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A conversation about how the musician, who died this month at 76, turned a way of life into a song — and that song back into a very profitable way of life. Guest: Jon Pareles
Plus: what it’s like in Sean Combs’s sauna.
A deep dive into whom the singer’s new songs might be about — and if it matters. Plus: Zach Bryan’s breakthrough and recent arrest.
The 20-year-old singer-songwriter returns with “Guts,” an album informed by the opportunities and costs of her rapid rise. Guests: Caryn Ganz and Lindsay Zoladz.
What we watched (and read!) this summer.
A conversation about Swift’s relationship to celebrity, the tour date as destination event and how fans dressed up for the show. Guests: Caryn Ganz, Vrinda Jagota and Josh Duboff.
Listener (and viewer!) questions on some recent releases, also including Renee Rapp, Earl Sweatshirt and Zach Bryan.
A conversation about how the concert relates to Beyoncé’s stadium show, the role of dance in Swift’s spectacular and more. Guests: Wesley Morris, Brian Seibert and Bandsplain's Yasi Salek.
The rapid rise of Oliver Anthony Music’s “Rich Men North of Richmond,” plus: the playful pop of the TikTok star Addison Rae.
One of jam’s most definitive bands is still attracting new recruits, and younger generations are finding comfort in its community. Guests: JamBase's Scott Bernstein; and Marc Tracy.
Tracks by Morgan Wallen, Olivia Rodrigo, Taylor Swift and more have dominated this summer — or at least attempted to.
What can pop stars get away with? Plus: the deaths of Sinead O’Connor and Angus Cloud.
A conversation about her unlikely pop fame, complex relationship to stardom and powerful, signature music. Guests: Alfred Soto and Amanda Hess.
Peso Pluma, Ice Spice, Skrillex, 100 gecs and more.
After the country star’s “Try That in a Small Town” video was criticized as offensive, right-wing support sent the song to No. 2 on the singles chart. Guests: The Tennessean's Marcus K. Dowling; the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill's Amanda Marie Martinez
Plus: Violent J in our 50 Rappers, 50 Stories project, new songs and new snacks.
A look at how we assembled a sweeping collection of personal narratives, and the threads that tie them together. Guests: Joe Coscarelli, Elena Bergeron and Keith Murphy.
Plus: Music from Troye Sivan and Militarie Gun (as performed by Post Malone).
Plus: Lil Uzi Vert’s new No. 1 “Pink Tape,” and Wes Anderson’s “Asteroid City.”
How the Chicago rap veteran reinvented himself, and became a star largely in the shadows. Guest: Fake Shore Drive's Andrew Barber.
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Demetrius Schuppe

Thanks for the information keep sharing such informative post keep suggesting such post.

Jul 24th

Zeeshan Malik

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Jun 21st

Richard Ottley

awesome chat 😁 the whole music industry is so f'ed up and I love it 😅🤦🏽‍♂️

Aug 22nd

Whitney Ivanoff

Still can't believe they released RTJ4 for free. Phat beats and throwback flows. Everyone should hear it atleast once.

Jul 11th

HMS Jon Hamm

Comments re Australia: “Never heard of that continent, or country, or anything related to them. As far as I know it just stops at dance monkey.” I’m Australian; you’re offensive; I’m not listening to any more eps. Bye

Apr 11th

Philly Burbs

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Apr 4th
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LaTanya Renee Hickson

Podcast have a lot of useful information sometimes. Sometimes there are just people rambling on about stuff just to be heard on the media.

Feb 7th

ethan costello

This podcast has a Sports Talk Radio vibe. Condescending and abrasive.

Jun 8th


still waiting on your Lauren Daigle episode that argues the pointlessness of CCM and the need for a more Twenty One Pilots-esque approach to faith music!

Feb 2nd

Dan May

wassup aa

Sep 10th

yuqun huang


Apr 16th

Maaike Pullar

thoroughly enjoyable, intelligent and insightful. loving it! also, looking forward to tht ashley simpson episode 😂😂😂

Feb 14th
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Desersy Hunter

hi there

Feb 9th



Dec 20th

Iman Permana


Aug 19th
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