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Author: Andy Frisella #100to0

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Entrepreneur Andy Frisella and his guests discuss, debate, and laugh their way through trending topics and hot-button issues. (This is also the home of Andy's other show, the top-ranked MFCEO Project Podcast)
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In today's episode, Andy & DJ are joined in the studio by the CEO of PublicSq. Michael Seifert. They discuss 10,000 photos from Hunter Biden's laptop appearing online, Budweisers new ad featuring Harley-Davidson marked cans, and our government agency's confirming the existence of the files linking Joe Biden to a $5M bribery scheme.
In today's episode, Andy & DJ discuss Moscow waking up to the sound of drones striking the city, the authors who had their LGBTQ+ book pulled from Target speaking out, and Republicans holding the FBI director in contempt of Congress over Biden documents.
In today's episode, Andy answers your questions on if you should raise your prices to stay competitive in your respected market during these economic times, how much priority you should put into social media as a small business owner, and why you shouldn't be chasing inspiration while working towards your goals.
In today's episode, Andy is joined in the studio by Nicholas Salvatore. They discuss the spark that caused Nicholas to take control of his life, how #75HARD has impacted and improved all areas of his life, and what the program can do for you if you follow it without compromise.
In today's episode, Andy & DJ discuss Target losing $9 billion in the week following a boycott due to LGBTQ-friendly kid's clothing, the Black Lives Matter Foundation going broke after raising $90 million, and Microsoft claiming that Chinese Government-backed hackers compromised critical U.S. cyber infrastructure.
In today's episode, Andy & DJ are joined in the studio by Kyle Creek. They discuss the 19-year-old U-Haul driver who's facing multiple charges after crashing into a security barrier near the White House, reparations being pushed in some cities across the US as elections approach, and Jeffrey Epstein's blackmail against Bill Gates that includes an affair with a Russian bridge player.
In today's episode, Andy answers your questions on what's the most significant change he's seen in business as a result of getting in better physical shape, if you should continue to use the Power List while on vacation, and what were some of the biggest fears he faced when starting in business.
In today's episode, Andy & DJ discuss the Deutsche Bank having to pay $75 million to the Jeffrey Epstein victims, whistleblowers facing devastating retaliation for speaking out against their agencies, and Rep. Anna Paulina Luna filing a resolution to expel Rep. Adam Schiff for pushing false narratives in the Durham report.
In today's episode, Andy answers your questions on how to break free from society's idea that being hard on yourself is unhealthy, what's the best way to go about setting and tracking your goals daily, and the skills you should focus on to become a great intrapreneur within an organization.
In today's episode, Andy & DJ discuss Ferrari saying no to EVs and sticking with traditional combustion engines, black Chicago residents suing city officials for accepting illegal immigrants, and the DOJ turning a blind eye as Biden corruption informant reportedly goes missing.
In today's episode, Andy answers your questions on what you can do to bounce back from a severe injury that set you back, how to survive the recession we're facing in the economy, and the best way to get yourself back on track after slowing down in your career. 
In today's episode, Andy & DJ discuss the South Shore residents outraged over the migrant house plan, Donald Trump addressing CNN's Town Hall in New Hampshire, and Comer saying Biden's family was involved in the family business dealings.
In today's episode, Andy & DJ discuss the Texas mall shooting suspect Mauricio Garcia, who killed eight people being portrayed as a neo-Nazi, Gov. Abbott taking action to secure the US-Mexico border ahead of Title 42 expiration, and the White House preparing for possible charges to be brought up against Hunter Biden.
In today's episode, Andy & DJ are joined in the studio by a former soldier in the Special Boat Service (SBS) turned private security consultant, Dean Stott. They discuss Dean's exceptional career as a personal security consultant, his journey to becoming a world record breaker in cycling across South America, and the mindset he brings to every endeavor he sets out to accomplish.
In today's episode, Andy & DJ discuss the U.S. Navy hiring an active-duty drag queen to be the face of recruitment, Russia blaming the U.S. for the alleged Putin assassination attempt, and James Comer subpoenaing FBI records for alleged criminal bribery of then-VP Joe Biden.
In today's episode, Andy answers your questions on how to build your one-man operation into a business with employees, the best way to train your employees to apply the formal education they've learned in the real world, and how to get refocused in the fast pace world we live in today.
In today's episode, Andy & DJ discuss the billionaires lining up behind President Biden's 2024 campaign, JP Morgan Chase seizing First Republic Banks assets, and Epstein's private calendar that included the name of the CIA director, William Burns.
In today's episode, Andy answers your questions on what to do when your boss isn't as ambitious as you to take the company further, how to run effective team meetings in your company, and the best way to deal with the noise in your life that includes getting an overwhelming amount of emails, texts, etc.
In today's episode, Andy & DJ discuss Tucker Carlson releasing a statement after parting ways with Fox News, Former Fugees rapper Pras Michel being found guilty of colluding with China, and President Biden's cheat sheeting showing he had advanced knowledge of journalist's questions.
In today's episode, Andy answers your questions on how to know if you are in the "no man's land" part of your journey, the best way to tell your friends "no," and what is the best way to incorporate healthy competition at work.
Comments (540)

Mohammad N

This is GOLD! Thank you so much Andy! I'm going thru an exact similar situation right now and if it wasn't for my newly developed habit of hitting the gym 4 times a week and controlling my diet I would've been a complete sh*tshow post break-up.

Apr 28th

Robert Lee

Conservative here that is also a scientist. You got a terrible hot take on people wearing masks. Masks work on dozens of other diseases, and until definitive non debatable conclusions are unequivocally reached about whether or not masks help with Covid or not, then it is reasonable for a 75 year old woman to wear a mask. Now we know that it's not helpful for Covid specifically, but that hasn't been conclusively proven until recently. Get the fuck off your goddamn high horse with your cherry picking bullshit, you fucking dumbass. Just calling you out like your call out others.

Mar 8th

Jaime Syens

I'm on Day 64... I'm unstoppable at this point. Never going back.

Mar 5th

Travis Tripp

one of the best interviews ever

Feb 10th

John Girgenti

2nd of your podcasts I've listen to. Spot F'n on, sharing with everyone I know

Nov 15th

Marcus Albertson

Hey man, how the fuck do I lose? I mean how do I really lose and get back up.

Aug 11th

Grant Rafferty

good info as always guys! thank you!

Jul 29th

Marco Iln

you are not alone

Jul 12th

Vladimir Grebenuk

Shit I'm Canadian and I'd move to the US just to vote for him.

Jul 6th

Tung Nguyen

😂 next article women vagina shrinking

Jun 23rd

Ana Barboza

I wish Andy would stop talking over DJ...just sayin'... you do it a lot dude, be aware.

Jun 22nd

Tom “VernicusCorpse” Gowen

good show

Jun 9th

Jess Zmolek

Great Show!

Jun 1st

Tom “VernicusCorpse” Gowen

the fee is entirely reasonable, and nessasary

May 27th

Tung Nguyen

This is what I really needed to hear. Thank you!

May 15th

Tung Nguyen


May 13th

Travis Tripp


May 5th


Omfg YESSSS! If you deserve to get punched in the face then we should be able to. That helps keep the ignorant dumbasses with big mouths quieter. Also when people attack your rights and livelihood they need a love tap. 🙌🏻 Amen! This is the shit I've been saying forever. I freaking love this podcast! Hands down best podcast ever!

Apr 28th


FUCKING THANK YOU!!! I've been messaging you to try to talk about this very thing! We (the little people) needed to know what to do. What we can do without going all in and losing everything (job, home etc) due to repercussions from the government because no one else knew what to do so that we can band together. THIS is what I needed to know! (The primary's). NO ONE wants to go all out trying to save this country when everyone else around them isn't going to stand up too. And kk one knows what to do to help.

Apr 27th

marcos garcia

so what if someone ate that THC would they test positive on a drug test? I mean say you're in the military you go on leave for this wedding get back to give you a drug test and if you test positive and you have no explanation at least if you press charges you have something stating what happened.

Apr 25th
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