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0:00 intro0:39 how important social media is to polo2:34 being an artist3:20 what polo g focuses on image wise4:42 where polo g’s music is coming from5:38 brad’s first heartbreak6:48 polo g on relationships9:51 does polo struggle with time and balance11:03 prior to money has polo had a perspective on what really matters12:21 what does polo g do to find the balance13:01 what has working out changed in polo's life15:08 what polo g likes and hates the most about the gym16:41 the goals polo had written down17:50 the paper brad wrote when he was 619:00 what makes polo g him20:10 why polo g went to jail20:57 the shadiness of the music industry22:18 has polo g ever been burnt out in the music space24:57 making the team tighter25:44 polo g being only artist to have 3 albums with 10 songs platinum or gold28:44 what creates the most anxiousiness in polo's life31:01 does polo g ever think he is doing the wrong thing?31:55 hood poet album35:23 what polo deals with now to the heart37:08 red flags with friends and family38:38 how to know someones there for you and not what you have40:10 being concered with where the world is at42:07 polo having good direction growin up43:51 polo g being a father44:26 what does polo g enjoy the most outside of music45:27 polo being spiritual47:35 what influences polo g49:58 the big three51:34 polo g is never getting in beef53:19 thoughts on mumbling rappers54:12 polo g on singing54:48 polo g's direction in music57:46 why polo left Chicago59:18 who polo wants to make music with1:02:35 polo g's perspective on parties1:03:55 people trying to get views and attention1:04:43 polo g on the internet1:05:29 why are people so caught up in the negativity1:10:06 what polo gets caught up in1:12:45 why it's not so simple to drop albums1:13:37 is it better to sign a label or go independent1:14:09 what platforms for content polo g is on or wants to get on1:14:47 polo g and adin ross1:16:13 why haven’t artist streamed1:17:53 would polo g eve box?1:18:51 brad or polo g in a street fight1:20:13 advice from polo on being consistent in the gym1:22:34 does the amount of time on an album matter?
This podcast is sponsored by Transcend, go to and get 40% off everything.0:00 Intro 0:33 bringing internet 2017 to 2024 2:00 life expectancy 2:43 crypto 5:11 we need the internet 8:20 banks on nft’s 11:07 getting scammed from crypto 14:06 finding people who are actually solid 15:26 banks on faze clan 22:21 finding talent 24:30 will banks ever stream again? 25:41 faze rain 27:03 what probably nothing is 27:50 twitter vlogging 30:00 what video games did for banks 34:18 transcend ad 36:10 is faze going to turn into a crypto company? 38:38 finding the balance in faze 41:08 faze being the first content house 42:04 what faze did for banks 43:16 what content banks is looking for 43:58 would banks sign adin ross? 45:06 when banks knew there was a problem with faze 48:24 what you leave behind and teach people is what only matters 50:08 Steve Jobs changed the world 50:33 how banks stays grounded after his dad passed 53:46 brad on losing his father and how it changed life for him 1:00:55 there is so much more on the internet and changes 1:01:58 pitfalls for humanity 1:04:24 jobs are now obsolete 1:07:11 what the future looks like 1:10:11 truth is becoming blurry 1:11:40 what makes banks the happiest 1:15:36 what is a big part of being happy 1:17:43 the way life goes 1:21:12 brad on banks
Is Sketch REAL?

Is Sketch REAL?


This Podcast is sponsored by Prizepicks. Download Prizepicks today and use CODE: BRADLEY when you sign up to get a $100 matched deposit for first time depositors!This podcast is sponsored by Schedule 35. Get 15% off with code RAWTALK at Schedule35.co0:00 Intro 0:17 Prizepicks Ad 1:37 how long sketch has made content for 2:46 sketch can’t read 4:08 does sketch have a condition 6:19 the first clip brad saw of sketch 7:33 sketch was on brads stream 9:26 sketch before the internet 10:58 sketch ghosted his therapist 11:23 what sketch’s childhood was like 12:26 does sketch smoke? 15:04 what sketch mainly streams 15:33 sketch doesn’t read his chat 17:09 sketch has a deal with twitch 17:32 sketch’s first viral clip 18:28 how sketch got into clipping content 21:42 who do people love sketch so much? 23:06 the value of streaming 24:46 sketch before streaming 25:35 schedule 35 ad 27:05 sketch’s first stream ever 28:47 sketch’s do and font’s 29:38 sketch getting lasik 31:14 the car crash sketch got in 32:03 the most fun sketch has right now doing... 32:37 what creator sketch watched growing up 33:10 sketch came to Steves in a helicopter 34:03 sketch wants to see the world 36:00 how much sketch lost day trading 36:22 sketch is blessed, makes content for fun 38:16 sketch betted on trump 40:40 sketch shooting vlogs? 41:58 what gets to sketch from the people on the internet 45:32 what other creators sketch had watched 46:51 sketch and adin ross 47:43 who sketch is most excited to make content with 48:20 is social media overwhelming to sketch 51:33 the hardest part of streaming 55:21 the fan bases between twitch and kick 58:10 brad got into content because of video games 1:00:49 the number one thing brad does now 1:02:56 sketch looking for a girl 1:07:16 how long brad has been podcasting for 1:07:40 brad on sketch’s content 1:09:08 stevewilldoit joins the podcast 1:10:13 Steve on YouTube
This podcast is sponsored by Transcend, go to Podcast is sponsored by Prizepicks. Download Prizepicks today and use CODE: BRADLEY when you sign up to get a $100 matched deposit for first time depositors!0:00 Intro 0:20 prizepicks ad 2:26 brad used to compete in mens physique 3:48 phil won the 2012 olympia then went to compete in india a week after 4:56 Phil on steroids 7:55 Ronnie coleman 9:23 Phil kept it minimal 14:34 steroids is not a joke 16:22 transcend 17:51 would phil have had a longer career with a coach for bloodwork etc. 19:30 people expecting more in sports 25:12 2014 phill being the villan / social media just started to pick up 28:04 the best collab 29:25 kai and Phils beef 32:04 body building being subjective 34:48 social media changing the judges decisions 37:31 body building the most negative sport 38:37 Phil or Ronnie in their prime 42:36 Phils relationship with jay 46:08 phils perspective on the change of bodybulding 54:43 Phil not posting on social media 1:02:44 does dwayne the rock johnson take steroids? 1:04:36 supplements to take and what helps 1:05:59 transcend ad 1:09:26 the effect of peptides 1:12:35 bringing people together 1:15:45 people thinking the government has our best interests 1:17:34 having a choice, taking choice becoming a problem 1:23:02 mental health 1:28:26 are you prepared for the worst? 1:31:38 Ai effecting our lives 1:35:34 owning a gun 1:41:36 comedians can’t be funny anymore 1:42:54 the fitness community being fake 1:43:50 critical thinking aspect 1:44:26 Kobe Bryant’s passing 1:45:27 the questions asked at the expo 1:50:34 taking gear seriously and understanding it 1:58:25 drug addiction and drug abuse 2:00:26 writing in a journal 2:01:35 the negativity on the internet 2:06:03 the relationship between father and son for phil 2:09:02 not sitting with someones opinion and deflect 2:09:36 the 80s era 2:12:25 what brad wants for the remainder of this year 2:14:32 what the future holds for phil and having kids 2:21:16 creating balance in life 2:25:56 to the single men out there at this time in life 2:28:41 if Phil had to do life all over again… 2:32:21 how to decide if someone is worth it? 2:40:50 people starting to date robots 2:41:53 black mirror coming to real life 2:44:58 what movie will play out in our life time 2:48:03 someone is going to figure it out with a longer life 2:50:31 recovery / therapy Phil does 2:55:53 Phil says he could still compete today 2:57:35 influencers chasing a bag… 2:59:38 when brad new it was important to trademark his names 3:01:33 the problem with the internet 3:02:46 youngla and Rawgear… 3:05:17 company that copied Phil’s supplements 3:07:16 the ego of making a lot of money 3:14:46 not having to take from eachother on the internet 3:17:51 creating your own community 3:22:16 brad and phil’s audience 3:25:43 craziest thing someone had done at an expo 3:34:33 laugh at your life 3:34:58 any regrets for brad In life? 3:35:47 we all are headed to a destination that changes based on our actions 3:39:07 Phil doesn’t hit legs 3:39:39 if brad could train with any non body builder who would it be? 3:41:29 what Phil is making this year about 3:44:05 most calories phil has ever eaten for a comp prep 3:50:27 body building diets to gain weight 3:54:46 content plans for brad and Phil 3:55:35 opinion on the sport of body building now
This podcast is sponsored by Schedule 35. Get 15% off with code RAWTALK at Schedule35.coThis podcast is sponsored by Zippix. Go to and get 10% off your first order with code RAWTALK10 at checkout.0:00 Intro 0:47 Bob Menery Call 12:25 steiny being bobs assistant 13:33 what steiny has noticed changed about himself 15:09 streamers 16:28 the change in social media 17:46 diddy 18:15 negativity every going to come out of style? 20:08 mike majlak call 32:40 Steiny on making more money 33:34 Ryan Garcia 34:18 schedule 35 ad 37:06 dan schneider 40:39 catching a predator 42:54 Andrew tate 43:57 fully believing of where you are at now in life 46:23 steinys close friends 47:30 loss of loyalty 50:19 the internet being in a weird space 51:20 biggest celebrity steiny has gone up to 52:13 brad being socially awkward 52:58 steinys chick 54:29 what changes at 30 55:20 zippix ad 56:49 divorce rate 1:00:17 at what point does steiny completely evolve his content 1:02:56 steiny wants to buy and live in a wraith 1:05:44 if mr beast sold something on youtube 1:08:03 nelboys own version of survivor 1:10:17 moving to Florida with stevewilldoit 1:12:52 737 boeing 1:15:09 space x rocket 1:15:33 alien invasion 1:16:31 something terrible happening in the next few years... 1:19:23 what you see on x 1:22:01 megan fox drinking mgks blood 1:22:59 ohtani and the dodgers 1:23:54 gambling
This Podcast is sponsored by Prizepicks. Download Prizepicks today and use CODE: BRADLEY when you sign up to get a $100 matched deposit for first time depositors!This Podcast is sponsored by Betterhelp. Go to and get 10% off your first month!This Podcast is sponsored by Mando. New customers get $5 off a starter pack! Go to and use Code: Rawtalk to get 40% off!0:00 Intro 0:20 prizepicks ad 2:35 Brian being a sneaker head 6:01 Brian being huge in high school 8:33 strongest person ever was… 11:24 things that are rare to lift 12:17 grip strength vs overal strengst 14:12 single arm deadlift 17:23 most important things for someone to be strong 21:54 the internet changing people 26:04 wanting people and kids to work harder 31:12 being a creator on social media 36:17 society as a whole 42:49 better help ad 44:11 people truly not being different 48:17 money and power 54:02 how to get people to be better critical thinkers 55:43 the mask problem 1:00:56 politically on the spectrum issues 1:03:55 people are being brain washed 1:07:31 Brian or brad in a street fight 1:11:01 Brian training and fighting 1:15:25 Brian vs Conor McGregor 1:16:23 Brian vs tyson fury 1:17:14 mando ad 1:18:39 Brian vs Francis Ngannou 1:25:36 brian doing jujitsu with gordon 1:29:48 who else Brian would fight 1:32:50 Brian vs devin Haney 1:37:20 what is next for Brian shaw 1:43:40 Brians strongman event and goal behind it 1:46:50 Brian vs Thor 1:47:59 boxing vs mma 1:53:14 how many years have brian and brad known eachother
This podcast is sponsored by Transcend, go to and get 40% off everything.This podcast is sponsored by Manscaped, go to and get 20% off everything with CODE: RAWTALK plus free shipping!0:00 Intro 1:56 how does anyone ever be good at gambling 4:56 how dealers cheat at roulette 7:16 blackjack shuffle machines 8:06 every casino cheats 9:37 redrock swarmed mikki 12:18 drake hit up mikki 17:26 lil baby with mikki in vegas 22:05 pre negotiating limits in your favor at casinos 26:05 the one rule mikki had in vegas 26:54 counting cards 28:39 the time mikki got cheated and lost 8 million dollars then brought it back up to 9 million 30:59 the politics of negotiation with casinos letting you bet big 31:02 manscaped ad 33:37 when mikki plays, someone is watching and writing his every move with a clipboard 34:43 survalence guy shared information to mikki about him when he went to casinos 36:14 mikki is selling his information for 50 million dollars 37:51 can mikki win at any casino? 38:43 online gambling 45:00 besides gambling where does mikki make money 45:55 when did mikki first start making money gambling 46:46 things casinos do to effect players gambling 51:27 advice on gambling 53:11 mikki’s foundation for struggling addiction 56:40 what has gambling taught mikki 58:18 transcend ad 1:00:13 the mind affecting us 1:02:15 TikTok 1:02:58 mikki relating gambling to trump 1:06:23 what the liberal media is doing 1:09:18 people are followers 1:10:23 Andrew tate 1:11:17 the higher entity plan 1:13:15 aliens 1:17:10 the most important thing for us as humans now 1:21:30 the condition to condition others 1:23:05 the dumb stuff going viral more 1:24:59 specific narratives on social media 1:26:15 paint ball 1:27:50 Dan Bilzerian 1:29:37 the mental construct that people have 1:32:23 listening to the right source and not the wrong source 1:33:17 having people let go of the conditions that happened to them 1:33:58 mikki hasn't slept in 2 days working 1:34:40 mikki’s tattoos 1:36:11 mikki’s personal life 1:37:50 drakes leak
This podcast is sponsored by Manscaped, go to and get 20% off everything with CODE: RAWTALK plus free shipping!0:00 Intro 1:53 the perception of the gym space now as to when CT was in it 6:04 the change in social media, effecting people 9:00 biggest misconceptions in the fitness industry 11:42 when CT started making content 12:58 CT’s come up 15:05 the time CT had a gun pulled on him 20:29 when did CT find the gym 22:05 CT being Natural 27:40 CT in his prime or brad in a street fight 30:13 being born more muscular 31:59 manscaped ad 33:05 CT training his son 34:40 what it takes to be great at weight lifting 35:55 god given or created with obsession 37:37 how do you find obsession 40:53 what has CT’s son taken from him that he's learned 42:26 CT’s heart 49:34 CT’s full heart transplant 50:55 what does CT still have left to do or want to do 56:15 people being obsessed with other peoples lives 58:04 not going to church effecting your relationship with god 1:00:23 maintaining the fate with god 1:01:51 everything that happened is supposed to be apart of your life 1:05:46 CT’s thoughts on putting your kids in check 1:06:14 how was CT as a father growing up 1:07:42 the way CT was raised shaped him into who he is today 1:11:03 when CT’s training started to come back up 1:12:16 most important things to focus on in life 1:13:06 doing things people tell you not to do 1:14:52 getting respect from ufc and boxing 1:16:21 CT did professional wrestling 1:18:35 the US right now 1:26:14 not giving a f**k 1:30:19 did CT think his life would be this way 1:31:32 CT loves being old 1:32:27 what CT wants to leave the world with
This Podcast is sponsored by Magic Mind. Go to and try it today!0:00 Intro 1:14 mexican ot fitting in the mexican culture 2:41 biggest shift of the mexican culture in hip hop 4:29 people think of being a rapper as easy 4:44 how Mexican OT’s journey been 6:46 what comes first, the beat or writing7:22 why mexican ot not staying independent 9:34 mexican ot number one collab 10:54 brad or mexican ot in a street fight 11:36 where mexican ot is influenced with music 12:53 music feels forced now? 16:07 balancing and staying connected as mexican ot gets bigger 17:13 what makes Mexican OT him 18:50 rapping to his father in prison 19:09 Mexican OT young during his mothers passing 20:14 it’s hard to be a boss 21:21 what was mexican ot's childhood like 24:02 when mexican ot realized he was good 24:58 mexican ot's struggle with music 25:48 mexican ot can do a backflip no hands 26:57 elbows on cars 30:17 what it means to represent the mexican culture 32:26 the weight being on mexican ot to being the best as possible 33:50 someone Mexican OT looked up to 35:51 the Texas culture 37:47 In N Out or Whataburger 39:19 drinking milk only from a glass 41:25 brad on Whataburger 42:02 if Mexican OT had another job? 45:12 mexican ot's relationship(s) 48:07 mexican ot knowing what he wants 50:42 hip hop changed 52:47 Elon Musk's Neuralink 55:34 doing a song with elon musk 57:11 getting caught up in what's happening 58:25 social media ruining relationships 1:00:34 not letting the hate comments get to you 1:01:23 mexican ot grandma stole 80k from him 1:02:01 people taking advantage of you 1:04:01 mexican ot dad is jacked 1:04:53 would mexican ot being slim change his effect 1:05:15 mexican ot meeting someone he's wanted to meet to be let down 1:06:26 mexican ot won't switch up 1:07:39 working out will make his music better? 1:08:09 Chris Brown or Usher? 1:09:19 mexican ot and justin bieber 1:10:23 mexican ot putting out music fast 1:11:12 any unexpected music that took off for mexican ot 1:12:21 mexican OT’s grilles 1:13:23 making a pb&j from scratch 1:14:47 mexican ot getting pushed around the airport 1:15:33 did mexican ot know he was going to be successful 1:16:47 mexican ot doesn't know how he got here 1:17:41 everyone around mexican ot always believed in him 1:18:26 why is this mexican ot's life? 1:21:21 making money other ways besides music 1:25:37 the time mexican ot almost died 1:28:07 mexican ot not doing drugs anymore 1:30:38 no more partying 1:34:08 does the mexican community accept brad?
This podcast is sponsored by Better Help, go to and get 10% off your first purchase!This podcast is sponsored by Transcend, go to podcast is sponsored by Manscaped, go to and get 20% off everything with CODE: RAWTALK plus free shipping!0:00 Intro 0:18 perspective 3:00 doing something hard and difficult 4:42 mark bell being capable of doing heavy weight lifts 5:07 part of the brain that overcomes and grows 6:03 fasting 6:59 different versions of hard 7:43 body building being hard 10:34 brad wants to fight 11:44 being athletic 15:23 mark and his unbreakable experience 17:56 people need to exercise 19:27 elon musk releases neuralink 21:09 everyone has a voice 22:30 hiding information 24:13 how are people identified as special 28:41 certain things being a lot of work for some people 30:08 the difference in people who really succeed 31:29 women can be reactionary 32:05 balancing your mind 33:12 why people don’t speak on problems 34:26 better help ad 37:24 why are people afraid of work 39:35 needing a health scare to make a change 42:22 being disciplined 43:25 needing to do the hard work to get what you want 46:03 can't control the way people feel 49:03 employee, employer relationship 50:50 mark bell removed from youtube 57:30 making sure things are happening 1:00:14 why brad started zoo culture 1:03:03 mark bell growing up 1:04:48 brads regret of not doing stuff sooner 1:08:29 being scared of unfamiliar things 1:09:28 people ripping off mark bell 1:11:51 1400lb bench press 1:13:33 mark bell health scares 1:22:09 the most important thing mark bell learned 1:25:30 over complicating workouts 1:28:48 transcend ad 1:30:44 steroids 1:32:49 mark coming off of test 1:35:24 marks brother mike, and how he took his life 1:43:48 brad speaking on his father, and what he went through 1:52:03 making the change 1:54:10 learning to love the difficulty 1:58:24 manscaped ad 1:59:31 the thing mark bell ate the most at his fattest 2:01:10 the worst part of being heavy 2:05:40 mark bell on joe rogan's podcast 2:11:19 social media having people speak their minds more 2:12:52 live action learning 2:13:32 brad not being really into consuming content 2:16:51 all the content mark bell has done 2:19:03 Zoo Culture 2:22:17 invest time into yourself 2:29:53 be in control make the change
0:00 Intro 0:17 first time brad and maxx met 1:00 maxx more in the mix of NFL players 2:12 maxx is always locked in 3:27 4th round draft pick 4:42 best defensive player of the year? 6:48 maxx being on the raiders 9:15 maxx’s knee injury… 11:01 childhood and come up 13:47 when maxx realized he could make it in football 16:26 what separates good and great football players 17:57 overcoming alcohol addiction 23:03 how to not fall back in bad habits 24:56 maxx sparing Sean Strickland 25:48 improving yourself 28:38 who wins in a street fight, maxx or strickland? 30:02 calling people little boy on the field 31:11 mahomes and kelcee mess with ravens kicker 32:10 announcer who got kicked off because of taylor swift 33:51 the ai Taylor swift images 34:34 does maxx have the pass… 36:25 the most fun doing besides football 40:42 maxx creating a podcast 42:36 the liver king lying 43:52 the softest and best o line players 46:46 social media changing it all 48:08 being in the locker room 48:57 maxx being a leader 49:34 people constantly dealing with injuries 51:14 maxx planning on staying with the raiders 52:07 Oakland is rough 53:21 being in Vegas 58:43 what maxx wants his legacy to be 1:01:08 being remembered as a person 1:04:30 did maxx always have this mentality? 1:10:22 people who succeed at the highest level 1:11:11 communication is key 1:12:04 maxx being more of a traditional guy 1:14:13 maxx or brad in a street fight?
This podcast is sponsored by Hello Fresh, go to and use code rawtalk free for free breakfast for life!This podcast is sponsored by Transcend, go to Intro 0:31 Brad impressed by Adin 1:39 the mentality Adin has been on 2:34 Adin inspiring his audience 3:20 the warehouse 3:32 adin and kick 4:56 the creator companies 7:01 when adin first came to kick 7:50 being relevant now 9:04 how to get a connection with an audience 10:45 adin and girls 11:38 how to encourage kids to start making content 13:05 adins stream with vitaly 13:33 viral clips not building connection 14:37 the gym can change your life 15:55 having a balance 17:21 adin thanking brad 17:53 adin knowing he is a leader 20:21 adin got his inspo from rice gum 20:51 locked in for 2024 21:12 adins relationship with drake 22:59 plans for content 23:57 adin on speed 24:45 speed is going to box 25:21 platforms allowing people to say and do what they want 26:08 what adin struggles with the most 27:41 the gym changed everything for adin 28:49 giving time to develop a relationship 30:56 hello fresh ad 33:10 not believing in unconditional love 33:57 using people 35:57 what adins parents think on what he’s done 36:44 what adin is trying to stamp and leave behind 37:35 adin starting a boxing company 39:15 adin wants to change people’s lives 40:47 adin tripping on who he is and where he is at? 42:31 adins manager 43:29 physical goals 45:49 transcend ad 47:41 steroids 50:09 blood work being very beneficial 51:21 supplements 52:27 adins diet 53:31 adins trainer 53:46 adin still being banned on twitch 55:23 adins relationship with Andrew Tate 55:28 brad and fullsend podcast 57:28 trump 2024? 59:36 social media changing the world 1:00:06 adins stream with vitaly, people defending the guy 1:02:06 adin on vitaly’s comeback 1:03:27 platforms picking and choosing 1:04:56 kicks future? 1:05:45 stake and kick 1:07:25 kick bringing a creator program 1:07:56 something bad is bound to happen in IRL streaming 1:08:47 not living off viral content 1:09:43 maintaining relationships 1:10:56 it’s all about money 1:13:11 adin has control on kick 1:14:44 how did SSB start 1:15:29 adins future business's coming up 1:16:08 why adin didn’t sign certain people 1:17:49 adin managing 1:18:23 adin on potentially doing other content? 1:19:11 what got adin out of depression? 1:20:39 mental health is everything
This Podcast is Sponsored by Factor Meals. Go to and use code RAWTALK50 for 50% off.0:00 intro 0:58 what happened to Vitaly 2:36 Vitaly trying to comeback 4:04 live streaming 5:39 what made Vitaly comeback 6:46 letting no views get to you 7:15 Vitaly now getting views on kick 7:42 n3on 8:11 Vitaly saying he will be on top 8:49 brad on Vitaly always doing anything 9:04 brad says n3on and Vitaly are the same 9:47 Vitaly thinks n3on is trying to hard 10:49 live streaming changed social media 11:15 Vitaly finding balance 14:01 how is Vitaly adding real value 14:42 Vitaly’s audience 15:47 brad thought Vitaly was gonna die 16:25 shrooms with Vitaly 17:12 Vitaly is staying sober 17:59 the worst things Vitaly has taken 19:04 Vitaly getting love 19:23 fousey making sure the spiral wont happen again 21:20 vitaly’s relationship with Adin 23:38 what it takes to be successful 24:45 college 25:57 working with partners 30:16 vitaly getting half a mill stolen from him 33:07 brad training story before he had any money 36:06 vitaly and censor 37:50 finding the right people 38:48 Vitaly getting a new bang bus 39:13 vitaly’s plans for streaming 41:02 Vitaly on what happened with n3on 42:40 pranking brad 46:52 Vitaly helping brad 47:11 vitaly’s message to sam 48:09 the pyramid 49:39 where Vitaly has been in jail 50:15 factor ad 51:16 best place Vitaly traveled 52:25 Vitaly is the next fousey? 53:45 brad on fousey 56:44 Vitaly on fousey 57:12 is Vitaly political? 58:01 mental health 58:44 Vitaly homeless in Europe 1:01:47 brad saying it makes sense what vitaly has and what he is 1:02:18 Vitaly doesn’t expect anything from anyone 1:02:44 brad wanting to help Vitaly 1:03:31 brad saying Vitaly is resilient 1:04:18 Vitaly giving advice 1:04:33 Stevo vitally collab 1:04:59 Vitaly scared to speak about his addiction 1:05:41 Vitaly wants to fight 1:06:38 ufc 297 1:07:37 Vitaly getting back to lifting 1:08:41 diabetes 1:10:00 brad is glad Vitaly is back 1:10:48 Vitaly plans to stream everyday 1:12:03 Vitaly wants to do a prank with Steiny 1:12:36 people copying vitaly 1:13:53 vitaly on his team 1:15:30 being a big live streamer 1:15:59 kick going to buy twitch? 1:17:24 kick having Adins fan base 1:17:59 clips taking over 1:19:03 brad going with vitaly to stream 1:19:50 nelk 1:21:20 vitaly showing brad love 1:21:45 vitaly when he was alone 1:23:11 vitaly got banned 1:25:09 vitaly taking over 1:25:44 vitaly being religious
This Video is Sponsored by Better Help. Go to for 10% off your first month. This Video is Sponsored by Factor Meals. Go to and use code RAWTALK50 for 50% off. 0:00 Intro 0:31 where did the chains come from 1:50 to go pro in MMA 3:14 Rampage vs. Chuck Liddell 3:44 Life before UFC 5:09 steroids 7:35 supplements 9:03 day to day for Rampage 10:32 The change of UFC 14:38 Rampage’s move 15:12 Why Rampage started fighting 15:35 when it all changed 18:23 the love for Japan 19:11 sex pills 20:27 asking Rampage about doing comedy 23:16 problem with the Internet 24:38 learning how to control yourself 25:30 snapping when fighting 29:08 McGregor and his training partners beef 29:36 being taken advantage of 32:18 Relationship with Dana White 33:52 Rampage’s hardest fight 34:27 Jon Jones retiring 35:33 Rampage vs. Jon Jones 38:02 UFC overtaking Boxing 39:32 Jake Paul copying Rampage Jackson 40:17 Movies Rampage was in 43:27 Rampage wearing a thong 43:43 getting robbed in Vegas… 45:08 Better Help Ad 48:22 Shannon Sharpe and Katt Williams 52:37 Jeffrey Epstein 54:14 sex at a young age 59:15 sugar daddy 1:00:33 first impressions 1:04:40 mainly guys come up to Rampage 1:05:32 Japan 1:10:28 ultimate fighter 1:11:07 men wearing thongs 1:12:23 is the earth flat or round? 1:20:36 point for us to not believe the earth is flat 1:23:47 CGI SPACE? 1:25:23 what divides us in the world 1:27:45 money and power 1:29:53 aliens 1:30:53 the government 1:32:26 dating a porn star? 1:36:46 dating an OF girl? 1:38:07 Factor Ad 1:39:52 Rampage dating 5 girls at once 1:41:07 Women don’t show true love… 1:44:09 we don’t understand why we do things 1:44:36 blood type determines personality? 1:45:50 Rampage vs Brad fight? 1:47:22 Will Rampage fight again? 1:49:12 genetics determine longer lasting fighting careers? 1:53:18 The age Rampage slowed down 1:54:46 stem cells 1:56:08 Brad’s training for wrestling 1:57:14 what Rampage does to chill out 1:58:21 Vietnamese coffee shop 2:01:10 people skipping questions asked 2:03:06 The meaning of the Rawgear Brand/Logo 2:07:47 the way Rampage was raised 2:10:51 going raw? 2:18:02 Brad on firing employees 2:21:49 streaming 2:26:34 Rampage on Podcast 2:28:40 McGregor vs Chandler 2:33:08 how Brad built his following 2:34:05 Brad says he could fight 2:34:29 Brad wants to fight Logan Paul 2:37:16 Dillon Danis vs Logan Paul 2:39:48 Jake Paul Picking his fights 2:40:39 some Japan fights were fake in the past
0:00 Intro 0:36 Crowd at Laugh Factory 2:47 Chris D’Elia’s energy 3:26 Special - Grow or Drive 3:58 Pushing the boundaries 5:20 Chris’s Joke of getting robbed 7:53 Doing Everything 9:14 Knowing what’s gonna hit 10:14 People taking everything from you 11:24 a joke from a comedian 12:22 it’s not violent to say something 15:25 the power of Elon Musk 16:33 free speech 18:06 the world is getting weird 19:18 being afraid as a father 20:34 world is ending? 22:53 internet making things crazy 23:37 Jeffrey Epstein news 27:26 Biden vs. Trump 29:01 government lying to us? 29:13 aliens 29:43 Chris D’Elia doesn’t believe in ghost 30:53 is Chris religious? 33:00 how Chris creates comedy 34:49 getting ahead on comedy skits 35:59 copying a comedians bit 37:00 being successful as a comedian 38:23 knowing who you are - self worth 39:10 getting validation from people 41:32 people thinking a certain way of you 43:34 reflection of yourself 44:09 Brad making content in the fitness industry 44:52 Problems with making content on the internet 46:34 getting numb to the hate 47:58 Chris D’Elia getting validation 49:25 Chris in rehab 50:40 believing what people want you to do 52:16 best thing Chris D’Elia got from rehab 54:38 the trauma Chris went through 55:49 understanding that people go through things 1:00:03 working out and being a comedian 1:01:06 Brad about his father in relation to movies 1:02:22 Chris D’Elia on being a father, can't watch movies 1:03:45 algorithm on social media 1:07:30 Brad on Chris D’Elia being hilarious
0:50 Dating status2:47 How important is touch in a relationship?5:35 How Bryce made it out of all of his old friends6:48 Not having free speech on the internet8:20 Is YouTube dying out?10:15 TikTok is the app to "blow up" on11:15 Snapchat is making people a ton of money12:35 Snapchat is the 2nd best app to blow up on14:25 Is the world ending soon15:26 Does Bryce want kids?17:00 Twitter talk19:25 Conspiracy theories 20:40 IS bryce religious 24:00 Who bryce was influenced by the most 25:05 Why bryce stopped making dancing videos 26:25 Brad trips out story 29:05 Bryce's crazy panic attacks 30:35 Is bryce taking gear? 32:19 Bare knuckle fighting 38:18 Austin mcbroom is doing bare knuckle fighting 39:40 Who is bryce going to fight next? 43:05 Is social media still fun? 44:55 Bryce is becoming an actor 47:05 Poker games 51:22 Most amount of money won in vegas 53:47 UFC fights? 55:40 Logan Paul MMA fight vs brad 57:10 Jake paul vs KSI 1:01:57 Street fight with Austin mcbroom 1:02:23 zherka 1:05:40 Bryce vs zherka 1:07:32 Pac god 1:10:35 Bryce is in love 1:12:26 Bryce's girlfriends favorite thing abut him
0:00 intro 2:15 Dana was one of the first woman fitness influencers 3:30 Having one of the first clothing lines in fitness 6:25 Women in the fitness industry 8:05 All fitness companies copy other companies 8:30 The inspiration behind creating a brand 11:00 What it takes to create a successful brand 13:00 What it’s like being an OG in the industry 15:25 Gym Tours 15:40 What it's like winning the Olympia 18:22 Stealing ideas 21:00Brads biggest regret 22:00 Dana's gym closure 25:14 Dana's horrible untold business situation 27:34 Money makes people different 30:51 Brad has stayed the same since day 1 32:18 The fitness industry creates trust issues 33:10 Brad hated competing because of this 38:34 You don't need to compete to be apart of the fitness industry 40:32 Why you should NOT compete 42:08 Only (f) talk 47:11 Providing value vs attention 49:27 Social media is a cycle of chasing likes 50:55 How to combat the chase for only likes and attention 55:29 Is dana on PED’s? 1:03:01 Are PED's more common now because of social media? 1:04:02 Greg Doucette 1:07:37 Dana would never live in LA 1:08:05 Liver king 1:09:25 Dana bets $100k to get tested for PED's 1:10:19 The biggest struggle to be successful in fitness 1:15:04 Why do guys pay for women? 1:16:01 Having kids? 1:20:25 What does dana enjoy the most? 1:24:22 Gun laws/talk 1:25:42 Brads encounter with wild animals 1:26:55 Realizing our problems aren't that important 1:30:16 Having a phone causes a ton of stress 1:31:05 Neurolink story 1:33:20 What would happen if our technology got wiped out? 1:34:20 Hollywood conspiracies 1:37:17 When will the world end? 1:38:03 Are all conspiracy stories true 1:40:36 Flat earth 1:41:49 Did we actually go to the moon 1:43:33 Was the P-demic a test? 1:50:20 Zombies 1:55:18 Hawaii conspiracy
Sponsored by: Zippix Go to Use code: Rawtalk to get 10% off your first order Betterhelp Go to Get 10% off your first month Manscaped Go to Use code Rawtalk to get 20% off your order + free shippping!0:00 Intro 2:22 Why brad and His brother are so different 5:32 did brads brother think he'd ever get famous? 7:54 Brads brother lives in a van and never did social media 9:27 Money isn’t everything 11:25 How losing their father affected their lives 16:55 Dropping out of college 18:00 Personality differences 19:45 Perspective on social media 21:05 Andrew works multiple different jobs 22:10 Why andrew never asks brad for money 23:50 Did brads brother ever think he'd get famous 26:05 Childhood memories 28:14 Why brad never takes breaks from work 31:10 What it's like living in a van 36:00 Andrew doesn't want to own a house 39:15 Living with GF in a van 42:00 Most vivid memories as a kid with brad 45:15 Why andrew isn't jacked like brad 49:05 Social media attention 51:50 How losing their father affected their life 58:56 Emotions can control your life 1:02:47 Having kids... 1:04:44 Andrew never cared about setting up his future 1:05:50 Nuerolink 1:09:30 Brad used to be a nerd 1:11:11 Andrews favorite social media personalites 1:13:20 Funny core memories 1:16:00 Andrew exposes something about Brad 1:17:20 Brad let's his emotions get to him 1:19:28 Why brad wanted to move away from his homwtown 1:20:50 Would you do anything different in life if you could? 1:22:50 Andrew is the side of brad that he doesnt have 1:26:36 Brads brother loves cooking 1:28:30 Fitness content changed brads perspective on the gym 1:31:55 Sam sulek 1:32:55 The biggest brad ever was 1:34:34 Hiking mt everest 1:39:19 The interent is forever
Sponsored By: Betterhelp Go to to get 10% off your first order This podcast is sponsored by: Greenchef Go to and use code 60rawtalk to get 60% off, plus 20% off your next two months. This Podcast is sponsored by: Shady Rays Go to and use code RAWTALK for 50% off 2 or more pairs of polarized sunglasses. 0:00 Intro 0:40 Patrick Vet David releases his new book 2:48 The most important thing for men to focus on to get to their goals 3:00 Patrick Bet David realizes how big brad is 6:03 How to figure out what you "want to do" in life 9:37 How to find your way to success 13:50 3 things in common with extremely successful people 14:50 Choosing the right enemy 15:55 Having a huge wake up call can change your life 19:23 How to pick the right enemy 20:20 Elon musk talk 21:50 The resistance of free speech 24:05 Elon Musk is a hero 25:18 Disney loses 195 billion dollars 28:46 Joe Biden Talk on taxing billionares 30:32 Are companies willingly being "evil" 31:50 Why Elon Musk said go f yourself 36:37 Has social media helped or made things worse in the world? 39:05 Tiktok has led people to think a certain way 41:45 Now is the time to take your child out of public school 42:37 Public schools are teaching kids the wrong things 46:46 Social media is teaching kids the wrong things? 48:40 Bad Service at a restauraunt teaches his kids a lesson 54:35 Where things went "loose" in the world 55:02 The 3 communities that ruined america 56:09 Muslims will primarily be in america in the next 30 years 58:04 Libretarians 1:00:00 Rich conservatives 1:01:45 How much money to be not straight? 1:05:55 Removing negative people from your life 1:08:00 Be proud of who are and what you stand for 1:11:00 Is there areas to be tolerant with your kid? 1:14:00 Courage, wisdom, tolerance and understanding 1:17:55 Why he stopped prayng for tolerance 1:20:40 How to measure someones leadership 1:21:48 Habits, Values and Principles 1:23:35 Why people don't have values 1:27:23 Power VS. Force 1:28:41 Disagreeing with Dwayne Wayde 1:34:20 Elon Musk is a Bad A 1:35:02 How to find other people who support your values 1:39:00 Clip culture 1:42:00 Craziest experience partying 1:46:00 Taking substance talk 1:47:40 Taking TRT 1:52:32 Lebron James is taking gear 1:56:12 Crazy army story 1:59:35 Barry Bonds was an a hole 1:59:53 Is it okay to take TRT 2:00:38 Taking gear for 10 years 2:05:55 Young kids should not take these supplements 2:07:00 Mr. Olympia 2:11:26 Cbum Makes 50k grom mr olympia 2:14:30 Brads favorite bodybuilding physique of all time 2:20:05 100 million dollar offer to tucker carlson 2:23:00 What else is planned for Patrick Bet David 2:24:00 Brad gets taken advantage of
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zherka is 100% right about Logan and his boyfriend

Jul 7th

Luke K

Did he ever get the help he clearly needs?

Oct 5th


Atleast Logan found out who was really a friend during his darkest time... social media is like the stock market

May 28th

Katie Green


Aug 27th

Nick Bagley

really enjoyed that and just listening to his energy

Jul 23rd

Miles Gardner

I love this episode! I came here for a laugh and fitness info. thank you for the demonstration of finding positivity through tragedy. I could write forever on it but thanks.

May 1st

Daniel Bravo


Apr 27th

Chris Brennan


Dec 5th

Karen Bowen

CastBox would be great if you could see you guys. You guys crack me up. This is the best podcast by far. 😂

Nov 2nd
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