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John and Amanda are outsiders. They’re devoted to Dungeons & Dragons, struggling with addiction and living on welfare when they find themselves at the centre of a sprawling terrorism investigation. Host Dan Pierce follows their wild journey in this five part series, launching September 5th. New episodes on Mondays with early access for CBC True Crime Premium subscribers.
Police intercept two homegrown – and very peculiar – extremists intent on murder and mayhem at a national holiday festival. Pressure cooker bombs. Just like the Boston Marathon. But something about the official version of the story doesn’t add up.
Meet the misfit suspects behind the foiled attack. Learn how they fell down a rabbit hole of conspiracy, hate and terror. And how they crossed paths with a mysterious financier who pledged to fund their diabolical plot.
John and Amanda’s struggles with addiction complicate their fledgling plot. Will these oddballs be able to pull off an attack? Police spending escalates as Project Souvenir gets more elaborate by the day.
John and Amanda are losing their grip on reality, frustrating Abe and his shadowy accomplices. John has doubts and asks for spiritual guidance from an imam, but time is running out as zero hour approaches.
Episode 5: Trapped

Episode 5: Trapped


John and Amanda piece together their shattered reality while facing a possible lifetime in prison. As the full picture of Project Souvenir emerges in court, they start to wonder if the deception goes even deeper.
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