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Planet Visionaries spotlights climate innovators who are helping to solve some of the world’s most challenging environmental issues. In each episode, host Alex Honnold, an adventure rock climber and outdoor advocate, will talk to one of those leaders to learn about their work, background and what motivates them to preserve the earth. Listeners will hear from the world’s most renowned ocean explorer, a man who has dedicated his life to protecting penguins, a volcanologist who found a way to predict eruptions and a Peruvian biologist who is safeguarding sea life with the help of coastal communities. Taken together, the podcast will offer an intimate portrait of the diverse and dynamic people who are at the forefront of the quest to keep the planet perpetual.
31 Episodes
Biologist Constantino Aucca Chutas has spent two decades coordinating a continent-wide tree planting effort in South America. He joins Alex Honnold to explain how he’s preserving this magnificent landscape using one very special tree.
Fashion touches every person on Earth. Denica Riadini-Flesch, an Indonesian entrepreneur, tells Alex Honnold how she’s reimagining it as a force for good.
Season 4 Trailer

Season 4 Trailer


Join host Alex Honnold for Season 4 of “Planet Visionaries.” Meet the explorers, scientists and adventurers who are tackling Earth’s biggest climate challenges in this podcast.
Bats play a pivotal role in the well-being of people, ecosystems and the planet. Rodrigo Medellín, Mexico’s “bat man,” tells Alex Honnold how he’s saving several species from extinction.
A never-before-documented ecosystem in the Amazon coastal area could present new solutions for climate resilience. Explorer Angelo Bernardino explains why.
A deep dive into Arctic waters uncovered an uncharted underwater forest. Meet the explorers who found it and hear how this unusual ecosystem contributes to overall ocean health.
A daring expedition to extract a record-breaking ice core could help us prepare for future climate transitions. Hear from the scientist who led the project.
Alex Honnold meets two scientists using new technologies to protect the Mediterreanean’s marine life.
Ocean health is crucial to our planet. Listen to three young visionaries discuss their boundary-breaking conservation of marine ecosystems with Alex Honnold and hear a special appearance from legendary oceanographer Sylvia Earle.
Climate influencers Cristina Mittermeier and Paul Nicklen on how social media is inspiring a new generation of ocean protection.
How Tompkins Conservation is rewilding millions of acres and restoring key species in South America.
Meet the biologist canoeing 40,000km of Africa’s under-researched rivers to solve water and food security concerns for millions.
Season 3 Trailer

Season 3 Trailer


Join host Alex Honnold for Season 3 of “Planet Visionaries.” Hear the stories of the explorers, adventurers and scientists solving Earth’s biggest climate challenges in this podcast.
Mapping Indigenous knowledge could help a nation adapt to climate change. Geographer and climate action advocate Hindou Oumarou Ibrahim explains how.
Malnutrition is a global problem with global consequences. Could this machine fix it?
High in the Himalaya, a tiny community is testing a new conservation model that could have far-reaching effects.
The ocean’s murky and difficult-to-reach “middle light” zone is teeming with undiscovered species. Meet the man on a mission to find them.
Two scientists are searching the world’s most remote caves for clues to our climate’s past — and future.
A daring diver discovers new life — and a unique ecosystem — in Patagonia’s remote fjords.
Trailblazing conservationist Tomas Diagne on why protecting turtles protects the planet.
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Kacy Koss

😲🤯 She is a wonderful speaker! I know our oceans need help, not simply some help, but seriously massive amounts of help and now! I hear a lot of the "Is it useful?, IDK what it is so KILL it!". I drive about 12 miles round trip to the closest ♻️ location, which is nothing, I look at it like a nice little 15-20 min break for so me time! Shockingly for a fair ammount of selfish and stubborn people it is. That would be completely inconvenient. Dude! This entire moving, insanely scary, impossibly beautiful and living entity we call earth is amazing and you are incapable of giving a single second of your precious time to save it? Even to save yourself?! I also constantly pick up trash I see out exploring with my son and on weekends my partner joins in while home. But now I feel like a p.o.s😞. There needs to be ppl speaking out, we should all be! THANK YOU BOTH 💯👏👏👏 Thank you and every single person that TALKS about this. on a large scale such as this or maybe to your neighbors and co-worke

Jun 4th

Rem Motorol

cannot thank you enough! can only contribute to this massive puzzle.

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Absolutely brilliant podcast material. Thank you!

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Thats really nice thanks for sharing

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Ban Fleih

an interesting information about the climate change indicator representing by glaciers

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by the way , this technique consider a mitigation measure to facing the impacts of Climate changes

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intelegant talk many thanks

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Absolutely brilliant podcast material. Thank you!

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Adrian Paschal ‘Yobi’ Blumberg

*Asking the Question that I had thought out of logical bounds most of my life, yet Occams Razor is not leaving much else to ask... It appears potentially probable that those in power and with knowledge might have determined that we had already gone beyond what can be fixed or addressed as a species concerning consumption and pollution and that the global cooperation necessary to stop the match towards total collapse could not be accomplished by 1980, and that we have all been marching towards the very real end of our civilization in ignorance? That Gen X was doomed when we were born? That the resources are being redirected to these large bunkers and we have not, as a collective, been given the information because we, the mob, would descend into chaos. Is it possible that 2-400 people decided on their own to allow us to live in ignorance of the facts, or have them obscured so that the resources indeex the resources necessary to battle for our planet have been squirreled away on a massiv

Aug 2nd
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Andrew Arrington

loved this episode! hoping to hear more!

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