Ernest Becker. 
Today we talk about a famous book from the work of Karl Popper.
Today we discuss the work of Soren Kierkegaard. His famous work The Lily of the Field and The Bird of The Air. 
Today we continue our discussion on the creation of meaning.
Today we look at the creation of meaning through the work of Nietzsche. 
Today we talk about the creation of meaning. 
Today we continue talking about Cioran. 
Today we begin our discussion on Emil Cioran. 
Today we discuss Pragmatism.
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David Kuntz

Now I get why Catholics like Simone Weil so much

Jan 24th

Fatemeh Aghaei

Bro... 😂🤣

Jan 3rd

Fatemeh Aghaei

This episode was amazing 👍 Hands up to you ❤

Jan 2nd

Hesam Mashhadi

Avicenna was a Iranian philosopher.

Dec 13th

payam kohan

do it more, i liked that metal intro for that philosopher 😍😍😍

Dec 12th


Arabic philosopher ?!!!!!! 🤯🤯🤯 ARE YOU KIDDING ME?

Dec 10th


There is no ego or me in family

Nov 18th

Blue Dude

I've been doing this technique without knowing about it lol

Nov 15th


love your show. my top 3 fav show that I ever could find .take care

Nov 13th

Oleksii Yaresko


Nov 8th

jamshid rostami

great episode

Nov 7th

David Rotenberg

Great! I would love a part 2. Did unironically reference social media impressions as the way to get feedback on direction.

Nov 2nd

Blk Blu

i wanna take u somewhere new!n tell u s/th u never hear b4 @my blk car

Oct 23rd



Oct 13th

Amin Tehrani

wow, that was so beautiful!!

Oct 13th

Farhad Rad

#Mahsa_Amini #Nika_Shakarami #Sarina_Smailzade #Dictator_Governance #Protest #Iran #مهسا_امینی #نیکا_شاکرمی #سارینا_اسماعیل_زاده ✌️✌️✌️

Oct 8th

mahtab khatir

theorizing and talking is one thing, history and living in real during a time is something else. this point view about Renessoince and dark ages is not absolute as claimed. its just one supposition among a lot others and needs more analysis.

Oct 8th

Pooyan Samimi

Truly amazing!

Oct 5th

Lumikukka Socada

Hi English speakers, I love the podkast series. I can not recognize an important word this time, please help me: "...happy and judged, or absolved in X" something beginning with re-. Thanks! BW Lumi

Oct 2nd

mahtab khatir

its better not make episodes about you are not fully knowledged about it. what you are talking about truth is not islamic but its about persian mysticism.please correct the curroption.

Sep 27th
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