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Author: Michael Kennedy and Brian Okken

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Python Bytes is a weekly podcast hosted by Michael Kennedy and Brian Okken. The show is a short
discussion on the headlines and noteworthy news in the Python, developer, and data science space.
470 Episodes
Topics include , Cloud engineer gets 2 years for wiping ex-employer’s code repos, Python: Import by string with pkgutil.resolve_name(), and DuckDB goes 1.0.
Topics include Dataherald, Python's many command-line utilities, Distroless Python, and functools.cache cachetools cachebox.
Topics include NumPy 2.0 release date is June 16, Uvicorn adds multiprocess workers, pixi, and JupyterLab 4.2 and Notebook 7.2.
Topics include PostgresREST, How Python Asyncio Works: Recreating it from Scratch, Bend, and The Smartest Way to Learn Python Regular Expressions.
#384 Force push lightly

#384 Force push lightly


Topics include Git: Force push safely with and, , Being friendly: Strategies for friendly fork management, and tach.
Topics include I asked 100 devs why they aren’t shipping faster. Here’s what I learned, Python 3.13.0 beta 1 released, A theme editor for JupyterLab, and rich-argparse.
#382 A Simple Game

#382 A Simple Game


Topics include act: Run your GitHub Actions locally!, portr, Annotating args and kwargs in Python, and github badges.
Topics include Announcing py2wasm: A Python to Wasm compiler, Oven PyPI Browser, PyCharm Local LLM, and.
Topics include NumFOCUS concerns, leaping pytest debugger llm, , and PyPI has completed its first security audit.
Topics include How to Set Up Pre-Commit Hooks A step-by-step guide to installing and configuring pre-commit hooks on your project, difftastic, Quarto, and constable.
Topics include pacemaker, PyPI suspends new user registration to block malware campaign, Python Project-Local Virtualenv Management Redux, and Python Edge Workers at Cloudflare.
Topics include justpath, , LPython, and dramatic.
Topics include 🤖 On Robots.txt, niquests, Every dunder method in Python, and Lockbox.
Topics include pycountry, Does Python have pointers?, ingestr, and Make your terminal nice.
Topics include 6 ways to improve the architecture of your Python project (using import-linter), Mountaineer, Why Python's Integer Division Floors, and Hatchet.
Topics include zoxide, Smart CLIs with Typer, Python recommended officially by the US Government, and Textual tutorials at Mouse vs Python.
Topics include uv: Python packaging in Rust, jpterm, Everything You Can Do with Python's textwrap Module, and HTML First.
#371 Python in a Crate

#371 Python in a Crate


Topics include AppleCrate, One way to package Python code right now, Flask8 but why?, and.
Topics include Dokku, Summary of Major Changes Between Python Versions, speedtest-cli, and.
Topics include Granian, pytest 8 is here, , and New GitHub Copilot Research Finds 'Downward Pressure on Code Quality'
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Scott Piligrimm

I don't work with python, but I know that for many people developing their own solutions, apps and products and managing those products is more than relevant. I assume pip you use as well, and it's great that there are such solutions for Mac to manage all products as easily and efficiently as possible.

Apr 4th

Márcio Bertelli

Very good podcast!

Oct 14th

Antonio Andrade

sorry, but I can't with so many yawning 😂

Sep 17th

James Pink

I get that str.strip() needs some work. However, for the time being (and to ensure backwards compatibility) surely re.sub() is a solid choice for some of the use cases you guys are discussed no?

Jul 10th

Antonio Andrade

can't believe it

Apr 30th

Patel Milan R

Author: Jukka Lehtosalo Sponsor: Guido van Rossum Status: Accepted Version: 3.8 PEP 484 defines the type Dict[K, V] for uniform dictionaries, where each value has the same type, and arbitrary key values are supported. It doesn't properly support the common pattern where the type of a dictionary value depends on the string value of the key. Core idea: Consider creating a type to validate an arbitrary JSON document with a fixed schema Proposed syntax:

Feb 26th

Raymond Buhr

I think the methodology for the calculation of language popularity is specifically under representative of both R and python. if you check out trends for dplyr (R) or pandas (python) packages for data manipulation, both dwarf the overall language specific searches. I wonder if that bias also partially led to the declining interest in Ruby on Rails.

Jun 25th

connor maynes

fgr Dr rhh

Jun 1st


Thanks for the kubernetes example, and overall good episode

Mar 22nd

Mian A. Shah


Jan 28th


As usual, perfect!

Jan 27th

Antonio Andrade

I think you missed to highlight all the nice work of realphlython and your podcasts, these are key stuffs for Python in 2018!

Dec 27th

Vignesh Anand Krishnan

The jokes are good but let brian do it. 😂

Dec 13th


Congrats Python Bytes. This episode was really great 😎

Oct 27th


Joel Grus talk can be found here:

Oct 8th

Antonio Andrade

víbora means in Spanish: snake. umm, just thinking about Phyton

Aug 4th


It's intetesting the title is flask but you guys spoke more about Django? kidding? hahaha please dont mess with us《Mico framework fans Thanks

Jun 28th

Antonio Andrade

nice, another super good Python postcast

May 20th