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What if you could get more of what you want in life? But not through pushing, forcing, or pressure.

You can.

When it comes to money, time, and energy, no one’s gonna turn away more.

And Kate Northrup, Bestselling Author of Money: A Love Story and Do Less and host of Plenty, is here to help you expand your capacity to receive all of the best.

As a Money Empowerment OG who’s been at it for nearly 2 decades, Kate’s the abundance-oriented best friend you may not even know you’ve always needed.

Pull up a chair every week with top thought leaders, luminaries, and adventurers to learn how to have more abundance with ease.
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Join me as I chat with Tracy Campoli, a fitness and wellness expert, about her incredible journey and how she's redefining what it means to be vital at any age.Tracy shares her journey of balancing motherhood, running an online business, and reinventing wellness for women over 40. She emphasizes the importance of internal work and taking ownership of one's life to achieve external success. Tracy also discusses the impact of support systems, body confidence, and the power of mindset in achieving fitness goals. She shares practical tips for maintaining vitality, including eating well, loving your body, and staying hydrated. Tracy encourages women to embrace their age and see it as an opportunity for growth and empowerment.Key Takeaways Balancing motherhood, work, and personal life requires taking ownership of one's life and making hard decisions. Body confidence and achieving fitness goals go hand in hand, and it starts with loving and accepting your body as it is. Practical tips for maintaining vitality include eating well, staying hydrated, and taking care of your skin. It's important to stop talking negatively about yourself and focus on positive self-talk and self-acceptance. Women over 40 can experience a vibrant and fulfilling life, and it only gets better with age. Key Links About The GuestTracy Campoli is a fitness and wellness expert for women over 40. She has a large following on YouTube and Instagram, where she shares fitness videos and tips for women to feel confident and vibrant at any age. Tracy is also a mom and is passionate about helping women balance motherhood, work, and self-care.
Curious about the connection between sensuality and self-confidence? Dana Meyers dives deep into the topic with me in this episode of Plenty.Dana shares her journey of embracing her sensuality and the importance of teaching her daughter about pleasure and consent. She also talks about the ups and downs of her long-term relationship and how she keeps the spark alive. Dana introduces her newest product, Glamour Puss a hydrating vulva balm, and explains the daily ritual that accompanies it. She emphasizes the connection between sensuality and abundance and shares her tips for infusing magic into business and money-making.Key Takeaways Embrace your sensuality and teach your children about pleasure and consent. Communicate openly and honestly with your partner to maintain a strong and passionate relationship. Prioritize your sex life and schedule regular intimate moments. Use rituals and spells to enhance your connection with yourself and your partner. Cultivate a sense of abundance and worthiness to attract financial success. Key Links Discount code KATE20 on About The GuestDana Myers is an award-winning entrepreneur and author who runs a company called Booty Parlor. She is passionate about helping women feel confident and sexy in their own skin. Dana has been featured in various media outlets, including Good Morning America and The Wall Street Journal.
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Ready to unlock your full potential as a leader? Tune in as we explore the role of women's pleasure in creating positive change.Narkis Alon joined me to discuss the importance of pleasure and women's connection to their bodies in leadership. We touch on the recent terrorist attacks in Israel and the role of women in this moment in history. Narkis shares her personal journey of sexual healing and empowerment and emphasizes the need for women to prioritize their own pleasure and needs. She encourages women to tap into their intuition and listen to their bodies as a guide for making decisions and taking action. Narkis also highlights the importance of being present and brave in order to create positive change in the world.Key Takeaways: Women need to prioritize their pleasure and listen to their bodies as a guide for making decisions and taking action. Pleasure is a powerful tool for rewiring the nervous system and accessing intuition and guidance. Women's leadership is essential in this moment in history, and women need to be present and brave in order to create positive change. Each woman has her own unique role to play in the collective healing and transformation of society. Links: Narkis’s Instagram DOUBLEYOU Book - Present Woman Book - Women Who Run with the Wolves Guest Bio:Narkis Alon is a social entrepreneur, content creator, and best-selling author. She leads workshops on female leadership, pleasure, and the mind-body connection in business organizations and academic institutions. Her book, "Present Woman," explores the connection between women's bodies, pleasure, and leadership.
Join me in this episode of Plenty as Sahara Rose shares her incredible journey of transformation and self-discovery. Her story is a reminder that even in our darkest moments, we have the power to rise and create a life of abundance.Sahara reveals her transformative journey through a difficult divorce and how it led her to embrace her creativity and step into her artistry. She discusses the importance of authenticity and vulnerability in her work and how she has learned to trust the flow of life. Sahara also talks about her money lineage and the lessons she has learned about abundance and prioritizing connection over financial success.Key Takeaways: Embrace your authenticity and let go of self-imposed limitations and expectations Trust the flow of life and surrender to the unknown. Focus on your dharma (soul's purpose) and the money will come. Prioritize connection and family over financial success. Embrace your creativity and use it as a tool for self-expression and healing Links Shara’s IG Dharma Coaching Institute  Highest Self Podcast  Oceans (Where Feet May Fail) - Hillsong UNITED  Guest Bio:Sahara Rose is a renowned author, podcast host, and spiritual teacher. She is the author of three books and the host of the popular spirituality podcast, Highest Self. Sahara is also the co-founder of the Dharma Coaching Institute, where she helps women connect with their spirituality through movement and embodiment practices.
For more information about Relaxed Money, visit here. I was honored to speak with Rha Goddess about the intersection of purpose, money, and social impact. Rha Goddess shares her journey of discovering that it is possible to be in your highest purpose, get paid well, and do good at the same time. She discusses the conditioning we receive from a society that tells us we need to look or be a certain way to be successful. Rha emphasizes the importance of being true to yourself and finding success as your authentic self. She also talks about the role of spirituality in entrepreneurship and the need to cultivate a relationship with a higher power. We explore the connection between personal healing around money and the impact it can have on collective and systemic structures. She encourages listeners to confront and forgive any place where they may be economically benefiting from someone else's misfortune. Rha also discusses the importance of ambition and the need to redefine success and work in the current world.Enjoy listening to all the powerful insights from our discussion!Links: Rha's IGRha's Book, The CallingRha's LinkedinRha's Course: The Inner Dimensions of Mastering MoneyRha's Course: Scare Now More: Time. Money. PeopleTakeaways:u
Curious about astrology and intuition? Learn how to recognize your soul purpose and receive expansion even in the craziness of eclipse season. In this episode of Plenty my guest Danielle Page shares her journey of spiritual awakening and how she became a soul astrologer. She discusses the current eclipse season and its impact on our lives, particularly in relation to finances. Danielle also opens up about her health journey, including her struggles with Lyme disease and breast implant illness. She emphasizes the importance of listening to our intuition and living in alignment with our soul's purpose.Takeaways: Eclipse seasons are powerful times for soul growth and transformation. Eclipses can bring about significant changes in our lives, both positive and challenging. Our relationship with money is influenced by our beliefs and programming. It's important to listen to our intuition and trust our soul's guidance. Healing and transformation often require us to confront and release old patterns and beliefs. Links Kate’s IG  Danielle’s IG  Danielle’s website  Feng Clinic (breast implant removal) Flow Workshop hosted by Kate
Sign up for the free FLOW workshop here.This is a special, solo Plenty episode that’s going to set you up to get the most possible out of the free FLOW money healing and expansion event when we begin on Monday, 10/16.It's about something that we’ve all done in a sneaky, sometimes not-so-obvious way (and that some of us are still doing) that takes the wind out of our financial sails immediately: keeping financial secrets from ourselves and others.This can show up as financial avoidance, straight-up lies, or even half-truths.And this sneaky behavior is blocking you from reaching your financial goals…but I'm sharing exactly what to do about it today.When you listen to the episode, make sure you subscribe to Plenty, rate, and review it and when you do, you could be one of our first 100 entries and get access to something really juicy.As one of our first 100 reviewers, you’ll get a special, BTS invite to get the specifics on how we launched to show up in the top 30 shows in our category, plus what worked and didn’t work and our plans for continued growth in the future.Here’s what you need to do: Listen to this special FLOW prep podcast episode now. (It’s only 26 min!) Fill out this form with your Plenty review to get access to the Plenty Podcast Launch Debrief Meeting. Can’t wait to FLOW with you!
Wanna hear more about the number one tool I used to grow my business this year? In this episode, I talk about it in detail with my guest, Natasha Willis, co-founder of School of Bots, who shares her expertise on using chatbot funnels to generate revenue. Natasha emphasizes the convenience and delight of chatbots, allowing businesses to serve customers immediately and on their terms. Natasha explains how to replicate a brand's voice in chatbot conversations and highlights the importance of keeping the copy conversational. We also discuss the process of capturing emails and the high conversion rates that chatbot funnels can achieve and have achieved in my business. Natasha and her husband have been running their business together for seven years, and she shares insights on working with a spouse and creating systems for success. Natasha even gets personal with me when she reflects on how she has accomplished so much by the age of 25.Listen in, and if you want to learn about ManyChats and the School of Bots, Natasha has a free resource for you at the end.Links:Natasha’s IG Free Resource - DM CHAT hereKate’s Breakthrough Guide Kate’s IG The Plenty Podcast
Find all the details about the podcast on Kate's Podcast Page. Visit here. In this episode, I interview Clint Salter, my friend and neighbor who has built and sold five of his companies before age 40. Clint shares his journey of starting and selling companies and offers insights on scaling and selling a business. He emphasizes the importance of building a team, creating systems, and having less dependency on the founder if you’re interested in structuring a business that could be a sellable asset. We also discuss knowing if you’re the kind of person to build a personality-focused brand.Clint shares his approach to spending money in ways that bring joy and the importance of knowing oneself and one's values. He also shares his keys to fiction-free living, which is inspiring!We talk about the freedom and challenges of having multiple ideas and projects and the importance of not putting too much pressure on oneself. Clint also reflects on his relationship with money and the lessons he has learned about saving, investing, and so much more. Let’s take a listen. I hope you enjoy the episode! Resources:1. Essay - Eight Lessons to be Rich Not Famous 2. Clint's Website3. Clint's IG
In this thought-provoking interview, I had the pleasure of speaking with Kelly Roach, an incredible entrepreneur who has achieved remarkable success in the online space. Kelly's journey is truly inspiring, as she scaled her business from zero to eight figures without any funding or investors. However, her path to success was not without its challenges. Kelly faced a difficult lawsuit and experienced a period of darkness that forced her to access tools within herself other than just working harder.Throughout our conversation, Kelly shared valuable insights about the importance of going inward, finding balance, and prioritizing peace over growth. She emphasized the need to sit with discomfort and tap into our own intuition and inner wisdom. Kelly also discussed her approach to teaching her daughter about money, entrepreneurship, and purpose.Key Takeaways Hard work is not always the answer. Sometimes, you need to go inward and access a different set of tools to overcome challenges. Prioritize peace over growth and enjoy the journey instead of constantly pursuing the next achievement. Teach your children about money by having open conversations, prioritizing family time, and instilling a strong work ethic. Building wealth is not about complex strategies or investor savviness. It's about aligning your spending habits with your values and consistently saving. Slow and steady progress is the key to financial success. Keep it simple and focus on the difference between your income and expenses.
Have you taken a business loan to scale your company, to bet on yourself? My guest Arielle Loren, the founder of the only business funding mobile app designed for women in business, 100K Incubator, discusses real, strategic debt options you should actually consider to scale your business faster.During our conversation, we uncovered some of the reasons many women entrepreneurs opt for bootstrapping their businesses instead of accessing capital. We unravel the reality that the lack of knowledge about these additional funding options is leading to frustration and self-doubt for many women entrepreneurs.Plus, we discuss the emotional impact of feeling like you’re not understanding the behind-the-scenes financial strategies of other successful entrepreneurs. Arielle reassures us that, “Even if we mess up, it's just money, and we can always make more.”In this episode, I share a personal story about receiving unexpected money from a respected industry colleague and how as entrepreneurs we need to be prepared and adaptable when it comes to finances.Overall, in this episode you will find valuable insights into the world of women and capital, empowering female entrepreneurs like you to consider alternative funding options and overcome your fear of accessing capital to accelerate your business growth.Key Takeaways Many women entrepreneurs choose to bootstrap their businesses due to incomplete information about the role of capital in scaling. Having a detailed plan and understanding the different layers of funding can alleviate the fear of accessing capital. It's important to embrace the possibility of making mistakes with money and view it as a learning experience. Accessing capital can help businesses grow faster and reach their goals more quickly. The three levels of funding are: under $3,000 per month in revenue, $3,000 to $9,000 per month in revenue, and over $9,000 per month in revenue. Angel investors are more likely to invest in businesses with traction and proof of concept. Debt is the easiest form of capital to access and can be a valuable tool for scaling a business.
It’s our first episode of Plenty, and I’m so excited that this inaugural episode is alongside my loving husband, business partner, and previous co-host, Mike Watts. In this episode, we discuss our journey as a couple, including the challenges of dealing with illness and injury. Mike shares more about his experience with a chronic skin condition. We openly discuss the challenges of finding a diagnosis and, ultimately, why we chose to stay in Florida and its positive impact. We emphasize the importance of getting support and how vulnerability is crucial for a healthy relationship. This episode really focuses on aligning your time, energy, and money with what truly matters to find more meaning and joy.We also touch on our roles as parents and business partners. Mike and I discuss the logistics of running our company how we handle our responsibilities, and the nuances of working together as spouses and parents. I have so much gratitude for Mike's support. Overall, the episode offers a glimpse into our personal and professional lives and sets the tone for future episodes of Plenty. I hope you enjoy it!
OMG, this has been a year in the making! I’m soooo excited to be sharing the name, art, and trailer for my re-envisioned podcast… PLENTY! After pouring a lot of love into this project, next week the first full episodes will finally be dropping. I can hardly wait for you to hear what I’ve discussed and discovered with my guests. You know how sometimes you can feel how big something you’re part of is gonna be? This feeling happens to me very rarely but it’s unmistakable: This podcast I’m releasing, PLENTY, and the movement it represents is gonna be BIG. For all of us. I’ve reimagined my previous podcast after ONE MILLION downloads and we’re coming back better than before! I’m so excited in fact, that I’ve decided to host a virtual party to celebrate the launch of the podcast. YOU are invited to join me and our global community on September 26th for: Money, Sex, and Power - Activate Your Magnetism During this live activation event, I’m going to lead you through a simple, powerful process in real time that’s going to turn the dial up on your ability to manifest what you most desire. It’s simply a time for us to gather, share a powerful experience that feels good, and delight and expand our collective fabulousness. I’ll see you there!
I’m coming to you with a full heart that’s a little heavy and also that’s bursting with excitement for what’s next. This week we released the final episode of The Kate & Mike Show. It’s been 4 beautiful years, and we’re bringing this particular chapter to a close. Last week we sat in a cozy rental cabin in Bethel, ME, where we were having a little child-free getaway (our first break from the kids together for more than about 14 hours since March), and we recorded some final thoughts for you. Listen in to this week’s (and the last) episode of The Kate & Mike Show and hear: • A list of our most popular episodes of all time (you may want to go back and listen to a few that you’ve never heard!) • Reflections on some of our own favorite episodes (even if they weren’t the most downloaded) • An important tangent around cancel culture, perfectionism, restorative justice, and repair on a macro and micro scale • Our gratitude for each other in terms of how the other has shown up these past 4 years • Our gratitude for you for sharing this chapter with us Press play and listen. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for being with us on this particular part of our journey with The Kate & Mike Show. If you’ve listened to 1 episode or all of them, we appreciate you. Know this: With every ending comes an inevitable new beginning. Since the podcast is now complete, you’ll be hearing from me once a week with a blog post offering insights, strategies, and tools to make a life, not just a living, plus other notes on things I think you might find useful or inspiring. Show notes and links for this episode can be found at
We’re in the season of endings in the Northern Hemisphere. Autumn is a time of bringing things to a close. The leaves fall off the trees. The year winds down. We let go. We release. Most of us haven’t really been taught how to deal with endings well. I recently gave the Origin Mastermind members the assignment to be in relationship with their relationship to endings. I wanted them to notice what comes up for them around endings and maybe you want to reflect on this yourself. Do you go into disappointment, disapproval, or lack? Do you focus on what you didn’t get or what you did get from the experience? Do you lash out and pick a fight to avoid being with the grief? Do you distract yourself to avoid feeling sad? Or, do you allow yourself to feel grief and then celebrate and digest what was, so you can move forward into what’s next after having fully integrated the experience? I would say I’ve responded to endings in all of those ways at different times. But as we bring The Kate & Mike Show to a close (and Mike and I evolve our business relationship to set ourselves both free for what’s next), I’m committed to staying awake. We had a Kate & Mike Show Wrap Party last week where we circled up with a small, precious group of listeners to get to know them and hear how the show has impacted them over the last 4 years. I cried at least 5 times. It was such beautiful acknowledgement and digestion. And I LOVED what one person said (which I then received in a DM from another listener later on): Witnessing us bring our podcast and business relationship to an end is helping them reflect on the last 4 years of their own life and take stock of where they’ve been, what they’ve learned, and what’s next. I don’t know if you feel this portal of completion in your own life, but if you do, know that I’m right here by your side, grieving and celebrating, too. This week we have our second-to-last episode for you. It’s about the top lessons we’ve learned being in business together for 10 years. Listen in to witness the process of grieving an ending and digesting an experience so that we can do our best to fully receive its mark on us. See you next week for the final episode. Show notes and links for this episode can be found at
I’ve been sitting at my computer screen looking at the blinking cursor, then typing, then deleting, then typing again, then deleting. As Mike and I bring our podcast, The Kate & Mike Show, to a close (and also our business relationship as it has been for nearly a decade to a close), we’ve had some surprises along the way. Surprise #1: The episode where we announced we were ending the show got more downloads than any episode we’d ever released. Surprise #2: A lot of people thought we were getting divorced (even though we made it super clear so many places that we aren’t). Surprise #3: The episode we released last week with Zach Bush, MD, broke the record that our “we’re ending the podcast” episode set, receiving 4X the number of downloads our average episode gets. It also upset some people. In the last week, I received the question I put in the subject line of this email quite a few times: How do you know the difference between when you need to just let people be upset by what you said, and when you need to change your tune, apologize, and move toward repair? Back in February I spoke up publicly about body autonomy and received some amazing feedback and a boatload of negative feedback. After wanting to curl up in a cave and hide for a few days, I finally emerged from the cave and said: I am not here to please you. I’d done my research. I knew where I stood. I felt confidence in my stance and while I knew that some folks would disagree with me, I was not there to please them. They were welcome to disagree with me. But last week was different. When I read the feedback we were getting about how the conversation had missed the mark regarding the disproportionate affect COVID-19 has had on the Black community, I knew it was true. This was not an “I’m not here to please you” moment. It was an “I screwed up” moment. How did I know the difference? Because during the first interview I had wanted to push back and go deeper around the question, but I second-guessed myself and didn’t. I knew because I just knew. I hadn’t been the best advocate or leader for our community that I could have been. Rather than defend ourselves or pretend it didn’t happen, we apologized to our community members, listened to their concerns, and moved toward repair. I reached out to Dr. Zach to share some of the feedback we were receiving from our community, and even though it was a small percentage compared to the rave reviews, he and I both knew the criticism was important and valid. If we block out all negative feedback, we stop learning. I’m not here to please you, but I am here to listen, learn, and do better. Surprise #4: This week, we have 2 episodes of The Kate & Mike Show for you. A follow-up second conversation with Zach Bush, MD where we go deeper on why COVID-19 has been hitting the Black community the hardest and where he shares equitable, accessible health solutions that will keep more people out of the disease care system. Part 2 of Ask Us Anything where we talk more about how we knew that what happened last week was an “I screwed up” moment more than an “I’m not here to please you” moment, plus I tell my birth stories, we talk about some of the grief coming up around ending the podcast, we share our best sales tips, our best tips on growing a platform, and more. I’ll end by repeating something I said in the Ask Us Anything, Part 2 episode: I understand people talk about how we shouldn't care about what anyone else thinks. But, the day I stop caring what you, our community, feels, that's the day it's over for me. I’ll be over here, staying in the game, being humble and ready to fumble, as the wise Ericka Hines says. Show notes and links for this episode can be found at
Our first episode with Zach Bush, MD, "The Solution to the Pandemic You Won't Find in the Mainstream," has been downloaded 4x more than any previous episode we've ever done. We also received some important feedback that we'd missed the mark in going deep enough about the disparity with which COVID-19 is affecting the Black community. We are always listening and wanting to do better, and we knew the criticism was valid. We also knew we wanted to move toward repair, so we asked Dr. Zach to come back for a follow-up interview to unpack the conversation around health solutions (not disease care solutions) that are accessible and equitable related to COVID-19, overall immunity, and optimal health. He was more than willing, so we sat down and recorded, and here it is. Thank you to everyone in our community who took the time to write in, whether your feedback was a rave review of the original episode or an important critique. We're so grateful to be learning and growing alongside you. Show notes and links for this episode can be found at
I write this with a little tear in my eye but also a swell in my heart knowing that we’re in the final countdown of The Kate & Mike Show. Thank you if you reached out to tell us you’re going to miss the show. We’re going to miss it, too...and we’re also SO excited for the new possibilities that ending it will bring. (More on that in the weeks to come.) We’ve talked about doing a show where we get to answer your questions for the last 4 years. I know you know how it goes: You think about doing something and then never get around to doing it until the very last minute. (That’s actually my creative process with everything. I’ve learned to not label it procrastination but just the way I work. The energy I’ve saved beating myself up about it has been amazing to reinvest in things that actually pay just doing my work instead of judging myself for the way I do it.) We thought it would be really fun to find out what was on your mind and do an “Ask Us Anything” show, and I gotta tell you: I was really surprised to find out what you wanted to know more about! We went a lot of places in this episode, and I know you’re going to get some key takeaways. We talked about: • The story of how Mike proposed (and what really surprised me about it even though I knew he was going to do it) • How to successfully pitch guests to be on your podcast and how to conduct a memorable interview • Our biggest parenting triumphs this year • Our biggest business mistake to date • And so much more! Plus, we had more questions than we could answer in one session, so we’ll be putting out a second bonus Part 2 “Ask Us Anything” episode in the coming weeks. If you don’t hear your question answered, stay tuned! Show notes and links for this episode can be found at
At the very beginning of the pandemic, I somehow came across a podcast episode that introduced me to a person who’s become my favorite thinker/teacher at this time (and up there in my top favorite thinkers/teachers of all time). I have never before gone to the podcast app and typed in somebody’s name and then proceeded to listen to every podcast they’ve ever been on. My family can’t even get me to watch a 3-minute video they text, so listening to hours of content is highly unusual for me...but this person is that good. I have wanted to email you about this person so many times, but I was patiently waiting (actually, I was persistently nudging his team) so that we could interview him ourselves and craft a conversation to serve you. When Mike and I sat down to plan our final episodes of The Kate & Mike Show, this person was the only guest we felt our show would be incomplete without having had on. And I can tell you, he was worth the wait. Today, I bring you a conversation with a man who’s helped me feel profoundly calm and safe during a time in our history when there are a lot of forces pushing in the direction of fear. And he’s affirmed the deep trust I already had in the innate intelligence of nature and how it can be our guide to true healing and collective evolution in our businesses, bodies, communities, and lives. I couldn’t be more thrilled to be sharing what I think is possibly the most important conversation we’ve ever had on The Kate & Mike Show with you today. In this conversation with Zach Bush, MD, which was 2 hours of intellectual ecstacy for me, you’ll learn: • Why the mainstream narrative that we’re hearing about the pandemic is missing the mark and what 30+ years of data shows us is actually going on • What viruses actually are and how they’re critical for our health, survival, and even for our thriving • Why the conversation about either being pro-vaccine or anti-vaccine is completely missing the mark and the new paradigm about immunity that will lead to true health and resilience • About the fact that we’re experiencing an extinction event and what we can do about it • A “hit you between the eyes” perspective on the upcoming election that might push your buttons but also shake you out of a complacent slumber and get you into purposeful action • The crucial information about flu season that you’re never going to hear on the news • How to take hold of the hope embedded in all of this and use it to heal your body and the world using alignment with 3 key elements of life Listen in and allow yourself to stay open to ideas and evidence that’s different from what you may have believed up until this point. Show notes and links for this episode can be found at
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Amanda Henry

I really enjoyed this show... until I went and did some actual research. There are multiple scholarly articles that disprove almost all of what was discussed during today's show. I don't appreciate being fed this as "truth" when a little research proves otherwise. Very disappointing.

Jul 22nd
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