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How do you make AI useful?

While a lot of money and attention have been focused on foundational models and chips – the "picks and shovels" of AI – it takes a different skill set to create AI products that change the way we work, learn, and live. We’re seeing this in AI co-pilots, AI-first networks and marketplaces, and entirely reimagined software categories where AI is solving long-standing challenges in new ways. 

But how do they actually do it? Greylock partner and former product builder Seth Rosenberg talks with founders about their inspiration and process to build, test, and continually reimagine how AI and humans work together.

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7 Episodes
While most other AI chat interfaces today are aimed at saving humans time, Replika is designed for the opposite. As one of the first AI "friends", the chatbot is designed for humans to spend quality time with, having meaningful conversations and fostering deep connections. When Eugenia Kuyda founded the company in 2017, she figured Replika would be one of many choices people would have for AI friends. Years later, they are one of the only ones available. As AI chat interfaces become more sophisticated and take on more use cases, how does Replika stay competitive while staying true to its north star of increasing human happiness? You can read the transcript of this interview on You can watch the video of this interview on YouTube here: Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Guest episode hosted by Greylock partner Saam Motamedi. Just as app tracking transparency rules shut the door on targeted ads, AI opened up new channels of customer engagement and personalization. Fermat is built on the convergence of those two paradigm shifts. The company provides AI-powered tooling and infrastructure for distributed commerce businesses to thrive in the post-ATT world. This episode originally appeared on Greymatter.  You can read the transcript from this interview at You can watch the video of this interview at Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Our questions deserve more than the handful of blue links we’ve all come to expect from search engines. AI has made it possible to receive detailed, cohesive, and personalized answers to almost anything we want to ask. Perplexity CEO Aravind Srinivas breaks down how his company built the “answer engine” that is disrupting search. Srinivas believes that AI will fundamentally transform the nature of search – from establishing a hierarchy of information quality and disrupting business models to teaching humans how to ask better questions. It’s the startup’s flexibility with experimentation and its focus on curating a search index specifically for AI chatbot use cases that gives Perplexity an edge over even the strongest of incumbents. You can read the transcript of this interview and find more about the series at Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Jared Spataro has been leading work modernization efforts for Microsoft for more than 15 years, helping to launch and scale products that enterprise organizations use every day while keeping up with the latest tech shifts. AI has made every part of his job move faster. Now, a little more than a year after the release of Microsoft's Copilot for 365, Jared talks about Microsoft’s AI strategy; the technical architecture of the AI tool works alongside people; what they learned in its first year of deployment and how it is impacting enterprise organization; his vision of the future working with AI agents and copilots; and where he sees opportunities for startups. You can find more about this episode and the entire Product-Led AI series at Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Adept CEO and co-founder David Luan has been riding the LLM wave since the early days of the modern AI boom: an early OpenAI employee, he led the company’s engineering team before serving as the tech lead for Google Brain’s work on LLMs. He co-founded Adept in 2022 to develop multimodal agents built to work alongside humans in any profession. Believing computers should work more like humans and not the other way around, Adept has stood out for its human-centric approach to AGI.  In this episode, David talks about the moment he realized building a new product (and a startup) was a faster track to AGI; breaks down the frameworks for Adept; and shares his view of a future where AI functions almost invisibly below all software we use.  Check out the whole series at Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
How could AI be the catalyst for the next wave of iconic networks? It helps to remember that regardless of the platform shift that gives rise to a new breed of networks, there are various components that must come together for them to actually work. From LinkedIn and Meta to Airbnb and TikTok, the fundamentals are the same: clear value proposition, compounding growth and engagement loops, and a strategy to leverage the new tech to drive it forward. Greylock partner, AI visionary, and renowned network-builder Reid Hoffman shares his thoughts on AI’s potential to fuel the next generation. Additionally, Hoffman weighs in on the broad opportunities for AI startups building in the application layer. You can watch the video from this interview on YouTube and find more about this episode on the series website Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
The first episode of Product-Led AI, where Greylock investor Seth Rosenberg chats with builders putting the power of AI into products that people love. Fintech company Ramp has always been obsessed with time. The one-stop-shop financial operations platform was purpose-built to make businesses more efficient so they can focus on the work that really matters – and create more wealth. Since launching in 2020, the company has saved businesses 10 million hours of human labor and more than $1 billion in spend. AI could make that impact even higher, says Ramp CEO Eric Glyman. The company has gone all in on AI both internally and externally. In this episode, Eric talks about fintech’s natural fit for AI; how Ramp has thoughtfully incorporated AI capabilities into the platform in recent years; and shares his outlook for the day when all knowledge work is enhanced by AI, giving people the time they need to focus on creating and building.  Check out the whole series at Learn more about your ad choices. Visit