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Author: The New York Times

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The Popcast is hosted by Jon Caramanica, a pop music critic for The New York Times. It covers the latest in popular music criticism, trends and news.

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482 Episodes
Digging into “Only God Was Above Us,” an LP that’s both catchy and complex. Guest host: Jon Pareles. Guests: The New Yorker's Amanda Petrusich and Pitchfork's Matthew Strauss.
Breaking down the convoluted recent beef between Drake and Kendrick Lamar (and Future, Metro Boomin, the Weeknd, ASAP Rocky, Rick Ross and more).
A conversation about how the pop superstar’s genre experiments explore race and power, and the implicit politics that come with them. Guests: Marcus K. Dowling and Julianne Escobedo Shepherd.
How conversation about very specific aspects of the new albums “Cowboy Carter” and “We Don’t Trust You” can obscure talk of their musical quality.
An in-depth interview with the Atlanta hip-hop and EDM legend, tracing his path through punk, skateboarding and crunk music on the way to this year’s Super Bowl.
His sixth solo album, “Everything I Thought It Was,” has been met with critical dismissal and weaker sales. Where can the onetime pop superstar turn next? Guests: Steven J. Horowitz and Joshunda Sanders.
Catching up on recent hit shows like “Love Is Blind,” “The Traitors” and “Survivor,” including how social media has added another layer of reality.
Discussing the quick ascent of the downtempo R&B singer 4batz, the new Ariana Grande album, “eternal sunshine,” music at the Oscars and more.
A conversation about a title that emerged from stan communities, and how it’s played a role in pop singers’ careers. Guests: Vulture's Jason P. Frank and Rolling Stone's Larisha Paul.
An interview with the Norwegian singer girl in red (Marie Ulven) about her second album, “I’m Doing It Again Baby!,” opening for Taylor Swift and more.
Once addictive and effective, TikTok is struggling with commercialization, a shifting relationship with the music industry and more.
A conversation about his loudest (and quieter) moments, and how patriotism has played into country music. Guest: David Cantwell.
Jennifer Lopez’s new film and album, “This Is Me … Now,” plus other confusing recent rollouts for pop stars including Dua Lipa, Justin Timberlake and Camila Cabello.
In 1988, “Fast Car” turned the singer-songwriter into a star. She was skeptical of the spotlight, and learning to wield her power. Guest: Steve Pond.
Recapping the Super Bowl halftime show, two new singles from Beyoncé, Ye’s “Vultures 1” album and more.
A conversation about his long career path through several generations of R&B, and what he might do on such a big stage. Guests: Thomas Hobbs and Danielle Amir Jackson.
Was this the year the awards got it correct? Guests: Caryn Ganz, Jon Pareles and Lindsay Zoladz.
A breakdown of the major categories and most interesting competitions at the 66th annual awards on Sunday.
A breakdown of new albums and songs for 2024 (and a handful of possible but dubious releases).
Pitchfork, the Early Years

Pitchfork, the Early Years


With the music website’s future uncertain, Ryan Schreiber and Chris Kaskie look back at its start.
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Alexjendro Kafi

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Jan 13th

New Jawn

God, that was awful. Next up, deconstructing the meaning of Sweet Tarts.

Jan 1st

Demetrius Schuppe

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Jul 24th

Zeeshan Malik

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Jun 21st

Richard Ottley

awesome chat 😁 the whole music industry is so f'ed up and I love it 😅🤦🏽‍♂️

Aug 22nd

Whitney Ivanoff

Still can't believe they released RTJ4 for free. Phat beats and throwback flows. Everyone should hear it atleast once.

Jul 11th

Mostly Inactive

Comments re Australia: “Never heard of that continent, or country, or anything related to them. As far as I know it just stops at dance monkey.” I’m Australian; you’re offensive; I’m not listening to any more eps. Bye

Apr 11th

Philly Burbs

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LaTanya Renee Hickson

Podcast have a lot of useful information sometimes. Sometimes there are just people rambling on about stuff just to be heard on the media.

Feb 7th

ethan costello

This podcast has a Sports Talk Radio vibe. Condescending and abrasive.

Jun 8th


still waiting on your Lauren Daigle episode that argues the pointlessness of CCM and the need for a more Twenty One Pilots-esque approach to faith music!

Feb 2nd

Dan May

wassup aa

Sep 10th

yuqun huang


Apr 16th

Maaike Pullar

thoroughly enjoyable, intelligent and insightful. loving it! also, looking forward to tht ashley simpson episode 😂😂😂

Feb 14th
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Desersy Hunter

hi there

Feb 9th



Dec 20th

Iman Permana


Aug 19th
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