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In the wake of the allegations of rape and sexual assault against Russell Brand, Nish says his behaviour was an open secret, and Brand’s TV work dried up as people refused to work with him. Nish also reveals that there are others still working in the industry about whom production staff will say “oh we don’t send young women into their dressing rooms”. Coco highlights the wider cultural issues that lead to women feeling unsafe in the workplace and also unwilling to report assaults to the police.Six months on from Dame Louise Casey’s damning report into the Metropolitan Police, we ask what progress has been made? Former Met Superintendent, Dr Leroy Logan MBE, tells Nish and Coco it’s not a case of a few bad apples, but of the “whole barrel’ being rotten. He also has some stinging criticism for Home Secretary Suella Braverman. Despite everything however, he says he’d still encourage his grandchildren to join the force.You won’t be surprised to find that Nish’s villain of the week is a certain ‘lettuce adjacent’ politician, but you may be surprised by Coco’s hero…Danish artist Jens Haaning. Plus Coco steals Nish’s seat, and poses the question; what’s your favourite Beck album?Pod Save the UK is a Reduced Listening production for Crooked Media. Contact us via email: 07514 644 572 (UK) or + 44 7514 644 572Insta: Useful links:In the UK, Rape Crisis offers support for rape and sexual abuse on 0808 802 9999 in England and Wales, 0808 801 0302 in Scotland, or 0800 0246 991 in Northern Ireland. In the US, Rainn offers support on 800-656-4673. In Australia, support is available at 1800Respect (1800 737 732). Other international helplines can be found at Logan is patron of Leroy Logan MBE, former Met Police superintendent, and former Chairman of the National Black Police Association.Audio credits:Russell Brand: In Plain Sight: Dispatches (Channel 4/Hardcash Productions)Red, White and Blue (Small Axe Films Ltd/BBC)BBC News
Labour’s Shadow Foreign Secretary David Lammy reveals what it was like in Westminster when the news broke that a parliamentary researcher, with close links to leading Tory politicians, had been arrested on suspicion of spying for China. Mr Lammy tells Nish and Coco that the atmosphere at Westminster is “febrile”, with MPs having to think carefully about who they rely on for advice and research. He also sets out Labour’s position on the threat posed by China. Plus as Vladimir Putin and Kim Jung Un hold an “evil bro hangout”, just how worried should we be?Find out what UK Apprentice presenter Lord Sugar did to become our inadvertent hero of the week, while Coco calls out the Daily Mail for trying to use a black writer to publish critical views of the Notting Hill Carnival. Plus, British v Indian cold remedies - who comes out on top?Pod Save the UK is a Reduced Listening production for Crooked Media. Contact us via email: 07514 644572 (UK) or + 44 7514 644572Insta: Guest:David Lammy, Shadow Secretary of State for Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Affairs, and Labour MP for TottenhamAudio
Nish and Coco reflect on a scandal they think is a perfect metaphor for Tory-led Britain. Schools have had to close because they’ve been built using cheap and unstable concrete (called RAAC), while there are also concerns over hospitals and other public buildings. So as the country crumbles around us, who’s to blame?Labour leader Keir Starmer has reshuffled his top team ahead of next year’s expected general election. Coco welcomes brand new Shadow Minister for Creative Industries and Digital, Chris Bryant, into the studio. He gives his reaction to his appointment and admits he’s a bit “discombobulated” after a whirlwind day. He reveals how reshuffles haven’t always gone well for him, and impresses Coco with his impression of Tony Blair. He also talks about his new book 'Code of Conduct', which seeks to provide a blueprint to make Westminster politics work better. Also find out Chris Bryant’s favourite Sugababes song, why Nish fears being kidnapped by Kevin Bacon, and which action hero should voice Nadine Dorries’ new book.Pod Save the UK is a Reduced Listening production for Crooked Media. Contact us via email: 07514 644572 (UK) or + 44 7514 644572Insta: links:Article by Merope Mills: Chris Bryant, Labour MP for Rhondda, and Shadow Minister for Creative Industries and DigitalAudio credits:Parliamentlive.tvITV NewsBBC Radio 4@Ettifaq
More 16 to 17-year-old boys recognise Andrew Tate than Rishi Sunak - have we been guilty of underestimating the influence of Tate’s brand of toxic masculinity? Nish and Coco speak to journalist Matt Shea, who has spent years investigating the notorious misogynist. His new documentary uncovers the truth behind Tate’s ‘War Room’ club, and investigates claims members are taught how to groom women into online sex work. We also learn about the mysterious mastermind behind Tate, who has so far remained in the shadows.As Labour promises not to implement wealth taxes, Nish and Coco wonder if we’ve all missed ‘the secret wink’ that means it’ll all be ok once they’re in power. Plus Nish and Coco bid farewell to Nadine Dorries, who finally quit as an MP 81 days after saying she would. They look back at her ‘best bits’ and reflect on the battle for her Mid Bedfordshire seat. Find out if Nish will be buying Theresa May’s new book, and why do so many people seem to mis-understand the film The Matrix?Pod Save the UK is a Reduced Listening production for Crooked Media. Contact us via email: 07514 644572 (UK) or + 44 7514 644572Insta: Useful links:Watch Matt Shea’s documentary here (UK only): for us: Guests:Matt Shea, journalist and documentary filmmaker Audio credits:BBC Three - Andrew Tate: The Man Who Groomed the World?The Mail on SundayBBC BreakfastTikTok/@nadinedorriesmpParliament.tvChannel 4 News
With the headlines dominated by Lucy Letby, the most prolific child killer in modern British history, Nish and Coco reflect on the proper role for politicians in cases like this. While we crave reassurance from figures in authority, should they resist the urge to wade in with an easy soundbite? Plus we also reflect on the other big story of the week, the women’s World Cup final, and ask why it’s always men in suits who have to spoil things?With music venues and nightclubs shutting at an alarming rate, Nish and Coco talk to an agent and a DJ about whether the UK’s nightlife is in crisis. Do politicians place enough value in the night time economy? Can anything be done to reverse the trend, or is it as a result of our changing cultural habits? Also, why ‘Insomnia’ should be Coco’s current club anthem of choice, and why newsrooms are enjoying the comeback of the August ‘silly season’. Plus we celebrate some world class swearing, and Nish has some ideas for the new Conservative Party general election slogan.Pod Save the UK is a Reduced Listening production for Crooked Media. Contact us via email: 07514 644572 (UK) or + 44 7514 644572Insta: links:Save The Night event at Fabric in London (free daytime event to support the global nightlife community): Music Club: Supporting women, non-binary and trans people in music Up: supporting Black music creators and industry professionals Shogbola, music agent at United Artists, and founder of creative consultancy DajuGaia Ahuja, DJ and member of Girls Don’t SyncAudio credits:Sky Sports News RFEF
Returning from their summer holidays, Nish and Coco reflect on the failure of the Government’s ‘small boats week’. It was supposed to showcase progress but, instead it ended in the tragic deaths of a number of people trying to cross the Channel. An interesting time then for Tory HQ to step up their war on so-called ‘lefty lawyers’. We hear from immigration lawyer Jacqueline McKenzie, who was the target of a Conservative smear campaign. She tells Nish and Coco how right wing newspapers were given a four page dossier on her, riddled with inaccuracies and misrepresentations, trying to tie her to the Labour Party. She says it’s an experience that will scar her for life.Economics expert Grace Blakeley joins Coco and Nish to reflect on the week’s big news on inflation and jobs…picking apart why the positive headlines might be a bit misleading. Nish, Coco and Grace also fess up to the most expensive meals they’ve ever had, in light of Rishi Sunak’s $1200-a-head Disneyland dining experience. Among the questions discussed: Does it matter that our PM is so rich? Who controls the economy? And…should we have billionaires at all?Plus hero and villain of the week, tales from Vietnam and Edinburgh, and why it’s easier to teach a dog to surf than Nish. Also find out why Nish and Coco have the cleanest bottoms in podcastland!Pod Save the UK is a Reduced Listening production for Crooked Media. Contact us via email: 07514 644572 (UK) or + 44 7514 644572Insta: Up to Racism Dorset: via Guests:Jacqueline McKenzie, partner and head of immigration and asylum law at Leigh DayGrace Blakeley, journalist, author and economics commentator Audio credits:GB News
In a politics increasingly dominated by ‘wedge issues’ and the ‘woke’ divide, Nish and Coco explore whether it’s possible to have constructive conversations on social issues with people with whom you disagree. The activist and author Gina Martin reveals the lessons she’s learnt from her career as an activist, which started when she was a victim of upskirting. Her campaign ended up changing the law to make upskirting a specific sexual offence. Gina also has lots of tips for Pod Save The UK from her new book ‘No Offence, But…’.  As Nish and Coco prepare to go on their summer break, Coco reveals what she’ll be getting up to on her honeymoon. Plus we salute the anarchic genius of 90’s Saturday morning kids TV…with shout outs to Cat Deeley and Wonky Donkey!Pod Save the UK is a Reduced Listening production for Crooked Media. Contact us via email: 07514 644572 (UK) or + 44 7514 644572Insta: Martin, campaigner and author of ‘No Offence, But…: How to have difficult conversation for meaningful change’
Is a combination of a progressive alliance, tactical voting and proportional representation the way to save the UK from Tory rule? Neal Lawson, founder of the pressure group Compass, argues that there would have been no Boris Johnson or Liz Truss if left-leaning parties had been able to work together. Neal, who’s been a Labour member for 44 years, also explains why he’s facing possible expulsion from the Labour Party for tweeting in favour of tactical voting.Have Labour fallen into a Tory trap by following last week’s by-elections? Nish and Coco examine why the headlines have been about the costs of green policy, rather than historic Tory defeats. Also with homeless numbers rising, why isn’t there more urgency around legislation to ban Section 21 evictions?.Plus the schoolkids who put Robert Jenrick to shame, and why Coco’s mum loves Minions. Pod Save the UK is a Reduced Listening production for Crooked Media. Contact us via email: WhatsApp: 07514 644572 (UK) or + 44 7514 644572Twitter: @podsavetheukGuest:Neal Lawson, founder of the pressure group Compass
Nish and Coco can’t resist popping up for a special bonus mini-episode to discuss the Super Thursday by-election results. A revolt against Labour Mayor Sadiq Khan’s Ulez low emissions policy hands the Tories a lifeline to hang on to their seat in Uxbridge and Ruislip - Coco hopes that doesn’t encourage Labour HQ to sideline their green agenda.Better news for Labour in Selby and Ainsty where Kier the Younger - Labour candidate Keir Mather - successfully overturns the biggest majority ever in a by-election by the Labour Party. While in Somerton and Frome a huge win for the Liberal Democrats means Coco gets to enjoy leader Ed Davey pulling another of his cheesy victory stunts.
Nish and Coco ask “what’s going on with Labour?” Sir Keir Starmer caused consternation within his own ranks, by saying he wouldn’t abolish a two-child limit on claiming some benefits - a Tory policy that many of his frontbench colleagues have condemned. Nish and Coco wonder why politically tough decisions only ever seem to come at the expense of the poorest in society. SNP MP Mhairi Black tells Nish and Coco about dodging falling masonry,  sociopaths and bullies in the corridors of Westminster - part of the reason she’s quitting at the age of 28. We also have a handy guide to three crucial by-elections. Plus why you should never accept a plum from Coco - or invite her to a picnic!Pod Save the UK is a Reduced Listening production for Crooked Media. Contact us via email: WhatsApp: 07514 644572 (UK) or + 44 7514 644572Twitter: @podsavetheukGuest:Mhairi Black, MP for Paisley and Renfrewshire South, and deputy leader of the SNP at Westminster.Audio credits:Sunday with Laura KuenssbergBBC
While the UK was losing its senses over a sex scandal, the BBC and a tabloid newspaper, Nish brings some sanity. His advice to journalists and politicians: if you know nothing, why not shut up? What we learn from the story is that the UK needs more facts and less speculation.In Nish’s crosshairs is Tory MP Lee Anderson. He called the BBC a “safe haven for perverts” while his party and Westminster faces an epidemic of sexual harassment allegations.Carla Denyer - co leader of the Green Party in England and Wales -  is Coco and Nish’s special guest. The Greens could offer the most radical policies at the next General Election: taxing on multi millionaires, decriminalising drugs and welcoming migrants. But can the party persuade trans people the Greens are their ally? President Biden drops in for tea at Number 10 but his British best mate is not the Prime Minister, it’s King Charles. And immigration minister and cartoon destroyer, Robert Jenrick, is villain of the week. Save the UK is a Reduced Listening production for Crooked Media. Contact us via email: 07514 644572 (UK) or + 44 7514 644572Twitter: @podsavetheuk Guests:Carla Denyer, co-leader of The Green Party Audio credits:Sky
Does Rishi Sunak care about the climate crisis? A former minister accuses him of apathy, and a leaked memo suggests he’s considering rolling back one of the UK’s key financial climate pledges. Just Stop Oil’s Chloe Naldrett joins Nish and Coco with a personal message for the Prime Minister. While we’re recording, Wimbledon becomes the latest sporting event to be hit by protestors, so we drag Chloe back into the studio to give us an instant reaction. She also tells why being shouted at by Piers Morgan was worth it, and why she was willing to go to prison for what she believed in. Plus advice on how you can get involved if you’re feeling helpless about climate change.Nish and Coco examine Rishi Sunak’s grilling by the House of Commons Liaison Committee. Meanwhile his enemies within the party form a new not-so-supergroup called The New Conservatives - although they’re singing a familiar song…about “culturally secure borders”.Plus Coco has a run in with Twitter and reveals that she loves a parody knock off fashion item - and heroes and villains returns, much to the relief of Nish’s mum!Pod Save the UK is a Reduced Listening production for Crooked Media. Contact us via email: 07514 644572 (UK) or + 44 7514 644572Twitter: @podsavetheuk Guests:Chloe Naldrett, spokesperson for Just Stop Oil Audio credits:Just Stop OilParliamentlive.tvSky SportsThe Diary of a CEO podcast
Matt Hancock fails to win over bereaved families at the UK Covid-19 Inquiry, as they turn their backs on him while another confronts him dressed as the grim reaper. Nish and Coco get to grips with ‘greedflation’ as MPs question supermarket bosses about their huge salaries. Plus Coco questions why Labour has an all-white all-male line up of candidates for the upcoming by-elections. And Nish is disheartened by a report that finds cricket is racist, sexist and elitist - the “full fruit machine” of prejudice!We continue ‘Chat Shit Get Banged’, our campaign to stop politicians lying, with the help of John Humphrys, former presenter of Radio 4’s Today programme. The man once labelled the BBC’s ‘Rottweiler in chief’ reflects on his 33 years holding politicians to account, including memorable encounters with Boris Johnson and Margaret Thatcher.Also, tales from Glastonbury, and Prigozhin v Putin - how did a hotdog seller build up his own private army? Plus Coco gets a surprise Patreon request.Pod Save the UK is a Reduced Listening production for Crooked Media. Contact us via email: 07514 644572 (UK) or + 44 7514 644572Twitter: @podsavetheuk Guests:John Humphrys, Classic FM presenter and former presenter of BBC Radio 4’s Today programme Audio credits:Uk Covid-19 InquiryParliamentlive.tvSky News
Labour’s Andy Burnham, tells Nish and Coco why he doesn’t mind being labelled ‘The King of the North’ and why he thinks our political system needs a complete rewiring. He also gives his reaction to the demise of his old pandemic-era foe Boris Johnson, and shrugs off concerns about the city of Manchester getting into bed with Abu Dhabi - the owners who’ve brought such success to Manchester City F.C.  We celebrate the 75th Windrush anniversary with a member of the Windrush generation, Catherine Ross, who tells us how Caribbean people introduced the British to moisturising amongst many things! Nish and Coco meanwhile, take the Home Office to task for backtracking on promises made in the wake of the Windrush scandal.Plus, the mortgage time bomb set to go off before the next election, the return of austerity twins David Cameron and George Osborne, and why Rishi Sunak is “chicken shit”. Coco also reveals why footballing hardman Graeme Souness made her cry, and who is the mystery PSUK fan known only as ChickenNugNugz?Pod Save the UK is a Reduced Listening production for Crooked Media. Contact us via email: 07514 644572 (UK) or + 44 7514 644572Twitter: @podsavetheukGuests:Andy Burnham, Labour Mayor of Greater ManchesterCatherine Ross, Founder and Director of Museumand, The National Caribbean Heritage MuseumAudio credits:Good Morning Britain (ITV)BBC Breakfast TVBBC News
Nish and Coco are reunited in the studio following a tumultuous week in politics that saw Boris Johnson resign and Nicola Sturgeon arrested. Sky News’ Liz Bates tells us why Johnson’s demise could be good news for the strength of UK democracy, and explains why the independence movement is holding firm despite the SNP’s woes.Given it was Johnson’s party-ing during Covid that brought him down, it’s timely that the public hearings in the Covid Inquiry got underway this week. Labour frontbencher, Dr Rosena Allin-Khan, tells us why she went back to working 12 hour shifts in hospital during the worst of the pandemic. She reveals some of the harrowing things she saw, and why she felt pity for Matt Hancock when she faced him in the Commons.Is Manchester United fan Nish bitter about Manchester City’s success? His choice for villain of the week answers that question, while Coco’s hero is an acting legend who always keeps an onion in her handbag. Plus get ready for the latest bit of PSUK merch - the “left-wing Barbie”.Pod Save the UK is a Reduced Listening production for Crooked Media. Contact us via email: 07514 644572 (UK) or + 44 7514 644572Twitter: @podsavetheukGuests:Liz Bates, Sky News Political CorrespondentDr Rosena Allin-Khan, Shadow Minister for Mental Health and MP for TootingAudio credits:Talk TVUK Covid-19 InquiryParliamentlive.tvBritish Vogue
Can the Labour Party save the UK? Labour frontbencher Emily Thornberry is challenged by Nish and Coco over her party’s attack ads, and on the Labour manifesto - which she promises will help young people, and be bullshit free. Find out why she thinks being Labour leader is the hardest job in the world, and what she got up to behind the bike sheds with David Cameron.Plus, Mr Sunak goes to Washington, Prince Harry goes to court, and a familiar Brexit campaigner returns (clue: his blood type is real ale). Plus find out why Nish feels like he’s in Mad Max, and why Coco is celebrating Bristol’s toilets!Pod Save the UK is a Reduced Listening production for Crooked Media. Contact us via email: 07514 644572 (UK) or + 44 7514 644572Twitter: @podsavetheukGuests:Emily Thornberry, Labour MP for Islington South and Finsbury, and Shadow Attorney General for England and WalesAudio
Nish and Coco ask how we can save the UK from knife crime. It turns out we have evidence of what works - so why aren’t we doing it? We meet Jon Yates, who leads a charity that has been given £200 million by the Home Office to research what works and then put it into practice. He’s trialling a targeted, interventionist approach, called ‘focused deterrence’ which helped Glasgow dramatically reduce violent crime. Those lessons are now going to be applied in 5 cities in the UK. One of those is Nottingham, a city that’s home to Dr Marcellus Baz, a community champion who turned his life around after being stabbed - what does he think of Jon’s plans? Nish and Coco also cut through the rows about notebooks and WhatsApp messages to talk about why the Covid Inquiry really matters - they have a message for  the government: “don’t mess with a Baroness”. Plus we salute the Secret Tory and ask is the Post Office racist?Pod Save the UK is a Reduced Listening production for Crooked Media. Contact us via email: 07514 644572 (UK) or + 44 7514 644572Twitter: @podsavetheukGuests:Jon Yates, Chief Executive of the Youth Endowment FundDr Marcellus Baz, founder and CEO of Switch Up, which supports young people away from crime in NottinghamshireAudio credits:Sky News @secrettory12 
Why did Suella Braverman’s speeding ticket take up so much oxygen, and who did it serve? Nish and Coco discuss whether the leaks against the Home Secretary are symptomatic of a party that’s heading into yet another bout of self-destructive psychodrama. As if that’s not enough, Boris Johnson is back in trouble too! As another set of record migration figures are published, Nish and Coco reflect on the immigrant experience and how it forged their own friendship. And there’s a big serving of hope too…in the form of economist and philosopher Daniel Chandler and his ideas to improve our politics - democracy vouchers anyone?Plus Coco delivers a lesson in Greek Mythology, and find out what Foreign Secretary James Cleverly and Succession’s Logan Roy have in common.Pod Save the UK is a Reduced Listening production for Crooked Media. Contact us via email: 07514 644572 (UK) or + 44 7514 644572Twitter: @podsavetheukGuest:Daniel Chandler, economist, philosopher and author of Free and Equal: What would a fair society look like?Audio
Facts, Rats and Rents

Facts, Rats and Rents


Never ones to shirk a challenge, Nish and Coco launch ‘Chat Shit Get Banged’, their campaign to stop politicians from lying. They get some expert help from Will Moy, from fact checkers Full Fact - he’s dedicated his life to correcting the mistakes and mistruths of the people elected to lead us…not mislead us. With a general election on the horizon next year, he tells them he’s done with “bullshit manifestos”, and reveals how AI could help root out the liars.Campaigning works! Nish and Coco dissect the new Renters Reform Bill, which has finally been published thanks to the tireless efforts of people like our guest Anny Cullum, one of the founders of the community union Acorn. But does it go far enough? The Bill doesn't really address rocketing rents, so we ask if rent controls are the next battleground.Plus, Nish takes on the NatCons, but has a rare good word for Jacob Rees-Mogg. We also introduce you to Marvel’s newest superhero: Ombudsman, and find out why Coco knows so much about rats’ mating habits.If you want to support Full Fact’s campaign to amend the rules to make it easier for politicians to correct mistakes, then you can sign their petition here: Pod Save the UK is a Reduced Listening production for Crooked Media. Contact us via email: WhatsApp: 07514 644572 (UK) or + 44 7514 644572Twitter: @podsavetheukGuests:Will Moy, Chief Exec of the fact checking charity Full Fact Anny Cullum, Policy Officer and Researcher for the tenants and community union ACORNAudio credits:
While we were busy being dazzled by glittery crowns and golden coaches…did the authorities sneak in and steal away our rights? New laws have given the police wide ranging powers to arrest protestors - scuppering the plans of anti-monarchy protestors to demonstrate against the Coronation. Instead they were arrested, detained and then released without charge - after the event was safely over. Nish and Coco ask barrister and activist Paul Powlesland  and ask what happened to the British love of freedom? Plus find out why a PSUK listener spent 15 hours outside his local polling station; why the Coronation gave Coco ‘Showgirls’ vibes; why Coco can't wait for Eurovision; and why Labour and the Lib Dems are in danger of being ‘vagina adjacent’. Pod Save the UK is a Reduced Listening production for Crooked Media. Contact us via email: WhatsApp: 07514 644572 (UK) or + 44 7514 644572Audio credits:Paul PowleslandGood Morning Britain, ITVParliament.TVPhoto credits:Paul PowleslandVideo - Paul PowleslandPhotos - Tom GarnerVideo clip - Good Morning Britain, ITVVideo clip - Parliament.TV
Comments (8)

Paul Billington

Funny podcast, especially when Nish Kummar pretends to be tolerant of dog owners when, in fact, he is playing up to the Asian dogaphobic stereotype.

Aug 19th

Gavin Terrett

British terrorists?

Jul 27th

Rod SS

Yes!!! Great podcast. Nish and Coco have a great dynamic, ripping into everything that deserves ripping into. Highly enjoyable!

Jul 26th

Paul Billington

Did Andy Burnham ban Pink Floyd from playing in Manchester? if so, why?

Jun 23rd

Chad Drumhiller

The closest version in the US to “chat shit, get banged” in my opinion is “f around and find out” which usually refers to someone doing something stupid and it having unintended consequences, but it carries the same energy

May 21st

Steven Maurice

it a podcast innit

May 10th

Andi-Roo Libecap

Brilliant pilot episode! This show is just as good as I hoped it would be. "Chat Shit, Get Banged" seems to be the British version of "Fuck Around and Find Out" and I can't decide which phrase I like better as both are quite enjoyable.

May 4th

Andi-Roo Libecap

I am so pumped for this show! Been a fan of Nish for a long time, so I'm glad to see him taking on this new role. It's gonna be great!

May 3rd
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