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Author: Jean-Philippe Courtois

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Positive Leadership has the power to change the world. By focusing on trust, empathy and wellbeing, leaders can energize their teams to achieve success for individuals, their organization, and society overall. But it is still something that is relatively unknown outside academic circles. Join Jean-Philippe Courtois, a member of the Microsoft executive senior leadership team, as he brings Positive Leadership to life for anyone who acts in a leadership capacity, both personally and professionally. With help from his guests, Jean-Philippe will show you how purpose-led leaders can generate a positive energy that achieves commercial success, individual happiness and societal impact across a range of situations and sectors – from technology and social enterprise to sports and coffee. And most importantly, you’ll learn practical tips for applying it to your own life – so you can begin making a difference.
62 Episodes
What does it take to unite people around a vision for maximum impact?JP’s latest podcast guest, Nandan Nilekani, is an inspirational business and public sector leader whose incredible success has been driven by his ability to define a vision that is ambitious, audacious, bold and, most importantly, plausible.Learn more on the Positive Leadership podcast – and don’t forget to subscribe if you haven’t already.
Finding harmony between head, heart, and gut can positively transform our lives in a powerful way.Dr. Tara Swart is a PhD neuroscientist and medical doctor who has worked to examine the many intricacies of the human brain to understand why.In the latest episode of the Positive Leadership podcast, Tara introduces JP to techniques that have improved the minds and behaviors of some of the world’s top executives – listen now.
The African philosophy of ‘Ubuntu’ means showing humanity to others.As an activist and campaigner for universal access to education, Phumzile Mlambo-Ngcuka, the former United Nations Under-Secretary-General and Deputy President of South Africa, is an incredible leader who practices Ubuntu in everything she does.Listen to the story behind her leadership journey on the latest episode of the Positive Leadership podcast.
Hugo Clément est un journaliste bien décidé à faire bouger les choses. Il a créé sa propre société de médias indépendante, Vakita, pour faire entendre sa voix et diffuser des enquêtes approfondies avec le souci de l’intérêt public, qui lui tient à cœur.Il est impossible de ne pas être ébranlé par sa force de conviction et son énergie et c’était un plaisir de l’inviter dans le podcast Positive Leadership, pendant lequel nous avons discuté de l’influence du journalisme et des moyens de faire bouger les choses. Écoutez-le dès maintenant !
Humans create more than 400 million metric tons of plastic every year. Around a million tons of that plastic ends up in the ocean.On this week’s episode, JP speaks to Boyan Slat, CEO and founder of The Ocean Cleanup, a non-profit foundation on a mission to remove 90% of it by 2040. Listen now.
JP has interviewed leaders from all over the world, all changemakers in their specialist areas, and all sharing the pivotal moments that have shaped their leadership philosophies.Now, it’s time to turn the tables. For this special anniversary episode of the Positive Leadership podcast, JP invites friend and coach Michael Bungay Stanier, to ask questions about his personal leadership journey – listen now.
I'm right here. How can I help?When Doug Conant woke up after a serious accident, his wife's words of support had a powerful effect. Sometimes, it's not about fixing someone's problem, but about being present during difficult moments, however big or small.Join JP for the latest Positive Leadership podcast episode, where he speaks to the former president and CEO of Campbell Soup Company and founder of ConantLeadership about his incredible leadership journey.
Chaque année, 40 % des aliments cultivés dans le monde ne sont pas consommés.Avec son application Too Good to Go, Lucie Basch est une entrepreneuse à l'impact positif qui a décidé d’agir pour changer les choses. Mais le démarrage de l'entreprise n'a pas été facile, et cela lui a permis d'apprendre beaucoup de choses sur elle-même.J'ai été stupéfait par la volonté et le succès de ma dernière invitée dans le podcast #PositiveLeadership. Ensemble, nous avons parlé de la mobilisation de l'énergie positive pour développer une entreprise sociale rentable. 
Purpose. Focus. Simplify. Sacrifice.For Hindu priest, entrepreneur and master of meditation, Dandapani, the ability to focus is essential for living a purposeful life.On this week’s episode of the #PositiveLeadership Podcast, JP learns about the practical techniques for defeating distraction in a busy world. Listen now and don’t forget to subscribe.
For Ranjay Gulati, the pursuit of profits without purpose is no longer a sustainable business model.But taking purpose beyond a statement and embedding it into teams takes work - and it starts with yourself as a leader.In this episode of Positive Leadership podcast, JP speaks to the Harvard Business School professor dedicated to unlocking purpose at work. 
What are your best strengths and how do you feel when you talk about them?On this episode of the Positive Leadership podcast, JP speaks to one of Europe’s leading practitioners of positive psychology, Dr. Ilona Boniwell, who helps him to understand his core strengths with a set of cards.Listen now - and hit the subscribe button if you haven't already.
La cuisine est bien plus qu'une simple activité fonctionnelle : elle a une valeur culturelle, un pouvoir symbolique et une identité.La vie de Perla Servan-Schreiber, la dernière invitée du podcast Positive Leadership de JP, témoigne à bien des égards du pouvoir de guérison des rituels, tels que la cuisine ou la lecture de poèmes, et de la manière dont ils peuvent nous centrer et nous lier les uns aux autres.Perla a de merveilleuses idées à partager sur la manière dont nous pouvons tous aborder la vie avec un état d'esprit positif. Écoutez l'épisode en français maintenant.
Mellody Hobson’s mother used to tell her she could do anything if she put her mind to it. She taught her that everybody is capable of extraordinary things. In the latest episode of Positive Leadership podcast, JP speaks to the inspiring American businesswoman, Co-CEO and president of Ariel Investments, and chair at Starbucks, about why and how “confident humility” has shaped who she is today.
Can democratizing opportunity uplift an entire continent?Tony O. Elumelu, the brilliant investor and philanthropist, is committed to showing Africa that it can.In the latest episode of the Positive Leadership podcast, JP learns how Tony is shaping Africapitalism as a springboard for wider economic prosperity.
Les êtres humains sont par essence des êtres sociaux. Nous pouvons nous comprendre sans dire un mot et nous sentir transportés et stimulés au sein de communautés soudés.Alors, comment la compréhension de la science des émotions et du cerveau peut-elle nous aider à devenir de meilleurs leaders ? Dans le dernier épisode du podcast Positive Leadership, JP discute avec la Dre Nadia Medjad, une chercheuse extraordinaire qui étudie le rôle des neurosciences dans l'espace de travail pour trouver des réponses. Écoutez-le dès maintenant !  
What gets you up in the morning? For the American educator, Sal Khan, it all starts with a cold shower.Building and maintaining positive energy is important for Sal, who is revolutionizing education with Khan Academy, a free, non-profit platform with more than 145 million users in 190 countries.Listen to JP’s conversation with Sal to hear more about how he turned an idea from a family phone call into a global phenomenon.
Trust is fundamental to a healthy society and thriving teams, so what practical steps can leaders take to build it?To answer this question, JP is joined by Stephen M. R. Covey, a leading authority on trust and the bestselling author of “The Speed of Trust”.Listen to the latest episode of The Positive Leadership podcast to hear why leadership today is defined by those who trust.
Every human has potential. But every human needs trust and confidence to fulfil it.In JP’s latest Positive Leadership podcast, he is joined by Dr. Rana Dajani, a world leading research scientist and founder of We Love Reading, an NGO which has established more than 4,000 libraries across the world.Rana’s mission is to embody what she calls, the “I can” mindset, through the power of reading, to ensure everyone thrives, not just survives.Listen now, and don’t forget to subscribe.
Reshma Saujani builds social movements by telling other people's stories. Because in her mind, when people feel seen, and not alone, they can connect to a bigger goal and work towards it.In the latest episode of the Positive Leadership podcast, JP speaks to the founder of Girls Who Code and the Marshall Plan for Mums about the practical steps you can take to start your own social impact movement.
If innovation is about changing the world, then creativity is about changing how you look at the world.For JP’s latest podcast guest, Luc de Brabandere, clarifying this fundamental difference can unlock positive energy for ourselves and others.Luc is one of the world’s leading corporate philosophers and an expert in using logic, critical thinking, and creativity in business. In this episode, he shares insight from a diverse career and his advice for navigating challenging digital environments.Listen to the podcast now, and don’t forget to let JP know your thoughts on social media.
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Nice one..🌱

Jul 24th

Tara Echeverry

As a mom of 4 daughters, this podcast had me so excited and so let down, all at once... Excited, for the possibilities my daughters have as they grow and the decisions they will have to make in their lives. There are many more options available to them than there were to me, thanks to programs that Reshma, for example, has created for girls! That's awesome. Let down, because of the focus on our culture needing to allow women to do everything at once and viewing child-bearing is a financial decision. No person can, nor should, do everything at once. This is especially true for women, who are many times taught this is the expectation. If a woman decides to get pregnant, I feel it should be with the expectation of raising up an awesome, successful, innovative, and joyful human being; not with the thought, 'Can I/we afford this?' (Don't worry, I know that's a thought, but it should not be the focus). If finances are our main focus, then Reshma's outlook stands: The government should give e

Feb 6th
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Derek Sanders


Jan 20th

Boubacar BAH


Sep 28th
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