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Pod Save the UK is your weekly fix of political news, big ideas and a shot of inspiration. Each week hosts, comedian Nish Kumar and journalist Coco Khan are joined by politicians, experts, and famous friends to unpick the latest news, look for solutions, and inspire action. From Crooked Media – the creators of Pod Save America – in partnership with Reduced Listening, tune in to new episodes of Pod Save the UK every Thursday wherever you pod.
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On a busy week of news as MPs return to Parliament, Nish and Coco are joined by the Labour MP Jess Phillips. She gives her take on the investigation into Angela Rayner’s tax affairs, and reveals the toll it’s taking on her party’s deputy leader. A discussion on Iran’s unprecedented attack on Israel leads Jess to reveal her family links to Iran, and there’s some rare praise for Rishi Sunak for his anti-smoking legislation. Jess also says Diane Abbott should get the whip back, despite the two Labour colleagues having a somewhat frosty relationship. Villain of the week is Liz Truss for her shameless book tour, although Jess makes a play for her to be hero, saying she’s “a gift” for Labour and “should be on the tele more”. There’s also praise for Ted Lasso star Hannah Waddingham, for putting a sexist photographer in his place. Plus Nish and Coco have some songwriting tips for Megan Thee Stallion.Pod Save the UK is a Reduced Listening production for Crooked Media. Contact us via email: 07494 933 444 (UK) or + 44 7494 933 444 (internationally)Insta: Guest:Jess Phillips, Labour MP for Birmingham Yardley Audio credits:parliamentlive.tvBBC NewsFox NewsLBCodeiotedlasso/X
Coco is back from holiday and the first order of business is for Nish to explain the Westminster “honeypot” scandal, which has seen the vice-chairman of the 1922 committee resign. But beyond a salacious story about MPs texting, what are the broader security issues this raises? Nish and Coco also take issue with Shadow Health Secretary Wes Streeting attacking “middle-class lefties” in a tabloid newspaper.Special guest Shami Chakrabarti joins Nish and Coco to discuss human rights - what they are, why we need them, and how we need to define them in a future that’s powered by technology and AI. The Labour peer also gives her verdict on Keir Starmer’s leadership, Diane Abbott’s suspension, and responds to listener comments about the importance of voting. Plus she takes an unexpected detour into film criticism.Nish laments the fall of a heroic shoe, and Coco aims a government department for the way it treats carers in her villain of the week.Pod Save the UK is a Reduced Listening production for Crooked Media. Contact us via email: Insta: Guests:Baroness Shami Charkrabarti, human rights lawyer and author of Human Rights: The Case for the Defence’.  Audio credits:Dr Luke Evans MPSky NewsElent Finance/InstagramLBC Useful links:
With the Government’s controversial Rwanda Bill currently stuck between the Commons and the Lords, this timely special episode focuses on the UK’s asylum policy. Nish takes up an invitation to speak about the issue at the House of Lords. The event has been organised by the All Party Parliamentary Group on Refugees, in conjunction with the makers of a new film called Io Capitano - which follows the perilous migration journey of two young boys travelling from Senegal to Europe in search of a better life. Nish joins Labour peer Lord Dubs, the co-chair of the APPG on Refugees, in his office afterwards to hear how he and his colleagues are “digging their heels in” to try and amend the Rwanda Bill. Lord Dubs tells Nish what he learnt from a recent trip to Calais to meet asylum seekers first-hand. They also discuss what a more humane asylum system might look like and whether the next Labour government can deliver it. Back in the studio, Nish and Coco discuss the extent to which arts and culture can have the power to bring about change.With special thanks to Altitude Films and Think-Film Impact Production. Pod Save the UK is a Reduced Listening production for Crooked Media. Contact us via email: 07514 644 572 (UK) or + 44 7514 644 572Insta: Guest:Lord Dubs, Labour peer and co-chair of the All Party Parliamentary Group on Refugees Useful link:Io Capitano trailer:
As Westminster goes on its Easter holidays, Nish and Coco reflect on a busy end of term that saw a couple of ministerial resignations and a diplomatic row with China. Nish asks if Lord Cameron’s post No.10 activities leave him compromised in dealing with China as Foreign Minister. Coco also raises the plight of the WASPI women, who lost out due to the change in pension age - will they ever see any compensation?Special guest George the Poet joins Nish and Coco for a fascinating conversation that takes in disillusionment with Westminster politics and the pitfalls of getting into political arguments over social media. Plus he reveals which famous comedian gave him his stage name.Nish takes aim at a villainous Tory campaign ad, while Coco celebrates the life of Richard Taylor, father of Damilola. Also, find out why Alan Titchmarsh’s trousers have been censored in North Korea! Pod Save the UK is a Reduced Listening production for Crooked Media. Contact us via email: 07514 644 572 (UK) or + 44 7514 644 572Insta: Guests:George the Poet, spoken word artist and author of Track Record: Me, Music, and the War on Blackness Audio credits:BBC NewsThe Conservative Party Useful links:
This week Nish and Coco ask if our politics is on sale to those with the deepest pockets? The Conservative Party would love us all to move on from the row around the £15 million donation from Frank Hester, but it’s a story that highlights the often murky world of political funding. Nish and Coco talk to investigative journalist Peter Geoghagen about what the rules are, what donors get for their money, and whether there’s a better way to do it.Dodgy donations have also cast a bit of a cloud over a momentous week in Welsh politics, which saw the appointment of Vaughan Gething as the first black leader of a European country. Journalist Will Hayward explains why it hasn’t been an easy ride for him so far and why he’s got a rocky road ahead. Plus in other news, MP’s and Lords play ‘ping pong’ with the Government’s Rwanda Bill, and there’s a new name in the Tory leadership frame.Competent and popular politician spotted at Downing Street shock: Nish and Coco discuss President Obama’ popping in for a cup of tea with Rishi Sunak. Plus a new sighting of Princess Kate raises more questions about the royal PR machine. In this week’s hero and villain, find out why a Glasgow record shop has amused Nish and why a Lord has annoyed Coco.Pod Save the UK is a Reduced Listening production for Crooked Media. Contact us via email: 07514 644 572 (UK) or + 44 7514 644 572Insta: Guests:Will Hayward, Welsh affairs editor at WalesOnlinePeter Geoghagen, investigative journalist and author of the Democracy for Sale Substack Audio credits:ITV NewsITV News West Country  Useful links:
Another shocker of a week for the Conservatives which saw their biggest donor caught up in a race row, and their former Deputy Chairman defect to Reform UK. Beth Rigby, Political Editor at Sky News, tells Nish and Coco that the Tories don’t want to give back the £10 million they received from Frank Hester last year, despite the racist language he’s alleged to have used about the MP Diane Abbott. Beth also reveals what happened at the surprisingly tetchy press conference held by Reform to unveil Lee Anderson as their party’s first ever MP in the Commons.Beth tells Nish and Coco why she’s obsessed with THAT Royal Mother’s Day picture, they discuss Princess Catherine’s questionable photoshop skills, conspiracy theories and what it all means for the Royal Family. Nish’s hero of the week is film director Jonathan Glazer, while Coco isn’t happy with Times columnist Matthew Parris. Plus hear about Beth’s Arsenal bantz with Keir Starmer, Coco’s visit to the dentist…and more badger chat!Pod Save the UK is a Reduced Listening production for Crooked Media. Contact us via email: 07514 644 572 (UK) or + 44 7514 644 572Insta: Guest:Beth Rigby, Political Editor, Presenter and Podcaster, Sky News Audio credits:Sky NewsSBS/7 Network/Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences Useful links:
Did the Chancellor’s much anticipated pre-election budget fall flat? Nish and Coco pick over the details and wonder why our public services are being sacrificed for the sake of tax cuts. There’s reaction from Westminster from political journalist Kiran Stacey, who says that there are signs of the budget unravelling already. Rachelle Earwaker from the Joseph Rowntree Foundation says it does nothing for the poorest in society, calling it a budget for “big earners and big owners”.Find out how a sleepy corner of Devon could be about to shake up our political system. Fed up of a first past the post system that’s delivered a Tory MP for the last 99 years, voters in Totnes are organising their own series of primaries to pick a progressive candidate to oust their MP Anthony Mangnall. Could it catch on in other places too?There’s an International Women’s Day theme to this week’s hero and villain…find out what Lucy Moore and the Newry, Mourne and Down District Council have done to deserve their accolades. Meanwhile Coco’s got a bone to pick with King Harold of 1066 fame, plus there are tales of micro-pigs, badgers and naughtiness at Disneyland.Pod Save the UK is a Reduced Listening production for Crooked Media. Contact us via email: 07514 644 572 (UK) or + 44 7514 644 572Insta: Stacey, political correspondent at The GuardianRachelle Earwaker, senior economist at The Joseph Rowntree FoundationAudio credits:parliamentlive.tvX / @SDevonPrimaryX / @lucyajmmooreUseful links:
With a huge lead in the polls, all the signs point to Keir Starmer moving into Downing Street by the end of the year, so how well do we know the man who would be PM? Guest co-presenter Liz Bates attempts to get behind the rather dull public image, by interrogating Tom Baldwin, who spent hours talking to Starmer for his new authoritative biography of the Labour leader. The conversation takes an emotional turn when Liz and Tom discuss Starmer’s difficult relationship with his dad; how he couldn’t hug him on his deathbed, and then later found a hidden scrapbook that showed how proud of his son he really was. They also talk about what makes Starmer tick politically - is there such a thing as Starmerism? - as well as his love of football and music…and Tom reveals what Starmer thinks of the book!Nish joins Liz from Crooked HQ in LA to discuss the fallout from Lee Anderson’s expulsion from the party, and whether the Tories have an islamophobia problem. They also discuss the rogues gallery of candidates competing to win the Rochdale by-election, and Liz reveals what it’s like to get up close and personal on the campaign trail, with the bookies favourite George Galloway.Plus find out why Nish gave one very lucky New York cab driver a massive tip, and why he loves smelly books!Pod Save the UK is a Reduced Listening production for Crooked Media. Contact us via email: 07514 644 572 (UK) or + 44 7514 644 572Insta: Baldwin, author of Keir Starmer: The Biography   Audio credit:GB NewsUseful link:
Nish and guest co-presenter Liz Bates set the scene on what went on to become a chaotic night  in the Commons, that put speaker Lindsay Hoyle’s job at risk. They call out the “pathetic and petty” political game playing that sought to use the suffering of people in Gaza to embarrass the  Labour Party. There are also harsh words for Business Secretary Kemi Badenoch for using the Commons to settle scores in her row with the former Post Office chairman Henry Staunton.Former Pop Idol winner Will Young reveals his life-long interest in politics, and tells us what it was like to see his petition on ending medical testing on dogs, debated at Westminster. For his next foray into politics, Will says he’s planning to go to Somerset to troll Jacob Rees-Mogg, and says he’s even thinking about becoming an MP himself.In heroes and villains, Liz takes inspiration from Samatha Morton, while Nish defends Indian cuisine. Plus find out why Nish is channelling Carrie Bradshaw!Pod Save the UK is a Reduced Listening production for Crooked Media. Contact us via email: 07514 644 572 (UK) or + 44 7514 644 572Insta: Young: singer, actor and writer Audio credits:Sky Newsparliamentlive.tvThames Television / Freemantle MediaBAFTA Useful links:
A week that was supposed to bring more woe for Rishi Sunak has turned into arguably the biggest test of Keir Starmer’s leadership. Labour has had to suspend two of its parliamentary candidates for making comments about Israel. For Starmer, who’s staked his reputation on ridding Labour of anti-semitism, it’s been hugely embarrassing. Nish and Coco reflect on the farcical situation in Rochdale, where Azhar Ali will appear as a Labour candidate on the by-election ballot in a couple of weeks, despite the party having removed its support for him. With the Horizon Post Office scandal having put the use of non-disclosure agreements back in the spotlight, we hear from a woman who has made it her mission to stop NDAs being used to silence victims. Zelda Perkins, a former assistant to Harvey Weinstein, tells Nish and Coco about the traumatic experience of signing her NDA, which she likens to “legal waterboarding”, and why she chose to break it to help expose the film producer’s crimes. On an optimistic note, she reveals how politicians from across the political divide are helping her to achieve change.Wrexham FC owners Ryan Renolds and Rob McElhenney feature in heroes and villains, as do three councillors from Warwickshire County Council. Plus find out why Nish has ditched Coco on Valentine’s Day, and why they want your Jason Statham inspired film art. Pod Save the UK is a Reduced Listening production for Crooked Media. Contact us via email: 07514 644 572 (UK) or + 44 7514 644 572Insta: Guest:Zelda Perkins, co-founder of Can’t Buy My Silence Audio credits:Sky‘She Said’, Annapurna Pictures, Plan B Entertainment and Universal PicturesWarwickshire County CouncilUseful links:
Scotland’s First Minister Humza Yousaf joins Nish and Coco to reflect on the highs and lows of his first year as leader. He takes us back to the fateful Valentine’s night phone call with Nicola Sturgeon that changed his life, and tells us how he felt watching his former mentor shed a tear at the Covid Inquiry last week.The First Minister talks about the helplessness he felt when his family members were trapped in Gaza, and reveals his fears for his brother-in-law, a surgeon who remains in Khan Younis. He tells how Keir Starmer called to offer his support, in stark contrast to Rishi Sunak and his then Foreign Secretary James Cleverly.Their wide-ranging conversation also takes in King Charles’ shock cancer news, independence and Brexit, and the challenge the SNP faces at the next general election. Plus there’s Celtic FC, samosas and learn why his first ever job gave him a huge bicep! This week’s hero and villain can be found on our social media channels.Pod Save the UK is a Reduced Listening production for Crooked Media. Contact us via email: 07514 644 572 (UK) or + 44 7514 644 572Insta: Guest:Humza Yousaf, First Minister of Scotland, and leader of the Scottish National Party Audio credits:UK Covid-19 InquiryBBC News
After nearly two years without a functioning Government, are the people of Northern Ireland finally about to see the power-sharing executive return to Stormont? Nish and Coco reflect on a dramatic week with journalist Amanda Ferguson.The Labour MP Nadia Whittome talks of her frustration at her party’s stance on calling for a ceasefire in the Israel-Gaza conflict, but says Labour’s position is now evolving. She insists the party is still a broad church but admits it is a problem that there are no MPs from the left in Keir Starmer’s shadow cabinet. She also tells Nish and Coco why she donates part of her MP salary to worthy causes - in stark contrast to the Tory MP who resigned from his ministerial role because it didn’t pay enough! Coco celebrates the drag artist Crystal for taking down a high-profile right-wing troll, while Nish is left exasperated by the Tory ‘evil plotters’ WhatsApp group. Plus we find out why Coco wants a beard, and relive Nish’s childhood barbershop trauma. Pod Save the UK is a Reduced Listening production for Crooked Media. Contact us via email: 07514 644 572 (UK) or + 44 7514 644 572Insta: Guests:Nadia Whittome, Labour MP for Nottingham EastAmanda Ferguson, freelance journalist  Audio credits:BBCSky NewsX/MANPalestine Action
1 in 5 local councils in England is in danger of going bankrupt within the next two years - it’s a growing crisis that Westminster has done its best to ignore. With their budgets continually slashed, council leaders are faced with sometimes impossible choices about which services can be funded and which have to be axed. Nish and Coco discuss the crisis with a council leader, Joe Harris, and a ‘policy wonk’ Zoe Billingham. As they chat it emerges that Michael Gove has committed an extra £500 million into the pot for next year. Our guests verdict? It won’t touch the sides.Meanwhile in Westminster, is it a rebellion if it’s only one person rebelling? Plus introducing your new favourite Conservative group…the Popular Conservatives or PopCons! Nish is obviously delighted to hear about another SFG (or stupid fucking group), especially as this one has a certain Liz Truss attached to it.Also find out what Ministers Lucy Frazer and Hugh Merriman did to jointly take the villain of the week crown, while the hero of the week goes to a judge who defended the honour of the poppadom. Pod Save the UK is a Reduced Listening production for Crooked Media. Contact us via email: 07514 644 572 (UK) or + 44 7514 644 572Insta: Guests:Joe Harris, vice chair of the Local Government Association, and the Lib Dem leader of Cotswold District CouncilZoë Billingham, the director of the Institute for Public Policy Research (IPPR) North think tank Audio credits:Sky NewsBBC News / Laura Kuenssberg
It’s groundhog day at Westminster as Rishi Sunak’s Safety of Rwanda Bill returns to the Commons - will all the talk of rebellion come to anything this time? Nish and Coco discuss whether an opinion poll in the Telegraph was used to try to influence the debate and encourage the rebels. Plus they ask how it is that the UK has granted asylum to Rwandans AFTER signing a deal that deems the country safe.Labour MP Clive Lewis and journalist Laura Trevelyan went on a fascinating journey together, after discovering a shared connection on the island of Grenada….where his ancestors were enslaved and hers were slave owners. They discuss whether countries involved in the slave trade should pay reparations…and what goes into the traditional Grenadian meal of Oil Down.Find out why Manchester United fan Nish is full of praise for Liverpool fans, and what Avanti West Coast Trains have done to annoy Coco. Plus there’s some disagreement over whether we should be helping lonely Pod Save the Uk fans find love…Pod Shag the Uk anyone? Pod Save the UK is a Reduced Listening production for Crooked Media. Contact us via email: 07514 644 572 (UK) or + 44 7514 644 572Insta: Guests:Laura Trevelyan, campaigner and journalistClive Lewis, Labour MP for Norwich South Audio credits:Heirs of Enslavement, PersephonicaSky NewsThe Traitors US, Peacock Useful links:
Why did it take a TV drama to wake politicians up to what’s been described as the most widespread miscarriage of justice in British legal history? More than 700 sub-postmasters were convicted of theft, due to accounting discrepancies caused by the Post Office’s faulty computer system. ITV’s Mr Bates vs The Post Office caused public outrage and has forced the Government into taking unprecedented action. James Harding, former BBC director of News and Current Affairs, joins Nish and Coco to discuss what lessons journalism can learn from the saga.With the UK, like much of Western Europe, recording historically low birthrates, Nish and Coco wonder why it only seems to be politicians on the right who ever engage with it as an issue. Is it a simple matter of economics, or maybe it’s just 14 years of Conservative Government that’s killed the mood!Plus Keir Starmer’s glitter-bomber makes a surprise appearance, we find out Coco’s unusual choice of pool nickname, and why the PM is ‘dancing on the ceiling’.Pod Save the UK is a Reduced Listening production for Crooked Media. Contact us via email: 07514 644 572 (UK) or + 44 7514 644 572Insta: Guest:James Harding, co-founder and editor at Tortoise Media Audio credits:parliamentlive.tvITV Studio / Little GemITV/Good Morning BritainSky News
Comedians Andy Zaltzman and Catherine Bohart return to help Nish and Coco try to predict what politics has in store for us in 2024. There’s much debate about the possible date of the next general election…with arguments made for both November 5th and December 25th! The panel also considers whether the electorate will warm to Keir Starmer. Plus there’s also the prospect of another Trump presidency to terrify us all.Andy and Catherine also help Nish and Coco field listeners' questions, with discussions ranging from whether our electoral system is fit for purpose, to who’d win in a fight between Boris Johnson and Nigel Farage. But the key question is: would anyone kiss a Tory?Pod Save the UK is a Reduced Listening production for Crooked Media. Contact us via email: 07514 644 572 (UK) or + 44 7514 644 572Insta: Guests:Andy Zaltzman, presenter of BBC Radio 4’s The News Quiz, and The Bugle podcastCatherine Bohart, comedian and co-presenter of Trusty Hogs podcast Useful links:
Comedians Andy Zaltzman and Catherine Bohart take up Nish and Coco’s challenge, to find the laughs in another chaotic year in British politics. Is it cheating that they had to deploy novelty Christmas hats? You decide.Our review of 2023 starts with a fresh-faced and optimistic Rishi Sunak making his five pledges, and ends with the Conservatives tearing themselves apart over Rwanda. In between, we take in King Charles getting his fancy new hat, Nicola Sturgeon’s shock exit, Boris Johnson getting his comeuppance, Keir Starmer getting glitterbombed, and of course, the continuing mis-adventures of Suella Braverman.Plus two Ben’s battle it out for the title of PSUK Hero of the Year, while it’s more of a one-man race to the title of PSUK Villain of the Year. Pod Save the UK is a Reduced Listening production for Crooked Media. Contact us via email: 07514 644 572 (UK) or + 44 7514 644 572Insta: Guests:Andy Zaltzman, presenter of BBC Radio 4’s The News Quiz, and The Bugle podcastCatherine Bohart, comedian and co-presenter of Trusty Hogs podcast Audio credits:Sky NewsBBC NewsRishi Sunak - InstagramITV NewsGB NewsSTV News Useful links:
Rishi Sunak endured one his toughest weeks yet as Prime Minister, as he faced the Covid Inquiry and tried to placate rebellious MPs. But he lived to fight another day - as does his controversial Rwanda Bill. For Westminster watchers it was all about the mooted rebellion that didn’t materialise, but for Nish and Coco, the real story was the death of an asylum seeker aboard the Bibby Stockholm barge. For Nish, this stark warning about the potentially tragic effects of inhumane policies, should be cause for introspection amongst our political leaders.The news that the final report of the Grenfell Inquiry has been pushed back once again, has frustrated many of those waiting to see justice done. Journalist Peter Apps joins Nish and Coco to discuss the inquiry, and offer his analysis of the systemic issues that allowed the tragedy to happen…and whether it could happen again.Welsh political journalist Will Hayward also pops up to offer an instant reaction to the news that the Welsh First Minister Mark Drakeford is stepping down - what’s his lasting legacy, and what happens next? Plus find out what Climate Change Minister Graham Stuart has done to make him Nish’s villain of the week, while Coco brings some festive cheer with her hero of the week. Plus we want your nominations for ‘the political moment of the year’ - good or bad, silly or serious - email them to Save the UK is a Reduced Listening production for Crooked Media. Contact us via email: 07514 644 572 (UK) or + 44 7514 644 572Insta: Guests:Will Hayward, journalist for Wales OnlinePeter Apps, journalist and author of Show Me the Bodies: How We Let Grenfell Happen Audio credits:UK Covid 19 InquiryParliamentlive.tvSky NewsITV News Useful links:Peter Apps’ book:’s campaign for a National Oversight Mechanism: Our sponsors: (Use promo code PSUK)
Please note: This podcast includes a description of a death from Covid, that some may find distressing. This week saw arguably the most anticipated moment of the Covid Inquiry so far, the first appearance of Boris Johnson, who was Prime Minister during the pandemic. Over two days at the hearing, he offered an apology and  admitted some mistakes were made, but defended his overall approach.In this bonus episode, Nish and Coco find out how his words went down with those most deeply affected by the pandemic, those who lost their loved ones. Susie Crozier-Flintham, who lost her dad Howard, reveals what it was like to be in the room to hear his testimony - she says he refused to look at the families who were there, and in fact arrived 3 hours early just so he could avoid them.Pod Save the UK is a Reduced Listening production for Crooked Media. Contact us via email: 07514 644 572 (UK) or + 44 7514 644 572Insta: Guest:Susie Crozier-Flintham, Covid-19 Bereaved Families for Justice Audio credits: Uk Covid-19 Inquiry Useful links:
It’s been a big week in the Tories’ war on foreigners. While efforts to resuscitate the Rwanda plan continue, Nish and Coco pick over the Government’s five-point plan to reduce legal immigration. For Nish, these are measures produced by people who clearly have no lived experience of relying on the NHS or on social care. Coco points out the cruelty of minimum income plans that could split families up, and also discriminate against women.Former National Security Adviser to Obama, and co-host of Pod Save the World, Ben Rhodes, joins us to give us the American view on Boris Johnson, Rishi Sunak and Keir Starmer. As someone who’s been in the room with Benjamin Netenyahu, Ben gives us his take on the Israel Gaza crisis, and reflections on the stance taken by the UK and the US as the situation worsens. Plus, don’t miss a glorious anecdote that takes in the twin British obsessions of royalty and toilets!Nish’s Hero of the week salutes MPs and campaigners who defeated the Government on compensation for people affected by the contaminated blood scandal. While Coco’s villain is a building contractor whose shoddy workmanship means kids are having to do their lessons in tents. Plus we want your nominations for ‘the political moment of the year’ - good or bad - email them to Save the UK is a Reduced Listening production for Crooked Media. Contact us via email: 07514 644 572 (UK) or + 44 7514 644 572Insta: Guest:Ben Rhodes, co-host of Pod Save the World, and former White House Deputy National Security Adviser Audio credits:parliamentlive.tvThe TelegraphSky News Useful links: (Use promo code PSUK)
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Paul Billington

Funny podcast, especially when Nish Kummar pretends to be tolerant of dog owners when, in fact, he is playing up to the Asian dogaphobic stereotype.

Aug 19th

Gavin Terrett

British terrorists?

Jul 27th

Rod SS

Yes!!! Great podcast. Nish and Coco have a great dynamic, ripping into everything that deserves ripping into. Highly enjoyable!

Jul 26th

Paul Billington

Did Andy Burnham ban Pink Floyd from playing in Manchester? if so, why?

Jun 23rd

Chad Drumhiller

The closest version in the US to “chat shit, get banged” in my opinion is “f around and find out” which usually refers to someone doing something stupid and it having unintended consequences, but it carries the same energy

May 21st

Steven Maurice

it a podcast innit

May 10th

Andi-Roo Libecap

Brilliant pilot episode! This show is just as good as I hoped it would be. "Chat Shit, Get Banged" seems to be the British version of "Fuck Around and Find Out" and I can't decide which phrase I like better as both are quite enjoyable.

May 4th

Andi-Roo Libecap

I am so pumped for this show! Been a fan of Nish for a long time, so I'm glad to see him taking on this new role. It's gonna be great!

May 3rd
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