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Author: Sameer Gadhia

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Point of Origin is a new original podcast hosted by Sameer Gadhia, frontman of acclaimed alternative rock group Young the Giant. The podcast, based on the SiriusXM monthly feature of the same name, features in-depth interviews with various special guests who are making waves in the alternative rock scene. This spotlight provides listeners a unique new way to discover music and the opportunity to hear a deep dive into the untold stories of diverse artists, tracing the points of origin that unite us all for the love of music.

4 Episodes
Episode 4: Dameer

Episode 4: Dameer


Sameer speaks with Bangladesh native, Dameer. The two not only almost share the same name, they share a history in the same village of Bangladesh; where Dameer is from, and where Sameer's family fled from many years ago. The two talk about Dameer's transition to Dance music, including his June feature track "Sun." They also discuss generational trauma, Deshi not Desi, and the invisible lines all around us. Follow Dameer on Instagram, TikTok, and Facebook Listen to Dameer on Spotify, Apple Music, Bandcamp, Soundcloud, and YouTube Follow Point of Origin on Instagram and TikTok Listen to Point of Origin ad free on SiriusXM Follow Sameer Gadhia on Instagram
Episode 3: NoSo

Episode 3: NoSo


Sameer sits down with Baekhyun Hwong, the Korean-American non-binary singer-songwriter and guitarist known professionally as NoSo. NoSo discusses their debut album Stay Proud of Me, which is a heartwrenching look at the modern Korean-American and queer experience in America. This month's featured track "I Feel You" comes off of the debut album. Listen as they talk about screenwriting, childhood homes, and attractive swim instructors. Follow NoSo on Instagram, Twitter, and TikTok Listen to NoSo on Spotify, Apple Music, and YouTube Follow Point of Origin on Instagram and TikTok Listen to Point of Origin ad free on SiriusXM Follow Sameer Gadhia on Instagram
Sameer reconnects with the inimitable resident alien Dreamer Isioma, and features their new single "In My Head." This is a part 2 episode, as Isioma was one of Point of Origin's first features close to 4 years ago, when Isioma was only 20 years old and brimming with optimism. In this episode, Dreamer discusses their upcoming project Solar Sonatas Vol. 1, and they go backwards in time to their point of origin in Nigeria. Listen to "In My Head": Follow Dreamer Isioma: IG / FB / X / YT Follow Point of Origin: IG / TT / Web Follow Sameer Gadhia: IG
Sameer speaks with the illustrious singer-songwriter and GRAMMY award-winning musician Brittany Howard. The former Alabama Shakes singer talks about her recent single “Prove It To You,” the third one off her new solo album, “What Now,” released on February 9. Sameer’s conversation with Brittany touches on her various musical inspirations like Barry Manilow and Paula Abdul, and she offers advice to new up-and-coming artists. They also discuss mental health on tour and share their personal interests, like parenting, farming, fishing and much more.