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Today we bring you an episode of Why Won't You Date Me? with Nicole Byer. From Nicole’s feed: “Oh my god, he's here. Penn Badgley (You, Gossip Girl, host of Podcrushed) joins Nicole to discuss why people are infatuated by his serial killing character, why love is not depicted accurately in media, bringing down your walls to connect with people, and the existential insecurities he had when dating.” Follow Podcrushed on socials:InstagramTwitterTikTok
Elizabeth Lail is our very special guest for the Season 1 finale of Podcrushed. She shares about early social stigmas that shaped her current world views, prevalent and problematic romantic tropes, and what she thinks should happen to Joe at the conclusion of YOU. Follow us on socials:InstagramTwitterTikTok
Singer, songwriter (and current queen of TikTok) Meghan Trainor joins us this week to talk about being frenemies with her brothers in middle school, why she’s homeschooling her kids, and how social media stardom has transformed her career. As a special bonus, Ryan Trainor stops by to share about his and Meghan’s podcast, Workin' On It, and how he’s working to overcome addictions stemming from childhood trauma.  Follow us on socials!TiktokTwitterInstagram
Renowned physician and author Dr. Gabor Mate visits the show this week to share gems about the myth of normal, forming vital intergenerational bonds, and the importance of compassion in healing trauma. Follow us on socials!TwitterInstagramTiktok
This week Brian Baumgartner (The Office) stops by and offers some theories on why The Office is the most streamed comedy in history, and also opens up about a traumatic medical procedure in middle school that altered the course of his life.  Follow Podcrushed on socials! InstagramTwitterTiktok
Conan O’Brien steals the show this week, helping Penn regain control from the normies (Sophie & Nava). He also reminisces about his disastrous first school play and reveals his Gossip Girl standom. Follow Podcrushed on socials! TiktokTwitterInstagram
If you are enjoying Podcrushed, there’s another series that we just know you’re going to love. After first going viral on TikTok by telling the story of how she got stuck buying 100 tacos on a first date, Elyse Myers now has millions of eyeballs watching her videos daily. Each week on Funny Cuz It’s True, Elyse sits down with her favorite creators, friends and comedians to find the stories that have stuck with them and changed their lives in small ways. She wants to know how they handled these situations and learned to laugh about them years later.   In this episode, legendary director, writer, and actor Paul Feig joins Elyse to talk about Elyse’s first kiss, and Paul's own awkward romances (like the ones that inspired his show "Freaks and Geeks”). Plus, Paul shares his experiences from “The Office.”   To hear more Funny Cuz it’s True, head to Follow Podcrushed on socials! TwitterTiktokInstagram
Our most requested guest of the season, Victoria Pedretti (YOU, Once Upon a Time in Hollywood) drops by the pod… for the second time this season! Hear her thoughts on the commonalities of fame and bullying, iconic moments on YOU, and why it’s okay to acknowledge when things aren’t okay.Follow Podcrushed on socials: InstagramTwitterTiktok
Penn Talks YOU

Penn Talks YOU


To watch the video version of this episode, head over to the YouTube Podcrushed channel: In this special episode of Podcrushed, Penn answers all of your questions about his Netflix show, YOU — including his favorite moments with each season’s co-lead, and the cringiest scene he’s ever had to film. Fans of YOU, this one’s for… well, you get it. Follow Podcrushed on socials! InstagramTwitterTikTok
Chart topping singer-songwriter Andy Grammer brings his signature buoyancy and relentless optimism to a frank and reflective conversation around death, songwriting, and always being true to yourself. Follow Podcrushed on socials! InstagramTwitterTikTok
We've got two guests! Today's episode is with Sasheer Zamata and Nicole Byer, two brilliant comedic minds (and fellow podcasters) who just so happen to be best friends. The gang talks poker faces, ghost stories, and worst on-stage bombs. Follow us on socials! TiktokInstagramTwitter
Justin Baldoni -- actor, director, and New York Times bestselling author -- stops by the pod to share stories from his youth, and lessons from his quest to understand the meanings and misconceptions around what it is to “be a man”.  Follow us on socials! InstagramTwitterTiktok
This week our guest is the incomparable Domino Kirke-Badgley (musician, doula, and happens to be married to our host, Penn). She shares the story of how she and Penn met, and offers a deep dive into how traumatic events from her adolescence continue to shape her now. Follow us on socials:InstagramTwitterTikTok
Mark Ronson -- the seven-time Grammy Award winner you may know from songs like "Uptown Funk" and "Shallow" -- swings by the show this week and shares stories of interning at Rolling Stone as a 12 year old, being in the room when some of the greatest songs of all time were being crafted, and even shares a few lessons he’s learned about love.  Follow us on socials:InstagramTwitterTikTok
The Internet's best friend, Elyse Myers, stops by the show and shares the real story behind the taco date that made her a Tik Tok sensation, how she knew her husband was different from all the other men she'd dated, and how she navigates the highs and lows of social media celebrity.  Follow us on socials: InstagramTwitterTikTok
The youngest artist ever inducted into the Grand Ole Opry, Kelsea Ballerini, shares about her brand new album, her time as a judge on The Voice and what it was like to be supported by Taylor Swift, and that one time she stole* a mailbox.  Follow us on socials:InstagramTwitterTikTok
We're back from hiatus! Sebastian Stan (Pam & Tommy, Fresh, I Tonya, the Marvel franchise, etc.) joins us to talk about moving to America in eighth grade, losing himself in his roles, and memories of Penn from their time together on the set of Gossip Girl.  Follow us on socials:InstagramTwitterTikTok
Saniyya Sidney (King Richard, Hidden Figures, Fences) takes a break from beating Will Smith in tennis and hanging out with Beyoncé to give the lowdown on what it’s like being a fifteen-year-old in 2022. She tells stories of her remarkable career and reminds us that being positive is a choice.Follow us on socials!InstagramTwitterTikTok
Relationship scientist, critically-acclaimed author, and Penn's couples therapist, Dr. Stan Tatkin, joins the pod to talk all things love and relationships.  He gives tips on how to help a relationship thrive… even when you want to *kill* the other person. Follow us on socials!InstagramTwitterTikTok
For today's special episode, we are pulling back the curtain and interviewing each other! Penn reminisces on being an awkward teenager, Sophie remembers her globe-trotting childhood, and Nava recalls being TOTALLY COOL when she met Penn in her own apartment.  Follow us on socials! InstagramTwitterTikTok
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Nick Paolucci

I could honestly have these conversations for hours! Great topics and so crucial to talk about

Jan 10th

Silvia Gatti

Love it!

Oct 6th

Brooke Venning

it's very cute but I thought there'd be more story and less commentary

Jun 12th

Elham ahmadzadeh

Awesome 😍♥️👌🏻

May 5th
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